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  Francis Nazario

Date of Birth: February 10, 1973
Department: Back Office Operations
Position: Manager

Fran(k) was born on February 10, 1973 in Jersey City. He lived there his whole life. He worked for Cantor Fitzgerald since 1992.
To know him was to love him. His sense of humor, compassion, and love was given to anyone he came in contact with. If you needed him, he was there. If you needed someone to talk to, you could call him. He always lent a helping hand when anyone needed it and offered what seemed to always be the best advice.
In times of sadness or distress, his wit could turn tears into tears of laughter in an instant.
During the eight months he had with his beloved daughter, Lena, he was the best father in the world. He adored and loved his daughter and could not spend enough time with her.
To me he was my confidant, advisor, best friend, and soul mate. He will be greatly missed. I love you Fran, Julie.

Julianee Nazario, Wife
  • Frankie and I started cantor at the same time. He would always find away to make everyone smile. He always talked about Julie. Frankie was a good hearted person and a great friend. I will always remember his smile. The cantor gang will never be forgotten.

    Jennifer, coworker
  • I will always remember Frank as a very nice guy, he would always have a smile on his face. my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

    donna, co worker
  • Of all the things I remember about Francis, the one thing that continues to stick out in my mind is that the last time I saw him, he went out of his way to make sure I was lucky enough to see his beautiful daughter Lena. He was definitely proud of her.

    Above all, Francis was a great guy. I’ll miss him. My heart goes out to the entire family.

    John Gibney, Cousin, through marriage
  • I work in systems backoffice and my interaction with Frank is almost everyday. Frank was a very friendly person and the years I worked with him cannot be forgotten. I miss him very much. May his soul rest in peace.
    Venkateshan Pundi

    Venkateshan Pundi, Co-Worker
  • I worked with Frank for three years and sat next to him for 2. When I was thinking of leaving Cantor, Frankie and Joe P made a call to my current boss and got me an interview. I just want to thank the both of them from the bottom of my heart. To Frank’s wife and family I send my deepest thoughts and prayers.

    Eric Golden, Friend/ex-coworker
  • I met Fran when he was 5. He was a gentle,kind and loving little boy.He became this gentle and kind young man. He was the apple of his mom and dad’s eye. Fran married his childhood sweetheart and through their love a beautiful daughter was born named, Lena. Fran’s loving spirit will live on thru Lena.I guess God needed an angel,he got the best! We will never forget Fran.
    Dee,Mike, Amanda,& Jimi

    Diane Costello, Fran's sister's sister-in-law
  • while i didnt work at cantor, I worked with Frank on a daily basis for over 5 years. He was someone I am proud to call a friend as we exchanged jokes, insults, emails and the daily problems of work. He is someone anyyone who has ever had the opportunity to meet will always feel a great loss. I share my condolences to everyone who feels the loss. He was so proud of his daughter. My work day will never be the same.

    jeff burnstein, worked with him
  • The last time I saw Fran was July ’01 at our annual family reunion in CT. The proud father and Julie were greeting friends and family and introducing everyone to the newest member of the Nazario Clan – Lena. Fran wore a very warm, inviting and loving smile that just seemed to draw you in. Our time together that day was brief, however, I’ll never forget his smile, his hug and enthusiasm. He’ll be missed by many!

    Mark Nazario, Cousin
  • The first and last time that we met and saw Fran was at the family reunion summer of 01′. We have heard many stories about him though the family and couldn’t wait to meet him!!! At the reunion he always had a huge smile on his face and he was a very proud father. You could tell that Lena meant the world to him. Julie, Fran and Lena were the perfect family. He will be missed greatly.

    Ashlee,Brandi, & Danielle Nazario, cousin's of Fran
  • Francis was the most lovable and helpful person you could ever meet. He was the son of my best friend who was also my sister in law. I last saw he and his family here at the family reunion in July. How we all wish that we could have spent more time with him that day. We are determined to meet again this year realizing how quickly things change in this world. Lucy, Mike and the gang.

