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  Steve Pollicino

Date of Birth: February 2, 1953
Department: Corporate Bond Broker
Position: Vice President

I remember thinking when I first met Steve 30 years ago that there was no such thing as a perfect guy but I was sure that Steve was the closest I would get to finding one.

If you knew Steve you liked him. He was the type of guy who could be comfortable anywhere, in any circle of people, any age and he would manage to have a good time. I’m convinced he had more fun at my high school reunion than I did. Steve did like to have fun and anyone who knew him was on the receiving end of it. He liked to make things happen. Recently my daughter had a bunch of friends at our house and Steve was typically fooling around with his laser light. The 12 year old girls were screaming “what’s that!” My daughter’s answer…”Oh that’s my Dad…he’s like having another kid!” I am so grateful for all the wonderful moments he created for us. I ask you to remember Steve by living each day a little more like he would; with an act of kindnes and a smile. Enjoy yourself, something that doesn’t make sense, have fun with a laser light, “lift your hands up and shout”, jump in a pool with your clothes on, enjoy dinner out at a round table with family or friends and think of him every time you lift a glass and toast.

Jane Pollicino, Wife
  • I have always considered Steve to be the brother I never had. My twin sister and I met him during our 1st yr.of college. Because Steve liked to live each day to its fullest,our lives were forever changed.A day spent with Steve would guarantee that you would receive the most joy that one day could possibly offer.A gathering no matter how big or little,did not truly get going until Steve arrived. In his own way Steve would manage to stir a room up and then slip into the background and let things “take off”.He had a way of bringing a room to life.He could make an ordinary day feel like a holiday.Steve thank you for bringing so much joy and love inot my life.I will keep your smiling face in my mind & your warm, loving spirit forever in my heart.

    Vicki Tureski, Sister-In-Law
  • I like to say that Steve was one of the greatest guys you’d ever wanted to meet. I worked at Cantor for 3 years. In that time, Steve and I grew very close; like going to Jets games on Sunday. We would put a menu together on Friday. When it came to a party and food you knew Steve had it under control. I will miss him very much. God Bless Him and his Family. Bye my friend!
    Love, Zooz

    Anthony Zuzio, friend
  • Steve was a wonderful friend to my husband, Michael Taddonio, who also is a victim of the World Trade Center. Steve and Michael were very close friends. They did a lot of things together and had a close relationship. Steve was always there for Michael, and Michael looked up to Steve as just the best guy around. He was always smiling and just so happy with enjoying life with his wife and family. Steve treasured his family. His children and my children played together on many occassions. Steve and Jane had the best relationship, I believe, a husband and wife could have. My heart is broken, that such a wonderful husband and father has been taken away from this world. Steve was just the picture perfect husband and dad I have ever seen. God Bless his family.

    Denise Taddonio, Friend
  • I used to ride the LIRR with Steve. Any time that Steve was on board you knew the ride would go fast because it would be filled with a lot of fun stories and a lot of laughs. You thought Steve was smiling, until he mentioned Jane or the kids and then his face would really light up! Every one of the train buddies misses Steve beyond words and our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to Jane and their two children each and every day. A few of us had the privilege of attending Steve’s memorial and we left filled with such a tremendous amount of emotion and love. Since that day whenever I find myself living life and feeling down, I think of Steve and live that moment a little better in his memory. Yes Jane, whenever I am making a toast I will lift my glass up a little higher, towards heaven, and think of Steve. It was a privilege to have known you dear friend….I know you are watching over your family as the angel we always knew you were…..God Bless You.

    Julie Sawchuk, LIRR Train Buddy
  • Dear Steve,

    I remmember you as a nice sweet and loving man. I should have never ended our relationship. I never relized how much I miss you till now that you are gone.

