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  Richard Rosenthal

Date of Birth: May 17, 1951
Department: Finance
Position: Vice President

Richard D. Rosenthal, 50 years old, lived in Fair Lawn, NJ with his wife, Loren, and two sons, Evan 18, and Seth, 14. He was vice-president of finance at Cantor Fitzgerald for the past 6 months.
Richard was a man with his values in the right place. Family, friends and community were of the utmost importance to him. He was incredibly devoted to his wife, children and parents. Richard and his wife made a great team dealing with their elder son’s Familial Dysautonomia, a serious genetic disease, but he always made the time to volunteer where he was needed. Richard served as the treasurer of the Dysautonomia Foundation for 15 years and was treasurer of the Fair Lawn Jewish Center for 4 years.
Richard was not a daredevil, but he did have a childlike adventurous streak. His nieces called him a man-kid because they saw his zest for life first-hand. He had a wonderful sense of humor prompting the planner for his 40th birthday party to utilize his favorite childhood TV show, “The Three Stooges” for a theme. For his 50th birthday party last May, his sister, Audrey Model, toasted her brother, saying she hoped he would always remain a man-kid. Richard did so, particularly on family vacations with his family. Last summer he coaxed his wife into trying white-water rafting on an Alaskan cruise and this past summer, Richard and his son, Seth, went parasailing in Ocean City, NJ.
Richard further showed his enthusiasm for life when he danced. He was a person that everybody would notice at his party, because he danced that well. In fact, he met his wife at a school dance when she was 14 and he was 17. They would have been married for 24 years.

Loren Rosenthal, Wife
  • Rich made me laugh every day. He put up with my taste in music, and always was good for a tale of what Loren and the boys were up to. I miss sharing tales of the weekend with him.

    We were usually the opposite of each other- I came in late, Rich came in early. If I was in a bad mood, Rich was in a good mood. I wouldn’t mind being in a bad mood a little more often if he were still here to share the office with.

    I am truly grateful for having had the chance to know Rich. Loren, Evan and Seth, you will always be in my prayers.

    Bill Long, Friend
  • To know Richard was to love Richard. Every morning, I always made it a point to stop and peek into his office and say “Good Morning” if he was to arrive before me. He always smiled and the cutest mouse-pad of his he and Loren and pictures of the boys on his desk. He was like my surrogate Uncle and always found a way to make smile and laugh. Whenever he needed my help or had a question – I was always there for him just like he was for me. I used to tease him about the candy jar I had on my desk because I knew which ones he liked and put them on the bottom so he could “find” them.
    Richard was such a sweet, sincere, kind and loveable family man. He always beamed about his vacations or “hotspots” (we used to joke about that when I would break the copier and he would come save the day with his letter opener) with his family. He always had something positive to say and I thought he sang pretty good too (he was such a vibrant man)! He was an amazing component to our Accounting department family – he will truly be missed and thought of.
    My sincerest thoughts and prayers are with the entire Rosenthal family.

    Monica Gazzillo, Co-worker & Friend
  • To know Rich was to love Rich. He was one of the funniest men, I have ever met. He was also very intelligient and knew his “stuff”.
    He was a caring husband and father and often spoke about Loren and or the kids with out fail every day.
    He would tell me about his vacations, but the one I believe he had the most fun at was the week at the Jersey shore, with his wife, mother in law and kids in August.
    He came back and told me about how much fun they all had and it really showed when he spoke about it.

    Rich had his colorful shirts and I had my colorful shoes together we “lit” up the office.
    I remember I got so mad at him because he ate a plum and got some juice on his Brooks polo, I proceeded to tell him how to remove the stain before he got home, but he shrugged it off and said Loren would take care of it.

    Loren he must have thought you were a miracle worker-

    Any how, I have so many fond memories of Rich and am glad I got to know him.

    May God Bless the Rosenthal family and please know, that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Rich may be gone, but he is not forgotten-

    Theresa Nugent, co-worker
  • As my last day at Cantor approaches, I leave with many fond memories of the team that Rich, John, Frantz and I made. I still can talk to John and Frantz every day; but Rich, the person with whom many days I spent the most time with, is no longer with us, except in those fond memories.

    Even after all this time, I miss Rich, as well as all of the other individuals we lost who made the Cantor accounting department a good place to work. Loren, Seth, and Evan, I think of you often and continue to keep you in my prayers.

    Bill Long, Friend
  • I did not know this man, or his family. However he bears the same name as my brother. I grew up on Long Island and moved to Arizona in 1975, I visited the World Trade Center once. It’s been three years since the horrific event and I am still drawn by all the people that sacrificed their lives. My heart goes out to the family that lost a father, a husband, a son. God be with you.

    Margaret Rosenthal-Orr, none
  • I worked with Rich for 8 months in St Louis on the Deutsche Bank SAP project. Rich was a joy. We laughed every day. He loved his wife and family and he loved New York. I’m glad I had the chance to know him in this life. I will never forget him. Gone but not forgotten.

    Bill Bricker, Worked with Rich in St Louis in 1998

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