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  Lloyd Rosenberg

Date of Birth: December 11, 1969
Department: High Yield
Position: Bond Broker

Lloyd Rosenberg, 31, was raised in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, before moving to Staten Island. We met at Crazy Eddie’s where we both worked. He graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School in 1987 and began working for Cantor Fitzgerald in 1988. We were married in 1992 and made our home in Morganville New Jersey with our three daughters, Samantha, Kaylee and Alyssa.
Two weeks before the tragic events of September 11th, we were fortunate enough to spend a weekend away alone together. Something we hadn’t done in over five years. He said to me, “Glenn, I can’t believe we’ve been together more than half of my life.” We talked and imagined what the next half would be like.
Lloyd was kind and generous; he never said a bad word about anyone he knew. Recently I’ve come to find out that in business he was the same.
Lloyd leaves behind a beautiful legacy. In Samantha, you can’t help but notice his gestures and his personality. In Kaylee, it’s like looking into his eyes and seeing his happy spirit. In Alyssa you can see his face. We use to joke all the time that they were twins separated by 31 years. To me, he gave his heart, and I will carry it with me forever.
Lloyd’s passion was being a “daddy.” His girls were his pride and joy. I will forever miss the Saturday mornings when I would sneak downstairs and watch him reading them a book, or playing “horsie.”
We, his family, will pray for peace so that his children, and all the other children can grow up without fear. To be able to live the life, full of joy and happiness, that Lloyd wanted them to live. Always and Forever, Glenna, Samantha, Kaylee and Alyssa.

Glenna Rosenberg, Wife
  • I started working in Cantor the same year with Lloyd in 1988 I worked in acctg back then and he worked in corporates and like his wife said he never had a bad thing to say about anybody he was a very nice guy. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

    donna, co worker
  • I had the chance to meet Lloyd in the summer of 1998 when I worked on his desk for a few days.
    I want to address all my sincere condoleances to his family. Lloyd was a person full of human qualities and he will be dearly remembered by us all forever.

  • In An Instant

    In an Instant the world changed
    Families are shattered
    Everything you knew before
    No longer seems to matter

    In an instant someone you love
    Will not come home
    As you wait for those expected footsteps
    And feel so all alone

    In an instant we come together
    Strangers become friends
    And you slowly start the healing
    A beginning, not an end

    In an instant life was taken
    In its place a spirit grows
    Catching fire as it moves along
    Until it overflows

    In an instant you remember
    Like the changing of the tide
    Every time you think of them
    They are with us deep inside

    In an instant starts the journey
    Walk across the painful line
    And find the strength within you
    One day at a time

    copyright 9/15/01

    Marge Ramsey, Friend
  • I am best friends with Lloyd’s sister-in-law Stacey Solof. So I know the family for many years. We went to Lloyd & Glenna’s Wedding and would see them at family parties. Lloyd was a wonderful person, a really nice guy, always gave you a really nice welcome. I can only hope God took him to a better place and I know he will watch over his family every day for the rest of their lives. He is in our thoughts everyday, and we pray for his family, to give them strenghth and courage to go on in life, they way he would of wanted them to. GOD BLESS.

    Michelle & Richie Ianniello, Friend
  • Lloyd was someone special. The way his kids would smile when Lloyd would play with them, read to them, or just come home from work, made their day. The way my sister Glenna would smile when he called just to say “I love you!”
    When I needed someone to talk to, he was there.
    I remember this one day over the summer when we were over and Lloyd and Chris and Chris, Jr. were playing football and they were running around the back. Chris, Jr., my 6 year old son, said “They’re not giving me the ball” and when we went outside, they were having the time of their lives. That’s how I will always remember Lloyd: smiling and happy.
    I will never forget you!
    Your sister, Tricia

    Tricia Tompkinson, Sister-in-law
  • Lloyd was one of a kind. I had the pleasure to know Lloyd for the past 8 years. To know Lloyd was to like LLoyd. He had a great sense of humor and was a terrific friend. We used to talk on the phone about a hundred times a day. We knew all about each other’s lives. Lloyd loved his family and always spoke about Glenna and his 3 beautiful daughters. I feel very lucky to have had a friend like Lloyd. I think about him every day. My deepest condolences go out to his family.

