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  Robert David Peraza

Date of Birth: May 26, 1971
Department: 104th floor
Position: Bond Trader

My older brother Rob was a man who was unwilling to quit. He was always determined to tackle the task at hand no matter what it took. Some call that being stubborn; some call that plain old-fashioned guts. He had a very caring family, who loved and supported him, and he could make friends with everyone. You always heard that Rob was a great guy, the life of any party. With his contagious laugh and zeal for life this guy could do it all. Here was also a man who had overcome a lot in his life. What he overcame was his own personal confrontations with more resolve and guts than anyone I have ever known. It was all coming together for Rob, the great job, life in the big city and a beautiful girlfriend. Rob wouldn’t want us to mourn but to Celebrate his Life. Missed and loved by all who knew him. He has a lot of work to do as the guardian angel for so many. In an imperfect world, Rob was genuine, loyal and a great friend. We all miss his smile and laugh and the love he spread to all he encountered.

Rob’s memorial website that the family has set up: www.rdperazamemorial.com

Neil J, Bob & Sue, Rob’s Younger Brother and Parents
  • My dearest Rob-

    Where do I begin? Even though we had only dated for a short time, I felt as if I had known you all of my life. I am truly the world’s luckiest girl to have been spoiled by such a special person. I will never forget our long walks in Central Park with Otis, playing your favorite card game with Steve and Rachel, or bonding with our Bonaventure friends. I love you always!

    Megan & Otis

    Megan, Girlfriend
  • I did not know Rob for a long time, but I knew the kind of man that he was just by the impact of joy that he brought my sister. I miss you Rob and you will forever be in my heart. I think of you all the time.

    Erin Cressy, Rob's sister-in-law
  • Declan and I did not know Rob as well as we should have. It rained when we were suppossed to go kayaking and I was too tired to go out when he came to Long Island. You see, we thought we had more time. Of course now we know how false that is. I can say Declan and I were there on one of Rob’s happiest days, the day he met Megan. I remember they talked all night at the party and on the train that night Megan already wanted to call him from my cell phone. He called her the next day – they were both smitten. I only met Rob in person once after that but I will always think of him when I eat sorbet or listen to an Elvis song and those aren’t bad times.

    Roslyn Ludlam and Declan Conroy, Our best friend's boyfriend
  • He had a heart as big as NYC and was always there when you needed him. Rob there is never a day that goes by that I don’t think of the good times that we had together. We will golf again someday-Gringo…

    Joe Zamparelli, Friend
  • Our goal from day one of this years fantasy football league was to make sure Gryczka did not win it. On Monday the 10th we were going back and forth on email to try and come up with a plan of attack. All of that seemed so trivial the next day. The little things he did that made a big difference is what made him so special. The things that no one else would think to do, but if they made you happy he would do it. The only other 49er fan that I knew of at Bonaventure. You will be missed, you are in my thoughts everyday. Everyone should be so lucky to be able to know someone like Rob.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, Gryczka came in 2nd.

    Joe (Joeboo) Corona, Friend
  • Robby Love,
    I never thought in a million years that I would be writing this about you. You are such a survivor, such a hard worker, a true-hearted, caring friend, If you didn’t make it out, I am surprised that anyone survived. Rob, I miss you everyday and think about you all the time. I know that when my light goes off mysteriously in my basement when I am down there alone-you are there. I know that when I am down and depressed you are there to raise my spirits and help me get back to living.
    It is hard to believe all the plans we had for the future without you, but you are with me and all your friends and family. You are in our hearts and in our minds. Your brother is right when he says that you have a tough job ahead of you being the guardian angel for all those people who miss you so much. I take such pleasure in the fact that I got to spend time with you in July and hug you and say goodbye when you and Megan took us to the airport. I never thought that would be goodbye, but for now and in this life it must be. Gretchen and I pray for you and keep your pictures everywhere. I look forward to telling my children about you Robbie and how the world cried on 9-11-01.
    The world lost a great person and I lost my good friend-I miss you Robbie and I look forward to seeing you again. Your forever in my heart and my mind! GOD BLESS!

    Mark S. Pittman, Friends
  • Rob had a laugh that made everyone around him smile. I think about him all the time and look back on all our times at Bonaventure with fondness. My thoughts and prayers are with Megan and Rob’s families. Until we meet again.

    Marybeth Dee, friend
  • Brother of mine: Hard to believe it’s been four months. Not a minute goes by when you don’t cross my mind. I’ve gotten beyond the constant crying, but the pain is still there. You’ve left so many good people. I am amazed everyday when I hear all the good words about you. My only regret is that I didn’t get to know you that way as an adult. For some stupid reason, we were always too busy. But all we have now is time. I run 5 miles every other day and I feel all we do is talk. It’s the closest I can get to you. You’ve brought me closer to Mom, Dad & Joan and have introduced me to a wonderful person in Megan. I find myself laughing as I read the funny beer stories about you. No matter what you did you always had passion – no matter what. You had a way to invigorate everyone around you to Life. I miss you. I miss the fierce rivalries even if it was only a card game. I miss the arguments – cause you were never wrong 🙂 Most of all I miss the friend that I was getting so much closer to. Your in my every breath Rob. Keep the party down in heaven, I’ll be there someday to play a round.

