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  Lynne I. Morris

Date of Birth: November 24, 1978
Department: Equities
Position: P&S Clerk

Lynne loved to laugh but even more than that, she lived to love. She loved many and many loved her. She had a gift of looking beyond one’s outward appearance and seeing what truly mattered which was what was on the inside. Her smile and laughter were infectious to everyone around her. Random acts of kindness were part of her everyday life.
Lynne, our middle child, had an older sister, Chrissy, and a younger brother, Ed. She lived her whole life in Monroe, New York, growing from a shy little girl who would hardly leave her Mom’s side to an extremely outgoing young woman who struck up conversations with people everywhere she went. Her circle of friends is tremendous, most of whom became like “sisters” and “brothers” to her and our family. When away at college at SUNY Oneonta, she expanded her friends and “family” while still remaining close to her group at home. Even now, she is still expanding our “family” by having brought Mark and his family and friends into our lives. Thank you, Lynne, for everyone you have brought into our lives.
Lynne graduated from Oneonta is May 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics and a minor in Finance and a minor in Marketing. She joined Cantor Fitzgerald in November 2000 and looked forward to moving up the ranks.

Lynne, we love you and miss you more than words could ever say. Until we see you again….
Love always,
Mom and Dad

Lynne’s Parents,
  • I knew Lynne from when she started at Cantor. We would always chat in line at the cafe and send funny emails to each other. She was a fun loving person who made everyone around her feel comfortable. I had the pleasure of meeting up one night with her and her friends for drinks. I saw just how loved she was and what great friends she had. She will be missed.

    Lee Abbamonte, Former Colleague/Friend
  • I am truly saddened by Lynne’s loss. Lynne & I went to school together. I was a year older than her. Our circle of friends knew each other and hung out.

    I now reside in Houston, TX and although it has been quite some time since we saw one another… I felt that I needed to write and say that Lynne was truly a wonderful person.

    To Lynne’s family… I am sorry for the loss of your daughter/sister.

    To Lynne… you will not be forgotten!!!

    Thank you, Dominique

    Dominique, Old high school friend
  • Lynne might have been shy as a youngster, but she always had a smile that could brighten any day. She always had her friends over and they also became like sisters to me.

    I will miss her, but I have the comfort that she will be safe now in the protection of our Lord.
    Our family will always hold you close to our hearts Lynne.
    Love forever, Deb

    Deb, Cousin
  • Lynne: I just want to let you know that I miss you very much. I miss seeing that great smile you always had whenever our family visited your family. There was never a time that your friends were not with you. You are in a safe place now with all the angels protecting you and if I had to guess, you are probably having a lot of parties in that safe place also.

    I miss you dearly and give my condolences to your Mother, Father, Sister and Brother. You are missed so much.

    Aunt Ethel

    Ethel, Aunt
  • Some months back when Lynne first joined our crew at Cantor, you knew right away her personality and fun-loving attitude was going to fit right in with the rest of us. When I first introduced myself to Lynne I had an eerie feeling that I somehow knew her or had at least seen her before somewhere, but I couldn’t place it. After talking to her for a bit I found out not only was she from Monroe, NY, but that she lived right around the corner from my grandfather where I had spent many days of my life. We decided that we had definitely crossed paths before at some point but still didn’t know when or where.

    In the short time that I actually knew Lynne, I admired her penchant for always greeting everyone with a huge smile and her ever-enthusiastic way of saying hello. Her wit and quick comebacks were one in a million.

    My most heartfelt sympathies are with your friends and family Lynne, and I look forward to the day that our paths cross yet again. I think I can speak for all of us left when I say you will be forever missed and never, ever forgotten.

    Tommy Cosenza, Friend & Co-worker
  • Our precious Lynne was a special person who was loved by so many and to us she was a Very Special Granddaughter. We were very proud of her and the lovely young lady she had become. We will miss her more than words can say. Now she is our Very Special Angel in Heaven and will live on forever in our hearts and memories. Our prayers are with you always Honey. Until we meet again.

    Love you forever,
    Nanie and PopPop

    Ed & Shirley Kovalefsky, Grandparents
  • Dear Lynne,

    The last time I saw you was on New Year’s Eve or close to it. My mother, sister, and I were over at your house enjoying a dinner before I was due to return to Alaska. I saw you on another day in October though. A mass-coronal ejection left the sun and caused massive auroral displays that were seen as far south as the lower 48. I saw you dancing in that celestial curtain as you must have on that New Year’s Eve. On this New Year’s Eve, we will miss you, but you will dance among the stars and urge us to be happy.

