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  Marc A Murolo

Position: Government Bonds – Vice President

Marc is the beloved son of Angela and Dominick Murolo, devoted brother of Cathy Lynn Roberti and Angelo Murolo, and, loving uncle of Michael and Amanda Murolo.

Marc was born in Hoboken and raised in Englewood Cliffs before taking residence in Manhattan. He was an honor student who graduated in 1991 from Bergen Catholic High School and went on to earn a degree in Finance in 1995 from Fairfield University in Connecticut.

Marc especially enjoyed home-cooked meals and happy times with his family. His spare time was spent socializing in New York City and golfing with friends. Summers were spent on the Jersey shore at the family beach house, and more recently with college friends. He was an avid Mets fan and sports enthusiast, who enjoyed listening to music.

Family and friends will grievously mourn his brilliant spirit and forever hold his memory in their hearts.

Marc’s Family and Friends,
  • Cathy Lynn…I really want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time…

    JoAnne (Josie) Mule', Sister's old friend
  • Murolo family,

    May you find strength and courage in everything that you do. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Steve Savage

    Steve Savage, friend
  • Murolo Family,

    I did not know Marc personally, but you are friends of my father Benito. I felt extremely sad when my father told me about Marc. I heard many good things about him. I am not much older than Marc and having been born in Hoboken and coming from a very similar background I felt deeply saddened for your loss. My wife and I wish the Murolo family our deepest condolences.

    Lou LaForgia

    Lou LaForgia, ....
  • Marc you will always be remembered for your sweet smile and loving voice. May you always have an angel at your side. We think of you always.

    Lisa & John, "cousins"
  • Cathy, Your brother was such a sweet addition to our Cantor family. He always had a smile and a hello every time I saw him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always.

    Mary Terjesen, Former co-worker
  • Marc…I cannot express in simple terms how deeply honored I am to have called you my brother in law. Our relationship was one that I always enjoyed and cherished. Working with you on the same desk at Cantor was the icing on the cake. The friendship we had was one that I will never forget. Just know that your family misses you more than you can ever imagine. The void you have left is unbearable. I will enjoy the memories I have of you and pray that your Family will make it through this most difficult time

    William D. Roberti, Brother In Law
  • Dear Marc,

    Thanks for the memories you created, the times we all shared and the insights into life you provided us. Thank-you for making us grin wider, smile more often and laugh louder.

    Marc, thank you for being a neighbor, a mentor, a best friend and most importantly making me a better person.

    May your family take comfort in knowing that you positively touched the lives of all you met and you will always be with us in both spirit and heart.

    I truly believe we did not lose a best friend but rather gained an angel.

    Warmest regards,


    Matthew Brennan, Friend
  • Marc,

    Sometimes it still doesn’t seem real that all of this has happened. I can’t tell you how many things remind us of you everyday. And that is how your memory and your legacy will endure, in our hearts, our minds, and our smiles. You made everyone laugh. That is something that we will always cherish. We’re thankful for the time we had with you.

    So guide us, protect us, watch over us, and laugh with us. We miss you.

    Your friend,


    Dave DeNooyer, Friend
  • Marc a day doesn’t go bye that I don’t think of you and all the good times we had together at college and since college. You shared in my wedding day as one of my groomsmen. You made me laugh and relax one that special day. You will always be missed but when I think of you I will always laugh b/c that’s what you and I did together was laugh.

    Chad Dauria, Friend
  • Marc-

    I still can’t believe that you’re gone. Whenever I find myself thinking about how unfair this whole thing is, I reflect on the fact that many people will never know a friend as loyal as you were, and that I should consider myself fortunate and blessed for having you in my life these past ten years. I will never forget the good times we shared, from sophomore year at Fairfield to roommates in NYC last year. You were truly the brother I never had.

    Your friend,

    Raymond Romano, Friend
  • Marc, my dear friend’s “little brother”,
    Cathy and I worked at Cantor together, for a very long time. Even before you started working there, I felt as if I already knew you. She spoke of you often and always with love and praise. You sounded to good to be true. Then you started working there, and I realized how right she was. Anyone who saw you two together could see how special your relationship is. I’m so glad I got to know you. I was also, happy to give you my leftovers, at lunchtime. You and your family are in my prayers, everyday. The world will truly miss, that beautiful smile, that seemed to light up the room. Josephine

    Josephine Scala, Friend
  • Dear Chico,
    I will never understand where Teddy got that nickname. However, the name stuck just like your smile and laugh in my heart.
    You have so many wonderful qualities about you. The greatest will always be your tremendous love for your family and friends.This weekend I am running the New York City Marathon. Mile 19 on 1st Avenue will be dedicated to you and your family. I will be running with an American flag that has your name on it. Running the race is my way of showing you the strength that you have given me to live my life with a smile, a laugh and a great love for my family and friends.


