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  Joshua Reiss

Date of Birth: March 9, 1978

Dearest Josh,
We miss you more than you can know. You were a wonderful son, brother, grandson and nephew. You were truly the All-American boy–hard working, a friend to all who knew you and a shining star.

We will never allow your memory to fade and will do our best to make you as proud of us as we are of you.

Mom and Dad (Finger), Parents
  • I miss you Joshy more than I can let Mom know. She cries all the time. Who is going to make me clean my room? Who is going to buy me surpises? Who will be there for me when I am scared?

    I hope you are with Hashem in Gan Aden. You belong there.

    Jennifer Reiss, Sister
  • Though we have never met, I was deeply moved by the tremendous loss your familly has sufferred. My prayer is that your family finds comfort in knowing that for certain you are with Hashem in Gan Eden, a much better place than the world in which we know

    Deena, Stranger
  • You were a one of a kind person and I consider myself blessed to have known you. We had some great times in college and I will always remember the things we experienced. I pray for your family and I hope that they will be comforted knowing what a great impact you made on so many lives. You will always be my brother. Mesba.

    Mark Weaver, Fraternity Brother
  • josh, i wish you were here, life will never be the same. everyone’s life has changed since that day. we were so close and i’ll never be able to share that with anyone. i cry everyday with mom,dad,jordan,jon,& jenny. this is our life now. we all know how hard you worked to get to where you were. no one will be able to take that away from us. when the time comes, my real tribute will hopefully be to have a son. he will be named joshua scott, he will know of his uncle and know why he was named for you. it is the only gift i can ever give our parents, for the puzzle has lost a piece forever. it will truly be the only tribute to you. i will always love you,look out for you (like your only older brother can),make you proud, and care for our family as you would for me…… adam

    adam reiss, brother
  • Josh,
    I will always remember the smile you always had. I never saw you out without that smile.

    Salina Vieira, College Friend
  • Josh-

    I was so blessed to have you as a part of my life. You were taken away much to early in life, but I have to believe you are with the angels helping all of us to heal. You are missed.


    Hope Brown, College Friend
  • Josh,
    You are a tremendous spirit. Though we worked together for only a short time, I will always remember your laugh, your good nature and your talent. I pray that your family and friends continue to feel the love and joy that you brought to this world. I will never forget.

    Mike Sheehan, Former co-worker
  • Josh,
    Bill & I shall always remember you as an adult, but mostly as a little boy. I still remember the little boy who wanted to play on my computer at work and wondered why there were no games. We shall always remember you. It was a pleasure to have known you and to have been a small part of your life. Love Lynn & Bill

    Lynn and Bill Kerr, Family Friend & God Parents
  • Josh,
    Thoughts of you have become a part of my everyday….you inspire me to be a better person and despite the tragedy of 9/11, to look at what is good in the world. You have touched my soul and your memory will be a guiding hand in all that I do, for the rest of my days. Your memory lives on in all those whose lives you have touched and even in all those whom you never had the chance to meet. You still live on through the loving stories told by your brothers, sister, parents and friends. How proud they all are of you. I hope you know how loved you are and how loved you will always be. Josh, you are our hero.

    Elicia Brand, Family Friend
  • Joshua, we all miss you so very much. The weekend you visited us in Atlanta before this terrible tragedy is etched on our minds and in our hearts forever. You will not be forgotten– we think of you always.
    Uncle Gary, Aunt Jean, and
    Cousin Isadore

    Gary E Jackson, Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin
  • Josh, as we approach the 2nd anniversary of that tragic day I get comfort in knowing that you continued to be remembered by loved ones. I think of your parents and family especially Adam constantly and hope that they are well. I will always remember the times we spent at Pennington, I still have our middle school pictures with Snoe & Georgia. I’m coaching soccer and basketball now for little kids and when I see the joy that they have on their faces it reminds me of the fun we used to have playing basketball. You will never be forgotten and we all miss you.

    Chad Bridges, High School Friend
  • I last saw Josh that July while in NY and hit the city for a night I will never forget. I was so pleased with how well he was doing and how happy he was. His spirit was contagious and his zest for life undeniable. If you knew Josh at all you knew that he was seldom seem not laughing or without a smile.

    To his parents: please know that you raised a terrific son. He worked hard for all he achieved and is someone who will be sorely missed. My life is truly better for having known him!

    Matt Dutremble, Fraternity Brother
  • Josh,

    I had the privilege of being your friend for six years. You were like the brother I never had, and I always knew I could count on you. You taught me so much about how to enjoy life, and you introduced me to my husband.

    Your passing has left a hole in my heart that can never be filled. Your love, compassion, intelligence, and zest for life were an inspiration. I will always love you and your family.

    You will always be my best friend and my brother. May you rest in peace with the angels.

    Love Always,
    Brooke Capolino

    Brooke Capolino, College Friend/Roommate

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NOTE: All submissions will be reviewed by our administrator prior to being posted. Please limit your tribute to 100 words and be sure to check your spelling as tributes are posted as submitted. Also, please avoid pasting Microsoft Word documents, which can cause character problems.