    Lisa Morris, Cousin
  • Lynne, was a very sweet and fun girl to be around. From the day that we met I knew that we would get along. Not only did we get along, but we bonded. I found out a lot about her and realized that she was a great girl and very kind-hearted. She told me how much she cared for her family and how she was wokring to help out with the family. I miss her a lot! I send my prayers to her family. God Bless you all.

    Brandi, Co-worker and friend
  • Lynne,
    I miss you, I miss your laugh, I miss your appetite, I miss your smile and most of all I miss your friendship. You and Jenn left me for a better place and the “three muskateers” are now down to me. I will take with me your love of life and try to live the way you did. I will laugh whenever I think of us at work because that is pretty much all we did! I will never ever forget the christmas party and how we literally clung onto each others’ arm even to get a drink or go to the bathroom! You have given me wonderful memories in such a short time. I thank you for bringing laughter into my life while at work. You made work “play”. I speak to your mother often and I hear the sadness in her voice. I will never stop speaking to her because we are now each other’s link to you. Save my place up there with Jenn, for one day we shall laugh and play and joke again. I love you, my forever friend.

    Christina, friend/ co-worker

  • Lynne – A Pilgrim in Our Lifetime

    To those fortunate enough to have known Lynne, I trust you will share in my vision of how closely Lynne’s life is reflected in the following beautiful excerpt from Enya’s ‘Pilgrim’ song off of her ‘A Day Without Rain’ album. May we all have the strength and character, as Lynne did, to live life that same way from now on:

    Pilgrim, how you journey
    on the road you chose
    to find out why the winds die
    and where their stories go.
    All days come from one day
    that much you must know,
    you cannot change what’s over
    but only where you go.

    Ed Kovalefsky, Uncle & Godfather
  • Anyone who really knew Lynne would remember her as a loving person with an amazing personality and an ever-present smile. Personally, I remember my older sister as a shy girl with crooked pinkies, a teenager figuring out who she was, and a woman with unlimited potential and on her way to great success (all of whom I loved to pick on). But it was another trait of Lynne‚Äôs that I always secretly admired. Lynne had something that I have never before seen in another person. Lynne had the ability to make friends with anyone at anytime. Lynne made anyone she met feel loved, as if they had known each other for years. She always wanted people to be happy, have a good time, and feel comfortable with who they were. Her ability to show people love is something I wish more of us were capable of. If you ever spent time with Lynne, whether it be for just one brief moment or for several years, I can almost guarantee that she made your day brighter for at least one second by giving you a friendly hello or a good laugh. As my parents have stated, Lynne loved to laugh but even more than that, she lived to love. It is the memories of my sisters, my parents, and I together that will play forever in my head and my heart.

    Lynne, I love you and miss you. Until I see you again, I will see you in my dreams.


    Ed, Brother
  • I didn’t know Lynne, as I had left Cantor before she started working there, but I live in Monroe and wanted to express my sympathy for my fellow neighbors. I pass by the candles and flowers on Lakes Rd. everyday and think of her and my many other co-workers. I pray God will bless you and give you strength.

    Kerry Ferrara, Former Cantor employee
  • Lynne, I am not good with words but I had someone put into words what I feel for you and Jen and, of course, Laura.
    This is to you guys-I love you:

    Where are you now
    I think about you everyday
    I think of how you went away
    I feel the loss deep inside
    I feel I want to run and hide
    I miss you at work and on the phone
    I miss you and know I’m not alone
    An angel is what you are
    A rainbow of hope, A shooting star
    A sunset, A sunrise, A soft springing rain
    The memory of you washes away the pain
    So when we miss you and the sadness starts,
    We can smile: cause we know you are in our Hearts.

    Christina, friend/co-worker
  • We were always aware that one’s life could change in a moment. Still knowing that, you hope and certainly rarely expect to loose a family member so young for no good reason or choice of their own. You just take it for granted that they will be with you until your dying day. There is comfort in our knowing that Lynne is still with us, just that we can’t physically see her; touch her, kiss her or hug her. Our beliefs are that she is in a better place-a beautiful, peaceful place.

