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  Christopher A Racaniello

Date of Birth: August 20, 1971
Department: Operations

No words are powerful enough to describe Christopher. Kind, generous, intelligent, generous, easy going, handsome doesn’t even scratch the surface. Not only were you killed, but part of us died with you also. All our dreams for you were just about to be fulfilled. September 11th and Christopher Peter are now one and the same. Life will never be the same. Our hearts will never stop pining for your smile, hello or “yeah right.” We continue our walk in life looking forward to being with you again sometime in the future. You don’t know how much your parents suffer. You don’t know how much, with you away, our home was full of grief, full of grief. Mom and Dad

Frank V. Racaniello, Father
  • Chris was my first kiss and boyfriend when we were just 13 years old. Dated twice and as we met up again for the 3rd time just 3 1/2 years ago, we finally realized we were true soulmates. We were meant to be together for a lifetime as husband and wife. We had planned that special day to be this Saturday,Nov. 24th. It aches my heart knowing we cannot complete our dream. However, I am comforted by all the wonderful memories I have of our rewarding 16 year friendship. Chris, you will be the warm loving glow in my heart always.

    Lisa Greco, fiance

  • I really got to know Chris when we all went to Hawaii to celebrate my sister’s wedding. I would always tell him he belonged on the set of the “Sopranos”, because of the way he would speak. Even though I only knew him for a couple of years, I knew that he had a kind heart, and would help anybody in their time of need. He will be greatly missed by a lot of people.

    Nikol Eisenhandler, Friend
  • I knew Chris through Lisa and it was the greatest gift from Lisa. I remember a funny story about Chris. Nick and I had just gotten a truck and Chris wanted to take us 4 wheel driving in Montauk. He took Nick first. It was an easy course for Nick and then it was my turn. Chris assured me that it would be just has easy. It was so scary. My head was on his shoulder and he was steering the car down the power lines in Montauk. Even though I thought we were all going to flip over, I felt so safe that Chris was in control. He never broke a sweat, wasn’t scared, very confident. I am not sure how to continue life without Chris in my life, but somehow I feel that he will guide us all in the right direction. I love you Chris.

    Lisa Goudoras, Best Friend
  • I put relationship as family, because Chris was family to me. He was cousin to my daughter-in-law Tina. He was always the life of family parties, barbeques, and everyone’s favorite person. He made all feel welcome and special. I remember Glenn Sr. telling me they met at work sometimes. I believe they were together Sept.11 and now. Thank you God, for the brief time I knew Chris. Life has changed forever and will take a long time getting used to. We will always miss him. God Bless those who will always love him and help them in their grief.

    Barbara Travers, family
  • Chris was only older than me by 8 months, and as cousins, we shared a lifetime of family memories. He was one person that truly knew the meaning of family. He was always looking out for everybody, family and friends. When there was a heavy snowfall, it was almost guaranteed that he would pull up in his truck, making rounds to see if anyone needed anything. When there was furniture to be moved, he would jump at the opportunity to help and volunteer his truck. Whenever I, or anyone needed his help, we always knew that Chris was there. He never said no.
    He came and visited me at work, announcing himself as “Tina’s favorite cousin” and that is so true. It will always be true.

    Tina C. Travers, Cousin
  • I remember when Christopher was born. I worked with his Grandmother Iride in 1970. I remember like yesterday how excited she was when Sandra got pregnant. I had a girl at the time she was 5 months old. I kept telling Iride she’ll have a girl! Then came that special day, Christopher was born! How happy she was.I would see pictures and watch the two boys grow for years to come. Even after retirement we kept in touch. She was always keeping me up with her Sandra and her grandsons. I believe he was to be married on his
    grandparents’ anniversary. I have some comfort in knowing he is with the grandmother and grandfather
    who loved him so much!
    God Bless, Linda

    Linda Gribensk, Friend of his Grandmother/Mother
  • One of my most favorite memories of Chris was at his cousin Tina and Glenn’s wedding. We were in the wedding party together. When we were at a pond taking wedding pictures it started to get a little chilly. Chris gave me his tuxedo jacket to wear to keep me warm. He was a true gentleman. I will always remember that about him.

    Donna LaManque, Friend
  • Chris and I and worked together for 3 years. He was the type of guy that would do anything for you. While attending Chris’s memorial I felt that I even got to know him better. I just want to send my prayers to his family. Chris was one of a kind and I will miss him.

