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  Brian C. Novotny

Date of Birth: December 28, 1967
Position: Derivatives Manager

Brian Novotny was a special person.   A brilliant mind for business yet a caring and compassionate person.  He was the ultimate competitor and succeeded in everything he set his mind to.  If he fell, he got up if he failed, he tried again.  He was at the top of his game when he left us extremely successful with work and very much in love with his fiancé Teresa.   He was one of eight children,  seven boys and a sister.  He was the grandson of Irish Immigrants who came to this country to provide a better life for their families.  Ironically this great picture of my brother was taken at the top of the North Tower looking out over our great countries symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty, the same scene his grandparents experienced 80 years prior.  He was raised with strict but basic values, honesty, integrity, religion and a focus on education.  He acceled both academically and athletically through Albertus Magnus High School and LeMoyne College, a varsity standout in Baseball, Basketball and Soccer.   He was loved at home and at work as indicated by the 2500 people who attended his remembrance and the 1000 friends and family members that came to pay tribute at his memorial mass.  The outpouring of support by neighbors, friends and family has renewed our hope in this world.  As we struggle to find anything positive from this situation we migrate to the love and support of others who helped us through this most difficult time.  We are truly grateful.  Some might say that my brother lived a lifetime in his thirty three years.  His zest for life brought him all over the world,  always eager to try new things and he always looked forward to what tomorrow might bring.   He’s been referred to as hero, a patriot, a victim, a martyr but to me he’ll always be my brother.  We’ll never forget his smile, his laugh, his jokes, or his caring touch.   We were fortunate to contact Brian on his cell phone three times before the North Tower collapsed. To the end he was calm and confident he would get out.  Each call ended with “tell Mom and Dad I love them”, “tell Teresa I love her”, “tell my brothers and sister I love them”,  “tell my nieces and nephews I love them”.  To the very end he was not thinking of himself but of those around him whom he loved.   He was my brother. Brian Christopher Novotny.  God Bless you Brian. You will never be forgotten.

none, Brother
  • My brother Brian was most of all a good friend. Not only to me but to many others. It wasn’t apparent to me how many lives he touched until after this tragic event. I met so many people who traveled from different states and even different countries to pay their respects. They had nothing but great things to say about my brother. Their memories all reflected the caring, humorous side of my brother that we’ll always remember. He was a passionate competitor at work and at play. Some might say that my brother lived a lifetime in his thirty-three years. His zest for life him all over the world. His love and respect for his grandparents drove him to file for Irish/US dual citizenship. He was always on the go. I was often envious of his travels. After September 11th we had many calls from relatives in Ireland. Many people in Ireland had relatives lost in this tragedy, particularly the families of the NYPD and FDNY. We heard a touching story from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, home of my mother’s parents, where Catholics and Protestants held a joint candlelight vigil in memory of the victims from the World Trade Center holding their pictures and joining in prayer and song. He’s working his magic from above. The great picture attached shows my brother at Windows On The World looking out over the Statue of Liberty. It will hang in my house as long as I live, and my children’s from then on. We’ll never forget his smile, his jokes or his caring touch. His number in sports was always 14. Whether it was soccer, basketball or baseball it was always 14. Never knew the significance…didn’t really care. This year my sons, Brendan and Tyler, will both honor their uncle Brian by giving up their numbers to proudly wear #14 for the upcoming Lacrosse season. In a world sometimes short of role models, they were fortunate to have him in their midst. He will never be forgotten.

    Bill Novotny, Brother
  • Brian was our family’s vacation hero. In June of 2001 Brian joined us on a wonderful vacation in Kuai. Arriving at the condo office, I, in all my excitement, left my huge, heavy, backpack purse filled with all vacation moneys, reservations, etc. in the office. Noticing such upon arrival to the condo, I called the office to see if it was still there. Before I was off the phone Brian had my bag. I could not thank my vacation hero enough….a big hug with tears was not enough for what he had done. That is just a small glimpse of the Brian I know and learned to love. His love for my daughter, “T”, as he called her, gave me such peace. I knew he would take such good care of her and she in turn cared deeply for him. Brian’s picture, on my family picture table, has a candle burning until such time as my heart no longer burns with pain of losing him in this most terrible of acts. Brian, we miss you and love you. The Mother of “T”, Jean