    Love always,


    Tara, ex-Girlfriend from childhood
  • There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about this “perfect man”. He enriched the lives of everyone who knew him. I always looked forward to seeing him on family day at our home. I always wondered what Steve would do next to make our day more fun. The following poem is written in his memory.
    Absent Faces
    The absent faces we still see are about you and me.
    We’ll miss them more and more as our country goes to war.
    This face we miss today did not altogether go away,
    Because he’s alive in our hearts and will be everyday.
    We’ll miss his smiling face, the cegar in his hand.
    He’s a hero to his family and throughout our blessed land.
    If he were here today, I know what he would say
    Be strong, go on with your lives, and I’ll meet you all again someday. ……..Uncle Frank

    Frank Elefante, uncle
  • When I remember Steve, I will always smile. One of his greatest gifts was the way he enjoyed life and could make everyone around him laugh. His laughter, fun and spontaneity were contagious. I also recognize how special he must have been for my cousin Jane to have married him. Jane has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. I can only imagine now how much that heart is breaking. The landscape of our family has once again been forever altered, but in the spirit of Steve’s strength, hope, optimism and love, we will carry on in life’s daily rigors knowing that all our lives were made better for having known him. Thank you Jane for bringing Steve into our family. We will all miss him and we love you very much!

    Joe Elefante

    Joe Elefante, Cousin
  • I didn’t know Steve as long as other people but I knew him long enough to realize that he knew how to have fun. Whether it was at the beach, sporting events or going out to dinner, he always made everything more exciting. There was one day when Steve, Steven, my dad and myself went to the Knick game and afterwards Steve had a car ready for us to go out to dinner at the Park Avenue Cafe. We must have stayed there for almost three hours just eating and watching the games. I will never forget the words out of my Dad’s mouth when we came home that day because he said “this was one of the most fun days of my lfe.” I’ve been lucky enough to have had Steve’s son, Steven as a best friend for many years and every time I see him he reminds me more and more of how his Dad was. A lot of friends and family referred to Steve as “Big Steve” for the simple reason that he was bigger than his son, but I realize today that it is more that that because anything Steve did was in a “Big” way and he had a “Big” heart.

    We’ll always miss “Big Steve” and may God Bless him.

    Matthew Franzino, Friend
  • We have had the honor and privilege of living directly across from Steve and his beautiful wife, Jane, and children, Steven and Celeste, for the past six years. Words cannot express the grief we feel over his loss. The care and concern Steve had for us and our children were so greatly apprecitated. So honest, so true. Steve was a man we looked up to. Like a big brother who always had the world and life in perspective. His is a family we aspire to emulate. How often we have said: “If we can raise our kids the way Steve and Jane have raised Steven and Celeste, then we’ll have succeeded at our most important jobs.” We still look for him every time we open our door or pull in to our driveway. The whole block still looks for him. We’ve often heard, but never fully appreciated the expression that an “event has torn at the fabric of our society.” Well, we understand it now. For our block, and our lives on that block, were like a beautiful patchwork quilt, and Steve was the center and most beautiful patch. It’s torn. We miss him. God Bless you, Jane.

    Mitch and Faith Borkowsky, Friend and Neighbor
  • I have known Steve since high school, when we worked together at Pathmark supermarket. Steve was the highlight of our tight knit group of friends. Friends that still socialize together after all these years..I will always remember Steve as one who enjoyed the finer things in life, A fine meal, a great cigar and the best wife a man can ask for. Steve you are missed dearly, but I will always smile when I think about you. You were a great friend

    Bob Terzo, Friend
  • There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Steve and his smile. He has left this world but not our hearts. Steve was loved by everyone. He was probably the most humorous, joyful, friendliest person anyone ever met. I wish he and I could have done the suit joke just “one more time.” I know now that he is OK and is in heaven. One day we will meet him again, hear his jokes and have a laser pointer shining on us. Gone but not forgotten. We all love you Steve.

    Jonathan Thompson, Cousin
  • I got a thank you note today, from a woman named Jane.
    From a town on L.I., Plainview by name
    So that is how I found Cantor’s site, and I’m writing this for Jane and Steve tonight.

