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  Sean Patrick Lynch

Date of Birth: March 4, 1967
Position: SVP, Equities Trading

“Seanie”, as he was called by his family and many friends, is sadly missed by his parents, brother, three sisters and ten nieces and nephews. He held a very special place in our family. We always looked forward to his coming home and seeing the “Seanie” smile. He loved to play with the kids; he was a fun-loving Uncle.

We are all so proud of what he had accomplished and loved listening to the tales of his travels and busy weekends. He definitely enjoyed life. Sean was a thoughtful and caring son. We miss him so much.

Peggy and John Lynch, Parents
  • When I married Michael, I gained a trusted friend in Sean.

    Sean was a thoughtful and gentle man, he was blessed with great serenity. He was wonderful with our children who will miss his warmth, his kindness and his terrific sense of fun. Sean had a great laugh. And he always laughed well.

    I am glad to have known and loved him. Sean will remain in our thoughts, prayers and hearts.

    Ann Lynch, Sister-in-law
  • My Uncle Sean is nice. He played football with me. He also had a lot of friends. He brought my family to New York City. I really miss him.

    Brian Hallstrom, Nephew
  • Ever since I was little, I always looked up to Seanie and was so proud to call him my “big brother”. I hold such special memories growing up with him…endless noogies and games of 52 pick-up, shooting hoops in the turnaround (which was always an easy win for him given my athletic ability), rides in the infamous Skylark listening to his singing, to catching up with him at the BC gathering spots where he was a bit overprotective of his little sister.

    How I miss those Seanie calls early in the morning – you could always count on him for kind words, sound advice and a funny story. And he loved to hear the latest antics of my little Katelyn. Every time we talked he would ask if I had gotten the tiki torches yet for my new deck. You were the best big brother and I miss you so much, Seanie.
    Love, Lau

    Laureen Sutera, sister
  • Seanie was my younger brother by seven years. I still remember the first time I was allowed to babysit him (he was a terror!!) A few years later, I saved notes he sent me while I was away at college; they were treasured then, and even more now. I smile remembering him as a college student, painting the picket fence that surrounded my house so he could earn some spending money. (More paint on the grass than the fence!!) A few years later, he moved to New York in search of his dream job, but he always remebered to keep in touch with his oldest sister.
    Seanie frequently called me before his day got started at Cantor, just to say “hello” and catch up on “Lynch” family news. As his big sister, I would pester him about his “love life”, but Seanie usually avoided talking about himself. He never even told me about his recent job promotion. He just liked to hear about us.
    He enjoyed being an Uncle to Dan and Brian. He’d laugh at stories about their adventures and share similar stories from his youth. On his trips home, he’d always take time to stop by our house or watch one of the boys’ hockey games. On Christmas and birthdays, Seanie would give them clothing from Boston College, which they would proudly wear. Dan and Brian admired Uncle Seanie so much. From the photos of nieces and nephews displayed in his apartment, I could tell that Sean was crazy about them too.
    I love you and miss you Seanie.

    Kathy Hallstrom, Sister
  • As we got closer to Memorial Day weekend the phone calls would start between the boys in Boston and the “former” Boston boys now living in New York. Even though it was a long trip from NY to Newport/Nantucket you always knew Lynchy would be there with a smile on, buying a round at the bar. Sean never forgot how important his friends were and neither will we. For many of us Memorial Day weekend was the last time we were with Sean. I know when we all get together this weekend on Nantucket the “Lynchy” stories will start up and we’ll all remember the great times we had together.

    The Boys, Friends
  • I have tried many times to write something on this site to the Lynch family. It is so hard to put into words how saddened I am by the loss of Sean on 9/11.
    I always loved seeing Sean. Sean was always smiling,laughing and was always surrounded by friends. What a nice way he lived his life.
    My condolences to the Lynch family and to the many who loved Sean.
    Beth France

    Beth France, Friend
  • I’ll never forget heading off to a Monday night football game, the Broncos were playing the Giants. That was Monday, September 10, 2001. And as I walked out of our apartment that was the last time I saw Seany.

    The next morning I heard him – just as always – at 6:30 a.m. the door slammed behind him. Just one example of how reliable and solid he was. Everyday at 6:30; you could set a watch to him. He was the same way to his friends

    I still hear him though, whether its talking about sports, his friends, making a joke or yelling “it’s happening again”. I hope I will always hear him.

    Fred Van Remortel, friend
  • I remember driving down to New York last Easter and spending it with me Uncle Sean. I remember racing up his five floors of stairs up to his aparpment. He took us to what he called his “Back-Yard” which is really Central Park. We played baseball all day. That night we went out to dinner to the e.s.p.n. zone, which has a ton of video games that were fun to play. The next day we were leaving, so we packed up and went to this breakfast place, down the street from his apartment. That was a great weekend. I’ll never forget how much fun I had with my uncle Sean. Each year, on September 11th, it will be the good times with my uncle Sean I will remember.

    Dan Hallstrom, nephew
  • Sean,
    So many things to update you on. Tommorow is the 2nd anniversary of 9/11. Can’t believe it. Last saturday BC crushed Penn St. I know that would make you proud. Right now we should be figuring out where we are going to meet on Shea Field for the Miami game. So many people miss you man, all your buddies put together the 2nd annual Sean Lynch Memorial tournament, great event which I will never miss. You were taken to soon, I will never forget you and all the boys. Cantor will never be as good as it was with all you guys. Miss you all so much. Take care buddy, rest easy. May God Bless you and your family.

    Ryan Quinn, friend/co-worker
  • Happy 40th,Sean!! We all miss you. Love, Kathy 3-4-07

    Kathy Hallstrom, Sister

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