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  Gregg Reidy

Date of Birth: October 12, 1975
Position: Equities Trader

It has been nearly 5 months now since we lost our son, brother and uncle Gregg (Greggy to some and just “G” to others). Life will never be the same. The void that Gregg”s absence has put on us is unbearable and constant.

Gregg was 25 years old and just starting out in life. After graduating in 1998 from Manhattanville College, Gregg spent a few years on the NYSE floor before his move to Cantor early in 2001. Gregg kept everyone young – his wit and personality could light up a room like magic and people always wanted to be around him. We honor his memory daily with stories and memories of the jokes he would tell or of what his opinion would be of something we are doing – we laugh and we cry.

We just long for the ”old days” when everyday trials and petty nonsense seemed so important. We wish he could walk into Mom”s kitchen lifting someone and spinning them till they were dizzy or tickling someone unmercifully. Gregg was always full of energy and enthusiasm no matter what he was doing.

Gregg”s existence on this earth has left an impact on so many. We are still receiving calls from people who loved him that we didn”t even know about.

We know that having Gregg as a part of our family was a gift from God given to us 25 years ago and losing him hurts so much because of the love and closeness we all shared within our family. It is that same bond that will hopefully see us through until we meet again. Gregg, we all miss you so much and pray for your peace and happiness.

If you are a friend, co-worker or just an acquaintance and have any stories or comments to share about Gregg, please sign on as we would enjoy hearing any stories of how Gregg touched the lives of others.

Mom, Dad, Moey, Satch, Ann, Jim, Tara, Erin & Jay, The Reidy Family
  • To the family of Gregg Reidy,
    I, too, share the sadness with you as my son Paul Eckna worked probably with Gregg as an Equities Trader, on the 104th floor. And I know they are at peace with God, simply because God takes the best and they were just that…My thoughts are with you and Gregg’s wonderful family. God Bless. Carol Eckna

    Carol Eckna, Friend
  • Gregg would brighten up the room just by walking into it. He always had a smile on his face and would tell a “new” joke,(hey did you hear the one…). I met Gregg years ago but in the past few years I have come to know him a lot more. To me he became like a brother, he would drive me crazy and at the same time I always wanted him around. He looked out for us girls. At one point he began to call me his little sis and at the bars he would tell the ladies he was out to protect his sister. It worked!! He was a true friend and would tell you what was on his mind. I remember all our years in Wildwood but this one will stand out in my mind forever as the best trip. Our group is missing one of its special members but he will not be forgotten. He will live on forever through the memories we will share with each other, (Remember when Gregg…?) and we have a lifetime of those. We love you Gregg and although it was for a short time only we were blessed to have known you and honored to call you a friend!

    Michele Walsh, Friend
  • I never thought about losing one of my friends at this point in my life. I never thought it would be so hard, never thought it would effect everyday of my life, but it has. Gregg was such an amazing person. I know that everyone, whether you met him for a minute or you knew him forever, has a Greg story. Gregg was honestly a one of a kind. His stories,jokes, the way he dressed, his lines with the ladies, spelling his name with 2 g’s..everything he did was something only Gregg could pull off. Whether you were laughing at him or with him, he didn’t care…as long as you were laughing. The memories I have of Gregg always bring a smile to my face and I know that will never go away…for every outrageous story I have about Gregg, I know that Pete, Joe or Chris could top me with 10 crazier ones. We miss you very much but I know you are in a beautiful place because you are a such beautiful person. Love always, Nikki

    Nicole Karatzia, Friend
  • Although I haven’t seen Gregg since graduating eighth grade from Saint Mary’s, I couldn’t help but feel a pain in my heart when I heard that he was missing. He was part of our “group” all through grade school, one of my closest friends. We were in all of the same classes for as long as I could remember. I have so many fond memories of the times we used to share and of what an amazing person he was, even so young. I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t smiling and making others smile. Gregg was there for many of my firsts; my first “boy/girl party”, my first boyfriend, my first hand holding at the movies….I could go on and on. All of those memories that I will never forget include Gregg, and even though we lost touch I am so grateful to have known such a wonderful person. To me he is not gone, I will never think of him that way. I pray that he did not suffer and that he is in peace now with God in Heaven smiling down on us all. Rest in Peace Gregg! Thank you for the memories.
    Love, Randi

    Randi (Bisking) Dietrich, old friend/schoolmate
  • The last time I saw Gregg was on Sept. 9th – mine & Salvatore’s wedding day. He was the first guest to arrive & the last of course to leave. All of us from M’ville were glad to have had that last night together again. He was the last person I danced with that night & that moment will forever be frozen in my mind. We miss him so much but I know that he is not truly gone. Gregg had such a presence in life that it is only natural that it would be the same in his death. We still feel him, we still talk to him knowing that he hears us. Not one single day goes by without him in our mind or his name pass our lips. We love you Gregg (Grrr). All my love, Ammm

    Annmarie Triolo-Dispenza, Friend
  • The extra “G” in Gregg represents greatness, generousity and good times. Those who never had the pleasure of knowing Gregg Reidy lost out tremendously. There was no one better to have a beer with than our Gregg. He always made sure we had a good time. He told the best jokes and played the best practical jokes. Who could ever forget the best laugh in the crowd. Gregg’s laugh symbolized how he lived life – Sweet & loud.

    In order to capture the essence of Gregg I look no further than Scip’s line, “Gregg is in a better place. he is in Heaven at a place called The Pub of Life waiting for all of us to join him so he can buy us the 1st round.”

