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  Todd Joseph Ouida

Date of Birth: May 18, 1976
Department: Foreign Exchange Options
Position: Broker

You are with us in our hearts forever.
Aunt Elenore

Elen Reynolds, Aunt
  • Todd Joseph Ouida is remembered for his own special brand of love. Son, grandson, brother, cousin, nephew, friend, uncle and godfather.

    At Todd’s memorial service, his brother Jordan referred to “that smile” which would not be forgotten. It is that image that comforts those who love Todd. It is that same image that leaves an emptiness in the lives of friends and family touched by Todd.

    As a child, Todd overcame an emotional difficulty that kept him from going to school for more than two years. Todd conquered this anxiety, graduated from River Dell High School (where he stood 5′ 6′ and played varsity football) and went on to the University of Michigan where he earned his BA in Psychology. Upon graduation, Todd accepted a position at Cantor Fitzgerald. By conquering his difficulties and moving forward with life achievements, Todd became a role model and inspiration for others facing major challenges.

    Todd’s life will be celebrated through ongoing memorials dedicated to him. “The Ouida Cup” was established at the school in London where Todd’s sister-in-law, Heather, is currently employed. The cup will be awarded to students who help us to respect and celebrate cultural diversity. The Todd Joseph Ouida Memorial Children’s Fund, established by Todd’s parents, Herb and Andrea, will be dedicated to assisting children facing psychological challenges. Additionally, Todd’s high school friends have established a Todd Joseph Ouida Scholarship at River Dell High School.

    But all of these memorials cannot fully describe that special brand of love Todd had for life and his family. Todd looked after his elderly grandparents in such a kind way. Todd, wowed by the thought of becoming an uncle, nonetheless a godfather, made sure that his sister, Amy, had all the help she needed during her pregnancy. And when that day came when Todd became “Uncle Todd,” Todd made sure that his niece and goddaughter, Ashley, knew about his special brand of love. Todd was taken 12 days before Ashley’s first birthday. At Todd’s memorial service, Todd’s brother-in-law, Alex, promised both Ashley and Todd that Ashley would grow up knowing about her Uncle Todd.

    Todd’s special brand of love continued until his last phone call home on September 11th. Todd’s final conversation with his mom reveals much about the kind of person he was. After the plane struck Tower One, Todd called his mom on a cellular phone and told her that she would hear about an explosion at the WTC. He said he was walking down the stairs and was fine. His mom asked if he had spoken to his dad (who was in the same tower on the 77th floor and survived the attack). Todd said, “I just spoke to him and he is fine.” Later it was revealed that no conversation between Todd and his dad took place. Todd’s voice was strong and without fear as he used his last moments to protect his mother.

    We love and miss you, Todd.

    Todd's family,
  • Todd, You will always be our hero.
    Uncle Eddie & Aunt Amal

    Uncle Eddie & Aunt Amal Ouida

    Edward Ouida, Uncle Eddie & Aunt Amal
  • I miss Todd and treasure the memories of him and his kindness to all.

    Erik Mirrow, Cousin
  • Dearest Todd, the only thing that makes our grief bearable is the memory of your love of and zest for life. We strive to honor you with our own.
    Love, Aunt laurie

    Laurie Corey, Aunt
  • Let us speak with words of beauty and strength
    Let us act with strength and courage
    Let us guide ourselves with dreams of greatness
    Let us heal one another with caring whispers
    Let us grow in love of God and Spirit
    All in your name, Todd Joseph Ouida.

    Aunt Debbie, Todd's aunt
  • I met Todd in the summer 1997 he was a summer intern and I was very impressed how smart he was and how quick he learned the market. So when that summer finished I asked him if he would want to come and work for us once he finish College and he replied they don’t want me and I said to him who said that, you are a very smart guy and you know more than the junior brokers and he just gave me a great big smile. So when he finished school he took me on my offer. Todd worked with my son Nestor and they both got along very well, my son used to accompany him to Yankees game and Nestor started to give him books for him to read and then he was so into reading after that. Todd loved his family especially his niece and god daughter he would bring me pictures of her all the time and he was right she is so beautiful and god bless her. I loved Todd like he was my son too. He was very respectful and always helped me if I asked him. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I know that he is up in heaven with my son reading books and watching baseball, hockey and all the stuff he loved. Heaven does have an angel.

