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  Marcello Matricciano

Date of Birth: July 1, 1970
Position: Manager of Customer Installations

Marcello was a loving husband, father and son. He was Wall Street’s biggest fan. I met Marcello when I was 17 years old and he was 19 in the Bear Stearns’ mailroom department where we were both starting our careers. While others read magazines and junk that circulated around the mailroom, Marcello read the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and all of the latest financial information. He was fascinated by Wall Street and couldn’t understand why others didn’t share in his passion. I knew then that he would be successful on Wall Street. He was always the center of attention at family gatherings, sharing his knowledge of the markets. He became his family’s own financial planner and he loved every minute of it. He will forever be remembered to all who knew him as ambitious and someone who stopped at nothing until he achieved his goal.

He enjoyed reading, music, soccer, cycling and, boy, did he love his Italian Food! Nothing but the best for him. He loved to read up on all of the best restaurants and best wines. He always made it his business to try the latest and the greatest places just so that he could say he tried it. He looked forward to his weekend rides in Central Park with his buddy Ed where he would work off all of the food he had eaten just days before.

Then there is Nicholas. Oh, how he loved his son! He lived his life for his son. He loved the best of everything and never gave his Nicholas or I any less. Nothing could make him happier than Nicholas could. I could not have asked for a better father for my son. Although Nicholas had you for only 4 years of his life, he will remember you for eternity. You made such an impact in his life. He misses you dearly!

My love, you were a devoted father and husband. You always managed to make me laugh with your silly and sometimes obnoxious comments. The way you dedicated your life to your family will never be forgotten. We were all very proud of you and I, too, hope to make you proud of me in the way I will continue to raise our son. You will forever be missed by your family and all who knew you. Life as I knew it will never be the same without you. You will forever be in our hearts. Goodbye My Love, until our paths cross again! Nicholas and I will LOVE YOU FOREVER!

Rosie and Nicholas, Wife and son
  • When I first met Marcello, he was sharing an office with Matt Wyant, and seemed kind of quiet.
    After about a month or so, the real Marcello came out. One of the things I remember the most about Marcello is that whenever I saw him, he’d usually take a jab at us programmers and our software. Of course this was usually followed by a joke and a smile. That’s how i’ll always remember you, with that great smile.

    May God bless your wife and son.

    Adnan Longi, co-worker
  • My husband Eddie worked for Marcello. Not only did they have a business relationship but also they had a true friendship. Eddie always told me what a great guy Marcello was, how fair and down to earth he was…

    Marcello knew that Eddie and I were going to a wedding on Long Island. He insisted that we stop by his house afterwards to join the barbeque he was having. When I say insist, I mean insist. We could have said “we’re tired, definitely some other time,” but we just couldn’t refuse Marcello’s warmth and friendliness, and boy am I GLAD we didn’t.

    We had never been to Marcello’s home before, nor had we met Rosie and their son Nicholas, you could tell from his enthusiasm how happy he was that we met his family and how delighted he was to be the much gracious host.

    As we head for the door, Marcello said, “where are you going, have a pastry, I’m making espresso,” so we stayed longer and enjoyed ourselves even more. That evening Marcello suggested that he and Rosie meet us in the city one night for a night on the town. I regret missing this opportunity.

    We feel like we knew Marcello much longer than we actually did – he left such an impression. He is missed and thought of often.

    Terri Hicks – Friend

    Terri Hicks, Friend
  • Marcello interviewed me back in October of 1999. I never felt so comfortable at an interview. I didn’t know it then, but we were about to embark on a budding friendship.

    He was my manager and I loved working for him. I would complete tasks quickly for him and he would look at me with his boyish grin and say, “Really, you’re done? Wow!”

    Not a day went by where Marcello didn’t make us all laugh. He would walk in the room and say outrageous things to get everyone going. His favorite phrase was “Hey you cheapskates, give me 80 cents.” And he loved to rib people by telling them anything they said was BS.

    Our friendship really took off when I expressed an interest in road biking. He got really excited and took me shopping. He explained everything about the bikes. When I finally bought one, he was more excited than I was.

    We met up almost every weekend in Central Park to ride. I would meet him at Grand Army Plaza and he would greet me by riding across the street with his hands over his head like he just won the Tour de France. He always mentioned Rosie and Nicholas as we rode side by side, talking.

