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  Sheryl Rosner Rosenbaum

Date of Birth: March 2, 1968
Position: US Government

A light has gone out of our lives, but she will never be forgotten. Sheryl shone as she entered all our lives. When she walked into a room with her smile, and confidence, everyone there knew her and would remember her.
As a child who could forget her energy, she was non-stop motion,
Always asking, always wanting to know, always getting into everything, but always there with hugs, kisses and smiles. She learned early on how to handle her brothers, Marc and David, making willing slaves out of them. She was magical and had everyone she knew in her power. No parent could have been prouder of the young woman she grew into, confident, bright, level headed, caring and very very loving. We are proud of everything she achieved, of the friends she made and the kind of friend she was to them, of the son she brought into our family and the grandchildren, Hannah and Sam, they gave to us.
Sheryl was our equalizer, our strength, our child and our friend. She was the thread that pulled us into a tight, loving and giving family. We were blessed to have her in our lives, if only for 33 years. We will always love, adore and miss her.

Bobbi and Barry Rosner, Parents
  • I will never forget Sheryl. She was one of the first people I met when I joined Cantor in ’94.
    A very friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic, extremely hard working, and ambitious person…

    She also loved her family so very much. Come to think of it, I don’t believe there ever was a work-related conversation that ended without us chatting about our families. I remember when her first home was being built – she showed me the photograph of her and her husband Mark sitting on the front steps. And I remember how excited she was when she received from Mark a beautiful double string pearl bracelet. She was so beautiful when she was pregnant with Hannah. And even more beautiful after Hannah was born.

    When I left the firm in ’99, I remember Sheryl was at the height of her career doing extremely well at Cantor. Her family must have been proud.

    Shortly after leaving the firm, I bumped into Sheryl while she was strolling Hannah through a store in NJ. In a brief conversation she shared with me all of the wonderful things happening in her life.

    I have Sheryl to thank for the tip on “Baby Mozart”; everytime I play the video for my 5 month old baby, I think of her.

    I know her family must miss her very much. She was a very special person to so many people. My heart and my prayers are with her family and friends. I will never forget her.

    Peggy O'Daly - Colby, Former Cantor Fitzgerald Employee
  • It is hard to put into words how special Sheryl was to all of her co-workers. Sheryl was always there to listen and whether it was work or personal she always knew the right thing to say. When tragedy struck my family it was Sheryl who was there when I returned to work with a warm hug.

    While often stopping by Sheryl’s office, I also followed the progress of their house being built and especially remember when the pool table was purchased and the pool table room was created. The pictures of Mark and Sheryl being so incredibly happy standing in front of their yet to be landscaped home are pictures I will never forget.

    I left Cantor before Hannah was born but could not wait for the pictures of her to arrive via e-mail. Frank Vignola kept me updated on Sheryl’s progress and I was so very happy for your entire family when Hannah was born. Then Sam came along and Sheryl was on top of the world.

    To Sheryl’s entire family, you were the love of her life. So very often we would talk about family and invariably Mark and her parents would work their way into the conversation. She was very proud of all of you and I am sure you were so very proud of her.

    Sheryl, not a day goes by that I do not think about you and the gang. There are many day’s when it is hard to believe that you really have been taken from us. You are very missed. G-d bless all of you.

    Craig Mondschein, Former Co-Worker
  • I worked directly with Sheryl for two years, leaving Cantor only eight weeks before the tragic events. She was not just my boss, she was my teacher and friend.

    I am still trying to figure out why and how this could happen. There was only one person on the face of this earth that would have had the words to explain all this to me, but she is forever gone.

    I avoided Sheryl for eight weeks after I left Cantor because I could not admit to her that I had made a terrible mistake by leaving. I missed her so much and I missed working at Cantor. I know now why I had to leave, but I can never forgive myself for not letting Sheryl know how much I loved her and appreciated all she did for me.

    I will never forget Sheryl or her wisdom. I pray one day this will make sense.

    Sheryl, if you can hear me, I miss you so much.

