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  Thomas Reinig

Date of Birth: June 8, 1953
Position: Vice President of eSpeed Software Solutions

Uncle Tom,
You were never a part of my life on a daily basis before 9/11, but now you are because I think of you each and every day. I know you are looking down on me and that thought inspires me to be kind and compassionate, ambitious and to strive for success in my professional and personal life. I am so glad you were able to see me get married and I know you’ll be there for the other milestones in my life.
I miss you dearly, but I keep you in my heart and I keep on smiling.
With love always,

Cathleen Prisco, niece, god daughter
  • Persistence, determination, and love were personified in every aspect of my father’s life. Starting a family in northern New Jersey, he constantly sacrificed himself for the benefit of those whom he loved. Always traveling wherever his work took him, his heartfelt dedication to everything in his life was obvious at all times to everyone who knew him. Working hard was always important to my father, yet never at the cost of spending time with his family. A model dad, he encouraged my mother, brother, and me to aim high, by leading us with the example that he set.
    Riding chair lifts with us on the ski slopes, swimming with us at the town pool, coaching our sports teams, cheering for us during competitions, getting frustrated over poor golf shots with us, competing along side us at triathlons, and pushing us to excel in school; never once did he leave our side. Fighting all the pressures of the business world to put work first and everything else second, my father never let his job get the best of him. Rather, it only brought out the best. The idea that working hard and playing even harder was a rule of thumb, he did whatever was required of him to ensure that he could do just that.
    We’ll certainly miss all the great times, the steak dinners, the vacations, but most of all, you and your drive to make things perfect, just as they were. Smiling, a Reinig tradition, is what we’ll continue doing. I’m sure anyone who has ever met my father and our family, knows that all he would want from us is for us to remain smiling. We can’t cry because it’s over, but we can smile because it happened. Thanks Dad, for everything.

    Scott Reinig, Son
  • Tom, you are all Scott says – and more.
    Thanks for drawing me into the family with your wedding, baptisms, family festivities, etc.
    You are a true Christian father, a model for all fathers.
    May the Lord keep you close to Himself as you keep your family and all of us close to you.
    P.S. Good taste in Scotch selections!

    Rev. James H. Jeffcoat, SDB, Very close friend
  • Thank you Tommy for many years of wonderful memories. From our friendship in Bergenfield High School to enjoying our own families together in Upper Saddle River. You, Jeannie, Christopher and Scott shared so many warm and wonderful times with us and we will always treasure them.
    You are our hero and we will love you forever.
    Guy, Susan, Mike and Eric

    Susan Puglis-Seay, close friend
  • Uncle Tom,
    I wish I had spent more time with you while I could, but I feel you in my heart and I know you’re watching over all of us. Although I never had a chance to tell you, I always looked up to you. I have always been proud to call you my uncle. I know my mother is proud to call you her brother as well. I will keep you in my heart, always.

    Christine A. Marucci, Niece
  • You did what you promised- always and completely.
    Father, husband, friend and business partner.
    Forever in our thoughts.
    Bev and Bob

    Bob and Bev Cohen, friends
  • Mr. Reinig…
    A man of many smiles. You and the rest have always been like a second family to me. The house was always open as it still is. The thing I remember most about you is the smile. As Scott said, we must smile because it happened and keep on smiling. I know they are and I hope you are, too.

    Percy, Scott's best friend
  • Tommy,
    It breaks my heart that you are not here with us, because no one enjoyed life more than you. You showed us all how to live it to the fullest and to remain true to your standards and convictions through it all. You left so much of yourself behind-in the boys-but I can look in their eyes to find you. Your family is strong, because of you, and will somehow survive. Don’t worry, we will always look out for them. We were friends for many years you and I, and although not long enough, long enough to know you are my hero. We will miss you forever my friend. And hey-you need to ask God for a few pointers in golf!!!!

    Susan A. Cherrington, Friend
  • Tom,
    We just started the class, it’s ski season and I’m thinking of you a lot. When we get to the part on derivatives, I’m going to do it, not to replace you but to give the students a little bit of what you taught them each of the last six years. We’ll have a moment of silence and then we’re off. Wish me luck. I’ll also be sure to make a few good turns for you at the Bird.

    Marc Dash, Close friend
  • Tom,
    Sitting next to each other for the past two years we certainly talked about a lot of things. Not surprisingly, I learned a great deal from our off-the-cuff chats, whether it was about skiing, about banking, about friends, about trading; whatever it was about, there was always a constant – when it came to your family you always, always had wonderfully good things to say. It was clear to me that Jeanne and the kids were not just the most important people in your life, but were, and always would be, in a special class of their own. It was a lesson in living that I expect will stay with me for a very, very long time.

