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  Edward J. Papa

Date of Birth: July 1, 1954
Department: Government Securities
Position: Vice President, Partner

We’re not ready to say goodbye to you, and never could we imagine that it would be in such a way. This incomprehensible tragedy has touched not only us, our family and friends, but has brought anguish to the lives of so many others as well.
In the face of hopelessness, we must depend upon the intense closeness that we share as a family to get us through the coming days. We have been blessed with an incredible family, for which we have been thankful throughout our lives. The strength, love, humor, and care that have always filled our home has continually amazed not only us, but everyone who our family has touched.
In bearing witness to the love that you and mom have always shared and shined upon us, we have learned to be good, kind and humble human beings. Sincerity, kindness and humility have been at the root of everything you brought to this world, shining through in your smile, your voice and your eyes.
Ever since we were small, we knew that we had a strong father who would protect us and never allow us to feel alone or scared. We remember you putting us to bed as children, chasing the monsters from our heads with the soothing lullabies of James Taylor as we’d lie upon your chest, smelling your scent, and listening to your heart beat, the rhythm of safety.
As we grew and began to traverse our individual paths, you never ceased to guide, support and love the women we have become. We each looked forward to the car rides back and forth from college or airports or basketball tournaments, when each of us could have you to ourselves for a few hours, as you played us your favorite songs, told us stories of your life, and passed on your wisdom. Liz, Michelle and I looked forward to your surprise phone calls, just to check up on us and tell us you loved us, while Kacee and mom enjoyed your company every day at home, be it at the dinner table or relaxing together on the weekends.
We all remember you playing the guitar Michael Hart gave you, your sweet voice as it filled the room with James Taylor, Neil Young and Jackson Browne. We vividly recall the quintessential image of you as you barbequed on our deck, whether it be on a hot summer day or frigid winter night. The traditions we shared as a family were very special to all of us: the enormous Sunday dinners, the holidays shared with our wonderful extended family, the SPECTACULAH vacations on the Vineyard that meant so much; our times at the Vineyard were the portion of each year set aside solely to eat, drink, be merry and let the love of our family and friends saturate the air around us.
Dadzo, you’ve taken such great care of us, always putting us and mom before yourself. You were an amazing provider, never were we in want or need of anything. You’ve shown us what it means to be generous, thoughtful, selfless and compassionate. You learned from your own parents, our beloved Grama and Poppy, the importance of opening your arms and your heart to anyone who would come into our home. You opened the door of 60 Highwood to all of our friends, frying up Eddie McMuffins for one and all and offering paternal affection for those in need. You gave so freely of yourself to others, yet you also allowed for a bit of self-indulgence in life. You taught us to live each day to the fullest. The resounding glow of your spirit will live on in each one of us, in every moment of every day, in everything that we do. We know you will always be here with us, for the rest of our lives, holding our hands, encouraging us to follow our dreams and the paths that we choose. We will take care of mom and we will take care of each other, as you have taken care of us all these years.
We love you so much Dadzo.

Patricia Papa, Wife
  • Eddie P., you were one of the finest people I ever had the privilege of knowing. You are in the company of angels now; down here you were a solo act. I will count on you for inspiration in those moments when I’m all too human. Look after us, and may your spirit deliver us all to higher moments in our own lifetimes.

    P.J.Kelly, co-worker, friend
  • I worked with Eddie from the time he joined Cantor until April 2000.When Eddie joined the firm I worked side by side with him and I always admired how calm and cool he was when all was chaos around him.He was probably the fairest and nicest person I have ever met.I enjoyed our many rounds of golf together with our coworkers and our friends out at Nassau.He loved to play golf and I enjoyed helping with his game whenever I could.My thoughts and prayers are with Patty and the girls.God Bless

    John H., Friend and coworker
  • Eddie…It is difficult to sum up what I am feeling in a short paragraph. I often wondered how each and every day, you managed to smile and act like the world was yours. I never once saw you in a weak moment and I always admired that. Every person who crossed paths with you in life is fortunate and better off for having done so. I will especially remember all the times we broke bread together after work and talked about life. The advice you gave was always sincere and honest. I am merely one of many people who miss your calming influence in my daily life. I am thankful for knowing you and your Family. Rest assured knowing that you will never be forgotten.

    William D. Roberti, Friend, Co-Worker
  • Eddie Papa-One of my FAVORITE people at C.F. I would say that to him, whenever we ran into each other; kitchen, hallway, etc. I liked Eddie from the moment I met him. We shared many common interests. I loved listening to his stories. Bascially, they were always the same. Where he was going on vacation next, what he cooked this past weekend and of course his wife and daughters. I remember thinking what a great man he is and how lucky his family is. The world has lost a truly great person. I pray for the Papa family and my friend Eddie. God Bless You. I will never forget you. Your friend Fina.