    With much love and until we meet again
    Alicia Leguillow Administrator-coworker

    Alicia LeGuillow, His administrator
  • Dear Todd…I will always treasure the wonderful family vacations we had the past three years and how much love you showed us all. You will always be in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers. Love, Helen

    Helen Morik, Brother-in-law Alex' Mom
  • Dear Todd:

    There will always be an empty spot that only you can fill, in the hearts of those who love you so much. We all love and miss you dearly.

    We find comfort in the fact that Jesus said,
    “I am the resurrection and the life. He that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life.” John 11:25 Jesus would never make a promise, and then not keep it. We plan on seeing you in the future!

    We love you Todd, and we miss you too!

    Alex Mirrow, cousin
  • Todd, There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t think about you and all the happiness you brought to me. Our trip to Italy was the most special, unforgettable time in my life. I could go on for hours about all the memories between us …I cherish each and every one. I have never met someone who could put a smile on my face the way you could and still do. The bond we share is one that will last forever in my mind and in my heart. Words cannot describe the void the world has without you in it. Everytime I see “your” little Ashley I feel as though I am looking at a part of you. She’s got your winning personality and because of that alone she is a shining star in this world. Staying close to your family keeps me close to you. You will always occupy a very special place in my heart Todd..I miss and will love you forever..love, Amy-Lisa (your one and only “pumpkin”)

    Amy, girlfriend, "your pumpkin"
  • I remember our 1st date at Santangelos, you got lost driving to pick me up and you were surprised that I actually knew the rules of football. Meeting you at camp, we used to joke, was love at first sight. The year that we dated was some of the best and memorable months of my life. 9/11 will always be remembered as a day of extreme tragedy, sadness and pain. But, what will unfortunately always live forever in my mind, is the fact that you & I had plans that night to go to watch the Yankees play at the Stadium. We never got to use those tickets…..
    I hope that you are in a place right now with lots of winning Yankee and Jets games to watch and tons of chicken parm to eat. I think and pray for you and your family every day and miss talking and emailing you more then you know. You are, and will always remain, my first love.
    Love, Faith

    Faith Levine, Friend
  • Todd had a special way that warmed the hearts of everyone who knew him. He has left us all with many beautiful memories. Todd, your phone call to your mom says it all. You are my hero.
    your cousin Stacy

    Stacy Hecht, Cousin
  • My heart goes out to the Ouida family. Though I only met Todd briefly, I got the chance to enjoy his friendliness and experience a spectacular weekend with him in Dublin last summer. I’ll never forget the fun we had on the way to the U2 concert in the tiny van we had rented. I sat in the middle with Todd to my left and my friend Paul (who also perished on the 11th) sat to my right. I am sorry we never got the chance to meet up when we were back in NYC. God bless all of you and I hope, through time, your pain will ease.

    Brendan Keegan, acquaitance
  • Todd was the little brother I never had and always wanted. Right before I moved to London I sold Todd my BMW. I will never forget the look on his face when we went to the garage to pick it up. He was so happy. The next day he came to work and handed me two checks, one for the car and the other was 200.00. I asked him what it was for and he said it was to pay for the detailing of the car. I asked him to take it back, and he insisted I keep it. He said driving home was one of the happiest days of his life. That memory is so precious to me.
    Besides providing laughter on the desk on a daily basis, thanks for giving me something to keep in my heart. The precious memeory of that day.
    My husband and I will always miss you and feel very lucky we had the chance to be a part of your life……….
    Love Rachel

    Rachel Hatton, co-worker, friend
  • Todd,

    Today is May 17th, 2003, one day before your birthday.

    For a long time I’ve been meaning to write but have been unsuccessful. Today Todd I can feel your presence guiding me. Today I woke up thinking about you and the great memories we shared being a part of a wonderful family. I mean WOW… are we lucky!! I had so much fun growing up and how I used to look forward to the times the family used to get together for Christmas. Usually the whole family wouldn’t be able to make it but watch out if they did!! But there would always be plenty of good times with those that could make it as well as plenty of high jinx!!