    Eric Golden, friend/ ex-coworker
  • Even though I only knew Chris a couple of years,
    when I met him I knew he was full of energy. He
    always had a smile on his face. I have friends I’ve known for over 20 years, and wouldn’t do as much for me as Chris would do. The only complaint I have about Chris, is that I didn’t get a chance to get to know him better. I think about him every day and wish, as everyone else does, that he was still with us. He used to call me Bro, and that’s how I feel, like I lost a brother. I miss you Bro.

    Anthony Festa, Friend
  • I’ve known Chris since junior high school, because Lisa is my best friend, this was inevitable. As I read everyone’s tributes, I realize that a small piece from everyone’s experiences with Chris, is also what I, too, experienced with him. He treated everyone equally, equally loved. I’ll never forget his squinty smile, his love for fast cars, Montauk and doughnuts!!! And, as he said once in a letter to me and some friends, there will always be a beer on the bar for you, Chris!

    Marci Festa, Friend
  • Chris, after the events of September 11th, the world seemed a lot emptier and sadder without you in it. It is with a heavy heart that I go through each day knowing you aren’t here to brighten everyone’s day with your sense of humor, free spirit and smile. I will fondly look back at the times we shared when we hung out and I wish that I had the chance to get to know you even better. However, in the few years that I did know you, it seemed like we had been long-time friends. Your memory and spirit will always live on through your family, friends, and most importantly, through my good friend and your fiancee, Lisa. I know you are up there watching over us just like you did when you were here. September 11th has changed us all forever…..

    Stefanie Faber, Friend
  • I will always remember the first time I saw Chris. It was July 11th in the summer of 1984. He was riding his bike in the middle of Taft Drive in Montauk listening to “Doves Cry” by Prince. At that time, I had no idea that he would become such a significant part of my life. I feel fortunate, blessed and most of all proud of the fact that I knew Chris and shared many wonderful times and memories with him. He was, and still is, a unique man. Mere words could never truly express the type of person he was. All that knew him were touched by his being and joyed by his presence. I will always hold a special place in my heart for Chris. They always say god only wants the good ones in heaven. Well, now he has the best!

    Jeanne Metta-Rogan, Friend
  • Killer smile. As part of the Lusardi Clan you will always hold a special place in our hearts. Your grandfather Joseph Lusardi has you in his arms now. In BorgoTaro your maternal ancestral home your name will always be enshrined. You were and are a great source of love to your Mom & Dad, watch over them now from Heaven. God Bless you always. Love, Dario & Rose.

    Dario & Rose Rizzi, cousin
  • As 1st cousins go, Chris & I are at opposite ends of the same generation. It was only recently that I began to know him as an adult & what I saw truly touched me. He was kind, generous and funny, always there to help. I am only sorry that I will not have the opportunity to continue to build on this relationship. Words cannot describe the loss that we all feel. He will be missed by all generations to come. Until we me again Cuz.

    Joe Racaniello, Cousin
  • Chris and myself started Cantor just a couple weeks apart. We always had fun and loved to make fun of each other. He loved his weekends in Montauk and never gave up on asking me to meet up with him. Together we were part of a great family at Cantor for five years. His humor and kindness will be missed. My best to his family and friends, he is a great person and his love for all of you is something that will be with you forever. My most sincere thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Tommy Cosenza, Friend & Co-worker
  • I’ve been a part of the Racaniello family for 15 years. For geographical reasons, I’d just heard stories about Chris, until a year ago when Chris became my cousin, not just through marriage. I found out last year that Chris was the epitome of what family means. He had a gift, and from reading his tributes, I realize everyone recognized this gift. September 11th has made me regret that such valuable time has been wasted, but has also made me grateful for the time we did share as a family and as friends. Thank you, Chris, for touching my life.

    Sue Racaniello, Cousin
  • I met Chris when he was about 16 yrs.old. From the first day we met he called me Mom. Chris and my son Jet become the best of friends. Whenever he come to Montauk, he would ask “what’s for dinner?” This past June, Chris & Lisa went out on the boat with us for “The Blessing of the Fleet”. With Chris on board we all has the best time.
    Chris was like a son to me. He will be missed by all and forever in our hearts.
    Mom Damm & Billy
    and forever in our hearts.