    Lucy Nazario, Aunt
  • Julianee, Frank and my husband John Gnazzo worked together since they both started at Cantor in 1992. I’d come to know Frank through John, but also by working with him when I was employed in 1997 for C.F. Cross. He had such a fun-loving, energetic spirit about him. I would deal with him on the phone throughout the day and he made my job fun, and whenever I had a problem, he would fix it for me. John thought highly of Frank. He said he was a great, dedicated worker. Whenever I saw him he would always put a smile on my face. I try to think they are all together in a better place.
    Lena: One day you will read this, so know that your daddy was a great(hero) man who loved you and your mommy dearly.

    Helene Gnazzo, Friend
  • I refer to my relationship with Julie, Fran’s wife, as growing up together. We both were very young when we began our careers at Meadowlands Hospital. I had the wonderful opportunity not to just meet Fran, but to attend their wedding and baby shower. The friendship at work overflowed to the outside through various functions. We also had in common that we both met our soulmates in High School or may I say even younger!

    Fran had a wonderful personality that will never be forgotten (Aquarian). We don’t know when God is going to call us home. I can honestly say, his early calling of Fran home, touched deeply all that knew him. His love and devotion to his wife Julie and their beautiful daughter Lena was admired and very inspirational.

    Penny Harris-Bond, Friend
  • My thoughts & prayers go out to the Nazario family. God bless.

    Jason Esposito, Friend
  • On Feb. 20, 1993 Francis and I were both in the same WTC tower when the first attack occurred. He was already working for CF.I had gone there to be interviewed for an HR position with the Port Authority.The position would have been based in that tower.As it turned out, the blast interupted my interview at the moment it started.I believe I was on the 49th floor,unbeknown to me at the time, Francis was on the 101st floor.We both walked down and out of the building, shaken, full of black soot but with our lives.Francis had blosomed into a fine young man with character and purpose.Julie and baby Lena were his life.I last saw Francis on July 21, 2001 at the family reunion. Lena, when you get older and read these words, be proud of your dad.

    James O. Nazario, Paternal Uncle
  • I worked with Frank for close to five years and knew him to be a very genuine and fun-loving person. He always greeted me with a punch or poke to the ribs and always made sure he said hello or asked me how my family or girlfriend was. I’ll never forget how he would change his screensaver almost every other day, each being a new picture of his new baby girl. I know nothing made him happier than to think or talk about his new family. I will miss Frank and Sue and how they worked together, and how they made me laugh so much. Knowing him for as long as I did, I know he is in the most beautiful of places, right next to his family. Peace and God bless, bro.

    Tommy Cosenza, Friend & Co-worker
  • The “Nazario Family” reaches from shore to shore and its members number in the hundreds. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of everyone. In spite of this large number, the loss of one member is deeply felt. Words like loving, caring, affectionate and warm are often used when speaking of this family. Fran was a fine example of these qualities and many more. Fran always had a bright smile that became brighter with his marriage to Julie and, if possible, even brighter when Lena was born. He will always be in our hearts, our thoughts and prayers.

    Vicki Ramos, Cousin
  • Francis was my husband Victor’s godchild. He was a strong person, kind and loving. After his mother passed away six years ago, he stepped in and took care of his father who had been sick for many years. He never felt sorry for himself, he just took over and did what had to be done. I will miss his phone calls. He always said,”Hi Aunt Jo. What’s new?”.
    Julie & Lena: Fran was so proud of you & loved you both dearly. He will be always in our hearts. Aunt Jo & Uncle Vic

    Josephine Nazario, Aunt, through marriage
  • Thank you to all who have written a tribute to my husband, Francis. If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to do so. Not only is this a tribute to a wonderful man, it is also a great way for Lena to get to know a little about the father she will never remember.

    Julianne, Wife
  • I did not have the honor of meeting Frank personally, but my fiancee, Mike “Turtle” Wittenstein, worked with him. Mike spoke of Frank as a good friend. I find comfort knowing that Turtle and Frank are together, with their other Cantor friends. Julianne and Lena, you are in my thoughts.

    Carrie Bernstein (Turtle's Fiancee), Co-worker's Fiancee
  • When we first met Fran he had that twinkle in his eye that let us know the impish side of him. We are a family that knew from the beginning how happy he made Julianne. She was so happy when they were together. One of the last times we saw Fran was just before Lina was born and we have never seen him happier. He just seemed destined for fatherhood.

    We always remember his smile, his sincerity and his devotion to family. There are just no words to say what a loss he is, not only to his immediate family, but to all his extended family.

    Fran, we really love you and miss you terribly.