    Riaz Haidri, client and friend
  • Daddy,
    I love you so much…I miss you and I want you to know that We talk about you every day. “Member when I kicked you in the pool?” “Member the safari and I sat on your lap?” “Member playing on the sand in Florida, and the shells?”
    We send you balloons up to Heaven and write on them at least once a week. Mommy says that when we can’t see them anymore, it means that you caught it, and the wind means your sending kisses down to us. I will never forget you Daddy because you are in my heart and I tried to get you to come out but it never works, “Mommy said it’s cuz your stuck there” I love you “My Daddy” and I’m sending you butterfly kisses up to Heaven. Did you feel it?
    I miss the silly things you did on the swings with us. Mommy told us that just because we don’t see you … doesn’t mean you’re not there..and sometimes when the wind pushes the swings I’m on, I think it’s you pushing me. Mommy said it is you, because You are the wind beneath our wings.
    For Always and Forever
    Love “your Kayleebotts”

    Kaylee Rosenberg, Daughter 3 Years Old
  • Your birthday was yesterday, and your family was robbed of your presence. I’m sure the girls still blew your candles out for you as Glenna looked on with a tear. We all wish we can do something to make her pain go away…Lloyd we miss you and think of you every day.
    Not a single day goes by without thinking of you,
    Glenna, and the girls.

    Carla, Bernie, Michael, Jenna Novins, Friends
  • Lloyd was our son in law but he became our son. He was a wonderful husband who cared very deeply for his family.
    Lloyd was a wonderful father and was loved very much by his three daughters. He wanted them to have everything, a good home with loving parents,and
    he wanted them to learn good values while growing up.We will always remind them of that and tell them all about him.
    I know that Lloyd is saying to Glenna ” you can do this and I will be watching from above.”
    He will be missed by us very much.
    Mom and Dad

    Barbara and Fred Levine, In-Laws
  • To my Daddy,
    For the rest of my life , My heart will never let me forget the things we use to do together. Mommy sings the songs you made up for me.I still “ride” on the cat’s back the way you use to help me do. Every morning I look at the picture in my room of us and laugh.Every night I say “nite nite Daddy” to the same picture.On Dec 20th I had my first birthday ,I was given the gift of the heart you bought for me.Although you weren’t there, my heart tells me you were.
    Always and Forever
    Alyssa Paige

    Alyssa Rosenberg, Daughter
  • I knew Lloyd for many years. He was more like a brother than a brother-in-law. He was a wonderful person, husband, father & uncle.

    When I look a my sister or the girls – I feel such a sadness for them. I wish I could somehow change what happened and bring him back. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Lloyd.

    I believe in my heart that Lloyd is with my sister and the girls in spirit and he will always be watching over them.

    I will miss you.

    Love, Stacey

    Stacey Solof, Sister-in-law
  • Because of what happened on September 11th… Glenna and your three beautiful daughters entered my life, and that of my whole family. We share unspeakable grief, because you and Elvin were together at Cantor until the end. Glenna is trying very hard to keep going, and she is never more than a phone call or short drive away from my sister…I’m so grateful for that. So though I never met you, Lloyd…I know you, and I’ll help when I can to comfort and support your loves.

    Debbie Sammut, Friend
  • It was my sincere pleasure to not only have worked with Lloyd, or Lloydie as we called him,but to consider him a true friend. He was a man of substance, heart and compassion. You learn a lot about a person when you sit next to them for 10 hours a day and I learned that Lloyd loved and cared for his wife Glenna and their three girls, first and foremost. In a business enviroment that at times can be quite brutal, Lloyd never lost his composure or his wonderful sense of humor. His delight in his daughters Samantha, Kaylee and Alyssa was evident in his broad smile as he told me about the latest happenings at home. As sure as I will miss Lloyd , I will never forget the Man he was or the Daddy he will always be. Love you Lloydie. Bilbs

    Steven K. Bilby, Friend co-worker
  • Tonight when our kids went to sleep Samantha wanted to know” Where daddy sleeps at night? “
    I told her that he sleeps with all of us every night. Then as always when I put them to sleep
    I told them to tell you about thier day.
    The most amazing thing happened, Samantha said,
    ” Why do I have to tell daddy what happened at school today? He knows what happened, daddy was there with me……
    Dad, I miss the special relationship we had.
    I draw pictures of you as an angel in heaven all the time. Thank you for the shows we use to go to.I miss you giving me a bath, mommy just doesnt do it like you do. I miss the stories that you use to read to me in my Bed every night.I miss watching football and playing basketball with you.I miss you “Skiddoing” and the “warm up exercises”. I miss the video games we use to play together.
    For always and forever you will be the most special person in my life. I will see you when the star’s shine in the sky, when the sun rises and sets , I will see you in the face of the puppy that brings so much joy to my life.I will see you in Kaylee and Alyssa’s eyes every time we play the “games” you taught us .
    Every night when we go to sleep, I will tell you about my day.Even though I know you ,”were there with me”.I love you Daddyman,always and forever.
    Samantha “JJ” Jordan