    Joan Damm & Billy Pitts, Friends
  • I spoke to Chris mostly every single day for the last 3 1/2 years. Everytime we spoke I was always cracking up. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa and Chris over a year ago. It was a night I would never forget. I miss his jokes over the email and his laughter. He was a great person to know. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about him. I miss him dearly.

    Staci Paul, Friend
  • The first time I ever spoke with Chris I knew I would be in for lots of laughter and smiles. I spoke to him almost every day for four years and I can honestly say it was always a memorable experience. Chris was a wonderful person and will be truly missed. My deepest sympathies to the entire Rancaniello family and especially to his fiance Lisa Greco.

    Jessica Berks, Friend
  • Chris I remember you as a cute, very loving child. even then always full of life, fun and energy. As time went by even though we were first cousin our families lost touch. Last year when my father, your uncle, was so sick, you were there, I thank you and love you for that. I saw in you the connection to my father faimily, and I think you wanted that as much as I did. I loved when you called me cuz. Lisa your future wife, I also saw as a big part of that connection. I lost my father and I lost you in the past year, two wonderful Racaniello men, God must have needed you both, because you were both so wonderful in making a difference in everyone’s life you touched. Uncle Frank, Aunt Sandra & Lisa my heart bleeds for you. Chris my cuz I love you and miss you.

    Linda Schnell, cuz

    Linda Schnell, cousin
  • I met Chris though my husband, Jet. I’ll miss his smile and sense of humor, but most of all the special bond he shared with Jet. They were more than best friends, they were like brothers. Jet and Chris met 16 years ago and while the two of them couldn’t be more different, they formed a friendship that was destined to last a lifetime. We lost a piece of our hearts on Sept. 11. We will miss him always, but he will never be truly gone, we will keep him in our hearts and memories forever

    Jet and Cathy Damm, Friends
  • Chris was my younger brother so I can say that I knew him all of his life. I watched him grow from a child to a ‘guido’ teenager to a fine young man. He was the best man at my wedding and I was supposed to be his. I can attest to what everyone has been saying – Chris was a kind, caring and giving person – anytime anyone needed him, he was there.

    Chris while you may not be with us, I can leave you this tribute as my Christmas gift to you.
    I love you brother and know that we’ll all be together again some day.

    Frank J. Racaniello, Brother
  • Chris had one of the best personalties at work – always smiling, having fun, joking around. We would kid with each other all of the time – he would call me “Cracky” (as in Crackhead – when I did something stupid) and I would call him “Crack-anello” to joke back with him. He was loved by everyone and was an extremely hard worker. I miss our beers together @ John Street Pub on the all you can drink night. I will never forget Chris and my prayers are with him and his family.

    Erik Sulzbach, Friend & Co-Worker
  • Chris although I have known you my whole life we only started to get to know each other over the past year or so. I know that one of your goals was to get to know your family better. I am so happy you achieved that. I really enjoyed your company over that period of time and will cherish it forever. Sometimes tragedies bring families closer and that was true for us. Your uncle, my father sickness did that and I never had a chance to thank you for constantly being there during that time, well thank you “CUZ”. Boy will I miss hearing that on the other end of the phone. You were a very special person and will be missed greatly. So long for now “CUZ” take care of my father for me as I know he is taking care of you. See you on the flip side Chris.
    Love you “CUZ” Rob

    Robert Racaniello, Cousin
  • Christopher was a great guy to know who was always willing to help with my daily call over no matter how busy he was. Although he had moved to another area we still spoke whenever he was helping out Joe P and Frank Naz. Frank and I would often remark on Ford’s being better than Chevy’s which often got the response “Yeah right”.

    Christopher was the original family man, and his first question whenever we spoke was “How’s your family”. I am sure that there is a big hole in the Racaniello family without him around.

    Christopher, I will miss our chats about American cars and what the next Budweiser advert will be. Keep one on ice mate and put my name on it.

    Dean Elton, Friend from London / England
  • I had not seen Christopher in many years but I still have photographs of two beautiful three year old’s..one my daughter, one Christopher at the Lake. My sister’s husband was Christopher’s uncle, he,too, left us much too soon. From all I’ve read, Chris was the one who was always there for everyone, much like his Uncle Tony. They were both one in a million…or two million, always caring,and always the ones to put family and friends before any thought of themselves. I know they are together.

    ann schneider, His Uncle Tony's wifes sister
  • I interviewed Chris for his job and I also trained him. I left Cantor about a month after he started so I really didn’t get to know him that well. But I do remember going out with the guys the night before I left. Chris asked me if I thought he would make it ok. I told him not to worry, that he was doing fine. Obviously he did do fine, as he was there for 5 years. I send my prayers out to his family. God bless you.