    Thanks for having an impact on my life & making our memories of Manhattanville special.

    Love you forever,


    P.S. until we meet again…..

    Michael "Bona" Bonavita, My friend(more like a brother)M'ville'98
  • Gregg made us all laugh so much. We loved to HEAR him laugh, it was so inimitable, so full of life. We loved the pleasure of his company, on the Quad, in Kennedy Gym, at the track, everyplace. Gregg REMEMBERED. I asked him for a copy of his thesis–he sent it. I asked if he could take me onto the NYSE floor–he arranged it, and took me out. He took me to the track, and invited me to his house. Year after year he sent quotes for “Parting Shots,” sent to many MVILLE alumni. Gregg was AWESOME in this life–he remebered how to live, and showed us all the way. I pray for him at every mass and always will, until the end, when there will be no more tears and no more sorrow, just everybody together, with Gregg.

    Lawson Bowling, history teacher at Manhattanville
  • Gregg was a great friend. He literally would give you the shirt off his back. That sounds like a cliche, but in Gregg’s case it was the truth. He was a genuine person and it’s still hard to believe that he’s gone. I’ll never forget the pranks at school, the New Year’s Eve festivities, and just the way he went about his life.

    We all aspire to be something in life. Above all else, though, we should aspire to be as happy as Gregg was. He truly made every moment count. I miss him terribly, and hope that his family and friends take comfort in knowing that he’s in a better place now. God bless Gregg, his family, and his friends.

    Pete Malone

    Pete Malone, Friend/Classmate
  • On this day one year later, I’d like to take a second to remember Gregg. He was a very close childhood friend of mine. Unfortunately we did not keep in touch when we each went off to college, but when I found out that he died in the attacks my heart sunk and I felt like a piece of me and my childhood died with him as well.

    Gregg was always larger than life, always had a smile on his face, always loved to joke around, and was always up for a good time. I feel privileged to have known him for the time that I did. We had a special friendship that I will cherish forever. May his memory never die and his gregarious personality always shine through each and every person who loved and knew him.

    Greg Sedlock, Childhood Friend
  • It’s been a year Greggy since you were too quickly taken from us. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. You and all the laughs you brought to all of us. We had some many good times, at Mville and after. The time you and I went down to Florida after we graduated from Mville. We were only supposed to stay for a week and you convinced me to stay for a month. The second week down there you got chicken pox. And yet that didn’t stop you from coming out every night with me to the bars eventhough girls would run from you after seeing the bumps all over your face. But, there you were still having the time of you life. I can still hear your laugh Gregg. A quote that was found on a piece of paper in your car sums it up, “Every man dies, but not every man lives”. You lived Gregg, you lived……and now you live in each and every one of us. I miss you kid. We all do.

    Joe Joyce, Friend/Brother
  • My thoughts and prayers are with the Reidy Family today and always. Greg’s memory is still shining strong.

    Greg Sedlock, Childhood Friend
  • To the Reidy, Yetman and Curti Families,

    Two years have passed, but the hurt is still there. I think and pray for your family each and every day. I’ll always remember Gregg out on the basketball court as a five year old “shooting around” during halftime or before our games with the other younger siblings of our friends. Gregg was one of the youngest of all of our friends’ brothers, but always seemed to have control of the ball. There are so many vivid memories I see of Gregg in Euphemia Hall. I will always treasure these close to my heart.

    I will never forget you Gregg – and I am waiting for the day to come so that we can validate that rumor you shared with many.

    With love,

    Denise Moyer (Michalski), Friend
  • Thank you to all who knew Gregg and write on this website as well as legacy.com —- sharing the good times, the funny stories and your memories of Gregg is a precious gift to us and we appreciate every word. Please . . . keep writing!

    Maureen Yetman, Sister
  • To the Reidy family,
    My family shares your grief. After hearing Greg’s name this summer from a friend, I wanted to put a face to this angel. My younger brother Robert was also a Cantor employee.
    The pain of such a loss is at times unbearable. My children and I have added Gregs name and your family to our evening Grace.
    The world will never forget.

    Trish Horohoe-Witschel

    Trish Horohoe-Witschel, Cantor Family member
  • Good memories with Gregg growing up. Wouldn’t know how to surf now if it wasn’t for him. Wouldn’t have had my first beer either when we used to sneak them at the superbowl parties. Good times and good memories. I’m sure you are missed, and I’ll miss catching up with you in sea bright when I come home to NJ to visit.

    Richard Zinno
    June 2, 2005

    Richard Zinno, childhood friend
  • G,

    A hug to heaven on this special day.

    Love you and miss you and always will.


    Lizabeth, friend
  • In memory and dedicated to G~

    To those who are gone, I am missing you

    To those who grieve, I pray for you

    To those who survived, I cherish you

    To those who remember, I join you

    G, YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN. I only know it still hurts like hell.

    Love your heart and soul and always will.



    Lizabeth, friend
  • Happy Birthday, G.




    Lizabeth, friend
  • G,

    Today was one of those “sad” days.

    I will try my best to be brave and get through this day.

    Love to my angel,


    Liz, special friend
  • Today…Monday, Sept. 8th…it just hit me. Today outside with the blue sky and no clouds and just a beautiful early fall day is identical to that awful day almost 7 years ago.

    You G will always be loved and never forgotten,



    Lizabeth, friend
  • We are sending Love, prayers and support on this day . And knowing he is at peace and never will be forgotten . 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Joyce and Michael Reidy

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