    Samantha Rosenberg, daughter 5 yrs old
  • Lloyd and my husband,Peter Milano worked side by side for many years. They took care of each other when it came to business. They looked out for each other and had respected one another no matter how stressful work had become. Thank you Lloyd, for telling me on so many occasions how much you loved and admired Peter. Patty MIlano

    Patty Milano, friend
  • I knew Lloyd thru working at Merrill Lynch on the High Yield desk. I came to know him many years ago and he was truly the sweetest and kindest guy. No matter how crazy things were at work Lloyd always had this calmness in his voice and a sincerity that was truly genuine. I was lucky to know such a stand-up solid guy and will miss and never forget him.

    Darlene Scepkowski, Business associate/friend
  • As eerie as this is…it was just recently found and his children should be able to read what he sent us on August 28th, 2001. It’s a true gift that shouldn’t be forgotten about.
    We Miss you too …

    subj: Re: k
    Date: 8/28/2001 10:33:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    From: [email protected] (LLOYD ROSENBERG, CANTOR, FITZGERALD L)
    To: [email protected]

    i miss u and the kids very much

    Glenna Rosenberg, Wife
  • Dear Glenna,
    Now it’s my turn to write a tribute to Lloyd, to you, and to your beautiful daughters, and it breaks my heart. We were supposed to be friends in life, to grow old together with our husbands and complain about the silly things they said or did. God, how I wish. I remember the first time I met Lloyd at the Goddard school. I didn’t know him but I knew Samantha, so I introduced myself and asked where my new friend Glenna was that day. He told me you had the flu and that he stayed home to take care of things. I remember thinking how handsome he was, but more importantly how his face beamed when we spoke of Samantha and how tightly he held her hand. Elvin also used to tell me “I saw Lloyd today–boy does he love those girls–that’s all he talks about”. I pray that I can help you throughout our lives now and be there for each other when there is no one else who could understand. Your daughters will grow up knowing that their Dad loved them beyond all else–neither you nor I will ever let them forget. Lloyd, I pray that you are at peace, watching over your angels.

    Diane Romero, friend/co-worker's wife
  • When I think of LLoyd I remember him with a smile on his face. He was man with a dulcet demeanor but a roaring heart. Someone that would move heaven and earth for you, all you had to do is just ask. Lloyd adored those 3 beautiful girls and was lost with out his wife by his side. We lost him at such a young age. It’s all so surreal, beyond comprehension why this tragedy had to happen. However, it’s comforting to know that one day we shall all be together again in a much happier place and time. I know Lloyd is looking down right now with pride at his wife and children. Marveling at their strength and courage through all they have had to endure. Your family is well protected that you can be assured my friend . So goodnight “George” may you rest in peace. …Until we meet again.

    “But your dead will live; their bodies will rise. You who dwell in the dust, wake up and shout for joy. Your dew is like the dew of the morning; the earth will give birth to her dead.”
    Isaiah 26:19

    Lotus Bonadona, Friend
  • March,2, 2002
    To the Rescue workers,
    I’ve been sitting in front of this paper for over a week trying to find the right words to bring you some kind of comfort. There aren’t any. I know this first hand, my husband worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, he was 31 yrs old and was killed in World Trade Center 1 on September 11th.
    My five year old daughter recently learned what a cemetary is. She wants to know “Why can’t we go talk to daddy there?” My three year old daughter wants to know, “Did my daddy take his keys to heaven? ” My one year old daughter will never know that her dad carried pictures in his wallet of just her because she was his “Baby”.
    How do I thank-you for risking your lives, taking time away from your families and your own lives to answer these questions for my children? How do I thank-you for standing in the middle of all that destruction, to bring some comfort to a stranger? To bring some dignity to those still left unfound there?
    How do I thank you for finding a friends wedding band so his widow can wear it on her neck?
    I guess I can’t, there aren’t any words to express my gratitude . Please, just know this, you are making such an impact on the victims families by 6.5 months later still searching for our loved ones. It brings a shread of hope back into our lives.
    You are the true hero’s. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Thank you from my daughters and thank you most of all from my husband.
    Mrs.Lloyd Rosenberg

    Mrs. Lloyd Rosenberg, Wife
  • Lloyd was a lot more in my life, then my brother in law, he was a very special person that I looked up too and respected. I remember tossing the football around playing basketball laughing and acting like kids. That was something we had in common. That’s what made him a great father, besides the obvious, I remember talking to my family about Lloyd and they would often tell me I talk about him like he was my brother .(see I have known Lloyd since 1988 and we had a lot of great times together)Lloyd was the type of person you could talk to and just be yourself, he was the most unselfish person I ever met. Lloyd never bragged about all his success in life he didn’t have too.
    If I had one last thing to say to Lloyd it would be not to worry about the girls they will be fine. I’ll always be there for them, and love them with all my heart.
    And brother I know I will see you in heaven before you know it.


