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  Elvin Romero

Date of Birth: January 26, 1967
Department: International Equities
Position: Vice President

La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida…who knows what tomorrow will bring? Simple phrases that became my husband’s philosophy on life. Live each day to the fullest and enjoy it to the end. How glad I am that he felt that way and lived that way, for in his 34 years, he was a man who dreamt his dreams-and then made them come true. Long ago he dreamt of working on Wall Street and becoming a trader, and he did. He dreamt of falling in love and having a family, and he did. More recently, he dreamt of putting in an inground pool in our yard and swimming with Gabriella and Alexander, and he did. He dreamt of seeing Gabi start kindergarten with her head held high, and she did. Since he was a boy, he dreamt of owning a sports car, and all of those who knew him well knew he got that 2001 silver Corvette Z06. Elvin was a dreamer. He was also a proud, loving father…a dedicated son, brother, uncle, nephew and cousin…a devoted husband. He was and always will be my best friend, my soulmate. He taught each of us in his life a valuable lesson whether family, friend or simple acquaintance. Do whatever it takes to be happy in this life. His legacy lives on in all those who were touched by his magic and by his kindness. May we never forget to stop and appreciate the beauty that is each new day. Te quiero con todo mi corazon, mi amor.

Diane Romero, Wife
  • My uncle was always happy. He was happy because he had the perfect life: A beautiful family- Aunt Diane, Gabi, and Alex. He had a beautiful house and of a course a great job. He had the perfect life.I remember the last time I saw him-we were at his house out in New Jersey and we were swimming in his pool in the backyard. My family were the last to stay at the house. He kept on beggin us to stay, now I regret that we didn’t. I miss you Uncle Elvin and I’ll see you again up in heaven someday.

    Andrew Soffing, Nephew
  • El…I want you to know how much you meant to me…and how you will always affect my life. To be as generous as you…to make phone calls just for the sake of caring…to hug tightly and sincerely…to laugh and spin and delight in every day…I will carry it all with me. I promise to search for the biggest pumpkins, to plant my garden with love, to eat and drink with enjoyment, to be happy with the simplest blessings. I promise to talk to you every day, and to pray for you to show me how to make it a little easier for Di and Gabi and Ali. Thanks for making each time with you, a time to remember and talk about. You filled us all in a way that few men do…loved us with an intensity that will never fade. Be happy in God’s place until we’re all together again, Elvin…and know that you touched my heart in a very special way. In my laughter and in my tears, you will never be far away. Love, Deb

    Debbie Sammut, Sister-in-Law
  • Elvin,

    You were the first person I learned of as missing. My dad talked to Bill and Widge the next day and my mom called me right away at work. How many tears we all shed for you. It’s ironic – I haven’t seen you or your family in over 10 years and all I could see after hearing the news was your smile – so vivid in my mind. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and your family.

    Mr. and Mrs. Romero and Diana – you have my sympathy and prayers now and always.

    Diane, Alexander and Gabriella – take solace in knowing that Elvin is watching over you and protecting you with his beautitful smile.

    Meredith Start, Friend
  • dear elvin,

    Although I did not know you very well or for very long your presence and personalilty always seem to light up the room you were in.
    You are a person that one does not forget.
    I remember that your expression was that of loving life and all that it encompasses.
    The imprints that you have made in your life
    have touched all those that knew and loved you
    and will remain forever in their hearts.
    Diane, Gabrielle and Alexander may you find
    strength in each new day knowing that Elvin
    is always with you by your side and in your hearts to stay forever…………………
    May God Bless you Elvin.

    Doreen Amen

    doreen amen, friend
  • Diane,
    I’m sitting here trying to find the words to write to attempt to give you a little comfort but there aren’t any.
    I do want you to know that although I didn’t really know Elvin, I do know he would be so proud of you. To see Gabi and Alex smile and laugh is exactly what Elvin would want and a real tribute to your courage.
    Lloyd use to tell me stories about how he would run into Elvin on the train or the elevator. He would tell him all about how Alex learned how to swim underwater, how beautiful Gabi is, and how proud he is of them. I have to smile when I think about how Lloyd and Elvin met on the 104th floor.
    I truly believe that the reason we became friends was to be there for each other through the hard times. You once said to me, “we were suppose to friends in life not death”. I’m not too sure about that. I don’t know how I would have made it thru the last 5 months without your friendship. It gives me great comfort to know your just a “short drive away”, for that, I will always be grateful to Elvin.

    Glenna Rosenberg, Friend / Co-Workers Wife
  • I have heard so much about Elvin from my son Paul Eckna, you see they worked together on 104, and even though I live miles away from New York I heard from Paul every other day, and I know how fond he was of Elvin, and working as a great team…THEY ARE THE BEST, and may God Bless you and the family….Carol Eckna

    carol eckna, friend
  • I remember living next door to Diane and Elvin when I was only 8 years old. They are the two most loving and kind people I ever met in my life. I can remember Elvin taking me into their home. He would always show me his collection of model cars. He loved them. It is now 8 years later. I haven’t seen them in a while. I regret that now. But, I have been thinking of how special Elvin was. He was one of the people who made up my childhood. To Diane, I know we haven’t spoken in a while, but I just wanted you to know that I am ALWAYS thinking of you. You are in my EVERY prayer. Always remember Elvin is never to far. You are a wonderful and strong person. You are going to do a wonderful job of growing up Alex and Gabby, because you only know how to do the best you can! You are wonderful!
    Love and Strength,


    Daniel Adisano, Neighbor
  • My dearest love,
    Today, March 10, is our sweet Gabriella’s sixth birthday. I can’t believe you are not here next to me, planning and running around to make it as special as always. How she misses you. She told me “it’s never going to be happy without Daddy”. Please watch over her and protect her Elvin. I need you so–we need you so. I promised you a long time ago I would always take care of our children and put them first, and I am doing my best to keep that promise. Fill her heart with your spirit and love, and know that every hug and kiss I give her is our special “family hug” and you are in our arms as always. Forever yours, Di

    Diane Romero, wife
  • Aunt Di, I want you to know that I look at you all these months later, and I can still see your pain – I know time may have passed, but the pain hasn’t. I won’t try to tell you I understand, because I don’t – I want to tell you I can take away your hurt, but I can’t. What I can do is promise to always be here to do whatever I can for you and the kids – to give Gabi love and support, to encourage her and advise her – to teach Allie-boy to swing a baseball bat, and help him to be a strong, honest, and decent man like his father – and to never let either of them forget what Elvin means to all of us.

    Also, I want you to know that I think about Elvin and my buddy Greg every day, and it kills me. Every day, it kills me. However, where my thoughts and feelings were once dominated by grief, sorrow, and anger, they’ve begun to brim with respect for what they both accomplished, marvel at the number of lives they forever brightened, and joy that I was along for the ride. If I can live, love, and laugh half as much as Elvin did in twice the time Elvin had, my life will be envied by the happiest of men. I think about the day when our spirits will float alongside each other the way our cigar smoke, songs, and laughter once did – and that makes me smile. Thank you Elvin – we thank you for changing our lives, and we miss you.

    matt heinz, nephew
  • diane…

    Even tho’ I never really got to know Elvin I remember how my mom and dad always spoke about what a wonderful person Elvin was…They always enjoyed being and talking with him…

    I am truly sorry for the loss of your husband/best friend and the loss Gabriella and Alexander must feel.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you today and always…May you one day look to the heavens and see that special shining star and know it’s Elvin looking down on you and your children with forever love to help guide you all through the future.

    All my Love,

    Your cousin — Carolyn

    carolyn johansson, cousin
  • It’s six months today, El…and I’m still looking for you to walk though the door, like it never happened. There are tributes, and services, and all sorts of ways people are trying to comfort us, but the hole in our lives is too big. Only you could fill it. We did our best to give Gabi a happy birthday, but she felt your absence, and it showed. Tonight, lights are going to shine from the place where you left us…I’ll be looking up to where your spirit rests. Help me to be strong,El…I love you, Deb

    debbie, sister-in-law
  • Diane,
    It’s been a long time since I talked to you. I am deeply sorry that it came to this for me to say something. Even though I didn’t know Elvin, when my mom told me what had happened it felt like the events hit home. I want you to know that if and when I get deployed to fight the war on terrorism, I will feel that Elvin is watching over me and my buddies for we will be fighting for all the families that have lost loved ones.
    SSG Johansson, David A.
    US Army

    David Johansson, Cousin
  • Elvin – Each of us has a special recollection of you within us and mine would be the day you had for once seriously, asked me to take care of your Di and be her friend. Can you see us – We are the best of friends, and for that I will always be grateful to you. Our children play together. Nishant pretends to be you and Ally, Diane. We all miss you a lot.
    I promise to take care of our lawn and landscaping. The blue spruce that you showed me how to water has died. I did not water it since 9/11, but I will have it replaced and watch it grow. Diane and I will spend evenings on your “stoop”, talking and remembering you. Please let me know how else I can help!!