    I tried hard to get him to ride in the NYC Century bikeathon, but he felt he wasn’t ready for that long of a ride. That was September 9th. I have not touched my bike since that day.

    Marcello, siete per sempre nel miei cuore e mente. Fino a che non guidiamo ancora….

    Ed Hicks, friend and co-worker
  • Marcello was one of those people that could make anyone smile. I worked with him for a long time, and from the moment I met him, he made me laugh. Marcello was very funny. He always showed his dedication to his family, work and friendships. I will remember him for being a genuine person Rossie I just want to say I am very sorry about your loss he always talked about you and Nicholas, he also always talked about all the funny and cute little things that Nicholas would do to him he was very proud of his son, my son name is Nicholas also, so he would tell me about his Nicholas and I would tell him about my Nicholas.
    Marcello you will forever be remembered.

    Rosemaire, Co-Worker
  • My Dear “Precious” Rosie and Nicholas….
    How grateful I am to know such beautiful people. I wish I had spent time with Cello, and had had the opportunity to laugh and enjoy with him…as I know how much he enjoyed his life and the two of you. Rosie, I know that you must feel Cello’s love every time you see your Nicholas smile, which is all day long. Cello’s love, spirit and “smile” will live on every day through Nicholas, and in your heart. I know that Cello will be so proud of both you and Nicholas and all of your pursuits in life. I know too, that he will be “smiling” as he sees you both once again “smiling” and enjoying life!!
    My love always, Janie

    Janie, Friend
  • I will never forget the endless conversations and stories we shared. Marcello made my days at Cantor much more enjoyable. I will always be grateful for his good sense of humor and his great personality. To the Matricciano family, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Marianna Scibetta, Co-Worker/Friend
  • When I think of Marcello I can do nothing but smile. Marcello (aka GWiz) always would greet me with a “Good Morning, how are you today?” If I was having a stressful day Marcello would walk in the office, say something hysterical and make me laugh. “Hey Hel, how was Joseph Ciccone Salon last night?” or “I received a call from Westfield Capital Management”, he was always a jokester and so full of life. I miss your advice and miss our chats, you were the best. To Rosie and Nicholas, Marcello is an angel and he will always be with you. May God bless you and give you the strength to pull through this.

    P.S I finally learned how to PING IT!!!

    Your fellow Paisan, Helen…

    Helen Sabella Becker, Friend/Co-worker
  • I really didn’t know him that much but when I went to the office with my dad (Anthony Perez) I had the time of my life. I pray each night for everyone I met that are now lost forever.

    Olivia Perez, Co-Workers Daughter-11
  • Here is a very special poem written in your honor my love, by my sister Terry….

    Marcello Matricciano
    A s always, the day was predictable
    N othing out of the ordinary
    D ear, except maybe the beauty of a prelude.
    T ell me something, is not it a glorious morning?
    H ummingbirds illuminating the skies and
    E xtremity not in sight?
    H ow, oh how I long to run home. To the
    O rnaments of my life.
    M y wife, my son, my family and friends.
    E idolons oh eidolons to be.
    O h, if only fate had been gentle and what
    F ell from the skies was rain.
    T o my wife, to my son, in your humble
    H earts for eternity I’ll be.
    E den awaits me and by the sea I’ll be free.
    B e strong my beloved ones
    R ise above sorrow
    A nd the evilness of men. For God built a
    V alhalla for my saviors and for my soul
    E verlasting bliss.

    Terry Becerril 10/04/01
    1:12 a.m.

    Terry, Sister In Law
  • I first met Marcello on a client visit when he was working at Prudential Securites. Even then, he was this fun-loving, easy-going guy who had aspirations to make it to the top. On one visit, Marcello asked me how it was working at Cantor and what the view must be like from the 103fl. Shortly after, his inquires soon turned into reality.

    Marcello was like the stress-reliever. When times would get tough, Marcello would whip out his bag of jokes and phrases. Whether it be the clothes on your back, the neighborhood you live in or just the time of day, Marcello always had something to say about it. He and his signature style of words and phrases will be missed.

    Marcello if you’re listening, High Class!