    Josephine Scala, Friend/Former Co-worker
  • I met Eddie when he came to Cantor and he had a smile on his face that day and always. He was one of the nicest, sweetest people I ever met. He never had a bad word to say about anyone. It always amazed me how happy he was. I hope we can all learn someday to have his outlook on life. I pray for your family Eddie and you will never be forgotten by those of us who got to know you.

    Mary Terjesen, former co-worker/friend
  • Eddie P…What a great guy! A true gentleman at all times. Always smiling, lighthearted and full of life! I worked with Ed from the mid 80’s through the mid 90’s and he was really one-of-a- kind. He got along with everyone. He was well diversified in all walks of life, and could carry on a conversation about anything, with anyone.
    But what I remember most about him was his love for his family. I remember as my family was getting started in the 1990’s, and we talked about sons and daughters. He had 4 daughters, and said if he could do it all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing. Boy, was he proud and loving of his daughters. Always talking about their successes, and at the same time, their uniqueness!
    He was an inspiration and role model to me as a new father. As word spreads of this tribute page, they’ll need a hell of a lot of pages to get all of his tributes down. That’s how popular he was. His beautiful memorial service was a testiment to that. What a shame. But I know he will live on in his great family.

    Former co-worker, Friend
  • Eddie..you are one in a million. I have known you and your family since I was a little girl. I will always remember you making Mags and I Eddie McMuffins at any hour of the night that we craved them. Always rushing into the kitchen with your pants pulled up over your belly, making us laugh and wanting to hear the new gossip in my life. You always took an interest in my life and in me and I can remember Mags and I always wanting you and my dad to become the best of friends. You two had that opportunity to play golf, have a few drinks and it was like you two knew each other forever. I am happy that my father got the chance to know a man who acted like a second father to me throughout my life. I am glad I got to know you in my 22 years of living and I will never forget your smile, your laughter and your love. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you and not a minute goes by when I walk into your house and wish I could just hear your voice.
    I love you, Eddie, and I promise you I will continue, forever, to be the best friend that I can be to your family.

    Cheryl Cassino, friend of the family
  • This horrific act was made more tragic by the taking of your precious life.But my heart was lightened by my memory of how you dealt with things. In a ruthless business,with heartless management,you always smiled,forgave,moved on, and endured.You focused on family,the task at hand and did so with a diginity and grace I don’t expect to see again.Obviously,you touched all who knew you.As we search for meaning and a silver lining,I know your influence will help us find them.You were a gentleman, a true diamond in the rough and you will be intensely missed.

    dan monchek, former co-worker
  • Eddie….to know you and be a part of your wonderful, wonderful family is the best blessing I have received. From that first day Tom and I met you at the nursery school we felt that we had met someone who accepted us and would be a wonderful and dear friend forever. Who knew that forever would be so short?? How to explain the connection we felt that lasted for 15 years, through late night Xmas Eves with Mike, the house hunting we did, the ease we felt and the acceptance you gave us and invited us into your family and to share in the tremendous warmth and closeness and spirituality that emanated from your home and from you. You helped to make us who were are now. We miss you and wish you were here. But we are forever grateful for all you have given us and given our family and I will love Patti forever and she is truly my best and truest friend. I cannot replace you, I can only hope to help Patti, Michelle, Maggie, Liz and Kacee throught this horrific time by being there for them as you were always there for us. You are the Perfect Friend.

    Mary, friend
  • Dear Eddie,
    Not a day goes by when we don’t think about you. We will miss the glow of the Christmas lights on your home. We will miss the glow of your wonderful smile when you used to say “Hi Guys”. It was just the way you said it. I really can’t explain.
    We loved hearing about your trips to the BC games and your adventures on Martha’s Vineyard. The Striped Bass and recipe to cook it that you gave us this past summer was the best.
    Eddie, you really touched out lives in a way you cannot imagine. Our hearts are broken……

    Dear Patti, Michelle, Maggie, Elizabeth and Kacee, our prayers are with you all and always remember we will be right here if you ever need ANYTHING.

    Marvin & Fairlene Steiger and Family, Friend/Neighbor
  • To the ‘Papa family’ I would like to say I am sorry for your huge loss. Ed was one of the few people I worked with at Fundamental Brokers that made an impression on me, he was honest, caring and made everyone feel they were important. His love for his family was apparent to anyone who knew him. It was a pleasure knowing him and I will miss the chats we had in the Cantor Cafe about our children.

    Tracy Rogich

    Tracy Rogich, Former Co-Worker
  • A man they could model the rest of the world with. A kinder, nicer, more humane person you will never meet. God bless your family always.

    Russell Fiordimondo, former co-worker
  • Eddie, you were special and I was very happy to have known you. It was always so easy to talk to you. I guess, being a former taxi driver gave you good training to be a people person. No matter how blessed you were you never forgot how to treat people. Eddie, G-D gave you the chance to have a reunion with your family in Oregon last Summer. And you even climbed Mt. Rainer! I do not think I would have the guts to do that, but you did. Let us use you as an example to cherish our loved ones while we can, for we do not know what tomorrow will bring. G-D Bless you. My condolences go out to his whole family.