    Sandy Viswanath, neighbor/friend






  • Elvin,
    Although some time has passed your not being here is still so new to me. They say time heals all wounds yet the wound of your loss is still so painful and fresh.

    I hope you know how much you are loved and thought of and remembered. Not a day goes by that I don’t speak your name, look at your picture, and ask for your guidance.
    I hope you can see what a truly amazing job Diane is doing. Actually, I know you can see it….I’m sure it’s the strength of your spirit that keeps her going day in and day out. Please stay strong for her Elv and for all of us who are trying to help her, Gabi and Alex feel true happiness once again.

    Always shine your love down on Gabi and Alex. They are truly the products of your best qualities and by looking in their eyes you will never be forgotten…their mannerisms, their unending energy, their need to experience all and live life to the fullest…it’s all you.

    Always shine your strength down on Diane. She misses you terribly and she still needs you as she did the day you left us. Guide her with your gentle hand and let her know her decisions are actually yours together and that she is never truly alone.

    Always shine your guidance down on me to keep your memory alive to Gabi and Alex .They will always know their daddy, I’ll make sure of it.

    I hope you are at peace Elv. Rest and relax and enjoy paradise. I will see you again. Until then….

    Theresa, Sister-in-law
  • Dear Elvin,
    A little over six months ago, you were taken from us and our world was changed forever. It seems like yesterday; it seems like a lifetime ago. Your absence has created a void that is so immense, so unfillable, so very hard to bear. You and I had our differences and our difficult times but in the end, you were part of my family. Now, that family is forever altered – we are broken. A piece of us is missing.
    You touched so many lives, Elvin, and that is a testament to how you lived. You lived well. You savored life. You tasted it, ate it up and thoroughly enjoyed it. Life excited you and you enthusiastically shared your passion, excitement and new discoveries with those near and dear, be it an incredible pizzeria or a fabulous ice-cream parlor, a fine cuban cigar or an ever-so-smooth ride in a Corvette, a scrumptious apple fritter, an awesome swim in an in-ground pool or the angelic voice of Andrea Bocelli. You saw and embraced all the good life offered and your generous spirit always wanted to share the good with those close to you. You found happiness in living fully and in sharing your favored treasures and pleasures with those you held dear.
    I know Diane wants Gabi and Alex to experience the same excitement for and happiness in life that you possessed. Your children are your greatest legacy – they are the gifts you have given us. My gift to you and in honor of you is to do all that I can to help Diane fill Gabi’s and Alex’s world with as much wonder, happiness and good, and as many adventures as possible.
    If Gabi and Alex come to know a small portion of the joy and passion for life that was yours, they will be truly lucky and incredibly happy individuals. Watch over them from your new home and I will do my best to help Diane watch over them here. And each time Gabi giggles or Alex laughs, I know you will be there, watching and listening, and giggling or laughing along with them.
    I pray you are at peace, Elvin, in a place that is safe and warm and bright. It is comforting for me to believe that you really are resting in the gentle and loving arms of an angel. Stay close in spirit – we all need you.
    You will be forever in my thoughts and in my heart always. Rest well, Elvin.

    Barbara, Sister-in-law
  • Uncle Elvin-
    It seemed like yesterday I was walking down the aisle of the upper church of O.L.P.H. as the ringboy at your wedding. I have too many memories of you that couldn’t equal the typing room given so I’ll try to manage.
    Your first home was an apartment across the street from the entrance to the Verrazano Bridge. My first visit there was excellent. My most fondest memories were of you and me staying up all night playing with your new Sega Genesis. Your eyes were glued to the television screen while playing Road Rage or X-Men, which we were never able to beat. When you moved to the second floor of 721 54th Street you had a surprise for the whole family. In a family of 9 cats and 1 dog, you purchased a muscular sporting Weimaraner named Ghost, who was filled up with as much excitement as you. He was your new best friend and, for sure, the family’s too. Soon thereafter there was news that you would become a father:
    Gabriella Nicole Romero was her full name and she was the complete clone of her father.
    You then moved to Matawan, New Jersey. You bought a beautiful house with a beautiful front lawn and beautiful backyard. Your mind was full of dreams that you wanted to become reality. First you planned on making a great life for your family, which now welcomed Alexander, or “Buzz”, who was the perfect son for the perfect father. Alex’s room was “Car Themed” and full of sports toys, stuffed animal Elmos, and Buzz-Lightyear action figures. Gabi, whose love for animals was and is enormous, was filled with butterflies, flowers, and rainbows. And how could I forget about your PRIVATE room. Nights playing on the computer, adding the next model sportscar to your collection, and viewing the bright blue and gold marlin that hung above the computer desk. Everything that was you…games, cars, and fun. Fianlly, the swimming pool. The best and final addition to the home. I am very saddened and upset that I was never able to take a swim with you and wish I can turn back the hands of time.
    On September 11th, the PA called for me to come to the office with my coat and books. And after what the teachers had been saying, (there is a fire inside the Twin Towers), I knew something was wrong. I ran down the stairs where I met a cluster of crying and shocked parents hugging their children. In the center was my father, crying, upset. We left the school building and 2 weeks passed. We searched and searched, but we could not find Elvin Romero.
    Uncle Elvin. You may not be here with us physically, but emotionally, you surround us with your love, compassion, and care. We also sense your presence through Gabi and Alex. You may have been my Uncle, but treated me and I care for you as my second Father, even to this day. I love you, have loved you, and I will always love you. Until we meet again… Goodbye ~

    Love, Your Buddy Boy

    Kevin Sammut, Nephew
  • Dear Elvin, my daughter also worked at Cantor Fitzgerald..perhaps you knew one another..I work at the hospital with your sister-in-law. I pray to god that on that horrible day that god send his angels down to take all of you home to him..I also pray that he will keep your family strong..to your wife, children and family remember the love and memories will never be taken away..may you remember to keep laughter in your lives, love and always support one another.

    WANDA HERNANDEZ, Friend of sister-in-law
  • Dear Daddy, Tomorrow will be our first Easter without you and we feel so sad. You are the best Daddy in the “whole wide world” and we miss you every second of every day. We look up to the heavens at night with Mommy and we send our love up to you. We will always be your princess and your prince, and you will always be our hero. We ask Mommy what it’s like up in heaven, and to tell us what you are doing, and she says that it is the most beautiful place in the world and that one day we’ll be together again. We think that you are either driving your Corvette really fast through the clouds or golfing with Chiqui. Mommy says that you are watching over us and protecting us, and that you are really proud of us. We are really proud of you too Daddy. Happy first Easter in heaven. Always remember how much we love you—“mucho, mucho, mucho”…Gabi and Alex

    gabriella and alexander romero, daughter and son
  • My uncle Elvin Romero was a great guy. It was a shame to see him go at such a young age and in such a tragic way. He was the kind of person who would light up a room as soon as he would step into it. He was always polite. He would call me “sweetie” even if he was having a bad day. If I was having a bad,I would just look up to his face. When I saw him smiling back at me, he would turn my whole day around. He taught me how to be polite and respect people even if I didn’t like that person. He taught me how to dive into the deep end of the pool and not be afraid to stay under. I know he would of been a perfect role model for his 2 children, Gabi and Alex. I am sure they will grow up to be just like their wonderful father.Even though he is gone he will live forever beside my Aunt Diane, Gabi, and Alex. But most of all, I know he will live eternally in his family’s hearts and in all our hearts.Uncle Elvin may you rest in peace forever. We all love you and miss you more than you can ever imagine.

    Melissa Ludwicki, neice
  • Words fail me….

    We had lost touch for some time, but I will always remember you for the competitive spirit you showed during all those pick-up basketball games under the Verrazano with your cousin Anthony, and the great times we had.

    Your class, humor and intelligence will sorely be missed.

    Heaven got itself a great guy…

    A friend always,


    David Roman, Old Friend
  • Diane, I realize there is nothing to do or say to make your pain go away. It never will, but hopefully all those loving memories and your children will help ease the pain. I can still see Elvin walk up the block with ghost rushing by and saying hi to me and my mom. He always was in a hurry to get either back to you or to get his golf clubs. I would stand outside and talk to him about all sorts of things. Mostly golf. Boy he did love that. Last summer I took up golf and I said “wait to Elvin hears this”. I always made fun of him about golf. I used to watch him drive down the block (about 50 Miles per hour) with his new sports car. I thought boy does he love life. He lived it to the fullest. I still to this day can not listen to certain songs that remind me of his service. I have his picture in my kitchen and always think of you and your children. My mom used to love when you sat on the stoop with her and talked. Diane our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Donna & Gail.

