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  Gary Lutnick

Date of Birth: November 3, 1964
Position: Partner of Cantor Fitzgerald, Trader on U.S. Agency Desk

He would always walk into my house with a smile from ear to ear, and a big hello. He would always kiss me and give me a hug, and then immediately find my children, his nephews and his baby niece. He never came empty-handed.. remote-controlled cars or the newest Pokemon toys for the loves of his life.

Gary was an unbelievable uncle. He treated my children as if they were his children, until he could have his own to love. He would pop by on a Sunday to take them to Chelsea Piers or run around in the park, or call them to invite them to the newest kids movie as soon as it hit the theatres. He would come by around 8pm, just as they were going to bed, and happily read them stories before lights out. He had alot more time with the boys than he did with the baby, and I know my boys will remember him forever. Our kids call him ‘Uncle Gary with the tv games’. I have a brother Gary, too. And so they needed to differentiate between the two. Gary Lutnick had Nintendo and Sega, and the other Uncle Gary did not. Hence, ‘Uncle Gary with the tv games’ and ‘Uncle Gary without the tv games’. It worked for all of us!

I loved my brother-in-law so much. He was alot like Howard- devoted, loyal, loving, and he could always make me laugh. They had so many of the same mannerisms and facial expressions, and they were so close. Gary was always spending time with Howard to talk about business, or personal issues. He looked up to Howard, and Howard loved him like crazy- his baby brother. It breaks my heart that Gary is gone. I will talk about Gary until the day I am gone from this earth. I will tell my kids stories about him, and always show them his pictures so that they remember him and how much he loved them.

Last Saturday was Gary’s 37th birthday. I told my oldest son, who is 5 1/2, that it was Uncle Gary’s birthday and he asked if we were going to have a party for him. I told him no, but that we would think about him and tell him how much we love and miss him. He turned to me and said ‘You know, Mommy, if I were a ghost, I would have flown into the World Trade Center and put everyone in my tummy and then flown out, so I could have saved them all’. And I thought: Just like his Uncle Gary- a hero until the end.

I love you, Gary. Forever, Allison

Allison Lutnick, Sister-in-Law
  • Gary and the Lutnick family have been in my thoughts and prayers since 9/11/01. I am so saddened by Gary’s passing. To the Lutnick family I extend my sincere condolences. Please know that, for me, Gary’s spirit will live on. You will find him in the kids (nephews and niece) and in Howard. You will find his love and influence in the largest and smallest situations you encounter. He will be with you all, ALWAYS, in mind and spirit. Thank you for providing a tribute page. Gary was a wonderful person, he will be forever loved and always missed. Take care of yourselves, your kids, your family. Know that you all are not alone. We continue to pray for you, Gary’s loved ones.
    With love and prayers,
    Peg and Bert Chappell

    Peggy Chappell, friend and co-worker
  • To Edie, Howard and Allison,

    I mourn the loss of Gary with you. He was an earnest, loving and generous man. He adored Kyle, Brandon and Casey — not only showering them with gifts, but wholly embracing them with his heart and soul. Gary also served as an excellent “uncle” to my children. They still play with the rainbow box he bought Michael when he turned two years old.

    I am so thankful that we were able to spend time with Gary this summer out in the Hamptons, a place he loved. He always had a big hug for me and a “hello beautiful”. And, as you know, Doug adored Gary. I’d like to believe that they are together. We will carry on their spirits through our lives, and I will always cherish my friend Gary.

    With love,

    Jennifer Gardner

    Jennifer R. Gardner, friend
  • Dear Gary, I miss you very much. I have a couple of framed pictures of you and I at Howard and Alli’s house celebrating a holiday together and one of you and I at a charity golf outing. I also have one hanging in my office at your New Year’s party in the townhouse. Gary, I gotta tell ya, you were taken way to soon, but boy, did you live life to the fullest! I thank God that you were able to accomplish and experience so much at such a young age. You would be so proud of Howard, Alli, Edie and Lewis. Howard has been a pillar of strength for the company globally and also for the entire Cantor Family including ours. Alli has been so fantastic with Howard and the kids. She has made life a little easier for all of us since that horrible day, I just can’t say enough. Your sister Edie and Lewis are running the Cantor Relief Fund to try and help all the families that lost loved ones. Gary, you would be so proud of what they are doing. I know we all are! Also, I want you to know that I will try to be twice the Uncle I was before and will always talk about you with our neice and nephews. This New Years is going to be really tough without you since we spent the last 8 or so together. But, at midnight I will toast your life, think about some of the good times we’ve shared and smile at the heavens. I love you, Uncle Gary without the TV Games!!

