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  Angela Rosario

Date of Birth: November 2, 1973
Position: Traders/Broker’s Assistant, TradeSpark

Angela, our Angel

Angela Rosario was born on November 2, 1973, in New York City. She resided in the Lower East Side of Manhattan throughout her life. Angela attended Bellevue Day Care, P.S. 134, JHS 56, and graduated from Murray Bergtraum High School in June of 1991.

Angela always realized the importance and the need to further her education. In order to support her educational goals, she held several full time positions and attended school in the evenings. In June of 1999, Angela received her Associate of Arts Degree from Borough of Manhattan Community College. She was in the process of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Psychology, at Hunter College.

As any teenager, Angela was ecstatic to commence on her working career. At the age of sixteen, she proudly accepted her first job at a summer youth program. Upon her high school graduation, she was hired by Nynex and later worked for Eurobrokers. Ultimately, she landed a position at Cantor Fitzgerald in 1997.

Angela had a need, a desire to help and care for others. Her desire to help people came naturally, and it was no surprise when she decided to major in Psychology. Many people were attracted to her inner beauty and magical way of making them feel special. She hoped to someday reciprocate her gift of love and kindness by professionally helping people in need.

Among her goal in life, Angela wanted more than anything to continue her educational career and relocate her mother from the Lower East Side to a house of her own in the suburbs.

Angela was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to pursue one of her many dreams – to travel. She often vacationed with her friends or family members. She particularly enjoyed traveling to different islands.

Ticey Rosario, Sister
  • Angie,
    I miss seeing you on the bus…..it’s difficult to get on it and not think about how I always saved you a seat. It hurts so bad, but I know you will always live in all our hearts.

    We will always love you girl.
    Mary Ann & Pete Santiago

    Mary Ann Santiago, Angela's sister's best friend
  • Angela, A smart, beautiful, funny, loving women.
    A women who lit up the darkest room. Anyone who knew Angela, loved her.


    I am so happy to have known you, happy to have been one of your friends, and especially happy to have great memories of us during our teen years. I will never forget your pretty face and your beautiful smile. I miss you, and love you so much. I’ll see you soon in my dreams.

    Love you always, Daisy Carmoega – Friend

    Daisy Carmoega, Friend
  • Angie,

    Yuo are in my thoughts and in my heart.

    Anthony J. Mosquera, Former Co-Worker
  • Angela – A smart, beautiful, funny, loving women.
    A person who lit up the darkest room. Anyone who knew Angela, loved her.


    We miss you! We love you!
    I am happy to have known you
    happy to have been called one of your friends
    and especially happy to have great memories of us during our teen years
    I will miss you so much, and love you always
    I’ll see you soon in my dreams

    Love always, Daisy

    Daisy Carmoega, Friend
  • Angie,
    I pray for you and my niece every single night. You were such a good friend to her, she often spoke of you, I could see how she admired you for your spunk and wit. I often think of the day you both stopped by to visit me on Sunday after mass. I will never forget that visit. Angie, I will always keep you close to my heart and you will always be remembered. May God bless your family during these trying times. I know the pain, too well,it hasn’t been easy. God Bless you Angie, I know you and Monique, are in a far better place than we are today.

    Miriam Caceres, Aunt of Angie's friend, Monique Dejesus
  • Angie,
    I was so glad to had met you by Lorena’s house. I will never forget the good time we had playing Survivor! I will miss your daily jokes and notes.


    Faby Colon, Email friend
  • It breaks my heart every time I see Angie’s photo. How can this be true? I remember her laugh, her smile, and the big hugs we shared each time we got together. I cannot remember a day that our family was together that you were not there. But, I will always remember the day that you were no longer here.

    I know that you are here in spirit and in each one of our hearts and souls. But, what sadness it brings to all of us who still love you so…I still ask, how can this be?

    Angie, may you always be remembered as a loving soul, who cared about others, who loved her family and friends with all her heart, and who showed her love and affection without reservation.

    God Bless you little cousin, you are missed each and every day. I only pray that one day, we will all meet again.