    Kerry Ferrara, Former co-worker
  • Each day that passes, you’re missed more and more – your childlike ways, your love and concern for all that were close to you. You always made a person feel special. That’s because you are so special. I never thought we would experience the loss of one of “our kids”, but I thank God that we had you to love. We got to know the child, teenager, and just recently the adult. You know more than we do now, so please pray for us until we meet again.
    P.S. send your Uncle Joe our love too.

    Love you forever,
    Aunt Jane

    Janet Racaniello Bauer, Aunt
  • Having never met Christopher makes me feel sad. I was flipping through Newsday one morning and became numb seeing the Racaniello name in the newspaper. I was so moved and so sad. Since that day I have come to realize I have family I never knew about and it makes me realize how something good can come out of something so sad. In a way it has become my connection to him and his family. I mourn for Chris as I would mourn for my own family.

    Jamie Racaniello, cousin
  • I wanted to write something in tribute to Chris a long while ago but only now was able to find the website. I’m happy I found it so close to his birthday, August 20. If I could send him a card it would how much we loved and miss him and how we hold him and his family in our hearts an d prayers. He was so special–so full of fun and life, so caring and genuine. Joe always talks about their video reviews with each other. All we can wish for his birthday is a peaceful time for eternity with God.

    Rose Criscione, Godmother
  • St. Francis of Assisi said that all the darkness in the world can not extinguish the light of a single candle.This past year proved your light indeed did shine bright in your brief lifetime love Mom and Dad September 11th 2002

    frank Racaniello, father
  • Dear Chris, On this day, September 11th, 2002, I wanted to say that a little piece of you will be carried on in all your family.. You taught us alot by being a loving, generous, caring, wonderful man. You were always there when you were need. I know that you and your Uncle Joe are watching over us always.. Till we meet again! Love ya!

    Kathy Racaniello, Cousin-in -law
  • It’s been a year and you are still deeply missed. I cherish the memories I have of my favorite coz and I will do my best to pass those memories on to your new little cousin. I can only hope that she will be as lucky as I am to have such wonderful family memories. As new generations are born and new traditions are beginning, you will always be there when I look at my daughter and when I call her by her name, Hope Christopha. You will never be forgotten. We will never forget.

    Tina Travers, Cousin
  • Chris,
    It’s October 16, 2002 a little over a year since that day that you left us. We miss you so much.
    Especially when we’re all together. Thanks for the fond memories. We’ll cherish them forever.
    Your name is a household word and it always will be. I just read something and it said – Nothing is past – nothing is lost. One brief moment and all will be as before – only better, infinitely happier and forever we will all be one in Christ.
    Until then,
    All my love, Aunt Jane

    Janet Racaniello Bauer, Aunt
  • I met Chris a couple of times when I visited Karen at Cantor. Karen introduced all the guys that worked up there. My recollection of Chris was that he was a sharp young man who treated people with respect. Recently I met Chris’s fiancee Lisa who went out of her way to introduce herself to me .I could see the pain in her face even a year after . My heart goes out to all of you. Lisa I know the pain you are going through and I hope it soemhow eases for you. We have many Angels watching over us now and that has to be a good thing Keep the faith.

    Richard Pecorella, fiancee of Karen Juday
  • This tribute I pay to the family of Chris, especially Frank, his father who was my former manager at PaineWebber in the 1980’s.

    I only learned from speaking to Mario that you had lost your son Frank and my heart goes out to you and your family. There is very little I can say Frank as words very often seem meaningless and inadequate for they fail to compensate for the private moments when no-one else is around and your mind recalls memories of times shared with your son.

    I hope you and you familiy can find solace.

    I had not the pleasure of knowing your son personally Frank, but over the years I knew you and recall your kindness and understanding.

    All of us here Frank, my family and I in Ireland express our condolences as we ourselves lost someone in NY that day.

    Go ndeanfaidh Dia trocaire ar anam bhur mac Christopher, agus bi cinnte go bhfuil do ghort do chlann agus tu fein Prionsias i gconai in ar smaointe.