    Gerri DeCicco, Former Co-Worker and Friend
  • Sheryl never failed to bring a smile to my face. I had been out for maternity the day this horrible, unexplainable thing happened, but I brought my new daughter in the day before. Of course I wanted to show off and went looking for her. When she wasn’t at her desk I was very disappointed but right as I got ready to leave she popped in the office of another co-worker and I got to see her. I thank God for giving me this chance to speak to her one last time. My prayers go out to your family in this difficult time.

    Gina Al-Saidi, coworker
  • The true all around woman. She was just absolutely fantastic to work with. Sheryl knew how to get it done and if she didn’t she would find the person who could. How happy and proud she was when she became a mother. I will always remember how she made sure that her work schedule allowed her to have as much time as possible with the kids, and it seemed that she still was working 60 hours a week because everything always got done. And got done with a smile. Sheryl I will miss your advice and wisdom. If God is truly smart he will keep you close because you will have heaven working at peak efficiency.

    Saul Handelsman, Co-worker
  • I can honestly say I’ve lived my life with Sheryl by my side. I have known her since infancy. We’ve shared everything in our lives. Sheryl was an exceptional friend to me. Some days it is still very difficult for me to believe she is not here. I have endless memories of Sheryl. I will carry them in my heart forever and share them with her children, Hannah and Sam, as they grow up. She left behind two beautiful legacies who we will be sure know what a beautiful person she was.
    Sheryl, I love you and will always miss you.

    Pam Davis, friend
  • We miss Sheryl every day, here in the back office programming department. She was our fount of knowledge. Whatever we were asked to do we ran by Sheryl first, because she was the one who really understood both the business and the back office processing. But that’s not the only reason we miss her. Her enthusiasm and sense of humor made every meeting fun. And then, no matter how committed she was to the firm, she always made it clear how important her family was to her. Not only was she eager to show pictures of her children but she once told me that she had ordered her brother to travel home for a family event because family came first! Sheryl, I miss you. How much more your family must miss you!

    Virginia Pfeiffer, co-worker
  • I met Sheryl in the spring of 1992. We spoke often, saw one another rarely, but knew each other so well. She was such an incredibly happy person and she loved every aspect of her life.
    To Sheryl’s entire family, it is difficult to comprehend the enormity of your loss. She touched so many lives in such a profound way. I miss Sheryl terribly. It was a privilege to know her and to have her as a friend. May your strength, love and resolve as family help you through this most difficult time.

    Lesley Mitler, Friend
  • I first came to know Sheryl as her teacher in a 5th grade music classroom. She was always bright, sparkling and full of energy and enthusiasm. She wanted to know and to do – in the class and in the chorus.
    As I soon found out, those qualities were everpresent in her life. Her parents became our very close friends and so I was blessed with seeing Sheryl grow from a child to a teenager to a college student and ultimately, to a loving wife and mother. Her joy and enthusiasm were catching; if you were with Sheryl, you HAD to be enthusiastic – about all of life’s happenings.
    We feel blessed to have known her and loved her through the years. We pray that her beloved children, Hannah and Sam, live their lives with the grace and joy of their mother. We miss you, Sheryl.

    Judy Stein, teacher and friend
  • I first met Sheryl when she started in Accounting. Immediately I knew her as a confident, kind and caring person. It wasn’t long before she became my boss. Although it seemed like Sheryl could accomplish anything, often very easily, she was one of the hardest workers I ever met. Never would she leave before the rest of us.

    It was easy to befriend Sheryl who was “high energy” and always happy to see everyone. She was like a sister to me, sometimes a mother telling me what to do in business and my personal life. I loved our playful sparring of words. She could take a joke and was quick-witted. In a high pressure job, she made it fun. Whenever I felt down I knew a visit to Sheryl would point me in the positive direction.

    Her greatest joy and greatest concern was for her family. She never wanted them to be far from her. Spending countless hours in her office, I knew all about her brothers, grandparents, Mother and Father, Mother-in-law, roommates, and most of all Mark. She loved them all so much. As successful as she was at Cantor I believe her greatest success was being a mother. She was so happy and proud of her children.