    Gary Lambert, Family member and friend
  • Gary and I knew each other for fourteen years, six of which were spent as a couple. We met in college where he was known as “Tex” to his Theta Chi fraternity brothers. My first impression of him, besides tall, dark and handsome, was one of extreme confidence, to say the least. I’ve never met anyone like him.

    Over the next six years, he became one of the most important people in my life. He was–among many other things–generous, smart, quick-witted, affectionate and ambitious. He taught me so much in that time, but most importantly, to live life to its fullest and to always strive to be the best person I could be.

    I am thankful that I was lucky enough to know Gary and will miss his presence every day. And I am sure everyone who knew him feels the same way. May the Lutnick family take comfort in the many cherished memories they have of him, forever.

    Fran Constantine, Friend
  • I liked Gary! We didn’t have a lot in common but we worked together. One of the things I liked best about Gary was that he always appreciated anything you did for him. We both worked for eSpeed and at one point had to work closely together trying to get customers connected. We were both new to the process and it wasn’t easy! There were times when he and I would be talking to customers and just couldn’t get them connected. It was frustrating for the customer and even more frustrating to Gary, but we tried, and he appreciated my efforts. A few times I went out with Gary and a few other times I was asked and I didn’t! I wish I had……

    Michael Naccari, Co-worker
  • I knew Gary from our time together at Cantor/eSpeed. He was a really driven guy with boundless energy. The one impression that I always got from Gary was that if he thought you worked hard you would always have his respect. But work aside, on a personal level whenever I would see Gary he’d always make a point to not just say hi, but to shake my hand and ask how I’ve been. He was also a huge KISS fan, and when he found out I liked them too he would sign any email he sent me as “God of Thunder” – after the KISS song. Gary, may God bless you and your family.

    Matt Spero, Former Co-Worker
  • A vacuous perforation exists in my heart. Gary was an incredibly generous guy, whether it be with his time or his money. And he had the BEST handshake!
    Even when he was seriously focused on the markets,
    he always, if he didn’t have the time to talk, made sure that I would shake his hand. He was fiercely loyal to his friends and immediate family. And he always had a smile for you if you were down. I’ll miss the ping pong games (I still think I’m better even though he always beat me!)and the golf matches. He was a terrific competitor. Gary–I owe you so many lunches and dinners. You never let me pick up the tab. I miss you…

    David Halpert, Friend, co-worker
  • Gary, I watched you grow from a confused teenager to an intelligent, successful man and a really great guy. I’ll remember your sense of humor and constant laughter, your wit, and your joy of life. You were one of those rare people I’d call a purely positive energy giver. After all you had already been through, how could you always be so positive? Because you had an innate gift…the ability to look forward. It’s what I’ll remember about you always. Howard and Edie, you should be very proud of your brother. We will all miss him.

    Stuart Novek, Friend
  • I thought of Gary Lutnick frequently in the aftermath of the tragedy. I didn’t know Gary very well, but I did like him very much, and he touched the lives of many people I did know. I always looked forward to seeing him at the social functions we both attended because he had such a positive energy about him, such a vibrance. It always felt great to be around Gary – he exuded charm, and he had enough to spare: he was generous with his compliments and gregarious in his manner. I read the other tributes here and feel pain for the loss to his family and close friends. For me, the loss is not so acute, but rather, it is a dull ache – the sad realization that this charming and positive person is no longer here.