    Jean Morgan, Mother of "T" (girlfriend)
  • I woke to the memory of you as I do every morning, and had to write to you today. The sun is just rising here and I know how much you love to watch the sunrise. Seeing things that you love always brings you even closer. Brian, I am still so sad that our lives together here have been cut short. I know that you were a gift from God and that one day we will be joined together as He intended us to be. Your love still overflows in my heart and grows stronger each day. Our souls will always remain as one and that is the gift which will go on forever that no man can take away. I feel you in my heart and soul and know that you will never be far. I love you with my mind, body, and soul forever. My angel always. With all my love, T

    Teresa, Fiance
  • I did not have the pleasure of knowing Brian. I am a college friend of his younger brother Kevin. I always heard so many stories about all the Novotny siblings. This included a list of names Kevin would rattle off so quickly as he went down the list from oldest to youngest. I was always intrigued by such a large family as I come from a very small one.
    This horrible event changed my life and then it was changed again when a few days later I found out that a dear friend had lost a loved one. There has not been a day since Sept 11th that the Novotny family has not passed through my mind.

    My wish for all of you is that someday soon you will be able to think of Brian and laugh out loud so he can hear you.

    My prayers are with all of you.

    Caroline Ashton, College friend of Kevin Novotny
  • I never got a chance to meet Brian personally, but I heard so much about him through Tamara, Teresa’s sister, that I feel like I knew him. From what she has told me Brian was a kind, gentle and thoughtful person, who loved Teresa very much.I felt I needed to do something to raise some money to help all the families of the victims of Cantor Fitzgerald and the World Trade Center. I made over 700 flag pins and collected donations, raising $1600.00 for The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund.They are in my heart always.

    Leigh Ann Rondilone, friend of Tamara Kerr, Teresa's sister
  • I only knew Brian from his family, when we were younger there were a lot of family outings so Brian and I have crossed paths in our lifetime. I especailly feel very effected by this loss because my husband’s best friend also worked at Cantor and was working that same day. When I cry for Tommy, I cry for Brian also. I hope they knew each other, I never asked. I spent 3 hours waiting on a line to meet with the Novotny family and offer condolences for Brian and the whole time I was waiting I was thinking “wow” look at all these people who lives Brian has touched..He was a special person to have had that kind of tribute.

    Tracy O'Neill Gray, Family Friend
  • My memories of Brian are filled with his sense of humor and hearty laugh. During our years as teammates on the LeMoyne College Soccer Team, we shared many hours practicing, travelling, (partying) and playing in all kinds of upstate NY weather. So many are the great one-liners Brian used to make light of our often horrible team performances. Speaking for all those you played ball with, thank you for being an emotional and physical leader. I will cherish these memories like no other from my college days. Rest easy my friend, it was a pleasure being your teammate.

    Larry Dolph, College soccer teammate '86-90
  • Since the day I was born I have been honored to know the Novotny family. Our families were very close and often referred to each other as “cousins”. Brian’s sister Jeanne and I grew up together and have a special friendship. I am very sorry for the loss of Brian, he is deeply missed. God has a kind, considerate and caring new Angel to add to Heaven. Although his family misses him dearly, I am sure that he is always with them. Brian, take care of yourself in Heaven…I pray for you and your family every day !! God Bless….

    Patty O'Neill Bauer, Family Friend
  • Brian, you have finally made your way home to your loving and heart broken family. May you and all in the Cantor family who have lost their lives but not their spirits have eternal peace. Guide your families for they are all too terribly saddened. Rest in peace Brian, you’re home now.

    Dee, Business associate
  • All that is dear never fades away. I find you in the morning sky, in the sound of childrens laughter, and in the motion of every stirring wind. You’re a part of me and always will be.
    All my love, T

    Teresa Thomas, fiance
  • It is a deep mystery,
    This matter of life and death…

    That the same person
    Who brought us a thousand joys,
    In one day leaves us shedding a thousand

    So suddenly, sometimes
    That we grope blindly for words unspoken,
    And for the hug we needed to give,
    to say good-bye.
    And we wonder,
    How this thread that holds us all to life
    Can be so thin and fragile…

    Until one day, we find the courage to accept
    That the living aren’t meant to understand death,
    Only to celebrate life,
    And to remember that the only real death
    is forgetting.

    (Author Unknown)
    -In Loving Remembrance,


    Bernadette Hudson, Cousin
  • The last time I saw Brian, we had a great time. He had 2 extra tix to a Yankee game and called to see if Kevin and I were free. We met him and Teresa at the “big bat.” We had many laughs that night and I remember thinking how lucky we were. There is something about the summer air that allows you to live in the moment and forget your troubles. We were all so happy.