    Donna & Gail, Friends & Neighbor
  • Uncle El,
    It is incredibly hard to believe that you have been gone for 7 months already. It’s even more difficult to try and describe in words how your absence has affected my life and the lives of those who knew you.
    You truly were magical and I’ve always believed it. The way you were able to draw people to you with your charismatic personality and the fact that you could strike up a conversation with absolutely anyone, are just a couple of the many things that I admire about you. You showed those that you loved how much you cared about them, by always listening and catering to their needs and you always let them know how special they were to you, through your compliments and actions. But most importantly, Uncle El, you lived your life ‘to the fullest.’ You were intent on accomplishing your goals and attaining your dreams. That is your legacy and I will be sure to preserve it as best I can. Everything that made you the person you were will always be special to me. Whether it was watching movies in your apartment on 54th St when I was younger, or just recently swimming in your beautiful new pool, I will never forget the times I shared with you.
    Continue to guide Aunt Di, Gabi, and Alex–shower them with your love and keep them safe forever. You will be in my heart, and in the hearts of those that love you, always.
    I can never say ‘Goodbye’, just ‘See you later Buddy Boy.’

    Love and miss you every day,

    Stephanie Soffing, Niece
  • Hey Uncle L,
    I needed to talk to you and tell you how much I miss you. It’s no special ocassion I just miss you a lot and miss the days when you drove me all around New York. I was too shy to say “yes” but you still took me. We would stop under the Brooklyn Bridge to get some food and we would “burn rubber” and listen to “hot beats” in your ride. We must have driven for a straight hour. I had a great time and cherish that memory. I miss you El and hope your giving your family love.

    I hope Aunt Di, Aunt Barbara, Gabi, and Alex had a great time in Florida and I know you were there with them giving them a safe trip!

    Lata Uncle El

    Andrew Soffing, Nephew
  • Elvin…time keeps passing, but missing you hasn’t lessened at all. Every time we get together for any reason, your absence from the crowd is deafening. What I wouldn’t do to hear you enter a room, lose your keys, sing a song, or talk about your day. You are everywhere now, and I talk to you constantly, but I miss you so much. Please show me how to help Diane and the kids. I know you want them to be nothing but happy, but how is that possible now that you’re gone? Give her peace, El…give her a sign that you are never away from her side. She needs your spirit, your love, and your energy to keep it together. I love you, and I never go one day without you in my thoughts. Debbie

    debbie sammut, sister-in-law
  • Dear Diane, Gabi & Alex….You have all been in my thoughts and prayers for the last year. My prayers are especially with you today, the first anniversary of your loss of Elvin. Know that my love is with you all the yesterdays, today and for all tomorrows. I know that Elvin is watching over you and the children and helping all he can to ease your pain.

    Carolyn Johansson

    carolyn johansson, cousin
  • Dear Elvin…
    One year ago, you were tragically taken from our family. Know that not one day goes by that I don’t pray for you, miss you, cry for you.
    I found a quote I wanted to share with you –
    ” A brother-in-law adds his own sweet song to the beautiful medley called family”.
    Elvin…your song will forever play in my heart.
    Rest in peace…Joanne

    Joanne Soffing, sister-in-law

  • …tomorrow night is Christmas eve, and when we share the bread, you will be right there with us. Debbie

  • I worked with Elvin at Jefferies and was always amazed at his energy, love for life, and spirit. He had a great sense of humor and I can still imagine hearing Chique and Elvin laughing. Elvin was easy to talk to and he was such a good listener. When he showed me pictures of his family, his face lit up with pride. He spoke so lovingly about his wife and children. I am so sorry Elvin is gone. I know he will continue to watch over his family with love and pride.

    Donna Merhige-Petrick, co-worker at Jefferies
  • just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. i was thinking of you extra today, and continue to miss you. i know that you’re smiling down on all of us…especially aunt di, gabi, and alex. i heard that they made you a cake today, and i’m sure you were there. loving and missing you….

    stephanie soffing, niece
  • Every day is harder. Every day I miss you more than the one before. Every day I still can’t believe I’ll never see you again or hear your voice or hold your hand or tell you I love you El. Every day I look at your pictures and pray that wherever you are, you are at peace. Every day, my love.

    Diane Romero, Wife
  • …today marks 1-1/2 years since you’re gone…and it’s so painful still. I don’t think anything can ease how we miss you. Time passes…I go on everyday, hoping that I will show some kindness or generosity which will make a difference in someone’s life, just like you always did. You are NOT forgotten, Elvin…you NEVER will be.What you faced on September 11th, we’ll never know…but I do believe that today you are in heaven, watching over us with your handsome smile and shining eyes. I love you, El…and I live to honor your memory. Debbie

    debbie, sister-in-law
  • El…now Uncle Hank is with you and Maureen; he never got over the pain of losing the both of you. Help us to take the next step, when we’re so sad and tired, and missing you is all we feel. All of you would want us to be happy…help us when it’s so impossible to do. Debbie

    DEBBIE, sister-in-law
  • Elvin…a while ago my son, Staff Sgt. Dave Johansson, U.S. Army, wrote that if he was deployed to fight the war on terrorism he hoped you would be watching over him and his buddies because they would be fighting for all the families who have lost their loved ones…I am writing to say a few weeks ago that day had come…he was deployed and now is “fighting that fight” for everyone…i pray for him everyday and am asking you to please fulfill his request and watch over him and his buddies for his safe return home…i am a very scared mom but at the same time i am a very proud mom of a son who wears his uniform with duty, honor and dignity…please protect him…thank you…

    carolyn johansson, cousin
  • Elvin….
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.
    I really miss having you to talk to laugh with
    and tell you all the things that are happening for
    me. God only knows how hard its been for me. Today is Wed. June 4th and I am thinking what else I want to buy Ali for his Birthday. Saturday is his big day. I wish more then anything that you would be there cheering him on. You won’t believe how excited Christian gets when I tell him that we are going to Ali’s house. They get along Great. Gabriella and Victoria too. Gabriella
    is getting so big and beautiful. Ralph teases
    her all the time about her lowrise jeans, its so
    funny. Elvin… Please keep helping me get through this its still very hard.
    Miss you so very much!!!!!!!!!

    Diana Diaz, Little Sister
  • el…you are everywhere and nowhere all at once, and it just keeps on getting harder and harder to live without you. your children miss you, i miss you. the joy has gone and it is so hard to find the strength to give them what you always gave them—pure magic. alex asked gabi last night “gabi, i miss daddy. do you?” and she said “all the time”. all the time, el. no matter what we do, no matter where we go, no matter how we look, we are missing you…para siempre.

    diane romero, wife
  • My dearest Elvin,
    Two years have come and gone and I still find myself waiting for you to come home, waiting for life to return to normal. Two years, El. This second anniversary is filled with reminders of what you went through on that horrible day and it is tearing my heart out, again. I try to find strength and peace in our children but I miss you more than ever. I always told you that as long as I had you I’d be okay, remember? How different life is now without you. You own my heart forever, my love. Stay with us. Forever yours, Di

    diane romero, wife
  • El, I miss you as from the first day. I still shudder when I think of what you endured, and I still cry because it’s so unfair. In my heart, I believe you are with your beautiful family…but the real kisses and hugs have been stolen away. Stay with us, so that we can go on in a life that is changed. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, El. I love you. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Elvin – I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since that tragic day. I remember finding out that you were missing and quickly calling your mother. My heart was breaking because I couldn’t imagine how your family was ever going to get past you not being here.

    I know how much you and Di loved each other – how much you adored your children. The amazing and close relationship you had with your father and mother and how your sister Tata considered you her hero.

    I will always remember the memories of all of us playing as children. But I think the memory I will forever cherish is that of your sister, Tata’s wedding when she dedicated the song “Wing Beneith My Wings” to you and seeing the two of you dancing (there wasn’t a dry eye in the room).

    I will always remember your smile and your energy and will always keep you in my heart and prayers.