    Lynne would want both her family and friends to know that she is okay and to not be afraid to share all your wonderful memories of her with one another, to smile, to laugh and to again find happiness in your lives. As anyone close to her knows, Lynne always wanted people around her to be happy and didn’t like to see anyone be sad. So though we all miss her tremendously, we should think and remember the many many wonderful things that Lynne said or did to add to our each of own lives.

    We were honored to have had Lynne in our lives for 22+ years. We have many wonderful memories of times throughout those years. Some make you smile, some make you laugh and others bring tears to you eyes. Our lives will never be the same, but they are richer for the time that we did have with her.

    Lynne we love you so much and you remain with us every day. Not a day goes by that we don’t think, pray, or even talk to you.

    Till we meet again, All our love! XO

    Barb & John Davidowsky, Aunt & Uncle
  • Sitting here writing this I cry. I cry for I remember all our years together as sisters. I also cry for the future we won’t share as we had planned. I know you will always be with me, and share my future, but as my special Angel now. I regret the times when we weren’t close but I am so grateful for the last two years that we had together. I will forever cherish those years(as well as all the others but…)especially those because we got the chance to become closer and better friends as well as sisters. Lynne will be remembered for her ever-lasting love, her brighten your life smiles, and her warm, sunshine filled laughter that made you feel wonderful to be around her. Our brother Ed couldn’t have said things better in his tribute to our sister and for all those things he wrote I am forever grateful that god sent her to be my sister even for the short time we got to share together on this earth. My heart is heavy with missing you and loving you Lynne. I know you are in a beautiful place…Heaven. So now when I look towards Heaven I know I have my own beautiful special Angel watching over me! Miss and Love you ALWAYS, Chrissy

    Chrissy, Sister
  • Lynne was a sweet little girl who grew up to be a beautiful young lady. Everyone who knew her will tell you what a loving and thoughtful person she was and how she was always happy to help others. Her big warm smile and friendly manner made her such a joy to be around. The loss of Lynne has left a big hole in our lives. I will always miss her even though she will always be close to my heart.

    Patricia Kovalefsky, Aunt
  • Lynne, You truly taught me how to be a kind & generous person, if it wasn’t for you I’d be an old mean lady. Thank You! I love you Lynn-O, and not one day goes by that I don’t think about you. You are always in my thoughts, and my prayers are all about you. Lynne if you can hear me, there are so many people that love you and wish that you were here. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART LYNNE IRENE MORRIS, I CAN’T WAIT TIL THE DAY WE CROSS PATHS AGAIN, I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU!

    Isadora DeAndrade, College Roommate
  • Lynne,

    I regret so much the day that I left after college graduation and did not get to say goodbye to you. I cherish every minute we spent together at school. I can remember everything we did so vividly, whether it was gossiping, birthday parties, copying Micro and Macro Economic notes, talking about guy issues….the memories are countless. I have so many pictures of all of us from college, but now that is all I have. It is so devastasting that you are gone and can not live the rest of your wonderful life with us. You were truly a beautiful person and friend. One day we will meet up again. I love you Lynne. Jenn

    Jennifer Barrette, College Friend
  • ~ Lynne-O ~
    You were so happy when I saw you on Sept 7th. Things were going so well for you with everything: Mark & work. We laughed about Mark’s T.V. debut and I will never forget the happiness I saw in you that night. God somehow brought us all there that night – to run into you. It was like our chance to say ‘until we meet again’.
    I think about you and the memories we made everyday. There is nothing about you I will ever forget. From the tiger on your bed to the cetaphil you washed your face with (Religiously) to the amount of cheese we have consumed! I can still picture you and Jess outside the Fox on Halloween. We have shared so many great times together and I hold them so close to my heart.
    You were always on the right page. You really out 100% into everything you did. So determined to let nothing stand in your way you did whatever you needed to do to be the best at everything you did.
    Not a day goes by that I do not think of you, my angel in heaven. Until we meet again Lynne-O, I love you.

