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  Luke Nee

Date of Birth: June 25, 1957
Department: Municipal Bonds
Position: Operations Manager

Luke was a kind and gentle soul who loved life. He was known for his cheerful disposition and for always having a smile for the world. If you needed a helping hand, or a favor, Luke would help you in any way and every way possible. He loved people, and always saw the good in them.
Luke loved his family, especially our son Patrick. They were truly best friends, and they had many fun times together. Luke loved a day at the beach, and went there as often as possible. He also loved going to Yankee games with his friends or with Patrick. We had great trips to the city at Christmas time, enjoying the beauty and spirit of the season.
Luke was also an avid reader, and would sometimes read two and three books a week. He enjoyed listening to music, especially Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart. He also had a style of dancing that was definitely unique and all his own. Luke also enjoyed Irish rock bands and went to concerts whenever possible.
Luke was fortunate to have had numerous lifelong friends. He looked forward to any gathering with his friends, whether it was a drink at Jim Brady’s or a wedding. He truly enjoyed their company, and he loved all of them.
Luke was also a dedicated and reliable worker who gave every job his all. He took pride in a job well done and helped many people get jobs and trained many people. He always showed great patience and people were thankful for that.
Luke leaves behind a brokenhearted wife, son, mother and father, two sisters and a brother. He is also mourned be his brother and sister-in-laws, seven nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles and many cousins. He is dearly missed by his friends.
Luke’s favorite motto was “live and let live”. I wish it were the motto of more people.
We will all be together someday and no one will ever take him away from us again.

We will love you always,

Irene and Patrick, (Wife and Son)
  • I did not work with Luke for very long, but when I did, he was always so calm and collected. We would talk as if we had known each other for years. I would always answer his calls with a Darth Vader voice and goof around and tell him to “give in to the dark side”. He was so very easy to get along with and always willing to help out with anything I would ask. We would bump into each other on the train every once in a while and what a great way to make the commute go easier.
    I will miss Luke very much. I will never forget him. My heart and my most sincere prayers goes out to his family and friends. God Bless buddy, rest well.

    Tommy Cosenza, Friend & Co-worker
  • I worked in Securities Lending. Our desk was right next to Munis and Luke sat right behind me. Although it was only one short year working near him, I got to know Luke pretty well. He was a kind gentlemen and the nicest person I ever met. He always had a nice word to say to me and we had a lot of laughs. He spoke so proudly of his family. His wife and son were his world.
    I miss him like so many others I have lost in this horrific tragedy. If only I could turn the clock back. Luke, please know you are in my heart and prayers everyday. You were the greatest, I miss you. Until we meet again…”Lets go Yankees.” My thoughts and prayers go out to the Nee family. I know he watches and protects you each and every day.

    Karen Costagliola, Co-worker
  • Thank you for all the kind and lovely tributes about my brother Luke. A bright light has gone out in our family. We miss him terribly. Sleep sweet, dear brother, and until we meet again, watch over all of us. Love, Barb

    Mary Nee Reilly, sister
  • We hold you close within our hearts
    And there you shall remain
    To walk with us throughout our lives
    Until we meet again
    So rest in peace Dear loved one
    And thanks for all you’ve done
    We pray that God has given you
    The crown you’ve truly won.

    May the God of love and mercy
    Care our loved one who is gone,
    And bless with consolation
    Those left to carry on.

    Until we meet again and I can see your smile,
    Love Aunt Bridie

    Brendan Gormley, I submit this for my mom, Luke's aunt.
  • Luke was such a wonderful man and teacher. The summer before my senior year in college he taught me everything there is to know about clearing tickets and surviving in the municipal bond brokerage business. We worked side by side for 10 hours a day everyday for 10 weeks. At 21, he taught me a whole lot but he also protected me and helped me to mature and I will never forget him. After graduating I was so lucky and honored to work for Municipal Partners for four years of the best years of my life and Luke was so much a part of it. He meant a lot to me and to every one he knew. God bless him and especially his family.
    Fondly, Ellen

    Ellen (Ligon) Gold, co-worker
  • Luke, They just dont make people nicer than you. You were one in a million and fantastick to work with.
    I miss you buddy.