    Love always,
    Maira Hernandez-Hoang & Family

    Maira Hernandez-Hoang, Old Family Friend
  • Two years have already come and gone, and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the horrific things that took place two years ago. Elvin was a major part of the first 8 years of my 17 year-long life. Everyday, I live with the guilt of not seeing or talking to Elvin in such a long time. Now my chance is gone. Diane, I won’t say I understand what you’re going through, because I don’t understand it and I never will. However, I want you to know, EVERYDAY since 9/11/2001, you and Elvin have crossed my mind in some shape, way or form. I cry and ache for you in all I do. I hope we get to see or talk to each other soon. Until then, know that you and your two children are in my every prayer and thought.
    Love and Strength,

    Daniel Adisano, Former Neighbor
  • EL…Matty found out today that he passed the bar exam, and I know that you are as proud of him as we are. He is quite a wonderful man…and you influenced him so much. All the words of encouragement you gave him…and all the potential you saw in him. He is generous, honest, family-centered, and goodhearted…just as you were. Please stay by his side, because his work will be demanding and stressful…thank you for all you gave him as his uncle and his friend. Debbie

  • Dear Elvin,
    Even though we have never met and I a stranger to you and your family you are often in my thoughts
    and prayers, as is your family. I am the person
    who found your paper from your office, it floated
    down off a rooftop on Broad Street and landed at my feet. It was several weeks after the attack,
    and I was so sorry to hear that you were lost.
    Just by reading these tributes I can see that you
    were a remarkable person and a wonderful husband,
    father, son and brother. I wish peace and comfort
    for your family and I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

    jane major, stranger
  • El…
    I just wanted to let you know that I got my
    Drivers License. I know you had alot to do with
    it, I was praying to you to help me through it.
    And of course you did.
    Mom and Dad are so excited that I got it. All
    Dad talks about is what kind of car am I getting. Elvin… I still miss you so much and it
    still hurts alot. Please keep helping me somehow
    get through this.

    lots of hugs and kisses your sister.

    Diana Diaz, Sister
  • Dearest Elvin…Merry Christmas; your place with us is filled with your children’s laughter and joy. Always near to our hearts…Debbie, Keith, Matthew, Luisa, and your “buddy boy”, Kevin

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • El, some days are so much harder than others. Your birthday, and Kev’s, are two of those days…you and he were so connected. Think of you every day with so much love…your “buddy boy” is doing well…you would be so proud. Never a day passes that you are not in my thoughts. Debbie

  • another year has passed, and it is your birthday again–i couldn’t help but think of you so much today. i thought of every memory i have of you–everytime you said something or did something to make me, or someone else, smile and laugh. everytime i talked to you, it seemed like you were always aiming to make me crack a smile. bringing happiness to everyone was something you excelled at. after seeing aunt di and the kids this weekend, i really noticed how much of that quality they each possess. whether it’s aunt di cracking me up with her ‘rapping’, ali singing his new favorite song, “shake it like a polaroid picture”, or playing silly video games with gabi–they always keep a smile on my face and i love spending time with them. i just want you to know that so much of your joy and love of life, lives on in your family. even though it still hurts so much and i miss you every day, just know that i cherish the time we shared, and that your family continues to brighten my days, just as you once did. happy birthday…with love,

    stephanie, niece
  • El…today, in your memory, I will try to smile when it’s hard; be generous, when it’s not necessary; and be kind, when it’s not deserved. You made a difference in this life. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • El,
    Ten years ago today I vowed to love you forever. I will honor that vow until the day I die and join you again. I remember seeing you at the end of the aisle in OLPH and knowing that there was no other man on the face of this earth meant for me the way you were meant for me. I remember dancing with you to our song, I remember you promising everyone a honeymoon baby. I remember sitting on a plane the next day on our way to Anguilla and you saying “we did it Di”. You will never become a memory to me. You live in my heart and in my mind every day and I love you more every day. Remember that? I do. Forever yours, Di

    diane romero, wife
  • El…just wanted to say thanks…i know you heard me…love, di

    diane romero, wife
  • just needed to say that I think of you every day…I know you hear me talking to you. Stay with us…the anniversary is getting closer, and it will never be easy to bear. Love you, Elvin. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • El…soon it will be three years…three years of missing you, waiting for you, listening for your voice, watching for your car to turn the corner and head into the driveway. Three years of pain and heartache. Three years of growth and strength and pride in our accomplishments. Whether it’s three seconds or three days or three weeks or three years or thirty-three years, one thing will never change and has never changed and that is our undying love for you. I recently read somewhere that people die but their relationships live on. How true. On this third anniversary, we will honor you and your memory with love. Watch us and see Gabi run and smile like she used to do for you in the yard, pretending to be a butterfly. Watch Allie as he jumps into the pool without a fear in the world like he used to do for you, and you would brag about his fearlessness. Watch me as I watch them and marvel at their strength and beauty, and a smile crosses my face because they have become everything you and I always wanted. We love you Elvin. Forever yours, Di

    diane romero, wife
  • Elvin….

    Wanted to let you know that you are still thought of every day, still missed every day and your presence is still felt every day. I miss you Elv and hope you are resting peacefully.

    With love always….

    Theresa, Sister-in-law
  • So many years
    So many tears
    Still the love is kept in the heart
    This separation will never keep you apart
    Watch over your wife, family and friends
    Help them toward the day their pain can end
    Remembering you always and tody
    For you and your loved ones I pray

    Carolyn Johansson, Cousin
  • The family spent the day together yesterday. We cried, we hugged, we laughed… we thought only of you. We love and miss you very much, El.

    joanne soffing, sister-in-law
  • …it’s Christmastime, El. I as in Fortunoff’s, walking around the holiday decoration section, and I felt you were right next to me. Your love of all things wonderful and exciting still makes me smile. My love, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Dear El,
    This holiday season is becoming a repeat of each one before as I carry on our traditions with the children but your absence is still so overwhelming. With each car ornament I hang on the tree I think of you. With each little gift I wrap for Gabi or Alex I think of you. As I decorate the house I realize that every little decoration is part of our history and I remember each story so well. You were the best present God ever gave me and for the rest of my life I will love you Elvin Romero. Merry Christmas my love, Di

    diane romero, wife
  • Elvin…thanks for being beside me when I needed you. Another Christmas, and your spirit helps me sing the carols, write the cards, buy the gifts, and feel the wonder. All my love, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Merry Christmas in heaven…you are missed by us all so very much. Loving you always, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Dear Elvin…

    I want to wish a Wonderful Birthday up in heaven,
    and want you to know I miss you dearly.

    P.S. Elvin we closed on the house. Thank you so
    very much because I know for a fact you had alot
    to do with it.

    Love and miss you alot
    your sister Tatita.

    Diana L. Diaz, Sister
  • i couldn’t let today pass without saying happy birthday to you..
    and i’m sure you know that no matter how many birthdays, or holidays, easy or hard days pass, dealing with your absence doesn’t get any easier..
    please continue to guide us as you have thus far
    we all love and miss you….

    stephanie, niece
  • should have sent this loving message yesterday…but I got caught up in my own stuff. Think of you from a place in my heart that will never be filled by anyone or anything. Happy Birthday amongst the clouds and sparkling stars. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • El…of all the people in the world who should be with us when Matty walks down the aisle…it’s you. He is such a good man, and you played such an important part in making that happen. Your sense of decency and kindness…mixed with honesty and commitment..have brought him to his success as a person and a professional. Please watch over him and Luisa; and stand next to me at the wedding…all my guys will be on the altar! I love you, and I thank you. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • …thank you. Watch over them. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • of all the people in the world who cared about him, you were foremost. things are painfully bad, and I’m asking you to whisper in his ear…to remind him of the special man he is.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • today is August 11th, and another year will have passed. Your place will never be filled. I miss you, and how important you always made me feel. See you in every season, and remember how you enjoyed it all. Stay by my side, El. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • El…
    Four years have now passed. I don’t know how and I don’t know when but it’s true. I take a look around me every day still and ask myself “where did my life go?” Isn’t she so beautiful? Isn’t he everything you wanted in a son? When he gels his hair back now and puts on your cologne, he is you. When he smiles, he is you. His eyes are you, his husky voice is you, his laugh is you. He has no fear…like you. He can talk to anybody…like you. He fills this house with so much noise like you did. Gabi and I sometimes look at each other and smile and say “Daddy” when he does something particularly you. Thank you. You are so alive in him and he doesn’t know it for himself but don’t worry…I tell him it’s you and then he gets quiet and a smile crosses his face too. Stay with us always. We love you from the moon to the stars and back again…Di

    diane romero, wife
  • El…help us all to remember to be kind…to be patient…to be loving…to be forgiving…for our time here is uncertain and each second is a gift…di

    elvin romero, wife
  • Dear Elvin…

    Another year passes by for your family and friends. I know their pain of your absence is still with them today and forever. Thinking of you and them today with heartfelt saddness. Even though we only met once I think of you many times, especially on this day, and pray that one day Diane’s saddness can be lifted if only a little. Please help her get to that point. Watch over her and your children . God Bless You.

    Carolyn Johansson, cousin-in-law
  • Dear Elvin..Another year passes by for your family and friends. I know their pain from your absence is ever present and forever will be. Thinking of you and them today with hearfelt saddness. Even though we only met once, I think of you many times, especially on this day, and pray that one day Diane’s saddness can be lifted if only for a moment. Please help her get to that point. Watch over her and your children

    Carolyn Johansson, Cousin
  • Elvin. Another year passes by for your family and friends. I know their pain from your absence is ever present and forever will be. Thinking of you and them today with heartfelt saddness. Even though we only met once I think of you many times, especially on this day, and pray that one day Diane’s saddness can be lifted if only for a moment. Please help her get to that point. Watch over her and your children.

