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  Michael Mullin

Date of Birth: December 3, 1973
Position: OTC Trader

There are so many words that we can use to describe our relationship to you, but so few words that can describe what you meant to all of us. You knew how to live like no other. You lived life to the fullest. You were larger than life, SIZE, as you used to call it. Your love and passion were obvious in all that you were. It seems like each day gets harder than the next to be without you. We miss you so much.

You were given to us as a gift. Your happy, carefree nature had a selfless way of welcoming and comforting those around you. You were full of laughter always and brought happiness wherever you went. You will be remembered for your loyalty, unselfishness, goodness, generosity, sincerity and love. You were able to find the most pleasure from the simplest things in life. Life will never be the same without you, but you have taught each of us how to live better.

We miss your tender caring spirit shining in your big blues eyes, and that playful little glint they got when you were teasing each one of us. Your smile seemed to light up your whole face, reminding us of the happy way you had of looking at so many things. Your greatest gift was in your ability to see truly, hear honestly and speak kindly. You never got caught up in the materialistic side of life. You never cared what anyone did but rather who they were. When you spoke, you made people feel like they were the only person in the world. You led a life filled with friends, both at home and at work, who are trying to carry on your amazing spirit. Although you have been taken from us physically, you will always and forever be in our minds and in our hearts, and that can never be taken away from us. We will never forget the unbelievable memories that we shared with you. We love and miss you so much.

Lisa Kantrowitz, Girlfriend and Michael’s family
  • Michael – although we met only a couple of times at Fire Island, I know what an amazing person you are through the description Lisa, your friends, and your family give of you. Lisa is a great girl, therefore any friend of hers is a friend of mine. Your spirit lives on through all that love you. Continue to shine.

    Lauren Collins, Friend
  • I only met Michael once and in that brief meeting, I believe I got a true sense of the person he was. He was warm, friendly and fun to talk to. Most importantly, I sensed the way he made our Lisa feel. My heart is broken for Lisa and all of Michael’s family and friends. My only wish is that each day feels a bit lighter in the hearts of all who loved him. I know how much he will be missed.

    Laura Fox, cousin of Lisa Kantrowitz
  • I wish that we had had more time to really get to know each other. I have learned so many incredible things about you from your adoring brother Chris and from your amazing girlfriend Lisa. We all miss you so much. Always remember the promise that I made to you in those dark days following this horrible tragedy – you be their angel looking out for them from heaven and I’ll always watch out for them on my end. I love them dearly. You must be so proud of them. Til we all meet again…..

    Lisa Strazza, Chris' Lisa
  • As each day passes, more and more I miss you. I think about the smile you always had on your face, the laugh, the tales you told. How much joy and happiness you’ve always brought to our lives.
    From the “Yummy Yaah Yaah” Dance on top of the Monte!
    The football games in the from yard!
    The Friday night rasslin’ matches!
    The weekends at Oneonta!
    The getting together after work!
    I think about all these great times along with so many others and a smile comes to my face.
    Then I realize what has been taken away. The chance to build more memories. To be able to see how you spread joy to all those around you.
    You have always been a great brother, son, grandson, nephew, cousin but most of all a friend. Oh, what an uncle, a husband, and a father you would have been.
    I thank God for the time we’ve able to spend together and for the memories. Your spirit will always live on, Your light will always shine. Thinking of you always

    Kevin, Brother
  • I met Michael a few times through my brother Peter Apollo who also worked for Cantor. I remember hanging out with Michael and Peter at a bar in Hoboken on a Sunday day. Michael was very sincere and always had a smile on his face.
    May Michael, Peter, and all their co-workers be together in God’s hands and be at peace.
    God Bless.

    Denise Mauthe (Apollo), Friend of Peter Apollo
  • I have known Michael for several years, through his brother Kevin and his sister-in-law Kathleen. When I think back on the times that I’ve spent with the Mullin family, I remember all the fun they had with each other, on every occasion. It was clear to see when you were with them where Michael got his sense of humor from! He was always right in the middle of things, joking around with his Dad, his brothers and his sister or teasing his Mom.
    To Michael’s family and friends, I am very sorry for your loss of such a very special man. I pray that each day may get a bit easier and that God will watch over you always.

    Denise Koller, Family Friend
  • I did not have the pleasure of knowing Michael but I worked with his brother Chris. I just wanted to express my deepest sympathy to his family. I pray that your sorrow and tears turn to smiles and laughter as you remember what a wonderful person Michael surely was.

    Kerry Ferrara, Former Cantor employee
  • My O-State buddy! As you called it, the ‘REAL’ O-state!:) You were an original. I have never met another person like you. You were kind, generous, made EVERYONE feel comfortable and you were always fun to be around and I have to tell you…NO ONE packs a cooler like you!! You are missed more and more everyday. I know that you and ‘My Jimmy’ are up there together, drinkin’ those infamous red stripes, looking down upon us and making sure everything will be alright. Lisa and I are trying to get through this (somehow)together, trying to live everyday with the same spirit as you and Jimmy always did. Your spirit will live on forever…Until we all meet again, we’ll be down here toastin’ those red stripes to ya!!

    Kelly Landin, Friend
  • Sept 7th 2002 marks a year since I saw you last. How fitting that it was at the bowling alley across the street from Yankee stadium. You in all your glory, laughing with friends and family having a great time. That is how I have and will always remember you. It seems like yesterday that you moved into Hoboken, were sleeping on our couch, living out of your suitcase. The thing that struck me the most is you acted like you lived in a mansion. You took everything in stride, and were just happy to be on your own. I will always cherish the years I got to live with you. I still can’t believe Chris, you and I lived in the same room. All the memories will last forever, especially the Ketchup game and Yankee stadium. You are inspiration to all who have been lucky enough to have met you and I am going to do my best to live my life like you lived yours. You taught me so many things about life and I thank you for it. Not a minute goes by that I don’t think of you and how wonderful you are. “I’ll see you again when the stars fall from the sky and the moon has turned red over one tree hill.” I love you.

    Cousin Danny

    Danny Schlissel, cousin
  • I met Mike through my friend Charlie Heeran who worked @ Cantor w/ him. We immediately got along famously…what everyone else would consider ‘maintenece meetings’Mike and I enjoyed to the fullest.

    I’ll never forget the last night he came in to Martell’s when I was working..Friday the 8th.

    You knew the game, you were a joy to talk to, and you will be missed.

    My thoughts and prayers are w/ Chris and the Mullin family. You have a right to be proud.


    Dan Rafferty

    Dan Rafferty, Friend/Work Asssociate
  • Six years I have looked at this site and wondered what to write. What can I write, not even remembering the meetings between us? I have thought so much of you; I have spent countless hours wondering about you.I only wish I had taken advantage of the thirteen years we were both alive to get to know you. I feel for your family and friends; I have no doubt you were an amazing individual, and I am constantly reminded of the deficit I feel not having gotten the pleasure to know you.

    In a few days, it will be your birthday. I could not resist any longer; I know not the proper words to say I miss you, without having known you; I simply know I miss you greatly without understanding.

    Love, Merritt.

    Merritt, cousin
  • Michael it has been 7 years now and no-one will every forget you.You were robbed of so much in life.You were young and had your whole life ahead of you.May God BLess you everyday.Rest in peace with your coworkers.

    Maria, stranger
  • I knew Mike from the time he was a freshman at Oneonta. We were friends ever since. We even worked at the same company. I think about him often. I was saved and he wasn’t. I know he is in a good place.
    Elijah Huyghue, former Cantor employee and friend

    Elijah Huyghue, college friend/co-worker

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