    Lauren Cahn, acquaintance, friend of friends
  • I did not know Gary, but i’m sure that he was a good, kind and caring person. I am assuming this based upon my experience with his siblings. I have had the pleasure recently of knowing his brother and sister, Howard and Edie. They are succeeding at an overwhelming task–taking care of the Cantor families. I have continued to be amazed at their dedication and persistence in assisting the 800 plus Cantor families day in and day out.

    Gary, I too mourn your loss and I mourn for all who miss you. My broter Peter was also on your desk and I know from all I’ve heard, what a great desk it was. A group of young, vibrant, happy people.

    May you and Peter and all those lost on September 11th Rest in Peace and show mercy on us all.

    Jennifer Genco

    Jennifer Genco, Sister of Co-Worker
  • I don’t know Gary personally, but I prayed for the Lutnick family through those dark days. Bless you all for holding yourselves together to help other Cantor families while struggling with your own grief. May you find joy in your memories of Gary.

    Christina, stranger
  • I did not know this man, nor do I know his family. I live in Texas. I could not get Gary’s brother, Mr. Lutnick off my mind during those terrible first days. I don’t know why, but his face and his tears struck me. I can only assume because of the deep loss he suffered with so many cherished friends and peers gone. But he also lost his best friend who was his brother. I wrote Mr. Lutnick just a small note of sympathy and prayer. He graciously took the time to write back and spoke of how he missed Gary so very much.
    I have never written anyone I did not know. I was worried he would think I was a morbid strange person. I even wrote to him a second time. But I just had to reach out. And he, after so much loss, touched me by his response. I have not seen Mr. Lutnick anymore on T.V.etc..I can only assume he is normally a private person. No celebration, no donation can undue what was done. But I hope the Lutnick family will know that someone in Texas tells their family everytime they hang up or wave goodbye, that I love them. We are doing some things at work this week for Sept 11. I copied a wonderful piece of art that a child drew. Two very tall buildings, made entirely of hearts, with the top part coming apart because the hearts have wings and are flying upward and away. That is how I have reframed all the ugliness. Two buildings full of people, full of all their love and that love being released to the heavens. It gives me a peace I had not found. God bless all of you. Out of respect to Mr. Lutnick I had already decided to proudly and respectfully wear Gary Lutnicks name on a ribbon Wednesday, September 11, 2002. But after I read here about his love and devotion as an uncle, I really knew it was right. I became an aunt for the first time last year. The sun rises and sets on my niece and nephews. I know just how he felt. God bless you all this week and always.

    susan collins, no relationship
  • I didn’t know Gary. I have never even been to New York, having lived in Calgary, Alberta all of my life.
    However, the joyous energy and exhuberant life that Gary lived was a true gift…even to those who weren’t blessed enough to meet him in person.
    Reading all the touching testimonials that were written by Gary’s family, friends and co-workers, I was left with a very uplifting feeling. Gary touched so many lives, and blessed their hearts and minds with a glow that will live on in all who knew and loved him.
    Gary inspired and continues to inspire people to rush home, give their loved ones a huge hug and kiss, and to remember that life is truely a precious gift.
    Thanks for the inspiration, Gary.
    My sincerest condolences to you all at Cantor Fitzgerald and e-Speed
    Karen Lundy
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Karen Lundy, someone who wishes I had met Gary
  • just a little note to say you are in my prayers always, I remember kidding you about have two phones growing out of you ears when you were in the ISG room. I will never know how you didn;t get califlower ears from the phones.

    Marty Hogan
    Former Tel-Tech at Cantor

    marty hoan, former tel tech at Cantor
  • Gary, I really miss you.

    anonymous, friend

  • I have the good fortune of being one of the people who knew Gary in life, and was blessed to call him a friend. Being a good friend of his sister’s automatically enrolled you as one of his as well. From our conversations on New Years to sporting events and more — Gary always exuded a natural zest for life that was intoxicating. He truly was someone who always treasured you for what you were, and what ever your heart wanted. He always made time to return calls, like something as simple as “was it raining downtown at WTC”, when I had friends in town visiting, and their grandchildren wanted to head that way. I remember his reaction when I returned one of his pages, while just landing and calling from the plane 😉 His generosity touched all in his life, having parties that included an extended family whether it was New York or Chicago. The other blessing was you always knew how he felt – as you felt the love and friendship from him with every encounter. He was an amazing uncle to his nephews and niece … and his family ADORED him for great reason — his heart was bigger than that smile of his. He is truly missed, and his legacy (especially his generosity and playfulness) lives on with those who he touched in life.