    Carolyn Johansson, Cousin
  • birthdays come and go for the rest of us, and your place can’t be filled. I really miss you; sometimes beyond understanding or comforting. I read a poem that says your time apart from us is but a mere moment, compared to the eternity of happiness we will share…that thought holds me when your face and voice and laughter are clearly missing from the family noises. Always, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • I know you are smiling down on your daughter today…you are in heaven, but you know everything she strives for, and everything she achieves! You are always in her heart…and she expresses that so beautifully in her artwork. What an honor to you, El. Always, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • El…you must be so proud of Gabi’s accomplishment; how beautifully she drew that card with so much love. She never forgets you and your love for her, and when she draws, it’s so clear. You are still shining through in your children, El; that is a legacy to what a special daddy you were for the short time you graced your children with your love. Merry Christmas in heaven, and to everyone who sees what your girl has done in your honor.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Merry Christmas, dearest Elvin. The gift of you would bring back so much happiness for all of us. Thank you for the loving memories; I keep them in my heart. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Dear Daddy,
    We wish you peace in heaven this Christmas. We love and miss you so much…we ask Mommy about you all the time. Your ornaments are all on the tree and your angels and wreath are lit up outside so you can see our house from heaven. Catch our kisses that we send to you each night, your little princess Gabi and your buddy boy Allie

    gabi and alex romero, daughter and son
  • Dear Elvin…

    I want to wish you a Wonderful Birthday in heaven. I also want you to know that not a day
    goes by that I don’t think about you. Keep shining your light down on us.

    Love you with all my heart, and miss you so,so
    much. Your sister tatita

    P.S Lots of hug and kisses from all of us at home!!!!!!!!!!

    Diana L. Diaz, Sister
  • another year has gone by, and another january 26th has come–your birthday.
    another year of laughter and tears, birthdays and holidays, personal triumphs and defeats–another year we all wanted you to be here, to share and take part in everything with us. however, i continue to find peace in knowing that your spirit watches over everyone you care for and that you help and guide us through our hardest and most daunting moments. i am eternally grateful to you for all the times this past year that i simply asked you to watch over someone, and for the times that i turned to you for guidance and strength.
    happy birthday, uncle el.
    love and miss you…

    stephanie, niece
  • what I wouldn’t give for one of YOUR hugs these days…..I miss you, El.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • El…it should have been 12 years today…instead it is a cold and rainy day without you…it should have been so much more…i love you always…di

    diane romero, wife
  • El…be there with her as she swims with her dolphins and her dream comes true…it was meant to be shared with you and she has never forgotten that…and she never will…just whisper in her ear that you are next to her….love, di

    diane romero, wife
  • Uncle El…

    i can’t help but to notice that i think of u more than once a day in the past couple months or the fact that i see the number 9/11 everywhere whether on a clock, a license plate, etc. it reminds me that you’re lookin down on us and how much i miss you…i just hope that u continue to give us all strength…especially in the times that we need it the most….i’m glad to have u by my side whenever i need someone to look to…i miss you more than u could imagine and please continue to give me the strength i need.

    i love you from the bottom of my heart..

    melissa ludwicki, niece
  • I swam with her, and it was an honor. I know you were there, El…always there.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • This is the first time I’m writing to you because it’s difficult for me to deal with you being gone. But, I think of you everyday and wish you were here. I Truly miss you, my brother. May God bless you.

    Ralph Diaz, Brother-in-Law
  • for no other reason than for you to always know I miss you, not just on anniversary dates or the 11th of every month. All the time, Elvin.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • I never forget you. Happy Thanksgiving, Elvin. I remember the chocolate turkeys for the kids; and how you’d throw your keys on the wall unit when you came into the house. I remember you hated turnips; and how you always looked and smelled so delicious. I remember you…

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Dear Daddy…another Christmas will soon be here and we’re missing you always. Your ornaments will be hung again, the wreath is outside over the door and your angel shines brightly too. You will forever be our best gift. We love you and know you are our guardian angel watching over us…Alex felt you just the other day. Merry Christmas Elvin….love always, Di, Gabriella and Alexander Elvin

    diane, gabi and alex, wife and children
  • No matter what the holiday, big or small event, simplest of moments…..we think of you, Elvin. The love we still feel for you is strong; it always will be. Your place with us belongs to you and you alone, and it isn’t empty. We fill it with memories of your laughter, your voice, your hugs…your immeasurable love. A New Year is right here; stay with me, dear angel. I love you. Deb

    Debbie, sister in law
  • The holidays are over, and your absence is still sadly felt by all of us. We remember you with love, and laughter, and stories, and smiles, and tears. Stay with us, Elvin, and from your heavenly home….whisper words of love and encouragement to us, so that we know you are near. Always, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • your birthday is only days away, and we would have had a great celebration for you, I know! Instead, we will send you hugs and kisses, and dream about you. Happy Birthday, Elvin. You are ageless…forever handsome…always a wonder. My love, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • The kids and I are wishing you a Happy 40th in heaven El…it would have been a great party, you know that. I keep wondering how you’d look at 40…you’ll always be young and beautiful to me. Catch our balloons…they carry all our love and kisses up to you. I love you always, Di

    diane romero, wife
  • Dear Uncle El – wishing you a belated but loving 40th birthday… I wish you were here to see me enter into manhood today, but I know you will be looking down on me from above

    Love always, your buddy boy, Kev

    Kevin Sammut, Nephew
  • I miss your kindness, and I miss the way you filled a room! You are near, we can feel your love. Happy Valentine’s Day in heaven.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Watching him in his blue suit and his hair slicked back like you used to do, well I know you never left us. I used to ask him when he was a baby “Alex where did Daddy go?” and he would shrug and put his hands up as if to say “I don’t know”…I even have his picture on the refridgerator still doing exactly that when Glenna asked that one day in the park. Now I know how to answer him, especially when he cries to me that he never even got to know you. I will simply tell him that you never left, that he doesn’t have to wonder what you were like, because if he is you…from your energy to your kindness to your generosity to your love of speed and adventure…when i hug him i feel you…it’s the weirdest thing…he holds me so tight like only you did and he is so unafraid to show his love, like you again…i thank you for staying with us. i know you watch over gabi and i always tell her that she has an angel on her shoulder, but i think you knew he needed more of you since he had no memories and so you live in him. you are his spirit…playing baseball right along with him, riding his bike as fast as the wind, jumping into the deep end of the pool…and then looking at me with that light in his eyes and a mischievous smile to melt my heart…your smile. Now he’s making First Holy Communion, wearing a blue suit and your cologne and looking like a trader on Wall Street…our son. You, all over again. Thank you….Di

    diane romero, wife
  • Dearest Elvin….I know you are smiling. I know you are proud. They are YOUR family, and your loving influence lives in them so clearly. You are never more than a laugh away….Always, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • after months of sporadically trying to get onto this website i have finally succeeded. Well here I am, 18 years old and about to start the college of my dreams and frankly i owe some credit to you. Without you, I may not have the inspiration to continue my art or put as much effort into it. Thank you for everything and we miss you everyday. If not for your bright light burning in us all, we would not have made it along as well as we did. I miss you and send my love to you in heaven

    Melissa Ludwicki, Niece
  • El…now it will be six years we’ve lived without you and still we mourn…how i wish you were here next to me…so many days and nights have passed but i remember everything we shared and i won’t ever forget…i promise…i love you always…di

    diane romero, wife
  • Elvin,
    I thought of you with love today,but that is noting new. I thought of you yesterday, and days
    before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories, and your picture in a frame. Your memory is my keepsake, with which I never part. God has you in his keepings, and I have you in my heart.

    Elvin you were so right when you said
    “La vida te da supresas, supresas te da la vida”

    Love and miss you dearly,

    Carmen Romero, Mom
  • Elvin…

    Just a little note to let you know that
    not a day goes by without thinking of you for
    a minute or so. Everyday we speak your name at
    home, this is what keeps me going and makes me
    strong. Can you believe it, Victoria will be eight tomorrow. She is all grown up. I see alot
    of you in her, especially her energy to just do it all. Chris is turning 8 next month. He’s another story, also full of energy and very bright in school. He defintely took after you in that.

    Miss you so damn much,

    Diana Diaz, Sister
  • Dear Elvin,
    Another year of missing you, thinking of you and wondering about how it should have been.
    Another year of gathering together to honor your memory.
    Another year of surrounding Diane, Gabi and Alex with all the love and support they need as we mark one more anniversary.
    You are forever in my thoughts.