    Brian, you will never be forgotten. We miss you every single day. Aside from being handsome, you were also extremely kind and generous. I learned from your example. God bless you.

    Kelli Robertson, Kevin Novotny's girlfriend
  • I am Brian’s best friend. If your path crossed Brian’s, you know the loss his family and friends are feeling. I gave his eulogy on October 13, 2001. I thought I could share it here with everybody who could not make the service. Brian is missed EVERY day.


    Everyday I wake up and wish this all was a terrible, terrible nightmare, but unfortunately,…it is not.

    I had envisioned making a speech for Brian, but I thought it would be at his wedding and I would make it real embarrassing.

    I also consider this a great honor to tell you about my best friend Brian.

    I thought I’d tell you a little bit about our lives growing up together and the great person I came to know and love as a brother.

    Well, Brian or NaVotz or more commonly Votz or sometimes for some unknown reason Homer, I don’t know how that started, but it stuck.

    We met about 18 years ago on a soccer field at Albertus Magnus. We were actually on separate teams.
    Woody had collided with a goalie and received several stitches to his head.
    And Brian and I joined forces from that day forward.

    Even though we didn’t go to the same high school, we continued to hang out and became best friends.

    Our friendship continued to grow as time went on.

    For 18 years I got to know one of the most loyal and dedicated friends anybody could ever have.

    At college, Brian was five minutes up the road at LeMoyne while I was at Syracuse.

    After college, he moved into NY with Brian Mieth, a mutual friend from Syracuse.
    Our lives continued to inter-twine. Me meeting his acquaintances and him meeting mine.

    Guys like Mike Ronan and Vinnie McNulty.

    We were a team, if you knew one of us, you knew both Votz and Tim.

    Once I finished my studies, I moved in to NY and lived with Brian.
    First on the upper east side then to an apartment midtown.

    And boy did we have fun. From eating at the Silk Road Palace and El Polo to ending up down town late in the evening at Down the Hatch to play foosball.

    Any body that knew Brian knew of his high level of competition and determination. This was evident in his academic, athletic and professional endeavors.

    Brian played Varsity Basketball and Soccer in high school. He also played Varsity soccer in college. When Brian set his goals, he was destined to achieve them.

    Because of his passion to achieve, he and I would compete for any possible reason.
    Who would buy dinner? Play ya for it.
    Who would empty the garbage or do dishes? Play ya for it.
    And when it was a big deal, like who had to clean the bathroom, That was best 4 out of 7.

    Brian also loved to travel. He was an adventurer. While in college he studied a semester abroad in London and traveled throughout Europe. He also lived in Toronto for 5 years while taking advantage of an opportunity that was presented to him to work in the Canadian Bond Market.

    After his stint in Toronto, He then returned to the city he loved best NYC.

    He moved into Hoboken overlooking the NYC sky-line with Steve Vollrath.

    Brian was so proud to be an American. He had flag sweaters, bumper stickers pins and of course the 8’ flag that accompanied him through all his travels.

    It was the first thing he hung on the wall in his apartment in Toronto. For a long time until he furnished the apartment, it was the only thing on his walls.

    Since September 11th we all have been telling stories and looking at pictures of all the adventures.
    Fishing in exotic places, scuba diving, golfing, hunting, skiing, and it is very clear, Brian did not stand still very long.

    I want you all to know, Brian lived a LIFE TIME in his 33 years.

    But it was not until 2 years ago I saw Brian at his happiest. He had finally met somebody that he respected, cherished and loved more than himself. And we all know how much he loved himself.

    It was the next morning after he and T. (shortened for Teresa) had met.
    He told me about the greatest girl in the world.

    From that day forward Brian and Teresa packed a life time in 2 years.

    Stay with me here, …
    San Francisco and Napa, Palm Springs, Toronto, Lake Arrowhead, CA, Santa Barbara, Oahu, Kauai, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Pocono’s, Disney Land, Vegas, Cape May, AC, LA and of course the weekends in Montauk.

    This isn’t a geography lesson
    These are just some of the places they experienced together.

    In 2 years they traveled as saw more things than most people don’t experience in a lifetime together.

    One particular event I wanted to highlight was last New Years Eve. Brian took Teresa to a Times Square Black Tie over looking the ball.

    I said “Why are you going in the city? You have seen is so many times. He replied, Because T hasn’t ever done it.”