    Jane is married to a man whose name is Steve.
    He’s in heaven now; yes, he had to leave.
    SMILING, friendly, joyous, a guy who is great
    These words all described him when he was 8.

    It’s hard to believe that one kid stands out, with so many children running about.
    He showed spirit and love, he was just good as good as gold,
    And I never forgot him, even though I’m now old.

    For I was his teacher in the grade of three
    The most memorable student, he was that for me.
    Yes Steve was the student I remember the best, the one who stood out from all the rest.

    Rest in Peace Sweet Little Boy, Cherished Friend, Beloved Husband, Father, and Family Man.

    My thanks to you, Jane, for the most beautiful thank you I have ever received. It was so nice to see the picture of Steve on the Cantor site. You and your family are in my prayers. Peace!
    Pat O’Brien Weidner
    Teacher Third Grade
    Dutch Lane School
    Hicksville, N.Y. 1960-62

    Patricia O'Brien Weidner, Teacher
  • Whether you worked with Steve or saw him on the 6:11 train,
    a friend he was; you only were to gain,
    He touched so many lives in his own special way,
    an enlightening spirit that will be missed always.

    My husband Mike commuted with Steve as well as did business with him. They had their morning ritual; Mike would buy the Wall Street Journal and Steve would buy the New York Times. When each of them were done with their paper they would switch. So many mornings after the tragedy, Mike would tell me how he would remember those times with Steve.
    Just looking at the picture above is how you would always see Steve. An endless smile.
    Sharon & Mike Frankel

    Sharon & Mike Frankel, Friend
  • I wish I had the writing ability to write what is in my heart. What can I say about Steve that has not been said? He left a mark on this earth that nobody will forget, he was a special person. It’s ironic how he started the laser light, shining it on everyone, and having so much fun with it. Now we are shining a laser on him from Ground Zero. He added so much life to our family. Yes, everyone that met Steve loved him. His memorial mass was a tribute to him; there was standing room only. There are so many happy memories of him, that is why his loss has touched us all so deeply… may Jane’s faith in God sustain her and his memories give her comfort.
    Aunt Annie

    Ann D'amico, Aunt
  • If I only had a chance to say goodbye
    maybe then, I wouldn’t cry
    as I think about us through the years,
    my pillow soaked with tears

    How can my heart be so filled with grief,
    when there’s so much happiness in my belief
    that you’re alive in world I just can’t touch

    If only had the chance
    I’d have looked deep in your eyes and said goodbye
    and that I love you so very, very much

    Tom Campione, 1st Cousin
  • I was five when I first met Steve. Even then he was tall dark and handsome. I’m not sure if he had his signature mustache yet but I am sure he didn’t like cigars.
    I guess you could say we were joined at the hip for the next 15 years or so. During the summer months we would either be swimming in one of our backyard pools or be playing baseball from dawn ’til dusk. When the weather turned cooler, I remember of how good we were as a two-man football team. We quickly became the neighborhood champs as no one could “touch us”.
    As teenagers, we spent most of our time with our first loves; Two beautiful 1969 396 SS
    4-speed Chevelles. His was blue, mine was black. We would race down Andrews Road nearly every chance we got. I, of course, would never admit this to anyone, but his car was just a little bit faster than mine.
    Shortly after that we really met a couple of beauties. His was named Jane and mine was named Stephanie. We married, and we were both blessed with two children. Just last year he mused, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could have my son and your daughter hook up on a date”? We both laughed and said, “Yeah”!
    I cherish those days of our youth and wish, just once more, that we could race down Andrews Road, even though I know who would win.
    I think of Steve and his family everyday and miss him terribly.
    With all the lives he has touched and all the friends he has made, I am so grateful and honored to have been his first and longest friend.
    Bob Kalos

    Bob Kalos, First and Longest Friend
  • Hey Steve all I to say is I still miss you buddy I’ll never forget you Rest in Peace my friend I’ll aways lookout for your family


    Anthony Zuzio, friend

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