    Sandy and Bob Montesano

    Sandy and Robert Montesano, family

  • Marilyn Gorman remembers an incident from Fran’s childhood. He was about ten and suddenly refusing to go to school everyday. Sr. Andrea came to speak with him at his house. When he heard her voice from downstairs, he hid under his bed.That didn’t stop Sr.Andrea, who got down on her knees by his bed to try to convince him to go to school.Her efforts were not rewarded and he still refused to attend school for some time afterward.Marilyn also shares in the loss of Fran and still misses her dear friend Mary Ann, his mom.

    marilyn gorman, friend
  • Frank and I knew each other in high school. I learned a lot in school, but the most important lesson I learned was from Frank. That lesson was friendship. I could always count on him, no matter what I needed, whether it was a ride to school or someone to just talk to.

    Although we didn’t see much of each other after we graduated we still stayed in touch via email. Almost everyday we would write back and forth. Even through the years he still was helping me by preparing me for the birth of my son, from his own experiences with Lena, he joyfully and proudly told me things to expect and to look out for.

    Although you are gone, you will never be forgotten.

    With love forever my friend.

    Luigi "Ouij" Romano, Friend
  • Julianne,
    I am an employee at Cantor and have known Frank for many years. You and I were pregnant at the same time and are due dates were only a week or two apart. Frank used to stop and talk to me so we could compare the pregnancies and exchange advice. He was so excited! His face was always glowing. He loved you so much and couldn’t wait to meet his child. A few months after giving birth, I brought my daughter to work and went straight to see Frank so I could see pictures of his daughter. He had so many! He was so happy and proud. Lena, a father could not love his child more than your Dad loved you. He seemed to be a man whose life was totally complete with you and your Mom. Julianne, God bless you. You, Lena and Frank will always be in my prayers.

    Shannon Natale, co-worker

  • i remember when i knocked on the door of fran’s room door years ago when cliff (my brother) and tony, my very good friend were in
    frans’ room… i knocked on the door playing around because they wouldn’t let me in the room and than i started to knock on the door (like a pain in the ass)…..after i knocked i started
    to run down the stairs i missed a step and counted them all on the way down… as i remember
    there were about 13 stairs and my aunt (fran’s mom) was laughing her ass off at me when i was stuck between the radio and the stairs and i was crying my eyes out when fran, cliff and tony where laughing at me…..
    …………more to come!

    jimmy calton, his cousin(like my 3rd brother)
  • the last time i saw Fran was a week before the tragedy, he saw me riding down the street, ran in the house and brought Lena out, she smiled just like her daddy did. i also loved his laughter,if he laughed, you laughed with him. Julie, my heart goes out to you, to Lena, your mom and also Marybeth and her family. Fran will always be in my thoughts and is missed dearly.

    Love Aunt Chris

    christine calton, aunt through marriage
  • We first met Fran through his father-in-law Dominick Citro. In the times we were with him, we could see and feel the great love he had for Julie and his precious Lena. May this love sustain them and guide them to dreams he had for their future.
    Bill & Melanie Zazula

    Bill and Melanie Zazula, Friend
  • When Fran was about 4 yrs. old, as a Christmas gift I gave him a Hess oil truck to add to his car collection. I will never see a Hess oil truck on the road without fond memories of Fran. Watching him grow from a child into a great adult, husband and father. To Julie, Lena and Marybeth – I am sure he is up above looking down on you and smiling with his arms around his Mom and brother and sending you his love.

    Eileen Coghlan, Friend and Neighbor
  • One of the last times I called the office to see how everyone was I was surprised to hear Frank answer the phone. I knew he had left Cantor before I did. He said, “everyone tries to leave Cantor but we all come back sooner or later.” It’s not because Cantor was the greatest place in the world to work, it was because the people who worked there were. Frank was one of those people. I enjoyed working with him and I will miss his smile and laugh. My prayers are with his family and friends.

    Kerry Ferrara, Former co-worker
  • I now know why Frank and I had such a similar sense of humour as his birthday was only ten days before mine.