    As Gerri DeCicco stated, Sheryl was my teacher and my friend. She always knew the right thing to say. A person I admired not because of her professional success but by the way she carried herself. Always cheerful, positive and kind. She saw the best in everyone. I’ll never forget her. I know she’ll make her presence felt to her family.


    Terry Buckley, Friend, former colleague
  • Sheryl,
    Will not forget your trips to London and our crazy nights out. Will not forget those frantic phone calls late at night when we were working on really tight deadlines to get the bonus numbers sorted out! Will not forget the gossip sessions or the phone converstions to Mark from my desk in London but most of all will never forget your warmth, energy and love for your family. How you insisted that I bring pictures of my children when I was last in New York. I still remember the last time we went out in London and you had just found out that you were expecting Sam
    I could go on…
    Mark, Hannah and Sam- my thoughts will always be with you.

    Rohini Uppal, Friend and co-worker
  • They say friends come in and out of your life but only true ones leave footprints in your heart. My heart is filled with Sheryl’s footprints. There is no truer friend than Sheryl. When she called you her friend, she meant it. Like everything in her life, she met it with gusto – her unmistakeable spirit. Once it touched you, it never left you. Sheryl made her mark in life and those who knew her have her impression imbedded in their hearts. I am a better person as a result of having had Sheryl in my life. Together we grew from silly immature schoolgirls to mature Moms (who, at times, still liked to be silly and immature). I miss calling Sheryl at work just to discuss the mundane things in life. No matter how busy she was, she’d always stop for a quick story with me. A conversation didn’t go by without one of us bursting out laughing. One of the last times I saw Sheryl we were driving together with all the kids. We had a Sesame Street tape playing and Sheryl looked at me with disgust and said, “Can you believe what we are listening to”? Without another word, she quickly popped in a Phil Collins CD and we sang together like we were still in HS. God, I miss you Sheryl. I’d give just about anything to have you back on this earth with us. Know that we will all love and care for Sammy and Hannah. With all your success in life, you still knew they were your biggest accomplishment. I’ll love and miss you always, Moynihan.

    Sue Kollman, Friend
  • Its hard to put into words the enormous impact Sheryl has had on my life. We met on the first day of UMASS orientation in May 1986. She was the first person I met there and we bonded immediately. Our friendship grew deeper – from friends, to roommates at UMASS, to roommates in NYC. We stood up for each other as bridesmaids at each others wedding. Sheryl was family to me. She was also my inspiration, my touchstone, my trusted advisor. Whenever I needed an opinion on anything – career, parenthood, Sheryl was always there eager to share her good advice. She was such a wonderful mother. Watching her with Hannah and Sam was such a joy. The last time I saw Sheryl was September 9th at my daughter’s baby naming party. Sheryl simply radiated. She was beautiful. She loved her life and it showed. Sheryl I will always love you and miss you so very, very much.

    Jodi Warshauer, friend
  • Dave and I were dating for about two months when I met Sheryl. She was the first family member I met and believe me she caused an impression. She treated me like she knew me for a long time, I loved her charisma and amazing personality.

    As Dave’s and I relationship continued to grow and develop, so did my relationship with her. In a period of six years she became my dearest sister and friend. She was always by my side when I needed her, always with her smile, hugs and kisses.

    Sheryl was an amazing and special human being. I admired her strenght, positivism, success and outlook on life. She had so much love for everyone around her!!! She was the most incredible mother to Hannah and Sam… being a mother was the biggest achievement of her life.

    I learned many things from Sheryl and have lots of wonderful memories to cherished. I will miss her very much but her presence will be with us forever.

    Mayra Rosner, Sister-in-law
  • I got to know Sheryl the last few years that I worked at Cantor. I remember she had this great energy and I always enjoyed talking to her. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I remember talking with her about it. She knew she wanted to have children but worried about how to juggle work and a family. I’d say she did a pretty darn good job of it. It was a pleasure to have known her.

