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  Christina Ryook

Date of Birth: November 15, 1975
Department: Human Resources
Position: Administrative Assistant

Christina was born on November 15, 1975 in Seoul, Korea. She came to the United States with her parents at the age of four. As a child, Christina had a great affection for her grandfather and wanted to research Alzheimer’s to cure his disease “when she grew up”. After spending her earlier years at Bassett Elementary school, Christina attended Lee Burneson Middle School where she began her band career as a member of the clarinet section. During her high school years, her musical career flourished as she played the mellophone for the marching band, clarinet for the concert band, and percussion for the jazz band. After receiving her diploma from Westlake High School in 1994, Christina became a Wolverine at the University of Michigan. She was very involved with the Asian Organization on campus as an officer of the Asian American Association, Korean Students Association, and an active member of the United Asian Associations Organization. Also, Christina’s love for children motivated her to successfully organize the annual cultural program for adopted Korean children and work as a teacher at Jack and Jill Daycare Center throughout her college years. In 1998, Christina received her B.A. in Psychology from the university of Michigan and decided to work towards a double Masters in History and Education from Eastern Michigan University. After attending classes year-round, Christina broke from the monotony and headed towards the Big Apple where she began working for the human Resources Department of Cantor Fitzgerald Securities. On September 11, 2001, Christina was on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center starting another day at work…when she was taken from us. We love you Christina.

Dae Jin Ryook, Ryook Family
  • Christina, we love you so much. I miss you more than anything. I hope to see you as often as possible in my dreams.



    Dae Jin Ryook, Father
  • Christina was the best friend that anyone could ever hope to have. I will miss her dearly and think about her everyday for the rest of my life. The world lost one of it’s brightest lights on September 11, 2001, and all for no good reason. We are better for having known her, even for a short time. I love you and miss you, Christina.

    Nicole Griesser, Friend
  • Christina was always a breath of fresh air and had a smile that would light up a room. It was an honor to be in her company and I will miss her wit and humour. Rest in peace my princess, we will meet again.

    Michael Smith, Co worker - Espeed
  • Christina,
    I was so deeply saddened about hearing that you were lost on September 11th. This made the events of that day hit so much closer to my heart, even though we had lost touch for a while. I remember quite vividly things we had talked about and the times that we were able to laugh and have fun back in Ohio, when I was just a little kid, and I saw you as one of my older sisters. Till we meet again…

    Basil Kim, Friend
  • Christina was a nice girl everytime that you called human resources she would be the one to answer the call and would answer all the questions you needed. And if she did not have the answer at that time she would make sure she call you back. She was very polite and always had a smile. I will miss her dearly and my prayers and love go out to her family. To me she was an angel and god needed her to do just what he wanted her to do.

    with much love
    Alicia LeGuillow co-worker

    Alicia LeGuillow, co-worker
  • Christina was one of a kind. She was also kind and soft-spoken and such a joy to work with. It is still so strange not to hear her voice on the phone every day at work.

    I miss you and may God keep you.


    Gina Al-Saidi, co-worker
  • I have vivid memories of Christina from the University of Michigan. We saw each other often at Asian American events and around campus. We would sometimes pass each other, and neither of us would say “hi.” Then one time, Christina just said “Hey, you never say HI!” I returned, “YOU never say HI to ME!” We both chuckled. It was so silly. And I’m so sad now that I won’t have the chance to say “HI” again. God bless you and your family.

    Tom Young, U-M colleague
  • We will never forget. 09-11-2010

    Patsy Burns, bracelet wearer
  • On 9/11/01, I had been an employee of Hyatt Legal Plans in Cleveland, Ohio. I sat at my desk prepared and ready to work as I always did when I received my first call of the day from a woman who said her name was Christina. She did not call for the usual reason that someone might call such as referrals or compliments/complaints or for enrollment or benefit information. She told me that something was wrong,seriously wrong. She at first sounded scared. We talked a few minutes casually, her voice grew calmer. I heard her ask Emily to try the doors again. She told me the doors were locked and they could not get the chains off the fire exit doors and the alarms were going off. She told me bravely that something bad was happening and she asked if she could call me right back. Christina never called me back but an Emily did. Christina and Emily that morning appeared brave, calm and displayed leadership in a horrible situation. I could here this while I had been on my call that awful morning. I hear Christina and Emily’s voice loud and clear, their voices were calming, soothing and firm when giving directives, when asking co-workers questions. I never had the opportunity to meet Christina or this Emily who is not listed here in the tribute sections of Cantor Fitzgerald, but I remember them both for their bravery in what had been a horrible tragedy. I remember hearing the concern and care in both Christina and Emily’s voice for their peers whose scared and screaming the voices could be heard in the background. I remember being told that the World Trade Tower had just collapsed at the same time that my line went dead. I remember trying to figure out what was going on with this call but not understanding at first…I remember the absolute silence that soon followed. I was confused at first until I pieced together what had happened when I heard on my radio that the pentagon had been hit. I remember going into our Director’s office and broke the news to him…I have never spoke of this to anyone until now. I wish I could have told Christina and Emily’s family about the last few minutes I had with them both on my phone. I admire them as they were brave and helped their co-workers with no regard for themselves in the last few minutes of their lives. At Hyatt Legal Plans we gave BRAVO awards to those who met the company standards and excelled. I would like to give Christina and Emily a BRAVO AWARD. God bless you both. Your family are in my prayers always.

    Ann Heisley-Warner, Hyatt Legal Plans former employee
  • On 09/11/01, I was an employee at Hyatt Legal Plans in cleveland, Ohio. I prepared my day as usual and waited for my first call of the morning. My call would be a Cantor Fitzgerald employee named Christina. She was not calling for the usual reasons and her voice was trembling. She asked me if I could tell her what was going on? I asked her what she meant. As we talked I could hear her firmly giving directives to her co-workers. I could hear screaming and scared voices. She remained calm and brave. she was a good leader. She told me the exit doors had chains on them and the alarms were going off on some floors. They could not get out. I did not know what she was talking about but I was scared for her and as I tried to extract information to make sense of what what happening. Christina would ask me if she could call me right back and so I waited. A few minutes later Emily would call me back and I could again hear screaming and scared employees. I remember strongly the calming firm voices of Christina and Emily that morning. I admire that they both put their co-workers before themselves. They commanded calm and order. I remember the phone line going dead and the long silence…I remember being told by one of my colleagues that the World Trade Tower had just collapsed and as I slowly pieced together the events of that morning I realized I would never have the opportunity to talk to Christina or Emily again. Our company gave it’s employees BRAVO awards for meeting or excelling standards. I want to give Christina and Emily my own BRAVO AWARD for their leadership, their calmness, their bravery that morning. BRAVO. I pray for the families of them both and many others everyday. Ihave never spoke of this unteil now. I wish I could have spoke to their families to communciate how brave they were. I admire them greatly.
    Ann Heisley-Warner

    Ann Heisley-Warner, Hyatt Legal Plan Employee (former)
  • On this 20th Anniversary of that tragic day in New York, We Both remember Christina in Our Thoughts and Prayers together. Although Christina is Not here with Us physically, Her spirit Lives on Forever in All of Us who had the privilege of knowing Her. We all Miss You. May You Rest in Peace, Forever.

    John and Barbara K. ( Acquaintance )

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