    Barbara, Sister-in-law
  • Dear Elvin,

    Barbara, Sister-in-law
  • Dear Elvin…

    I’m sorry I meant Victoria turned twelve. I guess I was thinking
    of chris at the same time.
    Tomorrow will be our Sixth year @ ground zero in your honor.
    I feel that is the closest place to be near you.


    Diana diaz, sister
  • It’s the eve of the anniversary of the 6th year that we are without your warmth and support. Not a day passes by that i don’t think of you or am reminded by seeing the number 9/11. I can’t help but to think what life would have been like for this family if you had never left. We owe our unity to your memory and i know that you would have wanted it to be this way – that we would all look after one another and be there to support each other through the thick and thin. Well it’s been 6 years and we have seen plenty of the thick and thin, but we have not encountered one problem in our lives that we could not overcome as a family and we owe that to you. It is because of you that we cherish each other so much more and i know that is how you would have wanted it. I love and miss you and pray that you will stand over this family and keep us under your wing forever more. I send my hugs and kisses to heaven )3.

    Melissa, niece
  • It’s the eve of the anniversary of the 6th year that we are without your warmth and support. Not a day passes by that i don’t think of you or am reminded by seeing the number 9/11. I can’t help but to think what life would have been like for this family if you had never left. We owe our unity to your memory and i know that you would have wanted it to be this way – that we would all look after one another and be there to support each other through the thick and thin. Well it’s been 6 years and we have seen plenty of the thick and thin, but we have not encountered one problem in our lives that we could not overcome as a family and we owe that to you. It is because of you that we cherish each other so much more and i know that is how you would have wanted it. I love and miss you and pray that you will stand over this family and keep us under your wing forever more. I send my hugs and kisses to heaven )3.

    Melissa, niece
  • Hey El, Can’t tell you enough how much I miss you. Their is so much to tell. I brag about you with everyone I meet because you were way more than just a cousin. I will always consider you my brother. I relive that day so often. I have 3 kids now Anthony is going to be 9, Lindsay is 5 and I have little Nicky 1 1/2. I truly wished you could have met Lindsay. Ella es trabiesa como yo. Love you EL. MAY GOD HOLD YOU CLOSE.

    Anthony Rodriguez, cousin
  • Another day of deepest heartache and endless tears….today, the sun shines and the breeze is cool. You are here, and are in every beautiful wonder of life. See you in the pumpkins and the snow and the hydrangea blossoms and the ocean waves….always see you, Elvin. Sending you a hug, from my heart to yours. “Deborah”

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • El…another holiday is coming up and i miss you and the joy you brought into our lives…it’s such a different world now…all of our joys are always bittersweet since you’re not here with us and that is never going to change…i thank you every day for giving me two of the most amazing children who keep me strong and heal my heart…love always, di

    diane romero, wife
  • Merry Christmas, Elvin….from my heart to yours. Your home will be filled with people, laughter, food, presents, pleasant confusion, and family….just as you would have wanted and totally enjoyed. We will miss you, remember you, toast you, and celebrate you. My love, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Merry Christmas in heaven, Elvin. Be close as we break bread, open gifts and raise a glass in your name. You are with us in spirit, always.

    Barbara, Sister-in-law
  • miss you very very much, El……I saw the Alfa Romeo on Christmas Eve, and for that moment, you were standing right next to me. Stay there, please…I need your spirit and your love. Deb

    Debbie, SISTER-IN-LAW
  • Happy birthday Elvin. Thinking of you more and more as the years pass. Always feeling that life is just not quite the way it was supposed to be. Always heavy-hearted that you’re not here to marvel at Gabi and Alex. Never doubting that you are with us in spirit. Your place will never be filled…… Wishing you peace, always.

    Barbara, Sister-in-law
  • happy belated birthday, uncle el…

    it’s been so many years already, but i know that every person who knew and loved you still cries over your absence and smiles about the memories you shared. it’s bittersweet, but it’s all we have to hold onto.

    stephanie, niece
  • I’m sure you have already kissed the litle angel coming to our family….. please always send your love from heaven…

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • The pope knelt and prayed to remember the place where we lost you, but where God’s arms wrapped around you and He took you to Himself. Blessed resting place for your beautiful memory.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Missing you in our lives, always. Barbara

    Barbara, Sister-in-law
  • I miss you, El…so much, in so many ways. I hear you saying my name in your own special way, and I remember how you hugged me tightly. I miss how much I mattered to you, and I miss how much of yourself you gave to my sons…two young men you would be so very proud of. I miss your dignity, your strivings, your generosity, your zest. Seven years is seven seconds; time doesn’t lessen memories of all you gave to this world by merely being yourself. Thank you, from my heart. Tommorow, and every day, I miss you. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Another year passes by, and how quickly they are flying pass. It’s 9/11 again. Di, Gabi, and Alex are headed to “ground zero” for the first time. Half of the family are here watching the roll call and awaiting going to mass in your honor. For so long, I couldn’t get this far writing a tribute. For some reason it’s easier this time. What better way to honor someone than his family coming together in his honor. It was always an honor having you as a bro-in-law, more like a brother. That’s just the way you made me feel when coming to your home and hearing “Hey Bro”. There is nothing more important than family, and you have proven that so many times over. The attention you gave to your children, the sparkle in your eyes when you looked at Diane. No one could have asked for a better bro-in-law, you took great care of my sis and your children together. I will be eternally proud having you as a bro-in-law.

    Tommy, brother-in-law
  • Another year passes by, and how quickly they are flying pass. It’s 9/11 again. Di, Gabi, and Alex are headed to “ground zero” for the first time. Half of the family are here watching the roll call and awaiting going to mass in your honor. For so long, I couldn’t get this far writing a tribute. For some reason it’s easier this time. What better way to honor someone than his family coming together in his honor. It was always an honor having you as a bro-in-law, more like a brother. That’s just the way you made me feel when coming to your home and hearing “Hey Bro”. There is nothing more important than family, and you have proven that so many times over. The attention you gave to your children, the sparkle in your eyes when you looked at Diane. No one could have asked for a better bro-in-law, you took great care of my sis and your children together. I will be eternally proud having you as a bro-in-law.

    Tommy, brother-in-law
  • I know in my heart that you and baby Sofia were together before she came to live with us; watch over her for me, Elvin. She is a gift of love.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Dearest Elvin…..celebrating Thanksgiving with a new baby in our family, who I hope you kissed and hugged in heaven. will be thinking of you. I have my own special memories of you that I carry in my heart from holiday to holiday; they bring you near. God bless you and keep you; your place with us is for always. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • El…getting ready for the holidays always brings back so many memories of those we shared together…from the tenderest to the funniest, like when you threw the tree out the window on Fort Hamilton…it was always the best. How I miss you. Gabi and I put something on the tree for you…know that you are always on our minds and in our hearts….Love forever, Di

    diane romero, wife
  • I was in Fortunoff today and I thought of you….I turned on the car radio and Feliz Navidad was playing and I thought if you….You are never more than a thought away….Merry Christmas Elvin. Be close Christmas eve…Barbara

    Barbara, sister-in-law
  • A New Year; some changes happy and others not. You not being with us is a constant loss that doesn’t leave our hearts. Know that our love for you is never less; and we will step thru 365 days wishing you walked with us. Always remembering you, El. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Happy Birthday, Elvin. In memory of what joy you found in your life, and then brought to so many others. I miss you so much. Deb

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Here it is. Another January 26th. Another birthday you’re spending in heaven. Happy birthday buddy boy. You’ll be forever in my heart. And by the way, thanks for always listening. I miss you.

    Melissa, niece
  • thinking of you, and what a loving Daddy you were to Gabi. watching Matty with Sofia reminds me so much of watching you with your little girl. Gabi will be thirteen, El. how that would have elated you; how you would be checking out every boy within miles of her! she is sweet, brilliant, funny, loving, beautiful, talented…and always your little girl.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Happy Easter, Elvin. I believe in the risen Christ, and I believe in the struggles of earth, which earn us eternal life in Heaven. That is why I know you are blessed, and your soul is at peace. With my love always, Deborah

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Another anniversary approaches…you are forever in my thoughts. Gabi and Alex are living reminders of you, your energy & your spirit. You will always be missed.

    Barbara, Sister-in-law
  • They say that pain doesn’t weaken over time. Over time, we just grow strong enough to bear it. How true this seems to be. Today marks the 8th anniversary of the day that you were torn from our lives and the pain seems to be just as strong as that very day. I miss you Buddy Boy. You will forever hold a special place in my heart.