    Kerry Ferrara, Former co-worker
  • Sheryl was my roommate from my very first day of college. And she became my very best friend just days later. When I close my eyes I can see Sheryl and many of the wonderful, everyday things that made her so unique and special – the way she’d wink at me letting me know she’d take care of me, she had the power to make me laugh even as I cried. She was a great listener, who listened with her heart and was always honest. Her
    “snoopy” smile, which was so contagious and her sense of humor. She was funny even when she didn’t mean to be. Sheryl was beautiful inside and out, intelligent, fun and one of the most giving and generous people I have ever known. I truly believe I grew a lot by knowing her and that part of who I am today is because of Sheryl. We lost touch over the years and I will forever regret that but I will continue to love her and miss her always.

    Lisa (Butler) Magit, Friend
  • I can’t say that I knew Sheryl well. We never called each other; rarely saw one another. Our parents were good friends and our own friendship was created out of that tie. But with Sheryl you didn’t need constant contact to be considered a friend. Years could go by, but the minute you were in view, a bright smile and warm hug would welcome you into a heart that was bigger than any ocean.

    After Sheryl’s memorial service my parents and I went back to Mark and Sheryl’s house. I felt very uncomfortable. After all, I wasn’t a close friend or relative; what right did I have to be there? So I took a walk around the neighborhood. And as I ventured farther away from their house, I heard Sheryl’s unforgettable voice in my head. “What’s the matter with you? Of course you belong here. Now, get back in there and have something to eat!” And when I came back to the house, a remarkable thing happened. One of Sheryl’s best friends, whom I had met many years ago, approached me and asked how my career was going. I had expressed surprise that she had remembered me. “Of course I remember you,” she said. “Sheryl used to always keep us up-to-date about what you were doing, what shows you’re in. She would say ‘Remember my mother’s friend Judy’s daughter…’; you know Sheryl…once you’re her friend, you in forever.”

    I guess she was right. I’ll miss you, friend.

    Debbie Stein, Friend
  • There are very few things I cherish as much as the last time I saw Sheryl, the mom, the woman, the friend. Even in the short period of that afternoon, I learned so much from her. I (and my children) learned that whining girls (and boys) get nothing. I learned that her daughter, the mirror image of Sheryl, is “the best” in her mother’s eyes. I learned to put the past behind you and look to the future. I relearned what Sheryl was all about.

    In the midst of this tragedy, we learn to mend the relationships that have gone astray. The tragedy for me is that Sheryl was that relationship, and while we lost touch in the past few years, I always knew there would be a time when we would reconnect. Unfortunately, our time has run out, but I always have that last Sunday afternoon and all those years ago to reflect on.

    Sheryl, I love you and will always treasure my memories.

    Dyan Levin Cotton, Friend
  • I worked at Cantor Fitzgerald from 1991-1995 and I had the pleasure to work with/get to know Sheryl. I remember going down to the 32nd floor to the Accounting Department and always seeing Sheryl’s smiling face. I worked closely with Accounting and got to know the department well. I remember when Sheryl planned a trip to Puerto Rico and I had just visited there. I stayed at the same resort and Sheryl was asking me questions on how I enjoyed my stay. We shared stories and laughs. It seems like it was just yesterday. My heart goes out to her family and friends. GOD BLESS YOU!

    David Deschene, co-worker
  • The world has lost an incredible human being. The last time I saw Sheryl, in early September, she told me of a recent visit she made to see a family friend in a nursing home. She took her family, and she spent the afternoon. She told me about this woman, and she was so heartbroken that everyone had forgotton about her. But not everyone, because Sheryl never forgot anyone.

    Sheryl was my great friend. Her absence has created a giant void in my heart. For those of us who knew her well, her giant hugs and signature laugh will be missed always. I feel so fortunate to have had her in my life and I will never forget all of the fun, all of the memories and all the love.