    David Bellows, Co-worker and Friend
  • Eddie Papa was the nicest guy at Cantor. One of the best hires Cantor ever had was Mr. Papa. He was a real pro, a class act. He was Mr. Cool under pressure. He had what all of us wanted, the ability to handle all circumstances while never losing control. He was a true professional and it was an honor to have known him and his family. He was also a very generous man. In 1994, Eddie P. was selling his BMW 325I convertible and he knew that I happened to be in the market of buying a car. He offered his car to me for the weekend and told me take it for a spin and let me know what you think. Well I was hooked, he was right and I still own the car.

    Papa was the BEST !!!! I will miss him dearly. God bless your family.

  • You only have to look at the picture. Was Eddie ever without a smile? He was truly Mr. Up. the nicest things to say about everyone and always with a laugh. I will miss you Ed and will never forget that smile.

    Saul Handelsman, friend and co-worker

    Al, former co-worker
  • I met Ed for the first time on the Vineyard. I was there with my husband and son for our first time. (Thanks to Ed)He was the one who suggested Martha’s Vineyard to Steven. I am so thankful for that, because that is one of my fondest memories I have of my husband. My husband and Ed exchanged cell phone #’s so that when we arrived to the Vineyard they would contact eachother for a round of golf. He stopped by our cottage on his way from a 36mile bike ride. I know he was preparing for something like a tri-athalon. He came in all sweaty and smiling like crazy. I remember saying to my husband “wow, he’s really nice” he went out of his way to make sure he made time for Steven, he really wanted to show Steven how great the golf course was. Ed told us about two great restaurants and we were able to have two great romantic dinners. I think about Eddie often and I wish I could thank him. I look at his picture, because now he is with my husband making heaven a better place…….complete with a bigger and better golf course I’m sure!!! With love, Tara

    Tara Strobert, strobie's wife
  • I never met Mr. Papa but I went to high school with Michelle and Maggie. I only heard the most wonderful things about your father/husband. I’m so sorry for your loss. I wanted to send my deepest sympathy to the Papa family.

    Tara Friedman, Friend
  • We worked together at FBI. Eddie Papa was probably one of the most beautiful people to grace this earth. His beauty was apparent inside & out. I never remember a time when Ed was out of hand or out of line. He was a class act through & through. His behavior was impeccable & set the standard for all to follow, Yet no one came close. Yours is an absolute heartwrenching loss. I pray for you & family.

    Lisa Russo, former co-worker
  • Peace

    Rich Bolton, friend
  • I just saw Patti recently, and I felt it was not the right place to bring it up. She seemed so relaxed. I love you papa girls, and nothing, words or whatever will ever explain. please believe me that I am always thinking of you all, and you are not at all alone. My heart is with you, and your father in his white beamer, and that huge smile he had… he wants you to carry on

    Marie, Old friend

  • I didn’t know Mr. Papa too well.. but I did caddy for him at Nassau in August of 2001. All I can say is, he was the nicest guy I have ever met! He asked me about entering my Freshman year in college, my interests, etc. I remember him stopping me in the middle of the round on the 8th hole and saying, “Joe, can I tell you that you’re doing a terric job!” (I didn’t think I was doing anything out of the ordinary).. a truly friendly, genuine guy. I didn’t hear of him passing until months later.. Mr. Papa’s spirit lives on. I now work at Cantor Fitzgerald. I hope one day I can be just like him.

    Joseph Labriola, Friend
  • Eddie–I was thinking of you last month as I spent a week in the Cape. As you remember, the Vineyard was my favorite and because I had that Mooney airplane, it was easy for me to fly up to Edgartown for the day; or an overnight at Nantucket.

    But I tell your story to everyone. The smile on this picture is what I remember. You were TOO sweet to be in this business; but you DID adapt and you were successful. Before I was at Cantor and worked and managed a desk at RMJ, I constantly berated my broker who covered Maureen Wright at Chemical/Chase.I couldn’t get him to get more business out of her because of you. And her boss was my best friend!

    Well, I always tell your story re: The Vineyard. I live in California now but my good friend, Iggy Fanlo, who you know, was getting married in Chatham. This was the first time I was in the Cape
    since 1998 and I still think of how lucky you were to have those BC friends to spend every summer with on MVY.

    I always tell the story of the guy that was WAY too nice for this business but was successful at the job, as well as with his wife and daughters. God bless.

    David Halpert, Co-worker
  • Eddie
    You’re never forgotten!
    Let’s go Hawks!
    West Hempstead Little League

    Rich Forzano childhood friend
  • Thinking of a great guy today. Always upbeat and smiling. Leo McMahon I was an Assistant Golf Professional at Nassau Country Club in the 80s. Ed always had time to say hello and check in.

    Leo McMahon

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