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  David R. Meyer

Date of Birth: December 26, 1943
Department: Municipal Bonds
Position: Corporate Bond Trader

Dave Meyer was a wonderful husband, best friend, father and grandfather. A true friend to many. I can’t believe all that has really happened from that awful day of September 11, to walking and going to so many different places in New York jus wanting to know something. To being told by my brother-in-law, Charlie, after two weeks that I have to face it, that my Dave wasn’t coming home. Planning what I feel turned out to be a beautiful memorial mass and luncheon. So many wonderful family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even people who just wanted to come, came and then it was over. Some wonderful friends still call and I truly appreciate everyone and thank everyone. The whole thing just shows me more and more what a great guy I had for a husband. Dave is so very, very missed but still very, very loved. Dave was truly “one of a kind.”

Margie Meyer, Wife
  • My dad was and will always be the best man that I have ever known. He was a family man. He once told me that I was just like him. I am proud to have his qualities- a good heart, strong family values, determination, courage, strength, caring, committed, loving. He was a devoted husband, caring and encouraging father. He was a proud grandfather as well as a brother, uncle, cousin and a friend. He worked hard for us. That is why he was in the WTC. To make the best life possible for his family. No matter what, we always knew that he loved us. I remember him coming to every school recital, softball game, soccer game or anything else that was important to us. He did everything for us. He only wanted the best for us and I want everyone to know that he was the best. He always told my sisters and I “You can do anything, you’re a Meyer”. I believed it and we have all proved it. He and my mother raised 3 successful girls. We also loved doing things with him, like going to the Giants’ games. I remember fighting with my sisters to get a turn to go each time during the season. Even though he isn’t here in the physical he will always be in our hearts and minds. “Nothing beautiful in the world is ever really lost. All beloved live in our hearts forever”.
    Dad, I miss you, love you and I am always thinking of you.

    Dawn Meyer, daughter
  • Dave – we used to joke about our birthdays, mine was the 23 and yours the 26th. You were one of the first people I got to know at Cantor and it was always a pleasure to talk to you. I will miss you and you will always be in my prayers.

    Marty Hogan, former Tel Tech at Cantor
  • What I will always remember about my Uncle Dave was his constant support & generosity. He always called to see how I did on a test, he took me to Disney World after I had an operation, cheered at my graduation, and cried when I was sick….just like I was his own daughter. He was a quiet guy who never asked for anything, just his recliner and for the Giants to win. I think about him every day, and I know he is still looking out for me.

    Robin McKibbin, Niece
  • Davie Meyer will always have a special place in my heart. I miss talking to Dave everyday. For many years, Dave and I kept in touch with each others lives and spoke about our families. What I remember the most about Dave is how he would tell me that Al was never too busy to talk to his better-half. Dave loved Margie, his daughters and his grandchildren and he loved God. He will truly be missed.

    Jeanie Braca

    Jean Braca, Friend & Al Braca's Cantor co-worker
  • Dave will always have a special place in my heart.

    Sonia Henriquez, Friend
  • DAVE, I just know that you are listening to all our feelings. I also know that growing up together in Jersey City, you and I had some very interesting and excited times, just by hanging out on Jackson Ave. or being chased by the guys from Downtown. When we got to see each other our memories always brought back the good times with friends, but we still can’t find Kieffer. DAVE, the boys miss you but we all know that you are waiting for us on that heavenly cloud called Jackson Ave. Also I can’t forget OUR song (I hope MARGIE doesnt get mad )TONIGHT TONIGHT by the MELLO KINGS. DAVE, I just don’t know what to say. All I know is my life will never be the same without you. YOU are my FRIEND and will always be MY FRIEND. I will be thinking of you every day until we are both being chased by the guys from Downtown.
    P.S.- We did get away even though your 55 Buick wasn’t as fast as you said it was. I LOVE YOU AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MINE AND ALL MY FAMILY PRAYERS-

    John Cerchio, Friend
  • I can’t believe that it has been over 7 months since this horrific incident happened. It seems like it was yesterday. The found my part of my father’s body on Friday, February 1 at WTC. He was taken from the site with dignity on a stretcher with an American flag draped over him just like the other heroes. Many family members and friends felt comfort in the fact that he was returned to us even though we knew that he was in a much better place since that unforgettable day. We miss my dad terribly. We think about him all the time. We always find ourselves saying that we have to tell daddy this or that. We have even picked up the phone to call him and tell him about what is going on in our daily lives. The holidays were difficult since he wasn’t here physically but we knew that he was there is spirit.

    Dad, we all miss you so much. Please keep looking after us. Make sure that you are there waiting for us when it is our time. Make sure that you are there to show us the way. XXXOOO

    Dawn Meyer, Daughter
  • happy birthday! We sure do miss you.Richie D. and me talk about you all the time especialy about those great years growing up in j. c.What more can we print,wejust cant come to terms that you are in heaven. Blame,we blame just about everyone involved who had a hand in taking you away from us.It isnt easy not seeing you and getting laugh about those Kiefer days..We really miss you.. I!ll talk to you soon. Your friend John

    john cerchio, friend
  • Dave, Thinking about you which isn’t unusual because I do speak to you in a way that you are with me. Bringing you up to date on things that you would have gotten a kick out of.When I think or hear EGG CREAM right away I smile and go back to when we thought that drink was the best,even though it had cost 12 cents at Squeo’s candy store on Jackson Ave.Then we went by your house and you had gotten bottles of the stuff from someone at work and that for sure had us talking about jersey city.These are some of the things I miss you and I going back, to old girlfriends and all our friends and there were many. I’ll be saying bye for now but will keep you up date on things. MISSED your good times.. Your FRIEND John

    john cerchio, friend
  • Remembering your Birthday..Your Buddy John Cerchio

    John Cerchio, FRIEND
  • Dave – My God, it has been so-so long that I have been on the Cantor site. I have been on Legacy and have read things from family & friends. You are so missed and so loved. My heart just aches every day without you. I know you are in Heaven but I still need you here. I know God wanted to have you back with him but it just really hurts. Five and a half years is just too long. Your girls have grown to become good women who miss you terribly. Dawn got married last year to a good guy Joe, who Dawn seems to really love. Heather as you know is married to Tony. You now have 3 grandkids Samantha (7) Morgan (5) Luke (4) and they talk about you every day as do all of us. Heidi is living with me and is still going out with Nick. Maybe someday they will get married too.
    Even with friends and family your name will be mentioned constantly. You certainly made a wonderful impression on us all. I know you must be looking down on us all – we feel you with us all the time. We definately know when you want us to know your around (ha, ha) you know what I’m talking about, don’t you hon? You would just love the grandkids with all the fun things they do, say and act out. They surely would keep you on your toes. Samantha is riding and she knows you would watch her and would be very proud of her. Morgan is the joker, actress, singer, story teller. Luke the boy is definately a boy/boy. We were so use to girls that he is pure energy plus. They all know you even though you were taken too soon. We talk about you and have pictures galore. They definately know PaPa. They know your likes and dislikes, things you would say and also how kind and gentle you were. “IF ONLY”
    Again my love we all miss you and love you. Please keep watching over us.
    Love – Margie

    Margie Meyer, wife
  • Dear David:

    I am only a distant relative but from your photo and tributes from family and friends, you seem to be someone to admire.

    To all the Meyer family: I am so sorry for this horrific loss to you. May those who support these people rot in hell.

    Christine Meyer

    Christine Meyer, distant relation

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