    “I just have to tell you…”

    Lauren Sarrett, friend
  • I really didn’t know Sheryl that well, mostly from seeing her in the hall’s of Cantor. The funny thing was that both of us always stopped to talk to each other. She was a very sweet person and appeared to have a heart of gold. I started at Cantor back in 1997 and she seemed to be pregnant the whole time I was there. For some goofy reason, we both got a good laugh out of it. She spoke of her family as well and I could see how happy she was. I moved to Houston, Texas back in June of 2001 and was only in the office once after that but that didn’t stop me from bumping into Sheryl. My close friend Eddie Murphy, who was also in Tower 1, and I went to see Bon Jovi at Giants Stadium back in the end of July 2001. I just came up from Houston and looked forward to having a good time and acting crazy at the show. Who would you believe was sitting right next to me, Sheryl! I hadn’t seen her in a while and we both laughed and I said, “Hey, your not pregnant”. Her husband Mark was also there and he was a good guy and we all had a great time. If you ever seen Bon Jovi on VH-1 from Giants Stadium, remember that she was there! God bless you and your family Sheryl! I’m glad I got to know you.

    Buck LaPointe, Co-Worker
  • Sheryl,

    Yesterday you would have been 34. Pam and I went to Thomas Sweets for blend-ins in your honor. Remember the first time we went there? It 1983 and the pedal broke off the bike you were riding and we thought we’d never get there…it was the first of too many stops in NB to count. Nobody ordered chocolate with M&Ms this time but we knew you were there with us in spirit. We let balloons go up over Ground Zero and I hope you got the card that Pam wrote to you. We met Jodi and Eileen for dinner and the four of us talked about all the good times we’d had with you and we laughed till our sides hurt. We tried not to focus on the sad because it is just too unbearable – life without you. We all agreed you would have been thrilled that we were there together celebrating you. We promised to meet up again once every year in your memory. Please don’t stop looking over us – we knew you were there guiding Pam and I through the subway system and a special thanks for not letting us buy those knockoff Prada bags…

    Hugs and kisses

    Sue, friend
  • I can not believe it has been 6 months since that horrible day. It feels like a lifetime since I lost one of my dearest friends. I grieve for her family, her parents, grandmother, brothers and sisters-in-law, who her loved her so dearly, her husband who was so dependent on her and loved her unconditionally, her children who will never really know what an unbelievable mother they were blessed with, even for such a short time, and, selfishly, for myself. Sheryl was my friend, advisor, and confidant. We could talk for hours about anything and I always knew I can count on her. My daughter tells me she sees Sheryl in her dreams and confirms to me that she is watching out for us, her friends and her own beautiful children and family from heaven. I pray that we are all truly so lucky to have such a special angel on our side. I will remember her and miss her for the rest of my life.

    Sharyn Handelsman, Friend
  • I’d just like to take a minute today, Mother’s Day, to honor and remember my dear friend Sheryl. Of Sheryl’s many accomplishments in her life, being a mother was one of which she was most proud. She was a great mom and is missed by her two children as well as everyone else (of whom there are many) she touched in her too short life.
    Life is forever changed without her presence in it. I do believe she is watching over Hannah and Sam as well as the rest of us and guiding us each day. I am grateful for that.

    Pam, friend
  • I had a desk near Sheryl’s office although I never worked with her. I admired the way she worked with so many high level men – direct, funny, rigorous but warm. I’d hear her making sure all trades were recorded carefully and accurately – a center of Cantor’s integrity and professionalism.

    Tita Beal, co-worker/consultant
  • Memories of Sheryl echo, like shadows they dance joyfully forever in my mind.

    She was four and I was 34
    The moment you met her she loved you
    I know this to be so
    She told me for the rest of our lives
    “Sacred and sweet was all I saw in her” (Shakespeare)
    How lucky could I get?

    I married her Uncle – a favorite in her life
    Instantly I became her Aunt Ann
    My heart was already full
    Al and I combined our families – and together
    We were rich with four children of our own
    And two Goddaughters filled our lives
    But she and her brothers were melodious sounds
    Welcome added chords to life’s concerto
    “If music be the food of love, play on” (Shakespeare)
    How lucky I was that my family expanded.

    She was a walking tornado
    Her energy energized you
    Her love of life was inspirational
    Dream on dear Sheryl – dream on
    “Nothing happens unless first a dream” (Carl Sandburg)
    How lucky I was she shared her dreams and aspirations with me – with us.