    Bruce Usher, Colleague & Friend
  • Other than my own father, Tom is someone that I looked up to in almost every aspect of his life. During the planning of our wedding, (to Tom’s God-daughter Cathleen Marucci), I was able to spend quality time with Tom talking about various things in life like marriage, family, work, school, and of course, golf. I always paid close attention to what he was telling me and I plan on following a lot of the advice he gave me. If there is one area that I was truly amazed with, it was his dedication and love towards his family. And it filled my heart with joy, that on our wedding night, Tom welcomed me to the family with a firm hadnshake and one of his great big smiles. Thank you Tom for all of your kind words and advice, and as I promised you at the wedding, I will take great care of Cathleen.
    Love Paul

    Paul Prisco, Nephew(-in-law)
  • Tom, when you first came to eSpeed, you sat to my right and TJ, to my left, gave you a hard time and I worried you would take him the wrong way, but you soon learned his sense of humor and adapted. In a very short amount of time, you adapted to the variety of charismatic personalities in our sales group and fit right in.

    I think of you often as you were the last person in our office I kissed on the cheek before leaving on Sept. 10th. You were on the phone, but I had been laid off, so you told the person to hold on and you walked over to say good-bye. Thank you. Thank you for always being a gentleman to me.

    To Tom’s family, I think of you often as well and send you my love.

    Monica O'Leary, co-worker
  • Dear Tommy,
    Summer visits and every holiday spent together as kids are wonderful memories for our families. Whether we went “swimming” in a small,plastic wading pool, or at the beach- 8 cousins trying so hard to take turns opening gifts on so many Christmas mornings- you helping the younger ones. Even as a young boy, you had that special charm we loved, with that incredible infectious smile. You were loved by all of us and you will forever be in our hearts. I will never forget you.
    Pat(Barnes)Fujinaga- cousin

    Pat (Barnes) Fujinaga, cousin
  • Tom,
    We will always treasure the wonderful times we had with you. Especially remembered will be that fun-filled evening at Roxiticus when we talked and laughed about a myriad of things – feeling that very special camaraderie. As we recall, we closed the club that night! We had thought of some trips we would take. Your spirit and your exuberance will be with us always.
    Maury and Angela DiDomenico

    Maury and Angela DiDomenico, Dear Friends
  • Hey Tom-

    I’m still missing you, funny gap-tooth smile and all! We shared some really nice times with you, Jeanne, Christopher and Scottie in USR over the years we were neighbors – especially at the swim club. How many of those meets did we officiate with Patti Dash on sweltering Saturday mornings?

    I often thought you were one of the few guys I’d want to spend more time with if we ever got past college bills and mortgages and could retire to some neat place. Barbara and I had such a great time with you and Jeanne, whether it was visiting you and going to a play in London, a relaxing dinner at home, looking at the blueprints of the USR fixer-upper we bought (your encouragement helped us through that nightmare!) or just hanging out at the pool. Your very positive outlook on so many things will always stay with me, and, I am sure, be a beacon for your boys and Jeanne throughout their lives.

    Tom, you lived life well, you laughed often, and you left much love in your wake. Sail on!

    Your friend,


    Frank Lesher, Friend
  • Tom,

    I wish Jill and I could have gotten to know you better. At family parties you were always smiling and laughing and everyone around you felt the warmth and compassion you had in you. I will truly miss you and I will not forget what you mean to us all.

    Joseph and Jill Perez, Family member
  • Dear Tom; One year ago today you were taken away from all of us. We feel honored that for more than thirty years we were linked by extended family membership. We fondly remember that every time all the extended family members got together your personality and wit filled everyone’s hearts with joy. You were a good son, a good husband, a good father and a tremendous role model. We all miss you very, very much.
    JoAnne and Frank

    Frank and JoAnne Perez, Extended Family
  • T

    …as college class/drinking mates,I guess we were pretty amazed about how well our careers turned out from our humble beginnings in East Orange NJ of all places.

    …as fathers/husbands, I think we would always want to know that our loved ones were getting on in the event we couldn’t be there to see things through.

    ..let me tell you ,my friend, that you did a lot of really good things that all can see; and now some laughs, some tears and just a lot of knowing nods seeing how you continue to live on in them, burning brightly.

    Knowing you’re soaring like an eagle…your friend


    …and as

    rob janukowicZ, friend

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