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  Sean Lynch

Date of Birth: July 26, 1965
Department: Interest Rate Options

Sean Patrick Lynch was an extraordinary husband and father. We lost Sean two months before our son Sean Patrick, Jr. was born. I know Sean would have done anything to have his children know him, but it wasn’t meant to be. Sean meant so many things to so many people. A compassionate son who admired his parents and his Irish roots, a brother who cherished Farrell, Kieran, Brian, and his sister Ellen whom he truly adored. Sean was an uncle always happy to teach, play and protect his many nieces and nephews, and above all, a genuine friend who didn’t judge them. Sean lived for his daughters Mary and Grace. He was so proud of them. Mary for her enthusiasm to learn and Grace for her overwhelming love of life. Days before Sean died, he bought Mary a T-Ball. Just to see his 3 year-old play would bring tears to his eyes. Sean spent hours teaching our daughters his love of sports. My husband’s life was lost on September 11th trying to provide a better life for our family and I find this so unfair. If you had the opportunity to meet Sean, you would know how special he made everyone feel. Sean never forgot a name and was always eager to hear everyone’s interests. Sean admired his fraternity brothers and I can honestly say not a week went by when Sean wouldn’t share yet another Phi Delt story with me. It has been 4 months since this horrible tragedy took the life of my beautiful husband and his brother Farrell. They were two of the best. I take comfort in knowing they are together. Our family will forever miss Sean’s love for life, laughter and education, his enthusiasm for learning, teaching and story telling, his love of golf, basketball, baseball and football and his tremendous admiration of books. Sean was a man of honor and integrity. He was my best friend and I am so sorry for everyone that Sean and Farrell lost their lives. They had so much to live for. I am proud to have had Sean Patrick Lynch as my husband and father of our children. He was the true love of my life. You are so deeply loved and will never be forgotten. I will wait broken hearted until we meet again.
Your wife, Lori

Lori Lynch, Wife
  • There were 2 Sean Lynches at Cantor, so Sean always used the P in his name when he dealt with us in communications. That was the way he would address his faxes and introduce himself on the phone, so it became a running joke that whenever we saw him we would yell “Sean P Lynch!” No matter what that always brought a smile to his face and to ours as well. I miss getting to yell that when I saw him in the hallways everyday. Sean had a way about him that made you feel comfortable and at ease, that is a special gift that not many people posess, but Sean had it. Lori, you and your children are in my thoughts and prayers. Sean was truly on in a million, I am sure he will always walk beside you.

    Kate, Co-Worker
  • I knew Sean at Prebon Yamane where I was the HR Manager for many years. Sean was one of the nicest guys there and was always so very respectful. My heart breaks for you and your family. It’s been many years since I’ve left Prebon and last saw Sean, but seeing his picture and reading his beautiful tribute makes it seem like yesterday. God bless you and your family.

    Roxanne Todaro, former co-worker
  • When I think of Sean, I always seem to remember his smiling face and outgoing personality. I managed the Cantor account for 4 years and got to know everyone on the Interest Rate Option Desk very well.
    John Bocchi, Martin, Neil, Leonard, Gloria – they all seemed to keep me very busy. It seemed like once a week someone either lost a card or statement…I was promoted to another postion in August and I was so touched when our customer service department called me in Chicago on a Business Trip to connect me with a cardmember that insisted on finding me. When I got on the phone it was Sean (he has lost his card and wanted no one else to handle it). Lori , your husband spoke very highly of you and the love for his daughters and was very eager for the new addition to the Lynch Family. He was a great man and I feel honored to have known him. My heart, hopes and prayers are with your family. Please live every day to its fullest as I know that’s what Sean would want you to do! God Bless You!

    Deborah L Hotalen, American Express -Client &Vendor -Friend
  • Sean, nobody could bring a smile faster to someone’s face than Sean. Every morning I would be at the gym at 6.15 a.m. I hated working out that early but I loved seeing Sean. I waited for him and tried to work out with him when I could just so I could be with him because his company was always cheerful. I was probably the last one to see him alive on 9/11 and it was us laughing at each other or someone else. I can tell you this it was the great Sean smile that I will always remember. Bye Sean, I miss you.