    Melissa, Niece
  • Elvin
    Today marks your 8th Anniversary in Heaven and its the first time I have written to you. I want you to know how much you mean to me, Christopher and Melissa. You were and remain an inspiration to us. Not a day goes by that we don’t mention you or see 9/11….some place..somewhere….I have told me kids time and again….that it means you are their guardian angel and watching over them. I carry your memorium card in my wallet. I know you are watching over all of us. You would be so proud of Diane…the kids are amazing…Gabriella is stunning..and Alex…adorable…he’s a mini-Elvin……So in ending this message…let me say…we love you BUDDY BOY and miss you deeply.

    Donna Fialo-Ludwicki, sister-in-law
  • I am back at my computer, able to write words on this website…….but I was with you in heart and spirit on September 11th. A dear friend is with you now, after months of pain and struggle. She comforted me when you left us; give her a special heavenly hug from me. Please watch over Sofia for me, as her special angel. Always, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Merry Christmas Elvin…I believe you are and always will be among us whenever we gather to celebrate the holidays. I believe you watch over us all but most especially Gabi and Alex who lost so much the day you were taken from them. Stay close always! Wish you were here, Barbara

    Barbara, Sister-in-law
  • Another Christmas season without you here, but remembering everything about you. You couldn’t sing a note on key, but you sang Christmas carols louder than anybody else! You made coquito which was too strong; you shopped and spun around stores like a whirling top; you filled our lives with exuberance and excitement! I miss you so much, Elvin….you live in my heart. Always, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Another Christmas season when your absence is sorely felt. I believe you will be among us as we break bread on Christmas eve. I believe you watch over us all, especially Gabi and Alex who lost so much the day you were torn from their lives. Merry Christmas Elvin! You are never forgotten.

    Barbara, sister-in-law
  • El….being with your family last night, for a sad reason, brought back so many memories. Your uncle is with you now; you were close, and he always reminded me of you, especially the khaki pants and his stride. Help those left behind to accept another painful loss, and to believe in everlasting happiness. Always, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Thinking of you on your birthday and every day. Barbara

    Barbara Ludwicki, sister-in-law
  • Happy Birthday, Elvin. Always in my heart, Deb

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Just wanted to wish you another Happy Birthday up in heaven. We miss you Buddy Boy.

    Melissa, Niece
  • Elvin…

    Please help mom get through this……

    Love and miss you dearly,

    Diana, Sister
  • Your little girl will be 14 years old tomorrow…and she is amazing, in every way. Her beauty comes from her soul and her spirit. She knows how you loved her from the very first moment of her life; she knows you are always beside her. Please send her a special kiss from heaven, El.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Dearest Elvin…..it’s because I believe in resurrection, that I know you are in heaven….enjoying the rewards of Christ’s eternal plan for your spirit. I love you, and will be with you some day. Glorious Easter. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Gabi received her Confirmation yesterday, 4/17/10, and as always, your absence is overwhelming and heart-breaking. You are remembered, missed and mourned daily Elvin but especilly at these moments in your children’s lives when you would have been there radiating pride. I believe you were with Gabi in spirit as she processed in with a huge smile on her face and her head held high. She is a gorgeous and gracious young lady. You are NEVER forgotten.

    Barbara, sister-in-law
  • Visiting another beautiful place where ocean and water meet; will look for you in the clouds, water, and horizon. Alex and I will be “another year older” next week; your son is so truly your son in so many ways. You must be so proud. Continue to smile down on him; whisper in his ear when he needs you. Miss you always, Debbie

  • I pray you greeted him with open arms. Take care of him for us El, until we see you both again.

    Theresa, Sister-in-law
  • Oh, Elvin! Now you have Dziadzi with you! I can’t imagine how quickly he grabbed you into his arms and hugged you. He had not been the same since you were taken away. Now our family has two special angels, to protect and guide us. Please stay with Alex and Gabi; Dziadz was their special guardian and support when they lost you. Please kiss him for me, and enjoy golfing paradise together. Always in my heart and prayers, Deb

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • I couldn’t help but think of you today….and when i looked to see what time it was after this horrible morning and it was 9:11 I knew you were telling me that everything will be ok and you’re keeping Dziadz and Gramps company. Be my angels.

    Melissa, niece
  • I whispered in his ear…’Go to Elvin, Dad’…I know you were there waiting for him. How empty the world seems without you both. I hold on to the belief that you are together in a glorious paradise…beyond anything human minds can imagine. Stay close, always. Barbara

    Barbara, Sister-in-law
  • Elvin……Victoria will be reading your name this year. Please give her the strength she needs. She’s a little nervous, but this was something she really wanted to do. Im so very proud of her and I know for sure you are too. Love you and miss you so very much right now!!

    P.S Please continue to help Mom…

    Diana, Sister
  • Elvin…Dad will be sitting next to you tomorrow instead of Diane. Hold on to one another in heaven while we do the same here. Loving and missing you both…

    Joanne Soffing, sister-in-law
  • Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I just noticed that as I started writing this, the time was 9:11. It’s been 3 months since Dziadz has been with you and I hope you’re both having a great time with each other. I just ask you grant me the strength I need right now to get through all this. I miss you. Give Dziadz a hug from me.

    Melissa, Niece
  • Elvin…getting ready for Christmas was one of your favorite things to do…that I will never forget. It’s too bittersweet this year without you and Dad. Trying hard to feel the wonder and the joy, but my heart longs for the two of you so much. Please help me celebrate the birth of the Son who welcomed you into eternal paradise and peace… Until we hug again, will always miss you at Christmastime. Please tell Dad how much I love him.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Thinking of you this holiday and knowing you are in the best company! Missing you both, Barbara

    Barbara, Sister-in-law
  • Though my Christmas message was never posted; you know my heart was with you. The “Eve” now holds a place for you and Dad in the heavens. We can’t exchange bread and hug, but we long for you and hurt by your absence. I pray over and over that paradise and heavenly peace are such true rewards for those we miss so very much. Always; Debbie ….give Dziadzi a kiss from his “Debs”

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Thinking of you on your birthday and everyday…

    Barbara, sister-in-law
  • Thinking of you and missing you more than ever….

    P.S. Happy Birthday!
    Please continue to help Mom…..

    Diana, Sister
  • hi daddy-
    today is my fifteenth birthday and the first time i am writing to you. i thought of you all day today and it was hard. everything reminds me of you and i wish you were here to be with me. ten years ago was the last birthday i spent with you. so much time has gone by but it still hurts the same. every day i wish that you were still here with me. nothing is the same for me, alex, and mommy the way it is for other families. my wish every year is for you to come back even though i know it cannot happen. i miss you more than words could ever express. i hate not being able to hear your voice tell me happy birthday or that you love me and not being able to hug you. i hate knowing that i will never see you again. i love you and miss you and always will. every day here without you the three of us grow a little bit stronger and a little bit closer. we think of you and live in your memory. i hope that i have been able to make you proud. i try my hardest to always live the way you lived because i know how important it is to never take anything for granted. your memory inspires me to do so much and is what keeps us all going. i want to be the kind of person you were- strong, funny, outgoing, caring. when mommy tells me stories about you it makes me want to live up to that. thank you for always watching over and guiding us. mommy and alex are amazing. she has done so much for the two of us and i know you would be proud. she is beautiful and strong and so is alex. sometimes he will say something or make a face and mommy will look at me and say, “just like daddy…”. we see you in him and those little signs make us happy. even though you are not here with me any longer i always carry you in my heart, knowing that im always going to be your brown-eyed, tweety bird loving, little princess. i love and miss you more than anything in this world
    – gabi

    Gabi, Daughter
  • Happy Easter, Elvin! I believe in the glory of the resurrection, and I believe that you and Dad walk in paradise with the Lord. Always in my heart, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • I wish you were here with us so badly daddy 🙁 Its going to be ten years without you in 2 months and it gets harder and harder as each day passes. Although I cannot change it, I wish for you back every day. I hope I’m making you proud. Please continue watching over us. Love and miss you with all my heart

    gabi, daughter
  • Hugs and kisses to you and mom…

    Love you both with all my heart!!!

    Diana, Sister
  • Thinking of you and mom today…..
    Missing you both so much, Please watch over us and give me the strength to get through this…

    Diana, Sister
  • 10 years…it was a moment ago, it was a lifetime ago. No matter how many years have passed or will pass, the enormity of your loss will never be diminished. You are missed, thought of, prayed for – always, Elvin.

    Barbara, sister-in-law
  • Ten years later and its still kills me everyday to know I no longer have you with me. Everyday I continue to miss you more and more and more. I hope that somewhere you are thinking of me just as I am thinking of you. I hope you are proud and I hope you know just how much I love you. Love you always.