    Our family is spread out so for the smaller holidays only those close by would get together. We were both part of the North East group, so we would see each other a few times a year.

    Now, I remember way before you were born or even thought of for that matter, your Dad and Mom when they first met. I must have been 5 or 7 years old. I remember your Mom very vividly because she made such an impression on me. A very good impression at that. For up until I met your mom, I had never met a woman or any person who made me feel like your mom did. It is so clear to me even to this day. Those who are fortunate enough to know my Aunt Andi know what I mean. She’s as clear and beautiful as fine crystal. And I am proud to say my beautiful cousin Amy, your sister, has inherited these same qualities.

    I remember when your Dad and Mom got married. I was there. I threw rice. And then your sister Amy was born. And we all sang songs. And the house in New Jersey with the built in pool. And the first time we drove there, my dad couldn’t find the house and yelled out…HERBIE!! And your dad appeared on the front lawn smiling.

    Soon after Jordan exploded onto the scene and in the flick of my eye was like this star football player in school. And there was Amy and Jordan for a while and then you were born.

    And I remember you Todd as this skinny little kid. And I as your older cousin felt protective of you. You felt like the little brother I never had. When I came over and we went around the corner to get candy or whatever, I started to feel how it felt to be responsible for someone. I enjoyed having you as my little cousin. And then there were the years when you were having problems. I didn’t see much of you during this time, only heard things. And then one day I walked into your house and you were all grown up. You were no longer a skinny little kid. You were drinking this stuff you said made you gain weight. And you were playing football and working out. And you had this easy smile which exuded confidence and which said, I know who I am, I am what I am, and thats okay.” And I thought to myself, Yeah… that’s right.

    Todd…thank you for your smile.

    Greg Hecht, Cousin
  • Todd

    almost 5 years and yet that bright, white smile of yours never leaves my mind. I have so much to tell you and miss our laughs together…I know that you and my father are probably playing lots of golf together eating chicken parm and taking care of each other. I named my daughter after your goddaughter, Ashley..I honestly believe that you and my dad are up there together..that alone brings peace to me. Good night KID…(you have me calling everyone “KID”)I miss you

    Amy Lisa Schwartz, Girlfriend
  • Todd-
    wow your family gets bigger every year. I just got a photo of Aidan Todd..I can’t believe how much he looks like you and AMY! I love how your name is carried on

    I miss you

    Amy Lisa, Friend
  • I received an invitation to the 6th Annual Birthday Event for Todd’s Children Foundation which led me to read all the loving tributes to Todd, whom I never met.

    What a beautiful human being. I was very touched by all the loving messages addressed to Todd.

    “Darkness may hide the trees and the flowers from the eyes but it cannot hide love from the soul.” Kahlil Gibran

    Spiritually, Rev. Faridi McFree

    Rev. Faridi McFree, A 9/11 Survivor
  • Dear Cousin Todd,

    Aya and I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday up in Heaven…

    You will always be missed by so many down here… but I am sure we will all see you one day again in Heaven.


    Greg and Aya

    Greg and Aya, Cousin
  • I can’t believe it’s already 2008..not a day goes by that I don’t remember something about you. I started training for a half marathon and at the end of all my runs, I end up at your bench in River Edge..next to my house. It makes me feel close to you..the other day I sat on the bench and a bird came and sat right next to me..made me think…God we all miss you Todd Joseph Ouida..you are helping children everyday.

    Amy Lisa, BEST FRIEND
  • Hey Todd,

    We wish you a wonderfully and Happy Birthday! My gosh, as cliche as it sounds, time flies!!

    Your actions during your last few moments taught us all about what love really is… I think you have made your parents extremely proud. You’ve made us all very proud!

    I will not allow myself to feel despair because you are no longer with us, instead I’ll allow myself to feel inspired by your time with us.

    I know that is the choice you would want us to make!!

    Happy Birthday in Heaven!!

    Love your cousin,


    Greg Hecht, Cousin

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