    ‘May the lord grant mercy on the soul of your son and be certain that your hurt Frank and that of your familiy will be always in our thoughts.’

    Slan is beannacht de, Bye and God Bless,

    Your Friend,

    Charlie McGovern

    Charles McGovern, Friend of chris's father
  • Chris, it is now 18 months from that fateful day and you still are on my mind constantly. All of us have carried on with our lives in our own ways but they will never be the same. I still miss receiving your emails reminding me of things that were happening in the family and constantly asking when we were getting together. I know you and my father are looking down on us and protecting us as best as you can. Say hello to my father for me and tell him I miss him too.
    See you on the flip side “CUZ”.
    Love Rob

    Robert Racaniello, Cousin
  • Today is May 11, 2003, Mother’s Day and 20 months since Christopher and all the others were taken from us. Chris’ father Frank was the brother of our brother -in -law Joe. We saw him as a child at family functions and last saw him nine months before he died, ironically at his Uncle Joe’s wake. We were part of a lively conversation with Chris, Lisa, and Joe’s sons. It was good to see them all connecting, and afterward, we commented to ourselves that it was great another generation was getting closer. I remember how both Chris and Lisa seemed perfect for each other.
    On this day especially, we wonder how Sandra will get through the day. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with those lost and their families, not a day goes by that we don’t remeber them. God grant you Eternal Peace Christopher, and may He grant solace to all those who knew and loved you. We promise you will live in our hearts forever.

    Lou and Susan Scorza

    Louis and Susan Scorza, Family friends
  • Today is august 1st, 42 days from the 2 year anniversary of that fateful day in New York. I think about that day and you as if it were yestarday each and everyday. Another 2 year anniversary just passed as well, the last time I saw you, July 7, 2001. I had you and Lisa over for the weekend. Boy we had a great time. I cheer to you privately all the time.
    You will never leave our memories, and we will never forget. Take it easy for now “CUZ”, say hello to my dad for me.
    Love Rob

    Robert Racaniello, 1st Cousin
  • Chris,
    It’s September 9th, two days before the 2nd anniversary of September 11th. Your smile still shines bright in my heart. We miss you always,especially at Sunday dinners.

    All my love and prayers
    Aunt Jane

    Janet Racaniello Bauer

    Janet Racaniello Bauer, Aunt
  • September 11 2003 we are one year closer to being with you again……….love Dad & Mom

    frank racaniello, father
  • I know now, that as sad as we are, how happy you must be. You are with your uncles and grandparents….you were always so into the family……so family oriented, but i still miss you terribly.

    I went to Montauk this past weekend and you were
    EVERYWHERE. I have so many memories and I treasure and cherish each one.

    I love you.
    I miss you.
    My favorite cousin always.

    Tina Travers, cousin
  • Hi Chris, just wanted you know that I miss you so much that sometimes I try not to think about you cause it hurts to much. I now that it’s selfish of me but what else am I to do without you. I hope you were able to find happiness up there. I am so greatful the way you touched my life that it makes me smile and laugh just thinking about all those great times. I can never find a friend like you no matter how hard I try. You are truly a wonderful person all around. Love always and forever, your buddy Lisa – 3/12/04….

    Lisa Goudoras, firend
  • today Sept 11th 2004 ,we know that your life reminds us that we can make our life sublime and departing, leave behind us footprints on the sands of time…we will be sorrowful until our death…Mom and Dad

    frank racaniello, father
  • Wow….I can’t believe another year has passed and again we are on the anniversary of 9/11. It seems like yesterday when we would be blessed with your presence, your kindness, your sense of humor, your beaming grin that was catching.
    I miss you so much, coz. You weren’t just a cousin, but you were also one of my dearest, truest friends.
    I believe you have been watching over us this past year and I know in my heart that you have been helping us get through a rough year. I pray to you often. You have become my own saint…..the “patron saint” of our family.
    Please continue to watch over us and remember that we all love and miss you so very, very, very much.

    I love you
    I miss you

    Tina, cousin
  • It has been over three years and I still cannot find the right words to express myself. All I can do is offer the words of Tennyson in stanza 75 of “In Memoriam”

    “Thy leaf has perished in the green,
    And, while we breathe beneath the sun,
    The world which credits what is done
    Is cold to all that might have been.