    I first spoke to Frank about four years ago and a friendship was born that will never end. He had a nick name for most people and he used to call me “Dangerous.” I called him “Fearless.” Frank was more than just a friend through work, he was a true friend, the kind you wanted to share with others too. I spoke to Frank almost every day for the last three years prior to September 11 and there was rarely a dull moment. His wit and humor was a special gift and we shared many laughs and jokes whilst agreeing our daily work. The insults used to fly thick and fast, sometimess going way past the limit but always in the name of fun. Work just does not seem the same without Frank on the other end of the phone.

    It was obvious to all that Frank’s first love was his family. His devotion to Julie and Lena was second to none. He was so proud of them both.

    Lena, I want you to know that I was so looking forward to meeting your daddy. You should be proud of him as to know him was to love him. His presence in your life was so enriching and he was always there for others when they needed his help. He was such a special man and I will miss him indefinitely. I look forward to the day that I finally meet him. Be it tomorrow or in fifty years time.

    Fearless, you’ll never walk alone buddy, until we meet one day,


    Dean Elton, Friend from London/England
  • I met Fran a number of times at family functions. My heart goes out to the whole family. May the love of Fran & those surrounding each of you somehow ease the pain in time. We have to believe that Fran is with his mom & his brother, John. May they all rest in peace.

    A Friend, just a friend
  • How can I best say this… Frank was a great person. He had a take charge/get involved attitude. I will never forget when we returned to the 105th floor after the ’93 bombing. It was a few days after the incident and we were working through the night – Frank quickly became the life of the “party”. Yeah, working at Cantor was stressful, due to the long hours and the business we were involved in, but it was people like Franky that made it seem a little more bearable. Frank, I was honored to have known and worked with you. You will be missed, but you will always be remembered in our thoughts, conversations and prayers. My condolences go out to his wife and daughter. Lena, your Dad was a very fine person. A real Mensch! G-D Bless you all.

    David Bellows, Co-worker and Friend
  • We want to thank all who have contributed to this tribute to our nephew Francis. Surely we knew him and forever will love him as part of our extended family. A little boy that became a man and loving husband and father. However, the thoughts expressed here by others reconfirms that he was well on the way to establishing himself as a wonderful and worthy human being. We are proud of him and what he meant to so many of you. May God hold him, and the others lost on 9/11/01, in the palm of his hand.

    James O. & Georgia Nazario, Uncle & Aunt
  • I spoke to Fran on Monday, Sept. 10th in the evening. He was holding Lena and he was letting me talk to her on the phone. We were making plans for dinner on Saturday, since Julie would be doing a demonstration at my house that afternoon. I am so glad that I talked to him that night. He was so proud of Julie and Lena, and all the renovations that he and Julie’s cousin Dominic had just finished in the house. He was a remarkable human being! Truly, he was special. Special to his daughter Lena, to his wonderful wife Julie, to his sister Mary Beth, his brother John, to his nephews Donnie and John, and niece Christina, all his aunts, uncles, cousins, and all who came in touch with him. I know I will miss that wonderful smile and hearty laugh of his, his energetic attitude, and his kind words that he always seemed to say, whenever you needed them! He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

    I believe God took him quickly. He needed a warm, kind smile to greet all the people who left us that day, and Fran was always one who would help. He will be watching over us and will be putting in a good word for us when we need it. That was his way…

    Love, Mammy (Mary Ann Mills Minarick)

    Mammy (Mary Ann Mills Minarick), aunt and friend
  • My thoughts and prayers to the entire Nazario family…
    I worked with Frankie many years ago. Because of his humor and good nature I never forgot him.

    Judi (Marino) Brehm, Former Co-worker
  • Looking at this tribute, it is the first time I’ve seen Frankie’s face in about 7 years and I can’t help but cry. He was a great kid (at the time we were both kids) and not a day goes by without thinking of him and how much fun we used to have.

    To his family, May God Bless You Now and Always.

    Meredith Start, Former Co-Worker
  • I was very proud of my nephew Francis. He was a very good father and husband. Very hard-working. The last time I talked to my nephew was July 1, 2001. He was holding Lena, his daughter who he loved very much. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, daughter, and the rest of the Nazario family.

    Margaret Nazario, Aunt, son of brother Johnny
  • Frankie started at cantor a year after me , and I will always remember the long late nights and also the nights after the bombing spent inputing tickets, he made the days more tolerable . He was a good friend and will be missed .

    dave barbito, ex co-worker/old friend
  • I could just say i remember the first day Frankie came to work at Cantor. We were all so young and he was a comedian. I never saw him upset, he was always happy. When he was married his happiness grew.till this day i can still see him smiling as he did that first day at work.