    Chris Tompkinson, Brother-in-law
  • Uncle Lloyd,
    I was born just one week ago today.
    Although I will never meet you I “know” you.
    Samantha, will show me your mannerisms; Kaylee
    will show me your personality; Alyssa will show
    me your face. Christoper will teach me how to play “monkey in the middle”. Megan will teach me how Not to be embarrassed, playing “ring around the rosie” because my Neice may want it. Matthew will teach me about heaven and balloons and why we send them to you. Michael will teach me of what innocence is untouched by Sept 11th. My Aunt Glenna is going to teach me all about you, what you liked, what you didn’t like, how you loved. My Dad is going to teach me, by watching him, how to be a good uncle. My mom is going to tell me all the funny stories of what you did when you were younger with my dad.
    So, I do know you! And I am more than proud to have your name.
    Daniel Lloyd

    Daniel Lloyd Tompkinson, Nephew
  • I know Lloyd through business and trading between Cantor and my employer, Merrill Lynch. Lloyd was one of the first people I met when I started in the bond business 10 years ago. I’d be hard pressed to find a more genuine gentleman or man of more integrity. Lloyd could be the metaphor for all of the dominant traits that make certain people, well, GREAT human beings! The last time I saw Lloyd, ironically enough, was at a fireman’s fundraiser at Shea Stadium, earlier last summer 2001. That was the last time that I saw many of my colleague/friends from Cantor. It was always shere pleasure to be in Lloyd’s presence, you were guaranteed to exercise your face muscles laughing and catching up on a personal basis, instead of shop talk at work. A genuine eagerness to know how your life was going, Lloyd always was caring, and quick to proudly share the beauty and progress of his family. Lloyd, we’ve all benefitted from your being. I can still hear your voice, feel your handshake, you’ll never be forgotten, one of the all-time greats! See you in the next life mate.

    Peter M. Macaluso, Friend/colleague
  • Always June, 16,2002

    Samantha, Kaylee and Alyssa

    Samantha, Kaylee and Alyssa, Daughters
  • Dear unc Cloyd
    I think of you everyday,and when i miss you mommy and daddy put on tape’s of Birthdays and just things we all did. But the tape i like to watch is of me you and my dad playing ring around the roise. I miss you
    Love Megan

    Megan tompkinson, niece
  • Dear Uncle Lloyd
    I have been thinking about you and I’m glad we had that time at the car wash, and how we talked about baseball just you and me.
    I miss you so much that it hurts and ever night when I go to sleep I look at the card you gave me that day and I remember the fun I had just with you.
    I will never forget you, and when Danny gets older I will tell him all about you and how special he is to have your name.
    Love you always
    Christopher Jr

    Christopher Tompkinson jr, Nephew
  • Dear uncle Lloyd
    Every day my mom tell’s me about you.
    Im 14 week’s now and she call’s me her little angel sent from heaven she tells me how I came into everyones life to bring happeness at a time when there was so much sorrow.
    I smile and laugh now.
    I just want you to know that I will always be proud to tell people all about my uncle and how I got my name
    Love always
    Daniel Lloyd

    Daniel Lloyd Tompkinson, Nephew
  • One Year Later

    The days are passing slowly
    As life seemingly goes on
    But there is not a single moment
    We don’t miss those who are gone

    Flags still fly and we still cry
    And we’re changed forever more
    Familiar things become our strength
    Though nothing’s as it was before

    One year ago the world was bright
    With so much love left to discover
    Now we find our only solace
    In the comfort of each other

    Our children grow; the sun still shines
    Every day offers a new start
    Yet we know there is a difference
    That empty aching in our heart

    Once upon a carefree time
    We could laugh and sing and dance
    Now fear tries to hold us back
    From taking yet another chance

    One year later, here we are
    Still praying dreams come true
    We look beyond with haunted eyes
    And a jaded point of view

    We’re moving toward the future
    Although the past remains the same
    We must believe; hold on to faith
    God will punish those to blame

    *In Memory, the first anniversary of 9/11/01

    We miss you Lloyd and think of you every day. You are everywhere…in your wifes tears, your daughters laughter, your families smiles and your friends hearts.