    Precocious and wise beyond her years
    The little girl became a young lady
    Her Bat Mitzvah was once-upon-a-time
    She might have felt nervous
    Yet she knew she would be good
    And she was
    The eldest sibling and cousin
    Number one in so many ways
    “Your daily life is your temple and your religion. When you enter into it take with you your all.” (Kahlil Gibran)
    How lucky to share and see the splendor of Sheryl – exceptional in all she did and was.

    She always showed her love
    Her capacity to love was enormous
    Her passion for life was wondrous
    Life was her playground
    Her presence was an ongoing present to us
    An irreplaceable gift
    The beauty of Sheryl was that she was always giving
    It wasn’t necessarily a conscious act
    It was who she was
    “A friend in a present you give to yourself” (Robert Louis Stevenson)
    How lucky we were to have a friendship.

    Sheryl was injured while riding her bicycle
    She was admitted to the hospital
    Yet from her bed she orchestrated her wishes
    She summoned us to her bedside
    We were anxious to know that she was all right
    Yet it is her greeting that still lingers
    We thought we went to comfort her
    But it was Sheryl who nurtured us
    “It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding” (Kahlil Gibran)
    How special she was but it was her summons that made us feel special.

    She was becoming a young woman
    And as she grew so did
    Her beauty, intelligence, and wisdom
    She turned sixteen
    We sent her flowers
    She made it clear
    Like the scent of honeysuckle on a warm summer day
    Her appreciation and gratitude are embedded in our senses
    “I think the key is for women not to set any limits” (Martina Navratilova)
    How cherished she was but how cherished we felt.

    She was on a journey
    She continually met her aspirations
    It was her quest
    We talked about her goals
    Goals became accomplishments and her reality
    By coincidence she and my Goddaughter went away to the same college
    She asked me to visit and I went to UMass
    Her excitement, her preparation made me feel like the Queen was coming to see her
    I met her friends, sensed her independence and growth
    “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.” (Louisa May Alcott)
    I went because of my love for her but how loved I felt.

    “God, the best maker of marriages, combine your hearts in one!” (Shakespeare)
    That was what she was seeking
    That was what she found
    She fell in love
    Married Mark
    Al and I along with her Godfather Buddy were her witnesses
    How honored we were.

    “She looked yesternight fairer than ever I saw her look, or any woman else.” (Shakespeare)
    Motherhood was her calling
    Her first child was born, Hannah
    Their first night home she asked us to be with them
    From that day forth she reminded us how she wanted her children (Hannah and Sam) to know us
    To grow up around us – to have what she had and more
    How loving of her and Mark and in turn we felt adored
    How loved we felt.

    In my heart and soul I give thanks that such an extraordinary woman was in our lives
    Still I do not know how to show thanks except with tears
    There was not enough time
    There will never be enough memories
    She loved her friends and showed it with her support and kindness
    She loved her career and exuded confidence in her abilities
    Unconditionally she loved and cherished her family the most
    And we, her extended family
    Were lucky to be part of that elite group
    But I would give up that place to have her back
    When I was with her I felt like I was the most important person in the world
    That was Sheryl’s gift that she gave to so many
    Our blessing and our good fortune was having her in our lives
    And having her unconditional love
    The world will never forget the horrific act of terrorism on September 11th 2001
    Yet we can never let this or any other act overshadow the beauty, success and wonder of Sheryl Rosner Rosenbaum.

    “They do not love that do not show their love” (Robert Louis Stevenson)
    From the moment I met you Sheryl I loved you and always will.

    (Kahlil Gibran) “If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again together and you shall sing to me a deeper song.
    And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another tower in the sky.”

    Ann Rosenberg, Aunt
  • “Always in my heart”

    Bobbi Rosner, MOTHER
  • Dear Sheryl,

    I had a dream of you recently. In the dream, I was playing with Hannah and you were there behind her. Hannah did not see you or speak to you, yet I was able to. I asked you why you were there because I knew you were gone. I was confused by your presence. You turned to me with a beautiful and soft smile and said, “I am always with Hannah”.