    Jose Pichardo, Friend /co-Worker
  • 2-10-02
    You would have been 29 today.
    I’m still in a state of disbelief. It’s so unfair to you and all of us who no longer have you. You had too much going for you and a lot to live for. You didn’t even get to see Lena’s first Christmas and her first birthday!
    I miss you terribly. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!
    Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

    Julie, Wife
  • We went the cemetery today hoping to make ourseles feel better, but you now what we don’t we still miss you,and can’t believe your gone, we feel our lost more then ever, You will be forever in our heart and thoughts. We pray for peace for this world so Lena will grow up in a betterplace and all the children of this world will have a better place to grow up in God bless us all Happy Birthday Fran Uncle Vic & Aunt Jo

    Uncle Vic & Aunt Jo, God Father &wife
  • It’s amazing how so many things can trigger a memory! You are in my thoughts many times in a day. Everyday I pass the house and drive towards a skyline that is forever changed. I still find myself turning my head to see if I catch you outside. Happy Birthday Fran, we miss you!

    Vicki, Cousin
  • Dear cousin …happy birthday on your 29th. I wish you were here to celebrate your day and Lena’s. I wish you were here so we can talk and laugh together like we always did. I miss all the the laughs and the GREAT times we had together with family and, of course, Julie. I hope to see you when I’m there with you having those laughs and those good times…and I can’t and will never forget those 4th of July parties we had… love you cous-
    and miss you…. always in my heart.

    jou got blue baloons!


    jimmy calton, Cousin
  • I never really new Fran personally but I know his family. My Debbie(doo) has become a part of this family and truly loved Fran, Julie and Lena. she is the girlfriend of his cousin Jimmy C. There are no words I can say to you Julie or Mary Beth or Mary Ann other than my love and heart go out to all of you. And sweet Lena, your dad really loved you and mommy.

    All my love,

  • I miss you more and more each day. These days are not getting easier. I seem to have more bad days than good. Lena was sick for the longest time and really had me worried. She’s all better now. Please watch over her and protect.

    Oh God, I miss you so much it hurts! It is so unfair. We had it all. We were so wonderful together. Julie and Fran, Fran and Julie – you couldn’t say one name without the other. We were the richest people in the world. Rich with life, love, happiness, togetherness, family. We complimented each other so perfectly. You truly were my better half. Better with everything. How can something so terrible happen to someone so wonderful? I will never accept the fact that you’re gone. I may never recover from this tragedy, but I pledge, vow, promise with all my heart and soul that I will be the best Mother to Lena. I will make you proud! Forever and Always I will love you.

    Julie, Wife
  • Julie,

    I just wanted to let you know that you, your daughter and your family are in my thoughts and in my heart – not a day goes by without thinking of you and your terrible loss. I am still in a state of disbelief. When I found out that Fran was one of the many victims, I wanted to reach out to you but didn’t know how to go about it – it’s been a long time since we’ve last seen or spoke to one another. I sat down numerous times to write you after reading about Fran’s memorial in the paper – but I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. The tragic day of September 11th brings tears to my eyes and a pain in my heart. These feelings will never cease – they have become a part of me. My husband and I pray for all those families who lost loved ones. You and Lena will always be in our prayers.

    Erica Fahrenholz-Redmond, Former Alumni of Julie's
  • Julie, I only worked with Frank for a short time, but in that time, I feel that I got to know him well. He had a way to make you feel good about yourself, always joking. He was one of a very few people who made me feel comfortable at Cantor. He knew what he wanted and he got it just about every time. Truely one-of-a-kind, but I don’t need to tell you that. I spoke to him often after I left and do miss those calls. I’m only sorry that I only sat next to him for maybe 6 months. I pray that in some way this page, all that these people have to say, can only some how take just alittle bit of your pain away. God bless yourself and your daughter and keep you both safe.

    Chuck Bisang, Former Co-worker
  • He’ll stay with you
    As long as the wind blows
    He’ll always be in your heart
    He didn’t leave you all alone
    He has eternal life
    His spirit is always within you
    And if the sun shines in the sky
    And rain should fill the air
    And a rainbow lights up your day
    Know that he is there.