    Joe Tso, Co-Worker
  • Marcello was not only my sidekick coworker, but a good and honest friend who always spoke his mind, sometimes to the point of telling me how to run my life, but that as we all know was always the funny trait he had. I miss him very much. He always made me realize how lucky I was to be running my own business and that I should always appreciate the cards I’ve been dealt. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. I worked with him just 3 days prior to the incident at The Hudson River Club and I got to drop him off that night with some good conversation on our trip home. We passed the Trade Center that evening and he reminded me well actually he proudly bragged to me that he worked there and as usual he got out of the car at a local deli by the Trade Center and decided to surprise me with his usual Snapple or juice mix he knew I always enjoyed. He made me laugh with his crazy antics. I could never hold a straight face with him, he was always so silly. He told me he was seriously considering getting out of the business and how he was only interested in spending more quality time with you and Nicholas hoping to find his lifelong dream of a home for the three of you on the island. When you finally move out here, he will get his wish and he will definitely be watching over you I am certain of this.

    Jerry Laskin, Friend
  • At a loss for words is where I stand as I write this dedication to my dear friend Cello and my best friend Rosie. Cello, although you are in heaven I know you can hear me. You are greatly missed and your ambition to strive and strive and strive (ha, ha) will live on through your little one. I have always been there for Rosie as I will be there for her now and always. I will make sure that she’s ok and stays strong, for if I know you, you wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to know you on a personal level. I can remember Nicholas’ first birthday party that you and Rosie had in the back yard, you were talking to me about stocks, trades, etc. and I looked to Rosie like “what is he talking about?”. What I wouldn’t give to turn back time and hear you rant and rave about stuff that I had no clue about. You are definitely missed. Rosie, we have been friends for 24 years, you are my best friend, and I will love you always. He knows you’re gonna be ok. So, until we all meet up in heaven, good bye Cello.

    Denise, Close friend
  • I first met Marcello when we were in the 7th grade. We became best friends and attended the same high school and college..many times, taking the same classes. Our main hobbies were : biking, DJing, and girls, girls, girls.

    I’ll never forget our first double date. We went to an Italian restaurant (of course), and his date was not pleased with the chicken parmigiana. Well, Marcello could not have that, so he exclaimed (in a loud enough tone for the waiter to hear, “I’ll have that guy bring a live chicken to this table, cut it’s head off, pluck it and cook it right here.”

    All kidding aside, Marcello was a great friend and I can’t even begin to list the adventures we had together, from biking to clubbing, to DJing. Marcello was my Best Man at my wedding many years ago, and that was around the time that he met and fell in love with Rosie. I’ll never forget one night when I was dropping him off that he told me how much he loved her and how she was everything that he’s always wanted in a wife, friend and partner.

    Once we were both married, we slowly drifted apart. We saw each other, maybe, once a year and it was normally in passing. Then one day Marcello and I got together to plan one of the happiest days of his life, Nicholas’ 1st Birthday Party. I’ve never seen Marcello so happy, and I’m glad that we had a chance to party and enjoy a glass of wine together.

    The last time I saw Marcello was last May, and I was late for a ceremony. We said a quick hello and we promised each other that we would get together with the kids very soon. Unfortunately, we never did get together and I never got to say goodbye to my best friend.

    My prayers are with you Rosie and Nicholas, and I’ll always be here for you.

    Ciao mio amico.

    Matthew Kalamaris, Friend
  • Hello My Love…

    It’s our first Father’s Day without you…. Nicholas and I wrote you a letter and placed it in a red ballon which we let go outside in hopes that it will reach you where you are. Nicholas hand wrote his note himself.. It said that he misses you so very much and he wished you a Happy Father’s Day. Please look for the red balloon and please know that it was sent to you with all of our love and every inch of our heart….
    Happy Father’s Day My Sweet Angel…

    Rosie & Nicholas, Wife & Son
  • It’s July 1st…….Happy 32nd Birthday…. We went to church and had a Mass for you… I’m sure you were pleased with all the beautiful things that were said about you, I know I was…

    This next message is from Nicholas…
    Happy Birthday Daddy. I Love you… He typed that himself.. It took him 15 mins to type it but he insisted on doing it on his own…

    Nicholas and I send you tons of Hugs & Kisses….I hope they reach you where you are!

    Happy Birthday My Love……..

    Rosie & Nicholas, Wife & Son
  • Hello My Love……..