    With all my love,
    Tu Prima,
    Frances Cruz-Bloech

    Frances Cruz-Bloech, Cousin
  • Angie,
    How I wish so much that you didn’t go to work that day. It’s so hard for me to accept what happened. I think of you every day. Anything makes me think of you. The old reggae songs we used to dance to at the clubs, all the pepper you put on your food. If I have a good time somewhere now, I say,”My cousin would love this place.” You are my closest cousin. But we both felt like sisters to each other. We were supposed to get married, and have babies at the same time like we planned. Now what am I going to do!? I’ll meet you in heaven cuz!! All our vacations, holidays, good times, and your beautiful face are tattooed in my heart, mind body and soul forever. You will never be forgotten!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!I MISS YOU!!!!!!

    Tweety Quijano, cousin
  • Dearest Angela,

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I want to thank you for spending one of you last precious moments with me and for always letting me know that I was “part of the family”. God bless you Angie and until we unite again, your memory will always remain strong and beautiful the way you are. Keep Shining.

    Love always, Tina

    Tina Santiago, Close friend of the Family
  • Dearest Angie,
    It’s taken me a while to enter this site and say the proper words. I still cannot get over the shock of Sept. 11. The first person to come into my mind was you and I prayed that you were not at work this particular day. I keep remembering this little girl that I love as my own…who grew up to be such a beautiful young lady, who was just here to share with us Tacie’s baby shower and the little time we had to talk that day…how I wish we would of had more time…I know now that we needed to see each other one last time and for that I am grateful. I miss your emails, I looked forward to your jokes…My heart goes out to Comay Edith, Ticey and the rest of the family. We will always remember you…God only takes the best…you’re a perfect Angel.

    I love you,

    Ilian Matos, Friend
  • It is hard to believe I will never see you again. Our friendship has always meant the world to me even though I knew we were miles apart. You can’t imagine what it meant to me, to see you guys at my baby shower. It just saddens me that you were never able to meet my little girl in person but I know you’re an angel on her shoulder (always looking out).
    All you ever had to do was walk into a room and the room lit up…You’re a beautiful person…

    You will be missed…I love you…
    Tacie Morales

    Tacie Morales, Friend
  • Angie,

    You will always be missed!! I think about you and pray for you often. I will never forget you and your funny faces!!! I LOVE YOU…

    Jessica Laguer

    Jessica Laguer, Friend
  • Angie, I loved you the day that Monique introduced you to me..you were like my own..I hope that on that horrific day you and my daughter found each other and were able to comfort one another..I also hope that you didn’t experience any pain and that God sent his angels down to come to get you, Monique and all the others that day..Until we meet again say hello to my precious baby..I love you and miss you..
    Wanda Hernandez

    Wanda Hernandez, Mother of Angela's best friend
  • Angie,

    I can’t express enough how sad it is you’re not here. What a sweet person to be taken away from us. My only solace is that you and DeAnna are together. You and Dee may be in a better place but I still wish you were here with us. I know that’s selfish but I still wish that. My sincerest condolences to your family.

    Tracy, Co-Worker
  • Angie,
    Your’e on my mind all the time and I will never forget you. My prayers are always with you and you will always be a part of my heart. God bless you always.

    P.S.I know we will meet again

    Love you always,
    Patty Puentes,Friend

    Patty Puentes, Very good friend
  • Angela,
    Words couldn’t describe what you meant to me and anybody that called you a friend. Our ten years of friendship meant the world to me, any time I needed advice you weres there. I can honestly say that I have never met anyone with your ambitions, beauty, and talent all wrapped together so perfectly. My blessings espeically go out to your family members you talked so much about. With all the memories and good times we had together, I really can’t consider you gone, you will remain in my heart forever!!!. Love, Lamont Hogan(Your Ex)

    Lamont Hogan, Ex-boyfriend
  • My condolences to Angie’s family for their lost. She was indeed a beautiful person. I had hopes of Angie being my daugher-in-law one day. But, after she and my son Lamont broke up they became the best of friends, so I looked forward to seeing or hearing about her through their friendship. She was always there for him, and I could always count on a occasional call, e-mail and definitely a Christmas card every year. I still have the last one she sent. I will never forget her.