    Elissa Segers, Forever Friend & College roomate
  • Lynne,

    The last time I saw Lynne was the night before my college graduation four years ago. Lynne told me that she had a present for me. I told her that she didn’t have to give me anything. Lynne made me a “graduation mix tape”. She knew how much I loved music and this special tape had a collabration of songs that she knew I liked. That was Lynne, always finding warm and caring ways to touch someones heart. Lynne, I will never ever forget you. I will never forget all of the wild nights we had in college. All of the times we used to hang out in my apartment before we would all go out. You are a beautiful person inside out and out!!!! Until we meet again my friend…. Love and Miss You Always, Lisa

    Lisa Wigodner, College Friend
  • I don’t think there is a day that goes by that you are not in our thoughts or in the conversations we have with Jess, Jaime or the other young people whose lives you impacted in so short a time with us. I remember how excited you were about following your dream to Wall Street and how we laughed at my having done the same thing right out of college. You made my family smile by your presence and you will live on in our memories forever. Your friends would make you proud by their actions since that day. So young, so precious.

    Margaret & Dennis Emerson, Friends from New Paltz
  • Even though a year has passed, the events of September 11 are just as hard to believe and accept now as they were that day. Even though it may seem impossible for anything positive to come out of such a tragedy, Lynne has accomplished that for us. Living upstate, we were not a part of her everyday life. However, since September 11, Lynne has become a major part of our life everyday. We continues to provide us a feeling of joy and inspiration – being a role model for living life to the fullest while reaching out to others. We thank God for her time with us – now and forever, as she will always be with us in spirit.

    Ed & Pat Kovalefsky, Uncle & Aunt
  • Still thinking of you after one year!

    Dominique, High School Friend
  • Dear Lynne,
    Although we had lost touch from each other at Oneonta, I will always remember the great times. You one of the first people I had become friends with at college, and may times I was lucky to have you as a friend. You were a wonderful person and I truly miss you. I know that whoever you are with now, they are all fortunate to be with a wonderful person like you.
    Miss you,

    Amy Gackenheimer, College Friend
  • I believe my daughter, Jennifer Lynn Schnaars, and your daughter knew each other. They both went to Monroe Woodbury and SUNY Oenota. I lost my Jennifer on July 1, 1999 in a car accident on Route 32. I can only say that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I know the pain you are experiencing. My prayers are with you. Hugs ….. pat

    Pat Kehlbeck Schnaars, Friend
  • My name is Isobel Larkin and I am 12 years old.
    I live in a small town near the coast called Alstonville in Australia.
    Although I never knew you or any of the other 9/11 victims, I have a close friend who lost a relation.
    My heart goes out to your family, friends and and all the 9/11 victims.

    Isobel Larkin, None
  • Hey Lynne,
    How are you? I hope you are doing well, laughing it up with Jenn and laura. I think of you often and still speak with your mom. I miss you so much. I am at a new job with a new desk and your picture along with jenn and teh rest of te girls is on my desk so its the first thing i see in the morning. You guys keep me going…Till we meet again, save my place with jenn and watch over us all.
    love you, miss you,

    christina, friend/ former coworker
  • Hi, my name’s Summer and I’ve been reading these tributes from family and friends of Lynne Morris and she sounds like she was a wonderful person that was so much fun to be around. Even though I don’t know Lynne I’m sitting here crying after reading those tributes to her. I know how it feels to have lost someone in your family, I lost my papaw to cancer in 2004; and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. My prayers go out to Lynne Morris’ family and friends for your loss. XOXOXO ~Summer~

    Summer, no relation
  • Like many other folks, I think about those who suffered at the World Trade Center on 09/11/2001.
    We all have our own stories, and I, too, do as well. I should have been in the vicinity of the towers at just the time the tragedy was unfolding, but I woke up with a “bum hip” that morning and had to limp to my doctor’s office.
    Two days of bedrest and I could drive from Afton, New York to the Staten Island Ferry where I would catch my ride to Fort Wadsworth where my daughter and her family lived while in the US Coast Guard.
    Afton is but 30 miles drive from Oneonta and I am familiar with the campus and are Lynne received her education which eventually got her to such a great company for employment. What I beautiful young woman! I am writing this so her family members know people who are “out here” that you don’t even know exist truly care – I pray for peace for you all. Sincerely, Patricia H. Fabricius, Afton, NY

    Patricia H. Fabricius, Just a caring person
  • Lynne, your infectious smile and beautiful personality is cherished and missed. I know the angels are with you. We will never forget.

    Lisa, friend since Junior High

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