    Neil, Younger Brother
  • Rob,

    There are a ton of memories that I could write here in this space, but there is one that is constant. I would pick you and Megan up at train station everyother weekend, just about. Megan would hop in the front seat of the my Jeep and you in the back. She was usally holding a bunch of flowers that you had given her for no reason. As we drove home you would read the paper that you had picked up for the train ride. I would ask you where my flowers were and you would simply reply “Next time.” As I looked in my rearview mirror a smile would come across your face and intern strike one on mine. You would talk about Otis or the famous celebrity you met that morning in the park. As we approched our house you would simply say “Thanks for the lift”. So now that you are gone, and I look in my rearview mirror I say “Thank you to you for the lift.” The lift of life and love that you gave to all that you met, my family and yours. I love you Rob, and your welcome!

    Katie (May) Robert's Nickname For Me, Megan's Sister
  • Dearest Rob,

    How I missed you this Holiday Season! I always looked so forward to your Christmas card which was always so uplifting and full of good news! I did not send any out this year because it was too painful without yours. I always looked so forward to the most wonderful Thank You cards I ever received from you when I sent you something for Christmas. The only comfort I received was a wonderful card from dear Megan (a beautiful gift you brought into my life and I thank you for that!) and a Thank You card from my other wonderful cousin Neil (one who I also love dearly!) which brought tears to my eyes because it reminded me of yours. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and I want you to know you are a big hero to Jackie who always remembers you and has paid tribute to you time and again through his school. We wear the New York Marathon T-shirts from Megan proudly and often get asked about them and about you. You truly are a hero! I am blessed knowing that you are my guardian angel and you watch over all our family from above. My family and I love you Rob and always will! We will never forget you!

    All my love always,


    Maria Elenbaas, Rob's Cousin
  • I work with Megan’s Mom and feel like I must write something about a young man who brought so much joy to the Cressy family. Before 9/11, Barbara had spoken about this great, fun guy that Megan was going out with. (I’m sure he was someone that Barbara would have hand-picked for Megan if she had the chance) Since September 11th everyone in this office has come to know and admire Rob, through stories and tributes and the love he brought to the Cressy’s in the short time he knew them. Hardly a day goes by that Barbara and I don’t mention him in some context. Only a very special man could touch the hearts of total stangers like me–that’s my tribute to Rob—A very special man.

    Kathy Walsh, Megan's Mom's Co-Worker
  • Hi Rob:
    I want to try and explain the many ways you will forever be a part of our family and how much each of us miss you each in our own way.
    As Meg’s father I see her painful struggling forward each each day. You are the love of her life and she speaks of you in so many loving ways each day. I know you would be proud of her. I am. We hug her hard and often. Many times with no words being exchanged.
    There are photos of you and Meg in various spots around our house. I see Kate, Erin and the Jens, when they are here, look and laugh and get ready to share a particular ‘Rob story’. They miss you so. As Meg’s dad I know in my heart that you would of made the son-in-law of the year at some point. When I visualize family gatherings or our annual fishing trip upstate with Shannon and Colin you were always there with that silly beat up brown hat.
    You need not worry my friend, I know how much you loved her. We will, all of us, care for her even more now. I know that is the way you would want it.

    Mr. ‘C’

    George Cressy, Megan's Dad
  • Rob,

    I felt I knew you before we even met. Megan has told so many wonderful, funny, caring and discriptive stories. You have become a part of our office in a very loving way. As I saw you dance shirtless at Steph’s wedding I knew why you were so special. We continue to enjoy and discuss the memories and love and protect Megan, who is so very important to all of us.

    Patty Fucci – Megan’s friend and colleague

    Patty Fucci, Megan's friend & colleague
  • Monday would have been your 32nd birthday. We are all celebrating your life everyday. Know that we all love and miss you. We’ll be in Boulder, Colorado running the Bolder-Boulder, the same race you ran 22 years ago to the day. Miss you and we’re always thinking of you. Run with us!

    Neil, Brother
  • Of course you are on my mind on this, your 35th birthday. I can’t believe how much time has passed. The world is simply not itself without you in it. I can still hear your voice saying “wicked this” and “wicked that”. “Ms. Robinson” misses you very much.

    marisa robinson, friend
  • Rob, It’s been 5 years to the day and just wanted to let you know that you will never be forgotten. I hope you are watching over us down here .. Miss ya… Your friend. Tom.

    Tom Hereghty, Friend
  • Hey Gringo-
    I am running in my first 5k. You inspired me to do so. Albeit 2008, it is a long time coming. Even though just 5k, I will need your help along the way. My plans are to run a 15k next year and who knows from there.

    Joe Corona, Friend

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