    I can sure use one of our special hugs today… The hugs where nothing needed to be said…
    The hugs that made our problems disappear for that one moment we were in each others arms…
    What I wouldn’t give to feel your arms wrapped around me again…

    I miss you so very much!!…..

    I Love You Honey….

    Rosie, Wife
  • Cello:

    Hey! It’s Lourdes. I finally found the courage to share a thought or two with you. It is important that you know that Rosie has grown-up to be one heck of a woman. Rosie’s strength and courage amazes me and leaves me at a lost of words! (Yeah, that’s right Cello I, Lou, have no words). Rosie has come a long way in such a short time. I applaud her strength and courage. As you look over your family, I am sure you are proud of your wife, Rosie, making decisions and keeping strong for your son, Nicholas. Rosie is providing a family household with positiveness and happiness for life. Nicholas’ 5th birthday, without Daddy, receives a standing ovation and applauds to your wife, Rosie. Goodbye Cello! Rest well. Rosie has it under control.


    Lourdes Lomeña, friend
  • Marcello, it’s the day before 9/11 and I’ve been thinking non-stop about all the events of this year, and all our adventures together. I know that you were at Nicholas’ Birthday Party so you know that it was a success, and that it just wasn’t the same without you. Cello…people are still calling me Squid..Thanks alot.

    Nicholas is becoming such a gentleman, and I know that you are proud of the wonderful job that Rosie is doing with him. He is such a talker (I know where he gets that from).

    Ciao my good friend. Look for me tomorrow..I’ll be with Rosie and Nicholas.

    Matthew Kalamaris, Good Friend
  • Marcello, it’s been a year and I miss you more than ever. I keep your memory alive by saying some of the things you would say. I’ve even adopted some “Marcello-isms” in my vocabulary!! I would love to hear your comments on my living in Chatham NJ now. It would probably be “HIGH CLASS BABY!!” I’ll set a place for you when I make my first pot of sauce……..You must be grinning where you are pal because the things Rosie and Nicholas wrote about you on this site are just beautiful. Marcello, Non li dimenticherò mai

    Ed Hicks, friend and co-worker
  • Dear Marcello:

    I met your mother at the 5 year old birthday party for your son Nicholas. What a beautiful person she is! She was standing next to me as we watched the children play and dance to the DJ at the great party that Rosie threw for Nicholas. Very quietly she asked me if I had known you and explained that she was Rosie’s mother-in-law. She told me how much she missed you and what she wouldn’t give to have you back…. I think we all feel that way! I could see the love she feels for Nicholas. What a gift for them to have him! As someone else said, Rosie is quite that woman and I really admire her courage and positive attitude. Your son is going to be raised by quite a woman!

    Maureen Seaman Hladky

    Maureen Seaman Hladky, Friend
  • Hey Marcello, for some reason, I just wanted to say hi. I just wanted to be in the x4401 office and hear you walk in and the whole room start up about anything and everything. You’d like to know that no one around here dresses as well as you did!

    Thinking of you-

    Monica O'Leary, Friend, coworker
  • Hi Baby….

    I just wanted to write to tell you I miss you terribly… I know you see the things that are happening with me these days….all the more reason why I miss you more and more every passing day…
    I try to put the strong hat on alot… but deep inside I am dying….

    I Love you and miss you with every inch of my soul….

    Rosie, Wife
  • Hi My Love…..

    Just wanted to drop a line and say hello…. I’ve been thinking alot about you these days… I just want to say Thank You! I know you know what I mean by that…

    I Love You Babe!

    Rosie, Wife
  • Marcello…been thinking alot about you lately. It seems that everywhere I turn, I see reminders of days gone by. I had to work on the day of the 5 boro bike tour, but couldn’t stop thinking about the times we did the tour.

    Last week I pulled my credit report and there were entries for Bloomingdales, Saks, and Bergdoff with YOU as a joint-user. Ah..those crazy college days. You should have known that I was too “retail” to shop at Bergdoff!!

    Take care buddy.

    Matthew Kalamaris, Good Friend
  • Hello My Love…….

    I wanted to wish you a Happy Father’s Day! Nicholas and I sent you your Father’s Day Balloon Greeting… His note was so precious…He said he misses you because you died….As he released the balloon, he said he wished that the balloon makes it to you in heaven and not outerspace…The things that your boy comes up with! He misses you so much honey, we both do!