    Love you Angie,
    Barbara Hogan – Lamont Hogan’s mother

    Barbara Hogan, Lamont Hogan's mother
  • My dearest Angie,
    I still can’t believe what has happen. I miss you so much. I miss talking to you, going out to clubs and just laughing and dancing all night.
    I hope you are with Darrly, Dee and all the rest of the people looking down on us. When its my turn I will make sure that I will look for you so we can share those good times again. I love you.
    Rest in peace.

    Lorena Thompson, Friend and Co-Worker
  • Dear Angie,

    I can’t believe it’s been 9 months since this tragedy happen and took you away. We’ve had some good times together. You always knew how to make me laugh with your crazy self. You were a great friend and you will always be in my heart. I miss you girlfriend! Say Hello to Daryl, Dee and Baby Matthew and all our other friends from Cantor.


    Hugs and Kisses!!


    Jessica Jensen, Friend and Former Cantor Employee
  • I met Angie through my boyfriend. He and Angie worked on the same desk before she transfered to the new department. I remember when I really didn’t know her as well and she helped me plan my boyfriend’s surprise birthday party about 2 1/2 years ago. We would send casual e-mails to each and when we saw each other we always had something to talk about – how close our boyfriends were and how much time they spent together (smile). I will miss her and I often think about her. Her picture is on my refrigerator and when I need to say something about my boyfriend I just talk to the refrigerator door. Miss ya….

    JoDee Dunston, Friend
  • Angie,

    It was a pleasure to work closely with you for 3 years. We joked and laughed and always had a good time. I was extremely fond of your desire to further your education and your tremendous love for your mother and family. I remember always telling your about my boy Pop, Darryl McKinney and how you two would be perfect together. Finally, you two met and the magic was created. Beautiful people should be together and I’m glad I had a small part in it. Thank you for touching my life.

    Edward Duncan, Friend and coworker
  • Angela watch over my little brother and keep him safe in your arms. I miss you both.
    Love Always,

    Katina, friend
  • Dearest ANGELa

    The hurt that I feel because I was not given the chance to say Good-Bye will NEVER go away. I will always cherish the heart to heart talks we shared, as well as all the good times we had together on “Girl’s Night Out”. I thank GOD for giving me the opportunity to meet you and get to know you because you are truly a BEAUTIFUL person in all aspects. GOD has his reasons and I will not question it, so with that I say Rest In Peace ANGELa. You will ALWAYS be in my heart and thoughts.

    God Bless,
    Your Friend/Sister
    Robin Laibhen

    Robin Laibhen, Friend
  • To Our Special Angel,
    To think that it has been 1 year since this terrible tragedy..and i’ve thought about you everyday since then…i’ve missed you, prayed for you..and it’s still hard to believe. You’re like my own child. Till we meet again.

    All Our Love,
    Ilian, Ray, Lil Ray, Tacie

    Ilian Matos, Friend
  • Ang,

    I can not believe it has been a year since this awful tragedy. You are a beautiful girl who meant a lot by so many, and will truly be missed forever. You and Monique are probably causing trouble up there, just keep the noise down. Until we meet again……………

    Rest In Peace B-Angie-B
    Love Ya, God Bless

    Robin Laibhen, Friend
  • Angie,

    You are missed by so many. I asked God for strength for your family to get through this after such a loss. God Bless you and your family.

    Rest in Peace,
    Carmen (Jay’s Mom)

    Carmen Vasquez, Friend
  • Angie,

    I always called you my STister, and you called me your T-Bone-Steaks. I am so glad you and my uncle met because then I got to meet you, and loved you soooo much. I am so mad because I don’t understand why such beautiful and good people are taken from this earth so soon. I will truly miss you and pray that you are resting in peace knowing you were loved by so many.

    Love you Always,

    Tiffany Laibhen, Stister/Friend
  • Dear Angie – My son loved you so much and so did I. I miss you and in my heart you will always be my daughter. The one who made Darryl’s life so happy and full. Love you , Ruby

    Rubina Cox-HollowayMother-In-Law, Mother-In-Law
  • B-Angie-B,

    Missing you always and forever.

    Love, Robin

    Robin, Friend
  • Happy 29th Birthday Angie, There’s not one day I don’t remember that pretty smile. I hope your family is staying strong, you’re all in my prayers…God Bless.