    Marge Ramsey, friend
  • You are one of the sweetest ladies I know, you are the most fantastic mommy and you are a wonderful wife. Don’t cry…I was just thinking of you, and wanted something that would let you know how strong you are and how much I admire your bravery and courage.

    I love ya kiddo.!



    Daddy Is An Angel

    “Where’s my daddy?” echoing
    Over and over again
    As difficult to answer now
    As it was back then

    “Daddy is an angel”
    Fighting back the fear, she spoke
    To the question that they posed to her
    Each morning as they woke

    Three little faces that remind her
    Of him, in their own way
    She tries to find some comfort there
    Each and every day

    “Where’s my daddy?” wondering
    It hurts her even still
    She prays the pain will lighten
    But wonders if it ever will?

    “Daddy is an Angel”
    And though we have to be apart
    He’s never very far from us
    We hold him in our heart

    The days ahead will somehow pass
    One after the next
    But the burden that she carries
    Leaves her so sad and stressed

    “Where’s my daddy?” hauntingly
    The words she’s come to dread
    Then with the bravest smile
    She lays them down in bed

    “Daddy is an Angel”
    Looking down at you and me
    Struggling for one simple term
    She hopes will make them see

    Three sweet girls, so innocent
    Searching her for strength
    A hug for each, pressing them close
    She’ll go to any length

    “Where’s my daddy” lingering
    It never seems to end
    She crosses each bridge anxiously
    To find another around the bend

    “Daddy is an Angel”
    She says tenderly with love
    He lives with Jesus in the clouds
    Watching us from up above

    He’s our protecting guardian
    As the tears roll down her face
    “Daddy is an Angel”
    Forever in a special place

    *For Glenna, Samantha, Kaylee and Alyssa
    in memory of Lloyd

    Marge Ramsey, Friend
  • I just want to thank everyone who wrote something…These are the memories the kids
    will need one day soon. I’m saving them all so
    when the kids grow up they will know what kind of a person he was..
    Please write anything you remember about Lloyd for his girls to read….

    Glenna Rosenberg, Wife
  • Lloyd…tomorrow will be incredibly hard for Glenna…help her get through it. She is brave, but the sadness is overwhelming. I know you and Elvin walk beside your wives and children every step…give them peace, and the will to go on. I think of you, and pray for you. Debbie

    debbie, friend
  • Lloyd,

    I wish you peace. See you on Sanibel and Captiva.

    The girls are more and more beautiful each and every day.


    Michael Bonevento, Friend
  • Stories Untold

    The anguished Cry
    The unbreathable sigh
    Falling untold storeys
    Down from the sky

    If those walls could talk
    It wouldn’t have mattered
    Even the walls couldn’t hold
    Under all the stories untold

    I dreamed of a message
    He recorded to you
    A message of love picked up from the ground
    The anguished goodbye that out of the ashes was found
    But the promised voice had no sound
    Just an empty shell to hold
    An ocean of stories left untold.

    For years to come they rewind and play
    The footage of news that’s now old
    The screenplays will be written and the masses will thrive
    On tragedy bought and sold
    Packaged as Courage and wrapped up in gold
    But none can ever know
    Your story’s untold

    The fires of hell are awesome to behold
    But the fires of hell just leave you cold
    His life was stolen, his voice among the embers
    His story untold of the life you remember

    So sorry we say
    So sorry you’re told
    Every tear from your eyes
    Is a story untold.

    For Glenna 12/03

    Jahneen, Friend
  • Your birthday passed a few weeks ago and I couldn’t stop thinking of you. I just want you to know that Steve and I think of you daily and miss you.

    You would definitly be proud of the girls. They are beautiful (but you already know that).

    Love you, Stacey

    Stacey Solof, Sister-In-Law
  • Every single day we live and try to live it to the fullest …Your always with us….Every where we go … each sunset we see … the sunrise Alyssa and I live for, The Rainbows after the rain your always with us..The ladybugs Sam swears are from you , The dreams Kaylee Dreams …your always with us. Two and a half years later… You will always be with us.

    The Rosenberg Girls, Family
  • Lloyd covered my high yield desk when I was the junior clerk on the desk. When I was new, a bit over my skis trying to keep the desk in order Lloyd was always the guy who would reassure you things would get better, not to sweat it, etc. Generous and kind, he is missed.

    Lee Hetfield, Friend and client

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