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  Ralph Mercurio

Position: Coal Broker

My husband Ralph was a kind easy-going man. Everyone who knew him would say so. He was a wonderful husband and a terrific dad. We loved him so much and our hearts will ache for him forever.

Debra Mercurio, Wife
  • Dear Debra,
    Ralph and I went to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School in Brooklyn together. Him, myself and Anthony Perotta were the “Three Musketeers” back then. We met years later at Domino Sugar. I can still remember the faces he used to make. I’m so sorry for your loss and I wanted to let you know what a great guy he was way back when. Please contact me if you get a chance.
    [email protected]

    James Scotto, Childhood Friend
  • Dear Debra and Family –
    I had the opportunity of knowing your husband Ralph at Exco. We actually sat right next to each other along with Tony and “Slice”. Ralph was a very kind wonderful man and always spoke highly of his family. We had a lot of laughs on our small desk and I feel very lucky to have known such a great man. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    Kristen Harding

    Kristen Harding, worked together at Exco
  • On that tragic day we lost our son. Our family misses Ralph so much. There is not a day that goes by that we do not think of him. Growing up Ralph was like any other child. He went to our Lady of Lourdes grammar school for a couple of years then we moved and he went to St. Francis. He always did well in school. Then he went to Bklyn Tech HS. Ralph never gave us any trouble even through his teenage years. Ralph thought about going to the Air Force Academy, but instead went to PolyTech on a scholarship and majored in aerodynamics. He was the first in the family to graduate college; we were and still are very proud of him. Ralph accepted a job with Boeing in Seattle, Washington. He and Deb were married and traveled together by car to Seattle. What a honeymoon! They stayed there for 2 years before decided to come home; that’s when Ralph starting working in the coal business. We were so happy they decided to come home becasue Deb was pregnant. Ralph and Deb gave us two wonderful grandchildren Genevieve and Joey. Finally they all settled in Rockville Centre. He worked on the house which was a Labor of Love. Everything was great for them. As his parents we are so proud of him and his accomplishments. He is greatly missed and words can not express our feelings or the love we hold in our hearts for our son.

    Love Mom and Pop

    Joseph and Catherine Mercurio, parents
  • A loving heart stopped beating
    Hard working hands at rest
    God broke our hearts
    To prove to us
    He only takes the Best.
    We miss you

  • Mr. and Mrs. Mercurio,
    My sincere condolences on the loss of your son. My name is Joseph Collica and I am a member of F.D.N.Y., who was at the W.T.C. on 9/11. I have been visiting numerous computer sites related to that sad day. I came across Ralph’s name and I remembered going to school with someone by that name. I am his age and I saw in your post that he went to Saint Francis. I went to Saint Francis of Assisi and graduated there in 1967. I remember Ralph Mercurio living on Lincoln Road across from the school, next to another classmate Andrew Gianetto. Please take the time to contact me to verify if this is the same person. We lost another classmate from that class, Kevin Conroy who was an accountant in 1 World Trade Center.
    Once again my deepest sympathy to your family and his wife and children. Ralph will be in my prayers and my memory. God Bless him, and bless all the rest of the innocent victims.

    Joseph Collica, Former classmate
  • Dear Uncle Ralph,
    I love you. I miss you.
    You were a great uncle.
    Love, Nicky

    Nicky, 8 year-old nephew
  • When I look at this picture of you Ralph, I still can’t believe you are gone, a victim of a senseless, tragic crime, taken away from your family much too soon. I say that this cannot be happening. I need to talk to you one more time. I see the towers crashing down every day just like millions of others and try to let go of these horrible thoughts and replace them with the good ones.

    Like when I was a kid, although you were 14 years my senior and could have tortured me terribly, you chose to treat me like a princess. Not only did you let me tag along, buy me extravagant gifts (like my first pair of “diamonds”) and make me feel so special. But most importantly, you always made me laugh. The only time you could not be bothered with your little sister was when you were hungover on a Sunday morning – perfectly understandable.

    Images of you will always remain, funny images, some from long ago that will always make me laugh – your green Mustang radio blasting, green leather jacket (way too tight), pain of sunburned armpits, the smell of garlic, the movies. Laughing when we rode roller coasters, the look on your face after we got off. Ordering a meal was always an event since you had to find the most unusual dish on the menu – gross. The arguments you, Lou and Bob would inevitably have over the “golf” game.

    Your smile, the proud adoring smile when you looked at or spoke of Gen – maybe a drawing or something funny she did. Your beaming ear to ear smile the day Joey was born, for a short time he looked just like you. I know they meant the world to you.

    Everyone said what a regular guy you were but when I think of you and our years past I will remember an extraordinary brother. Thanks Ralph. I miss you and may peace find you.

    Love, Cathy

    Cathy Mercurio-Gambaro, Sister
  • I interviewed Ralph about his work when I was developing descriptions of all Cantor work units for a planned website. At first he was quiet, almost hesitant to be interviewed. But as he started talking, his deep knowledge about his field started pouring forth. And what I remember most was his focus on his customers and how best to meet their needs.

    Tita Beal, co-worker/consultant
  • Dear Debra and Family:

    Ralph was a good friend and business associate. He taught me the OTC coal businesss and he was always a great help.

    He always seemed to be getting a bagel or a donut when I called him. I good naturedly called him “donut man.” We always had a good laugh and enjoyed each other’s company. I miss our telephone conversations and annual golf game. It is a privilege to call him a friend.

    I look forward to renewing our friendship when I pass from this life.

    Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.

    Gordon Fletcher
    [email protected]

    Gordon Fletcher, Friend
  • Last week, the ol’ Canarsie/Flatbush gang finally got together after
    twenty-something years. Conspicuously absent from this reunion were the inseparable Ralph and Lenny combo. It was then that we learned of our tragic loss; that Ralph had been employed at Cantor Fitzgerald on 9/11/01, and was among the missing in the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster. What a terrible, senseless loss…

    Ralph was a really good guy. Easy-going, willing to compromise (in a crowd of high-strung characters!), and fun loving. He’d go fishing even though he was prone to seasickness (“Don’t eat too many of those pizza wheels, Ralph!”), and gladly share the challenge of knockin’ off a Jan’s “Kitchen Sink” – anytime. Ralph spent 6 hrs working with Bob to install headers on the Red Beetle. Not a word of complaint.
    As long as there was gas in the tank, you could count on Ralph to join you in a trip to Rockaway Playland or just ride … “east” – if there was nothing better to do. And who could forget Ralph showing up at the Halloween party disguised as a nurse – complete with white hosiery?

    Ralph wasn’t the greatest baseball player, but then who was? Lose miserably as we did (with great regularity!), the bond of our friendship was never shaken.

    Ralph was a really good guy, and a wonderful friend.
    We missed you, Ralph, and raised our glasses to you, our friend. Our comfort rests in the firm belief that you’ve reached home safely.

    Bob / Bulla / Turk & Anna / Vito / Don & Angela

    Dominick Crapanzano, Friend
  • Ralph,
    We got together again for a dinner in Brooklyn, all of us coming together from various parts of NY/NJ and now NC. Older guys now, we reminisced our youth and the good days gone by. The last toast was to you, a simple “here’s to Ralph”, from the heart. You’ll always be remembered by your family and your friends until we are no more.

    In attendance – Turk, Bula, Vito, Don and me.

    Bob Elia, Old friend
  • September 2007

    I know time heals all, but six years have passed and we really miss talking and hanging-out with you.

    Cathy, Sister

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