    Kellie Kenny, Friend
  • Marc,

    You were truly a good friend to me. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of your view on life. You truly saw live as some thing that needs to enjoyed by ourselves and others. You helped so many people see past the small things in life to enjoy the big picture. Although I am greatly saddened and hurt by losing you I am so greatful to have known you for 10 years. I feel guilty that so many of our friends future wives, husbands and kids will not get the opportunity to know such a great and caring friend. You will always be in our thoughts and lives.


    John Madson, Friend
  • To one of my best friends,

    A few years ago I found out that you had saved all of the letters that I had written to you while I was studying abroad in Italy. I couldn’t believe that you had actually saved them. It made me recognize how important I was to you, and vice versa. Beginning with the freshman meat sheet at Fairfield and ten years later playing Truth or Dare at Dakota I will always cherish the times spent with you. I know that you are always walking next to me, and that is a great comfort. I miss you Marc.

    Love, Marcy

    Marcy Steponaitis, friend
  • Marc,

    Everyday this seems like a nightmare that you just can’t wake up from, but then I think back to all the good times we have all shared over the past ten years and realize how much of an impact you had on everyone’s life that you touched. It is those moments and times that we now cherish. For all of your friends you were the brother that some of us never had, and you were always there to lend a smile and a hand. Now you are watching over us to guide us thru many times which I am sure will be comical and keep our tee shots out of the woods. Having known you and learned to cherish friends and family the way you did, we are all better people. Life will never be the same, but you have taught us to live it better.


    Pete Melican, Friend
  • Marc, I did not know you as well as your Fairfield friends, but I feel as if my relationship with Dave, Pete, Madson, Chad and others brought me into your circle of friends which seemed to always be having fun. Me and my wife’s prayers go out to your family in this time of sorrow. You will be missed by all that knew you and whose lives you’ve touched. God Bless you and your family.
    chris keneally

    Chris Keneally, friend
  • Marc –

    On the Friday right before all this happened, I was teasing you about a prospective date with a friend of mine. Amongst the teasing, I snuck some seriousness in the conversation by telling you that I thought you were a wonderful guy and a great catch and that I trusted you. I have always believed that about you and I always will. I trust and know that you will be a guardian angel to all of us, especially looking out for your wonderful family whom you treasured and the guys who miss you so much.


    Eileen Puglisi, friend
  • Marc-

    Although I hadn’t seen you in a while, probably not since I was working with Paul at Price Waterhouse, I have not and will not ever forget you and that smile.

    Now, home for Thanksgiving, I can pull out my photo albums of pictures from Clam Jam and Alumni Weekend and there is that bright smile.

    You have touched more people than you can imagine. We will all miss you.

    Judy Ann

    Judy Ann Riccio (Bongiovi), College friend
  • Cathy,
    I know I haven’t seen you in many years, but hearing the news about “little” Marc made me want to reach out to you. I cannot express how sorry I am. You and your family are such wonderful people. My mom (MaryJane) and my brothers send their regards and hope that soon you can all find peace in your lives very soon. Cherish your memories of him…play them back in your head like a video and he will seem closer. God Bless.

    Cathy Pierorazio (maiden name Sisca)

    Cathy Pierorazio (Sisca), Sisters old friend
  • Dear Murolo family
    Even though I haven’t seen you guys in years I was devastated to hear about Marc. All my condolences to everybody I have very fond memories of Marc as a baby and of all you guys. I can not imagine the loss of a child or a sibling god bless all you guys and let the lord give you stregnth.
    Albert,cissy,Anthony Pierro

    Albert Pierro JR, friend/neighbor
  • Dear Murolo Family,
    My prayers for healing and deepest sympathy are with you. It’s been over 6 months and I just found out recently. Marc was my only friend when I was growing up. While all the others would mock me, Marc stuck with me. He was an awesome guy. The Murolos were my second family. I love you guys. 3/22/02

    Mihran Torosian, Childhood Buddy
  • Peace

    Rich Bolton, friend
  • Still thinking about & praying for your family.
    Love, Eileen 5/23/07

    Eileen Gilmore Lanza, Sister's friend
  • I saw your name on Fox News today. Thanks for always saying hello in the hallways between periods. Godspeed.

    Tom, Met him at Bergen Catholic

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