    Lamont Hogan, Ex- Boyfriend
  • HI ANG

    Sorry it took so long for me to write. You know how difficult it is for me to express how i feel. Happy Belated Birthday, we had a dinner for you in Titi Edda’s. I’m sure you were with us in spirit. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOO MUCH. I wish I could of saved you on that horrible day, but i did try and i was very close. We all miss your beautiful smile and your crazy dancing, your funny faces, which made all of us laugh so much. AND even though you know i didn’t like for you to call me Tyson at times, i miss that too…..YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART, MIND AND SOUL EVERYDAY. I THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME. Until we see each other again.. ALWAYS SENDING YOU HUGS AND KISSES……LOVE ALWAYS YOUR BIG SIS TY.



    Ticey, Sister
  • Hey Cuzo

    Hi Ang!
    Sometimes it seems like an eternity has gone by since I last saw you, and sometimes it seems like just the other day that we were cracking up together. Girl, I miss you so much!!!!
    It is often incredibly difficult for me to express how I feel about the painful loss our family has experienced. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wish you were still here with us, physically here! We all think about you often, even if we don’t say it.

    I just want you to know that I love you so much. I wish you were here still so we could share so many more moments together. Ang, you are so special and such a wonderful person and cousin. I feel so lucky to have shared the times we have shared together. I know you and Darryl are still here with us and are watching over us in all that we do! I know one day we will be together again, sharing so many more good times.
    With all my Love,
    Love Always- Mita

    Taina Lopez, Cousin
  • angela,

    You will always be remembered by the way you smile. We love you very much and we miss you. may you rest in peace.


    Joy, friend
  • Im a stranger that never knew Angela but I just wanted to say that just reading about her love and zest for life has really touched me. It’s easy to see that if I would of met Angie we would be great friends. So many lost their lives on that dreadful day and it is so unfair that someone like Angela is no longer with us to spread her joy,laughter,and love.Im sure all her friends and loved ones miss her dearly.I know in heaven she’s an Angel as she was on earth. God Bless.

    Jinessa Vargas, Starnger
  • Angela its been two years since you’ve been gone, but the memories keep you alive in my heart. Rest In Peace.

    Lamont Hogan, Friend
  • Angie,

    I never got to know you but I’ve heard so many beautiful things about you. I would have loved to have been one of your friends. You will forever be in my thoughts and your family in my prayers.

    Evelyn, no relation
  • Angie,

    I never got to know you but I’ve heard so many beautiful things about you. I would have loved to have been your friend.
    You will forever be in my thoughts and your family in my prayers.

    eve.lyn, no relation
  • Hi Angie, 2 years today when you and Pop were taken, you were not able to take your vows, but your souls will be wed for eternity,please take care of pop and tell him I know he is looking down on all of us, all my prayers for you and your loved ones.

    beebee(pops friend)

    BeeBee, Friend
  • Happy 30th Smiley…..Gone but not FORGOTTEN……

    Lamont Hogan, Friend
  • Hey Cuz,
    Tomorrow marks the 3 years from that awful day. There is not a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts and in my heart. We all miss you so much.
    It is hard to come up with the right words…but I wanted to thank you for all the strength and love you continue to give our family. We all know you are our Guardian Angel watching over us.
    Ang, I love you so much…and I know that I am blessed to have had you in my life and blessed to now have you as an angel by my side.
    Love always Mita

    Taina Lopez, Cousin
  • Hi Angie, you will always be in my thoughts now, always and forever.

    Brooklyn, no relation
  • Just drop by to say hello its been some time now, but u do stay in my thoughts.

    lamont Hogan, Friend
  • Angie,
    Its been 9 years and I still think of you everyday. I always find something that reminds me of you: pretty shoes, a pretty girl, or an old song. When I am going to a new event and have a good time, I say “Angie would love this.” I am so grateful for the dreams i have of you, especially when we hug. It feels so real. I will just believe it is;) love you & miss you 4ever! love, tweety

    tweety, cousin
  • Angela, In addition to being a beautiful, and great friend to everyone, what I always remember is what a loving, generous, caring and great daughter you were to Edith.

    You are dearly missed by all who knew you. May God continue to to comfort your family and you’ll never be forgotten.

    Lucy Pena mother's coworker.

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