    So here shall silence guard thy fame;
    But somewhere out of human view,
    Whate’er thy hands are set to do
    Is wrought with tumult of acclaim.”

    Laura Lusardi, Cousin
  • Chris,
    It is now 2005, 3 years have past and yet it still seems like it was yesterday. Life has gone on but not without memories past. We think of you all the time. Justed need to say “HEY CUZ”, I haven’t said that in a long time.

    Always toasting you in our special ways. I’ll write again. Say hello to your uncle for me.

    Love Rob

    Robert Racaniello, 1st Cousin
  • Sept 6th 2005..we see your image sharply, your voice is fading, the sorrow is deeper, the time is shorter till we meet again, …Mom and Dad

    frank racaniello, father
  • Coz,
    Once again, another year has gone. You are always in my heart.
    I miss you and love you.
    Till we see each other again.

    Tina, Cousin
  • Dear TigerEyes, now 5 years since we last saw each other, I can still see your smile from ear to ear. Although there are still so many unanswered questions, I have begun to find some peace with the grace of God knowing that you are safe with Him. There is not a day that goes by in which warm, tender, and sweet memories flick thru my mind like a mini movie. Signs are EVERYWHERE and I know that you will forever be my guardian angel. With my deepest love always, Lisa (Lioness)

    Lisa Greco, fiance
  • Five years seem like yesterday. A sixth baby is going to be named for you shortly. You live on in everyone’s mind always. Love, Mom and Dad

    frank and sandra racaniello, parents
  • The more September 11th goes into the past the more I feel you have been a factor in making the Racaniello name a family name. I am glad your mom and dad have become our friends and part of the extended Racaniello family. You will always be remembered.

    Jamie Racaniello, Cousin
  • November 2, 2006, it seems just like any other day, but it’s not. Not much is the same since. People ask me all the time about your picture on my desk, when I am done telling them the story I receive a very heart felt sorry, even now 5 years later. Wow 5 years have gone by and yet it still seems like yesterday. I still give you a toast every time I have a drink and I will never stop. Say hello to my dad for me and take care of each other. Talk to you later “CUZ”.

    Love Rob

    Robert Racaniello, 1st Cousin
  • For such a short life on this planet you left a huge legacy that will never be forgotten.
    Thank you for coming through spiritually to give comfort to Lisa and send your parents a message. I am always open to be a vehicle for you. You know my heart goes out to all your loved ones.
    I know you travelled to another level to a greater mission. Be a super angel and hero and send forth a kidney if your father needs one. My family loves you, misses you and we speak and think of you often.
    Auntie Ro, Uncle John,Sal and Stephanie

    Roseann Peritore, Nephew -to-be
  • Seven years has gone by. I still miss you everyday.
    I know you were watching over us during the long rough years and I know you were a comfort to my Mom at the end of her battle.

    I point to your picture all the time to Hope Christopha. I tell her where she got her unique middle name. I tell her that she was named after a very special person who is so near and dear to my heart.

    Miss You. Love You. I have not forgotten. I never will.

    Tina, Cousin
  • Hey CUZ, still haven’t forgot, and never will. It is now 8 years, can’t believe it. It’s been a long but quick 8 years but still seems like yesterday. Still toasting to you when ever I have a drink. Take care for now say hello to my dad.

    Your Cuz Rob
    1st Cousin

    Robert Racaniello, 1st Cousin
  • Today, November 7, 2009, Dad and I went to the commissioning of the USS NEW YORK. Its bow is formed from 7 1/2 tons of steel from the World Trade Center towers. Its motto is “Never Forget”. It was a very bittersweet ceremony for us. We have had a sterling silver tray engraved with your name donated to the Navy, to be used on board the ship when dignitaries visit. We were invited to breakfast at Tiffany’s with Commander F. Curtis Jones, crew members and other admirals on Thursday November 5 because the silver comes from Tiffany’s. Love always, Mom and Dad

    sandra, mother
  • Chris, it has finally happened, they caught the man responsbile and brought him to justice. It took 9 years and 7 months but they did it. Rest easy now. Still toasting you all the time and will never forget or stop doing so. Take care for now “CUZ”, say hello to my dad for me.

    Love Rob
    1st Cousin

    Rob Racaniello, 1st Cousin
  • Tomorrow will be the first 9/11 that you and Daddy will be together. Love, Mom

    Sandra Racaniello , Mother

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