    PS – I had the good fortune of seeing one of his nephews at the beach this summer, and he looked like a mini-Gary ! It really made me smile in honor of my friend.

    Donna Dudek, friend
  • I live in the UK and have just read the book by Mr Barbash. Gary sounded like a really nice person and he has left an exceptional family behind. I am sure that he was so proud to see his brother,sister and friends and work mates rallying around looking out for everyone when they themselves were suffering also.The book has touched my life forever and I wish everyone all the best for the future with all my heart I will not forget you all.

    Tracey Jachontow, none
  • I am currently reading the book “On Top of the World” by Tom Barbash. I am completely moved and heartbroken by all the tragedy and loss that happened to Cantor on 9/11. I express my condolences and sympathy for the Cantor “family” and the Lutnick family. Gary seemed like one hell of a guy. Good luck and God Be With You All.

    Amanda Cottrill, stranger
  • Gary
    I just wanted you to know that you have one heck of a family .They are incredibly strong and giving people and from what I have read so were you . I think the world of all of them . Give my sweetheart Karen a big hug for me. We are all family now. Until we meet again.

    Keepin the Faith
    Richie Pecorella
    Fiancee of Karen Juday

    Richard pecorella, family member
  • To the Lutnick Family:

    I do not know any of you but worked in Washington, DC on 9/11. The memories are still fresh and hurt like it happened yesterday. I just completed the book “On Top of the World” and feel like I know the whole Cantor family. Besides the loss of your brother, the loss of the Cantor “family” had to be insurrmountable. The undaunting task of recreating Cantor Fitzgerald when there was was basically nothing left to recreate from and then to try to help the families hoping the business would survivewas nothing less of amazing. My heart goes out to all of you eight years later. Howard and Edie, you are mensches and your parents would be proud. Stay strong.

    Michele S. Gottlieb, Stranger
  • I am simply a 62 year old grandmother living in Afton, New York who does medical transcription to pay my bills. On 09/11/2001 I was scheduled to leave my home in Afton to drive to the Staten Island Ferry which I would traditionally drive in order to reach Fort Wadsworth where my daughter, son-in-law and my four grandchildren were stationed with the US Coast Guard. I never missed a birthday of the kids, and my twin gramdsons were turning eight on 09/12. How sad I was when I woke up with “my hip out” and needed to get to my doctor. Muscle relaxants and a couple days bedrest and I could drive down. My day was ruined. I always left Afton at 6:00 a.m. and would be near the World Trade Center between 9:30 and 10:30 depending on the traffic. Catching the red light,always, I would sit and stare in awe at those majestic towers and wonder “who, what, when, how” did business inside. Last week I stumbled on the book On Top of the World. Before I reached halfway I felt I knew those that worked at Cantor Fitzgerald. My heart ached for the stress, mistrust and pain all went through…no one deserves this. I have just purchased three more copies and am sending them to my family who watched the towers fall from Fort Wadsworth and across the bay in New Jersey. I know this is lengthy, but from the heart I want someone to know, someone to realized – there is a “little nobody” out here who wishes you all peace in the days ahead. An impossible dream, maybe. What to say. What else can I possibly say. From the heart. Patricia H. Fabricius (I must inject and those who read the book will understand why –
    I, too, am Lithuanian).

    Patricia H. Fabricius, None - but you are all in my heart.
  • Dearest Edie & Howard,
    I worked a CF a long time ago. You all made it a fun, wonderful place to work. This picture of Gary is a perfect reflection of his kind personality. I know you miss him so much, and I want you to know that I am praying for comfort to you two this weekend.

    Joy (Prevosti) Millen, employee of years past

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