    Gabi, daughter
  • it’s amazing the imprint a life can leave on so many others….

    when i see words like ‘week’, ‘month’, ‘year’, ‘decade’, they are comprised of only a few letters meant to encapsulate thousands of moments…your absence has been thought of, spoken about, and truly felt throughout so many of these times. to think that I, we, have missed out on a decade’s worth of your distinct laughter, your excitement, your funny remarks and animated personality, is so tragic and unfair. so much was taken away from us; there was so much we never got to do, and never will be able to do together. but, over the past decade, the one thing that we’ve never missed out on doing, as a testament to your memory, is living. I, we, have continued to live, love, travel and explore, try new things, and as often as possible, speak your name. we say it out loud together as a family to strengthen and unite us, as well as silently, in our own hearts and minds during times of sadness, fear, and remembrance.
    your pervading spirit has seen us through the past decade, from our lowest points to where we are today. and even though I do still cry today at the thought of your loss, I am grateful and proud to have known you, and continue to be inspired by you to cherish and appreciate the gift of ‘living’.

    you continue to be loved and never forgotten…

    stephanie, niece
  • Dearest Elvin….ten years of writing notes and words of love to you. Ten years of missing your place at every occasion, from the simplest get-together on a rainy day to the special events in our family. Your voice; your smile; your carkeys; your swooshing from room to room … You are the father of 2 extremely brave and special children. They live in a way that would make you beam with pride. And Diane, what can anyone say? Her love for you has given her the spirit and strength to go on. Her devotion is unshaken. There will never be a day when your loss is eased in our hearts, Elvin. Be at peace; until we meet again. Debbie

  • My Idol Elvin 9/9/2011
    We miss you so much!! 2 days for today we relive the day you were taken from us, it’s been 10 years and it still hurts as if it was happening today and I can’t imagine Diane,Gabi and Alex hurt and sarrow, but this I do know, you are always with us and so is Lily, “O God it hurts so much” not having you both where with us.
    I always remember back in Brooklyn and now here in Puerto Rico, Mami would always tell me, when in hard times and when thing aren’t going my way, to remember you for all your hard work and goals set and acomplishments. Today I look back and thank you for being part of who and what I am today, Mami was and is right as always, you are and always will be our family’s pride and joy. You are my hero and my idol.
    The day will come and we all will be together again in the Lord’s home, til that day come I will pray for you and aunt Lily knowing that you are both together in heaven. G.B.
    Diane,Gabi and Alex remember that our love for you even doe we are miles apart, is greater than any distance between us.

    Tatita my beloved cousin, I wish you all the strenght possible on theses days to come on Elvin’s 10th aniversary. I know you hurt and I know you miss Lily and Elvin but you’r love is greater then the pain inside. Remember that you are a great sister and daughter. I am truely blessed to have you in my life and family.
    May God be with you always.
    Diane,Gabi,Alex,Tatita and Isa we love you all and hope to see you soon in Puerto Rico. G.B.

    Pedro L Marrero Romero, cousin
  • On this 10th marker of that awful day I read again – as I have done many times – the messages to you from your family who obviously adore you and keep you such a living part of their daily lives. It breaks my heart to think of their pain – especially your children’s – and everyone’s loss…including the many happy years you were cheated of. I hope you find a way to show your family you are near them today. With love, XXX

    Tracey P, UK, Passer by
  • I only met Elvin on a few occassions, just after he moved into his new home in New Jersey. However, since the 9/11 tragedy, I have never forgotten the memory of him. He and his family still remain in my thoughts and prayers always. I recall he was a great human being, generous, sincere, and full of life! I remember he was so proud to show off his new sports car he was storing in his garage.

    The human race lost one of our best, when the towers were brought down. My sincerest condolences go to his wife, Diane, their two beautiful children, and also Debbie and Keith Sammut on this 10th anniversary.

    Joe Joyce, friend of the family
  • More than 10 years have passed since that tragic day. I have so many fond memories of family gatherings and you and my dad talking “stocks”.
    Know that as time goes by that my memory of you doesnt fade, you will always be special to me!

    Evelyn Stolarski, Cousin
  • Merry Christmas, dear Elvin…..from someone deeply touched by your life, and ever-changed by your death. Prayers are always said and tears are always shed. May God keep you sleeping in heavenly peace. To you and our dear Dziadzi; everlasting love. Debbie

  • Happy birthday, dear Elvin. I only wish we were planning a silly fun-packed 45th for you! It would have been a blast…just like the parties and special times we shared. Sending you my love; my gift is my promise to keep your memory alive! Always; Debbie

    Debbie, Sister-in-law
  • Happy Easter, dear Elvin……glory in the risen Lord and the promise of eternal paradise for those who believe! I know you and Dad and your Mom are in such joyful peace. God bless your souls; your memories never fade with those of us who love you so much. Always; Debbie

    Debbie, sister in law
  • Elvin…your little girl looked as beautiful as ever last evening…..I know you were smiling! She is as lovely as any father could wish for; and she carries herself with the confidence and flair we knew in you! Smother her in heavenly hugs and kisses, so that she feels you by her side. Always missing you, El. Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Missing you and Mom so very much…..

    Diana, Sister
  • Dear Elvin: I hope sweet Angel tells you all about the beautiful life she shared with Gabi and Alex since that first New Year’s Eve without you. She gave them SO much love, comfort, and company. Angel protected them with her growl, and licked them with sheer delight at being THEIR pup. Keep her with you now, Elvin. My love always; Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Elvin: we are heading to the shore; the place where heaven and earth meet, and we feel so close to you. keep us safe; help us to appreciate that we are together again. I love you, El. Deb

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Elvin….

    I went to Rudys house this weekend with Ralph and the kids along with Susanna and her family. I saw a picture of you and Rudy by his Fridge. It was a great feeling seeing you there and talking about the good old days.

    Miss you and Mom so much!!!

    Diana Diaz, Sister
  • El….it was like you were standing right next to me; giving me courage. I miss you so much, and am always going to be strong for Di, Gabi and Alex. With my love, not only on September 11th, but every day of my life until we see each other again.

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Elvin….another Christmas season; missing you.

    You are our forever angel, always so loved and never, ever forgotten.


    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Wishing you were spending the holidays with us.
    Believing you will be among us in spirit.
    Praying you are resting in peace.
    Missing you Elvin, Barbara

    Barbara, sister-in-law
  • miss you, Elvin, more and more.

    Merry Christmas, with the love of each and every one in your family….Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • On September 10, 2001 I flew from Melbourne, Fl to NYC to visit the stock exchange and the city. I was with 25 co-workers standing in front of the NYSE when the planes hit the towers. I picked up a piece of paper that fell from the sky that day and put it in the scrapbook that I made with the writings from our group. Last year, I showed my book to a new co-worker and she looked up the name that was on the top of the piece of paper from the street. The name was Elvin Romero. I never realized thar Mr. Romero was in the towers and died on that fateful day. I feel like I have a connection with your family and if you would like the paper I found on the street, I will give it to you. I am so sorry about your dad, husband, loved family member and friend.

    Chris Vellanti, Visitor to New York City on 9-11-2001
  • Dear Chris,
    I thank you for taking the time to find us and try and return Elvin’s paper to us. Your thoughtfulness is really appreciated. Please contact me at [email protected] and I will forward you my information. Diane Romero

    Diane Romero, wife
  • Missing you and mom so so very much…………

    Diana Diaz, Sister
  • Wishing you guys were both here……..

    Diana Diaz, Sister
  • Thinking of you both and missing you both more then ever….

    Diana Diaz, Sister
  • Elvin….it has been too long since I have visited this website; too long since I have expressed how much I miss you. This year has been rough for me, and yet I got thru it because I thought of how brave and determined you always were….and it pulled me along. I knew you were beside me when I was scared, and I know you are still beside me when there are bumps in the road. My own personal guardian angel.
    Your children are growing so quickly, and their joys and sorrows are so different from when they were small. They really were deprived the power of your spirit and the endless love in your heart…it would make these teenage years a little easier for them. Diane is doing such an amazing job, and you know that our family will never ever not be present for Gabi and Alex….they are ours to love and support for you on this earth.
    I want you to know my new grand-baby…sweet Elsa; I want you to talk to Matt about his job and house-hunting ; I want you to admire the things I’ve done in the house; I want you to laugh with Kevin when he is his funniest….it will be Christmas in 3 days, and I want you to be with us again. I want the impossible.
    So my Christmas wishes will be less….that you will lift us up when there is so little reason to smile, and you will add to our amazing happiness when life is easier. We are your family, forever your family. And you are forever our Elvin.

    Debbie, sister in law
  • Happy Birthday….can never forget you; will never forget you. All my love, Debbie

    Debbie, sister-in-law
  • Thinking of you on this 20th anniversary when you climbed the Stairway to Heaven. My hearts still breaks for my cousin Diane and your children. Thoughts are always with you and everyone from that day.

    Carolyn Johansson

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