    For a moment, there was peace.

    I miss you every day and will never forget you.

    Gerri DeCicco, Co-Worker/Friend
  • It doesn’t seem like a whole year has gone by since I last heard Sheryl’s voice, I can still hear it so clearly in my head and in my heart. I was lucky enough to be one of the people that Sheryl loved best and for that I will always be grateful. We shared the most wonderful times and knew how much we meant to each other. Most of my growing up was done with Sheryl by my side, cheering me on, all through college and into our twenties, sharing apartments in New York City and ultimately meeting our husbands and starting families of our own. I miss her every single day with every ounce of my being. The very best parts of her are with me every day in my heart, and I draw upon her strength when I have none left of my own. She will always be one of the brightest lights of my life and I will love her and honor her memory forever.

    Eileen Bishop Kreit, Friend
  • Dear Sheryl,

    When we were kids you always amazed me with the force of life within you. I was much quieter and preferred to watch you command your surroundings. With all of those brothers around us, I was inspired to see how you took charge. I regret never telling you how much I admired you.

    When you were in the hospital after your bicycling accident, I remember so vividly visiting you and how even bruised and injured, that force within you was just as strong. You will always be that way for me.

    Even though I am two years younger than you, I always felt younger than that. You seemed so sophisticated even at thirteen, at your Bat Mitzvah. It seemed that you were mature at birth, given confidence and determination from the very beginning. You always appeared to be a perfect balance of Aunt Bobbi and Uncle Barry’s qualities.

    When I was in NY last fall with the Red Cross, I was helping a man in the hospital. During our conversation, we realized that he worked with you and I told him of your horrible fate that day. I sat and cried with this complete stranger, each of us honoring our very different memories of you. Every single family and victim that I helped was a small tribute to the one person I loved and could not help.

    Last July, at my bridal shower, you gave me some very practical marital advice. Thank you for that and for sharing with me your imperfections. Even the flaws make us beautiful and this made you even more real to me.

    Although it’s been one year since that horrific day, your passing continues to shock me. How could a person who shined so brightly simply disappear? Just as you could never fade into the background, your life will always be with us. Our family misses you desperately, and I will always try to think of you with the joy and spirit with which you lived.

    KImberly Rosenberg, cousin
  • It’s Mar.2nd, your 36th birthday, We miss you more and more. Know that you are never out of my thoughts and my heart.

    Bobbi Rosner, Mother
  • I met Sheryl when I was the receptionist for Cantor in the early 90’s. I then moved to Acct Rec. Dept I worked with Sheryl sometimes late into the evenings and when we worked late we would listen to the Grease soundtrack and she used to say that her husband loved that soundtrack and we used to laugh about that. I learned alot from Sheryl. She taught me how to get respect as a woman in the workplace and she was always there to listen to my personal problems and help me as a friend unfortunatly I was never able to see her children I left before she got pregnant. I know she was a wonderful mother because she was a wonderful human being and friend. Always loyal and there whenever you needed her. She will always be in my heart and I will keep her and her family in my prayers.
    God Bless

    Tracy Dunn, Former Coworker
  • 9-11-05

    4 years have passed……… It still baffles me…..how could this have happened to Sheryl?
    I want to say I miss Sheryl every single day. She is never forgotten and she provides me with much strength.
    I miss my dear friend very much!!

    Pam Davis, Friend
  • Oh how I miss you Sheryl. Not a day goes by without me thinking of my sweet friend. I am so grateful that I can still hear your voice in my head. Today is not a significant day, not your birthday or the anniversary of the day we met – its just one of those days that I am sad and missing you.xoxoxox

    Jodi Warshauer, Friend
  • I want to wish Sheryl a Happy Birthday….I’ve come to her tribute page SO many times, and decided that her birthday was the perfect time to actually write something. I never knew her, but she seemed so wonderful and fun! I love the picture with her children. She looks like a great mother and I am so sorry her children have to grow up without her.
    Sheryl looks like someone who would be so fun to be around, and it’s such a shame that she is gone. I know she is an angel looking down on everyone from Heaven! To her family, I want you to know that she is thought of and will not be forgotten. Bless you!
    Love from Dana in Minnesota

    Dana Andersen, No relation
  • I remember Sheryl from high school. I moved to Franklin high in my Senior and Sheryl welcomed me and was a great person and friend. She made the world alittle brighter.