    Jody Scharf, Friend
  • It is so hard to sit down and put into words how much Sean meant to everyone that knew him. He was an adoring husband to Lori, a devoted father to Mary and Grace, a good son to his parents, a caring brother and a great friend. His infectious laugh and knack for storytelling could always put a smile on your face. He never forgot your name or where you went to college.
    I think the word that best described Sean to me was, happy. It’s such a simple word, but when you think about all it can mean it’s really quite powerful. Sean was a very happy person. He loved his family and his friends and genuinely enjoyed being around them. Sean was also very proud. He was proud of his Irish heritage and what his parents had done for him, enabling him to attend Cornell. He was so proud to be a husband and a father. I can even imagine his big smile looking
    over his beautiful son, Sean.
    I pray that Sean is at peace and that he watches over all of us who knew him.

    Liz Lynch, Friend
  • Sean Patrick Lynch was an ethnical, loving, and hilarious person.
    On September 23th, Lori and Sean were supposed to come to our house for dinner. I was excited because I knew it would be such a fun evening.
    I was always happy talking to Sean and exchanging funny stories. When I spoke with Sean when our children were around, he would always laugh and talk about how he could not believe how much my son, David, would eat compared to his daughter, Mary. Then we would contrast the differences between little girls and boys.
    My most vivid memories of Sean are when he would come home from work. Sean’s eyes would light up when he saw Lori. His love for her was apparent to anyone in their presence. Sean would first go right over to Lori and give her a kiss on the lips. Then he would run over and give Mary and Grace big hugs. Sean once told me, “I am so lucky to have Lori.” He was and she was lucky to have him; they were a beautiful couple.
    Lori, Mary, Grace, and Baby Sean: you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Amy Herman, Friend
  • Even though I didn’t know Sean very well, but I got the main idea of who he was. He was one of the kindest people I have ever met. I saw him last summer for about five minutes, and talked to him about once. When I heard the news I was shocked and very upset. I must have thought about him for 5 days straight. Even while I was playing football. One time when I was around 6 years old we went to a baseball game. My Aunt Lori and him bought my brothers and I all these baseball T-shirts, mini-bats, popcorn, hot dogs, and all that good stuff, which brings you to the conclusion that he was very generous. If I had a chance to talk to anyone living, dead, or someone not even born yet, it would be my uncle, Sean Patrick Lynch.

    Nathan H., Nephew
  • I worked with Sean and had the pleasure of listing to Sean tell stories about his life and his family. Sean always spoke about Lori, Mary and Grace with a smile on his face and love in his heart. He was a great co-worker and friend. I knew if I needed something whether it was work related or not I could count on Him. I miss him when I’m sit at work, or listen to music. I loved to sing on Friday’s and Sean would always start snapping his fingers and bobbing his head. It always made me laugh. That is how I want to remember Sean smiling, bobbing and snapping his fingers.

    My heart goes out to his family. May GOD Bless you all.

    Gloria R. Fox, co-worker and friend
  • Sean and I worked together at Prebon Yamane for over three years. I am a proud graduate of the “Synch” training program.

    Sean posessed a wonderful gift of captivating an audience with his words, either through story telling, or reciting one of his countless jokes. His words always had purpose; they sought a reaction. Invariably, the most common reaction was laughter, and often in addition to laughter, his words provoked enlightenment because they encouraged us to reflect on our actions, and to learn from them. I always admired Sean for his ability to keep things in perspective. His family and friends always came first, and they always will. Sean’s love for his family KNOWS no boundaries.
    I currently work with Sean’s brother, Kieran. The resemblance between the brothers is uncanny, right down to the subtle mannerisms. Not a day passes that I am not reminded of Sean, and for that I am grateful. “Synch,” I miss you…..!

    Guido Stroemer, Friend
  • Sean,
    It’s been over a year and it’s still to difficult to comprehend. I know you’re looking down from heaven but I’ll tell you anyway… Your family is doing their best and trying to move forward. Lori is so strong and is doing such a wonderful job raising your kids. Baby Sean looks just like you, Mary is such a little lady, and Gracie — well, she’s the funniest kid! I know they miss you but please know we will all be there for them. I remember when you came to see Joey play football when he was little. I can almost guarantee from the looks of Sean, he’ll be a lineman too. I promise to go to most of his games! I know you’ll be there too. Peace be with you and Farrell. You are always in everyone’s hearts! God Bless you in Heaven.

    Barb Hanan-Lamont, sister-in-law

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