    Ok Honey, I just wanted to send you Father’s Day wishes and to let you know to look for our purple balloon! It is filled with notes and lots and lots of LOVE….. Thank you for what you have given me and sent our way…I LOVE YOU!

    Rosie, Wife
  • Dear daddy,

    I would wish you a happy birthday because I love you so much. your in heaven ill miss you so much.

    Love Nicholas

    Nicholas, Son
  • Hello My Love…..

    Well the time finally arrived my love, we were able to lay you to rest…. When I received the news, I didn’t know how to feel at first. But to find out that we got all of you back and that now we will have our own place to come and visit you made me feel happy and lucky. Lucky because our family got back what so many families pray to have. We have a resting place for our loved one. So I Thank you for coming home to us and giving us our closure. It amazes me when I think about your timing…On how you chose now at this point in my life to come home…You truly are amazing!

    I chose to keep Nicholas home for the services because I didn’t feel that it was fair to him to see everyone so sad and crying. He and I will come and visit you soon together and alone…. He’s looking forward to drawing pictures for you and planting some flowers.

    So until our visit, CIAO for now! I Love you baby!

    Rosie, Wife
  • Marcello….. You were just amazing and funny guy. I think of you when I look at a nice Italian suit…. you were always dressed incredibly well.

    You always had a funny comment everything… “you software guys”….. you could count on him for a good laugh.

    Rosie and Nicholas… you know that he is looking down and watching over you guys and we know that Nicholas will be impeccably dressed when he goes on his first date.

    James Talvy, co-worker
  • Marcello, you were one of the hardest working people that I have ever known. We worked together at Dante’s and although you were a young man at the time you had a very good work ethic and symbolized what it meant to be a hard working man. Working during the day at Bear Stearn’s pursuing your goal to someday being a big shot on Wall Street, working on the weekends to earn extra cash and going to evening school – want didn’t this guy do to better himself? Marcello, you were a really nice guy, funny and a credit to our generation, it’s a shame they don’t make too many men like you.

    I was surprised and deeply saddened when I heard the news. They say God gives you only what you can handle and Marcello’s wife Rosie is the perfect example of that. If there is anyone that I have ever met in my short life who could handle such a tough situation it’s Rosie. Nicholas is blessed to have such a strong and beautiful mother. I don’t have too many regrets in life but one of the few that I do is not staying in touch and being a better friend, for that I’ll always be sorry.

    God bless you and your family and I pray that everyone will always remember what a wonderful person you were and that Nicholas will someday hear all the stories, he’s blessed to have you for a father.

    I’ll always keep you in my prayers.

    Leesan Villa (formerly McEvitt)

    Leesan Villa, Dante's co-worker
  • It’s been two years since you been gone, but the memories keep you alive in your hearts.

    Ana Rivera, friend
  • I just wanted to say HI! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I Miss You Honey!!

    Te Amo!

    Rosie, Your Wife
  • This message is for Rosie and Nicholas. I am the teacher from Cushing, Texas who made the video for Nicholas. I think about you and him every day that I wake up. Eventhough I did not know Marcello, I feel like he is still a part of my life.I want you to know that I would love to hear from you and my dream is to one day meet “Little Nicholas” My cousin is a “Blue Man” in New York so maybe I can come and meet you all some day. My love to you and Nicholas!
    Stefani Jackson
    “Project Freedom”

    Stefani Jackson, friend of Rosie and Nicholas
  • I wanted to say Thank You to all who wrote such beautiful things on this site… It definitely is comforting to read all the wonderful things that people wrote…To see how he was Loved by so many people really fills my heart with joy..

    I was thrilled to read tributes from some dear friends that I have unfortunately lost touch with throughout the years.. So I am enclosing my email on this tribute so that all who would like to contact me can.. I would LOVE to hear from you guys… [email protected]

    Rosie, Wife
  • Marcello, it is three years today…..I still can’t believe it, time has flown by…..so much has changed. But I have not stopped thinking about you. I find myself thinking of you most when I am in NYC, when I’m downtown, or up by Central Park. I miss you pal, that feeling lives on. Il mio amico, il vostro tempo era troppo corto, ma le memorie sono lunghe. Li manco. Prego trasmettami un segno un momento e lascilo conoscerlo sono bene.

    Ed Hicks, friend and co-worker

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