    Bryan Mackey, Friend from high school
  • U were a great friend to me and my family. You are in my heart Forever. We Miss U Sheryl.

    Dean M, Friend
  • You are always in my thoughts Sheryl. It’s amazing how much you still influence me as the years pass. I will hold you in my heart always 9.11.06.

    Gerri DeCicco, Co-worker
  • Sheryl

    It has been 5 years-seems like yesterday. Thinking of you and the kids…

    God Bless


    rohini uppal, former co worker
  • Happy New Year 2007 Sheryl…..you are always thought of, I hope you are resting in peace. Love from Minnesota!

    Dana, None
  • I miss your laugh, your heart, and your wisdom…I was so fortunate to have you as my friend, my confidante. With you I discovered the true meaning of friendship, and I continue to learn from you Sheryl. You were a beautiful person – like no other, and I miss you always. ILY

    Sue Moynihan, friend
  • I would like to say that Sheryl is thought of often, with love. On this anniversary of the tragedy, I am thinking of her and all the victims of this senseless crime. Sheryl—you seemed like such a great, fun, wonderful person, I am SO sorry you are gone. I know you are an angel, looking down on your family and friends…..your children are so precious and I know they have an angel watching over them. May you always rest in peace!!!! Love from Minnesota, Dana

    Dana, None
  • 09/11/2007

    It’s hard to believe that 6yrs have gone by – when I look at this picture it is amazing to know that your children are so much older now; almost old enough to understand what happened on that day……

    I hope that your beautiful children are doing very well – blessed by their own special Angel watching over them. And I hope they share your happy, upbeat spirit – for you will never be forgotten!!!

    From FHS, A Friend
  • 11-21-07
    Thinking a lot of you this Thanksgiving,Sheryl. I am as grateful as ever for having had the gift of your friendship and presence in my life. I miss you.

    Pam, Friend
  • my darling, on this 8th anniversary, know that you are missed and loved more than ever. Your impact on everyone who knew you is strong, we will always remember the loving, giving daughter, mother, and friend that you were. Hannah and Sam are living tributes that I know you would be proud of, adore,and love. Time doesn’t ease the pain or the hole in my heart, but I hope we make you proud.

    Bobbi Rosner, mother
  • Miss U and I’ll Never Forget u.

    Dean M, Friend
  • Where have these 8 years gone. I think about you so often and wish you were here. I wish you could see the boys they are huge. Kevin still remembers you letting him open and close your garage door a million times. You were always so good with kids, not just your own. Now Kev is old enough to babysit Sammy. I’m remarried and you would love my new husband. You two would hit it off. You would be so happy for me b/c that’s just the way you were. I’ve tried to describe you to him but that’s impossible. How do you capture Sheryl Rosner with just words. Every once in a while I hear your voice and your laugh and it gives me the warmest feeling. I know you are here in spirit. I love you and miss you so much.

    Sue, friend
  • Hannah became a Bat Mitzvah last week. She is so beautiful and confident and poised- I know you would be glowing with pride (in fact that was you sending out all the sunshine of the day). She did an incredible job and I know you were there with us watching it all.
    She exudes you in so many ways- no one could EVER doubt your influence on her or who she has become, the Rabbi described her and he could have been talking about you.

    It brought back a lot of memories of the time we spent together at Temple Beth El and preparing together for our Bat Mitzvahs.

    Miss you dearly, my first friend.

    Pam Davis, friend
  • I think of you so often Sheryl! I just remember all the wonderful times we shared when we are on the Tennis Team together. You were always that ray of sunshine! I cherish your kindness, laughter and smiles and will always be so thankful to have known you. I will grieve always for your loss and the way your life was taken from you. God Bless you and your family always.

    Kristina Driver (Szep), Friend from Franklin High School

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