    Kate, Co-worker
  • If you knew Luke you know this to be true: No one was ever happier to see you than Luke was. He would actually get legitimately excited when seeing his family or a dear friend, and could change the mood of a person (or a room) for hours.

    He really was one of the nicest, sweetest, most memorable people you would ever encounter in life. My heart breaks for his beloved Irene and Patrick.

    I know many of us think of him often, and I sometimes use his unique and delightful way of thinking to help make decisions – “WWLD” – What Would Luke Do?

    Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.

    Rich Petriccione, friend
  • Dear Luke,
    Although the Nee and Hartnett families started out as neighbors at 2855 Grand Concourse in Apts. 4G and 5A, respectively, our families quickly became more than just neighbors — all of us became life-long friends with one another. Even though we are not blood-related — our bond with our families is certainly heart-related. You and your lovely family are always in our thoughts and prayers, and you will always be remembered with love and kindness. God Bless You All.
    Love, Kathleen Hartnett

    Kathleen Hartnett, Family Friend
  • Luke,

    We shared some amazing moments over the last 30+ years. You are missed, buddy, missed terribly. You see Luke, you were the glue who kept us all together; the ultimate friend. You were a genuine, good-natured soul who had a zest for life 24/7. You loved family, friends and your Bronx and Irish roots. In your own, unique way, you inspired us to value our friendships. You inspire us still. You are alive in our conversations. You gave us so many gifts and I am lucky to have been your friend.

    You will NEVER be forgotten!

    Your loving spirit lives on through everyone you touched.

    John Kilcullen, lifelong friend
  • I knew Lukie for 6 years. We became friends almost immediately. Luke has the most remarkable personality. He found the good in everyone and everything. He lived his life with such passion. He loved his wife Irene, son Patrick, Parents, brother and sisters and in-laws, all family members with that same passion. His friends are his extended family, with a bond that has lasted 40 some what years. I am proud to have known him, and to have met such wonderful people through him. Dennis and I will miss you greatly and will notice the emptiness on our special day. We love you, Please continue to watch over everyone. (always another favor)
    Carrie and Dennis

    Carrie & Dennis, Friend
  • Our families grew up together. I’ve known Luke forever and will never forget him. His happiness rubbed off on everyone. He has an amazing family that is in my heart and prayers every day. Everybody misses you Lukey. We always had fun when we hung out, but my most special memory of you was when you sat and talked with me about my father after he died. That meant more to me that you know. So thanks again Lukey. Rest peacefully. Love, Nora

    Nora Hartnett, Friend
  • I will always remember my trips to the Bronx to visit the Nees and my cousins Luke and John. I always looked up to Luke because he was good at football ,stickball, and basketball . As I grew older,however, I realized what a special person he was . I always noticed how my buddies he had , that he never had anything bad to say about anyone , and that Luke was someone special .I will try to live the rest of my life like Luke ,and I pray that his family knows how sad I feel. I miss Luke and I will forever look up to him . God Bless , Jimmy, Rena , Jimmy C , Katie ,and Kevin

    Jimmy Gormley, cousin
  • Our deepest sympathies from all of your family here in Connemara.We are always here for you.Luke’s family are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Sinead Mullen, Brendan Mullen's daughter,Ireland.
  • Luke,

    “May you be blessed with:
    the strength of Heaven,
    the light of the sun,
    the radiance of the moon,
    the splendor of fire,
    the speed of lightning,
    the swiftness of wind,
    the depth of the sea,
    the stability of earth,and
    the firmness of rock!”

    From the breastplate of Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of New York

    Tommy Carroll, Friend

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