    I knew it. Brian was HEAD over heals in LOVE.

    He took life head on living each day at its fullest. Teresa and Brian were forever on the go. Unknowing living each day as if it were their last days to be together.

    On September 8th, the weekend prior to the WTC attack, we spent a weekend with Brian and Teresa in Montauk.
    We golfed, we fished, we hung out in the Jacuzzi. And when we left for home that night, I said to my wife Colleen, they are so happy.
    I saw a side of Brian never seen before. He was at rest. He was TOTALLY, COMPLETELY happy.

    So I have taken you through my 18 years with Brian.
    The words you heard describing him were:
    Loyal, Determined, Optimist, Competitor, Outgoing, Comedian, Professional, Passionate, a Patriot and a Winner.

    That describes my best friend Votz.

    I know WHOLE HEARTEDLY he is looking down on us now.
    Happy to see all of you here Celebrating his LIFE.

    He would want it that way. Right now he has a Yankees hat on, and a pint of Guinness Stout holding it high with a twinkle in his eye and his big smile.

    Brian, we all love you and miss you everyday, today and forever.

    Cheers Homer.

    Timothy Albrecht, Best Friend
  • I just wanted to say reading the tribute, or should I say about Brian’s packed life full of adventure from his best friend, it pulled on my heart strings to think Brian’s family, friends and fiance, “T” are not going to see his smiling face again. You can be assured though that he will always be smiling in your dreams, he will always be there to hold the hands of the one’s he loved and cherished. Teresa, I am so sorry that the opportunity was taken away from you to marry this wonderful man and have children together, grow old together. You will, however, always have the memories…

    7 August 2008

    Nicole, Stranger (melbourne, Australia)
  • Brian.. I was just reading my friend Tommy Dowds tribute page and I started to think of you and I wanted to let you know that last month our families went on a cruise celebarting our parents 50th anniversary, I know you were there with us.. you and John .. Jeanne and I were in the casino one night and we played roulette, her first time when the numbers that came out in a row .. were 9 – 11 – 33 a powerful sign that you were with her ! Since I am such a strong believer in such things.. I am glad I was with her. You have a wonderful family .. not everyone was there.. but we had a lot of laughs and great memories from it.. you and John are truely missed !… and have lots of people here keeping your memories alive !!!!

    Tracy, family Friend
  • I couldn’t leave without writing something on a tribute that has left me in tears. Your daughter’s love for you is so clear and so intense and I feel desperately sorry for all of you being robbed of the time you should have had together. She obviously loves you so deeply and timelessly and you must have been (and are still) a wonderful father. May you all meet again when the time is right. XXX

    Tracey, A passer by
  • 12/28/10

    “Happy Birthday Brian” !

    Tracy, friend
  • 10 years ago I would scroll through these names, I wanted to see their faces, read thier stories ~ people, neighbors, loved ones, family members, friends not just part of a tragic moment. Today I want to take a moment once again, to honor those we have lost. God Bless, we have not forgotten.

    Patty Light, just a fellow citizen
  • I worked with Brian in Toronto, it is a melancholy day for me with remembrances of the people I knew who died that day.
    Brian I found to be incredibly likeable, a ready smile and laugh with an inquiring mind.
    He made an impact.

    Gary William Kirk
  • I met Votz while I was a Sophomore & he a Senior at LeMoyne College. One of his Suite mates was dating my roommate so he’d come with him over to my place & vice versa and we quickly became friends. My favorite Brian memory was from Dolphy Day 1990. We hung out all day & talked for hours while listening to VanMorrison songs. We talked about our hopes & dreams after graduation, our time at LeMoyne but mostly Brian talked about his large Irish family & reminisced about growing up with so many siblings. I could just feel the love & admiration he had for each of them. It was a perfect day with a genuinely great person.
    We unfortunately didn’t keep in touch after he graduated later that year but I was still profoundly saddened by the news of his tragic death on 9/11. To honor him every year on the anniversary I play Van Morrison’s Moondance, read his memorials & say a prayer for Brian, his family & his fiancé. He was such a bright light extinguished far too soon.
    I finally decided to add my own tribute 20 years later after suddenly losing my own husband this year & taking comfort from the stories & memories of others. If his family sees this, I’m so terribly sorry for the loss of your beloved Brian & know the pain you’ll carry until the day you see him again. He was truly one of the great ones

    Wendy Corrigan, LeMoyne Classmate

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