    Bianca Ramos, Cousin
  • 4-26-02
    Fran, please know that you and Julie and Lena are in my prayers and thoughts every day. You are truly missed.

    Cynthia Scott, Friend
  • Fran was a loving husband, devoted father,
    caring son and brother and dear friend.

    His warm personality will be remembered by so
    many people. I spend New Year’s Eve 2000 with
    Fran, a very pregnant Julie, Palma (Julie’s
    Mom) and two other friends. We had a snow storm
    the day before and considered cancelling but
    Fran wouldn’t hear of it. He drove us to the
    restaurant in his truck and then drove us all home.

    We had such a good time that night. And that is just a tiny example of the kind of things that
    Fran would do.

    I know that Fran is with Dominick (Julie’s Dad)
    and is watching over Julie, Lena, Palma and all
    of his many family members and friends.

    Fran will never be forgotten.

    Mary Pilla, Friend
  • I’m sorry I will never get to meet you Francis. I met your nephew a little bit ago on AIM. When he contacted me through chat, I was listening to a CD I burned this morning filled with memorial tributes to the masses that died that terrible day with you.

    People like me, who weren’t related to anyone in the WTC or in one of the planes that crashed or in the Pentagon, are somehow not expected to FEEL as deeply as those who did. But I can’t begin to tell you how deeply my life has been effected by this incredible act of evil.

    This dark and tragic event in all our lives has strengthened my resolve to treat everyone with kindness and love, in case for one of us, there is no tomorrow. If everyone did this, the world would be a much better place. But since that’s not likely to happen, I will just do my part and pray that others will also. And when this old world finally self distructs, I’ll meet you in heaven and shake your hand. Rhia R. Drouillard, Vancouver, WA.

    Rhia Drouillard, Fellow Human Being
  • Julie,
    I am so sorry that it took so long for me to add a tribute,but this has been such a painfull process. How do you describe such wonderful people like Frankie, Joe P., Sue, John? No words can ever express how wonderful they all were,and how very much they are missed. I miss all of those Devils games, it is so strange to not have you and Frankie there to meet between periods. I was looking forward to seeing Lena there right along with the two of you. I know Frankie would have loved to show her off wearing Devils gear! He adored you both, he was so happy to have you and Lena in his life. He was just a great man who always found the time to make us laugh even on the worst of days. I know he is with his mom now and hope you can find some comfort in knowing that he is in her loving arms. May God bless you and Lena always, and please know that Frankie will never be forgotten.

    Carol, Friend, co-worker
  • I am a reporter/obituary writer for the local newspaper in Amarillo, Texas. We were compiling a section on Sept. 11 and I had the opportunity to write a stroy about Francis. I talked to two of his cousins, Danielle Nazario of Amarillo, and Mario Nazario of New Jersey. They both had very nice stories to tell me about him. I didn’t know anyone personally in the trade center but I feel very blessed to have heard a little about your family. The story was very compelling because it put a face on one of the many people who perished that day. If you would like to read the story it’s online at amarillonet.com/specialsection. There is also a place where you can e-mail me feedback. Thank you for sharing a very special part of your life with me.

    Elaina Gauna, Family Friend
  • My earliest memories of Fran (Francis as he is known in our family) is of him sitting on the floor playing with his Matchbox collection, he had every car and truck imaginable and would race them around making car noises-lol! He was really good at imitating what each car would sound like. After my family moved out of the city the only time I would get to see Fran was at family functions, and I still had this perception of him as that sweet little boy playing Matchbox. Unfortunately, the last time I got to see Fran was at his brother’s funeral earlier in 2001. He was a pillar of strength for the entire family, a time that he should be leaning on us he was strong and pulled together with Julie and little Lena by his side. It was then that I saw what a remarkable young man he had become. Later that day back at his house, (the house that he had grown up in) he took pride in showing me the wonderful job he and Julie had done renovating and transforming that old house into their beautiful home. He was especially proud of the nursery which looked like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine. On that day I realized the man that Francis had become, a good-hearted honest man of integrity who adored his wife and daughter. I am proud to say you were my cousin and every time I see a Matchbox car I will think of you and smile. Love you, Bridget

    Bridget, Cousin
  • Happy 30th Birthday Francis!
    You are in my thoughts! I hope you are celebrating with your mom, John, and Uncle Jack.

