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  Stuart Todd Meltzer

Date of Birth: October 11, 1968
Position: Energy Broker

Stuart lives on in our hearts. He lives for Lisa, his wife, in the eyes and smiles of his sons, Jake & Dylan. He lives for his parents in the memories of an intense little boy who would eventually grow into an intelligent, focused, fiery personality. He lives for his brothers, Larry and Kenny at the Red Sox Games where they shared so many hot dogs, home runs, and laughs. We will miss his dry wit and loving heart. And yet, as long as we remember, he lives on….
The Meltzer Family Fund has been established to benefit the education of his sons, Jacob & Dylan Meltzer, and contributions can be sent care of his brother, Larry Meltzer, 6 Lowell court, Teaneck, NJ 07666.

“Grief ebbs but grief never ends. Death ends a life but death does not end a relationship. If we allow ourselves to be still and if we take responsibility for our grief, the grief becomes as polished and luminous and mysterious as death itself. When it does, we learn to love anew, not only the one who has died. We learn to love anew those who yet live.”

–Julius Lester

Rachel Provencher, Sister-in-Law
  • I miss you, Stu. I miss our daily chats about “Major League” and “The Natural”. I miss your sense of humor. You used to say, “Mike, I make it a point to contact my most important clients every day . . . and thean I call you.” I will continue to pray for your family and continue to give to your sons’ educational fund. Our brief relationship will have a lifelong impact on me. I miss you, Stu.

    Mike Brown, Friend
  • Lisa, Mr. and Mrs. Meltzer, Larry and Kenny, I will miss Stuart’s inquisitive questions about life, career, family life and Boston professional sports. Stuart and I became friends after we discussed a career for Stuart in the energy brokering business. He knew if he left Fox to become a broker, he would be successful. But on that first phone call I don’t think he ever knew how successful. After talking to him on the phone 50-100 times a day, every business day, I got to know the real Stuart. He always asked me how my day was going, asked me about my family, my health and then we would vent together about our respective businesses. He blossomed into a fantastic broker in a very short time. His personality won him the respect of colleagues, customers and ultimately these individuals became his good friends.. I will miss him always and I know that his memory will be everlasting.

    P.S. The ultimate irony of the Patriots taking the Super Bowl this year was so typical. Stuart and I enjoyed seeing games together and our Monday morning quarterback sessions each season contained more expletives and coaching suggestions that I know Stuart’s spirit was there last Sunday..

    Craig Poler, Friend
  • Little Bro … Hard to believe it has been 6 months since we last talked. Please know that there is not one second of a day that you are not in my thoughts and prayers.

    I have learned so much over these last 6 months about you and your family, things that make me respect you more now than ever. Please know that I have enjoyed getting to know Jake, Dylan and Lisa and will be there for them everyday all day.

    As a side note I still can not believe the pats won the Superbowl, thanks for your help with that. I Miss you and miss your calls about everything. Love you Lar

    For anyone leaving a message please leave a phone # or email so we can stay in touch.

    Larry Meltzer, Brother
  • You were the first guy to befriend me when I transferred to our high school. I never forgot that. You understood loyalty and friendship. Even if we didn’t speak for a year, we simply picked up where we left off.

    And thanks for the help with the Pats. The Sox need you now — see what you can do.

    Your family and friends miss you, buddy


    Steve Safran, Friend
  • Dear Stu,

    Our friendship wasn’t the most ordinary of friendships – brought together by Steve 15 years ago and keeping in touch over most of those years through him. I cherish the photo of us from back then; wishing there had been many more. Stu, you are in my thoughts daily. I hope you always knew and still know that for you there is a special place in my heart. You are greatly missed.

    – LBD

    Laurie Doxer, Friend
  • Stu,
    We haven’t spoken for some time now, but I will never forget our brief time together at the University of Michigan. We were inseparable. Watching games, tossing the ball around, listening to music, talking about women, and trying to keep up with our homework. Reminder how you always made fun about my tedious engineering assignments, while I laughed at the 20 page papers that you would be writing. Remember how we would sit next to each other at games. You would do “play-by-play” and I would do the analysis.
    To think that we only spent 2 years together. I will always treasure our time spent at Michigan, my visit to see your family in Boston, and our 1989 Rose Bowl trip. I have surely been blessed to have spent this time with you. Thanks again for touching my life! I will miss you.

    Jim Lyijynen, friend, U-M
  • Stu,

    I won’t ever forget the day we met as seventh graders at Rivers. That was all the way back in 1980. Man, you had THE ABSOLUTE GREATEST sense of humor. I’m smiling right now as my memory serves up many a laughing attack.

    From the very beginning you and I were bonded by our almost borderline psychotic love of sports, weren’t we? And how I loved your family. They always made me feel so warm and welcome – as if I were one of their own.

    I miss you, Stu. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to feeling a sense of regret in having lost touch over the last few years. However, I’m comforted in knowing that we had an unusually special friendship. No matter how far apart we were or how much time passed, I knew I had a friend for life in you.

    I look forward to meeting your children someday. And when I do, I’ll be sure to tell them all about the most generous and loyal friend I ever had in you, their father.

    God bless you, Stu. I will never forget you.

    [email protected]

    Tony Vaccarino, Friend
  • Stu was my first friend at Rivers. He was in my group at Chewonki when I knew no one else. We spent the week talking about the Red Sox, our rival summer camps and what we would eat when we got out of Maine (I think we ended up at McDonald’s). I watched Stu play first base for two seasons on the varsity baseball team. We spent a memorable week in Florida for spring training. Great memories of our high school days (despite the dress code and lack of women).

    However, like most of our classmates, we lost touch once we went to college. I remember seeing him in the subway once or twice in NYC, but it wasn’t until September 11th that I realized how much in common we really had – married, two kids, working in NYC, experiencing the next phase of life as young adults.

    Stu, I think of you often and want you to know that you are in my thoughts. I agree with Saf that you need to work some magic for the Sox, but more importantly you will never be forgotten by anyone who ever met you – you left an indelible impression on us all.


    Brian Snerson, Friend
  • Stu and I met while I was trading energy in the West and he was working hard at building TradeSpark into a viable brokerage. It didn’t take long for me to realize the Stu was an intensely focused individual (just the sort of person you want for a broker). More importantly, his desire to succeed never eclipsed his integrity (another good, yet rare quality for a broker). Even though we didn’t know each other for a long time I looked forward to his morning call and our lively conversations. When the morning the call didn’t come I didn’t put it together that he was located in the WTC. When it became apparent I was shocked and saddened that he had moved on. Even today (Christmas 2007) I find myself thinking about Stu and what friends we might have been had he still been around. He was a hell of a guy and someone that could be counted on when it was important. See you on the other side Stu.

    Steve T., Colleague

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