    Love Michele

    Michelle & Buddy, Cousin & Fran's Cat
  • Fran,

    Happy 30’th Birthday. Miss you greatly and all our love to you, Julie and Lena.

    Love, Doug, Renee and Rhianna

    Doug, Friend
  • Just wanted to wish you a happy 30th. You are always in our hearts and prayers. Give Mom & John a hug from us all.

    Aunt Jo & Uncle Vic

    Josephine & Victor, Aunt & Godfather
  • 9/8/03


    It’s been almost 2 years, but you are still in our
    hearts and prayers. We miss you and will never



    Mary Pilla, Friend
  • As I was reading all of these tributes, I was touched by this one in particular. I cannot imagine your grief and send to you and your family from my family our heartfelt sympathy and prayers.

    God Bless you in the difficult years that lay ahead. Gods speed and we wish you well.

    Caroline and Family, None
  • Fran,

    Wanted to let you know that you are in our thought’s and prayer’s on your 4’th anniversary. May God take care of you and your family and watch over Julie and Lena and keep them safe and well. Godspeed.

    Doug, Renee and Rhianna
    Budd Lake N.J.

    Doug, Friend
  • Dear Fran,

    Four years has not diminished the sadness we all
    feel. But we know you are in a better place and
    smiling down on all of your family & friends.


    Mary Pilla, Friend
  • Fran,

    thinking about you. miss ya.


    doug, fiend
  • 9/11/06


    You will always be with us.


    Mary Pilla, Friend
  • Fran,

    I think we only talked once, you were a great frined to my former co-worker Maria A. She had you include me on your daily e-mail jokes. Telling from all the messages here I know you were a quality guy. Just sending good wishes to you and your family today 9/11/06.

    Michael Narvaez, on your e-mail chain
  • Well it been a while since I have had time to get on here and I just wanted to say that we miss you so much and that you are in our prayers. December 8th 2006 in Clarendon Texas I will be graduating from nusing school an we will have a moment of silence and they will read off people that we wish could be here on the 8th and your name will be on there. To my family I love yall and miss yall hope to talk to ya soon. your in our prayers and will always be.

    Love Ashlee, Gaven, Tyrell

    Ashlee Nazario, Cousin
  • 9/11/07


    Life does not end – it merely changes.


    Mary Pilla, Friend
  • Fran,

    Happy birthday!!!!!



    Doug, Friend
  • I think of Fran when near NYC. I hope he’s resting in peace. His daughter may not have ever known him,but Julie will make sure she knows what a great person he was. I am sure Fran is with his MOM & brother, John looking down on everyone and keeping us safe.

    A Friend, A Friend
  • 9-11-08

    Thinking of you.


    Doug, Friend
  • I remember the last time I saw Fran. I was at his house and he was so excited to show me how Lena was walking in her walker. He loved Lena so much and was so proud to be a dad.
    I regret being in a hurry that day and not spending more time. You never know what lies ahead in life and what experiences, good or bad, are around the corner.
    8 years and he is still loved and remembered!


    Michelle, Cousin
  • Fran, 9 years have passed and I always keep your family in my Prayers. God Bless. Mark V Lee

    Mark V Lee, Friend
  • Still miss you————–Branch
    Would love to hear about Lena—-By the way, I am now teaching 2nd grade in VA.

    Branch Richardson, Friend
  • Thinking of you!

    Kerry Ferrar, co-worker
  • On this 10th anniversary, you are fondly

    Mary Pilla, Friend
  • today is ten yrs its hard to believe i love and miss you!!!!!!

    ashlee nazario wortham, cousin
  • 09/11/2012

    The day you left us was heartbreak and sorrow, the day you left us we saw no tomorrow, the day you left us we didn’t understand, the day you left us God took you by the hand, the day you left us the Nazarios came together, the day you left us, Francis, we remember you forever.

    Nazario, Cousin
  • 09/11/2013

    We miss you through the years…..We lost you 12 years ago, a sorrow that still sings, of all the tears and emptiness, the loss of loved one brings.

    We can not forget you…..our loved one so dear, your memory grows, sweeter year after year.

    Nazario, Cousin
  • Fran, 12 years. I keep your family, Marybeth and Donny’s family in my prayers. May God Bless You and Your Family. RIP

    Mark V Lee, Friend

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