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  John P Salamone

Date of Birth: January 25, 1964
Position: Preferred Stock, Floor 104

You could not help but fall in love with his smirk. John Patrick Salamone was a man of life. He was the king of sarcastic wit, and the lover of a great practical joke. In a room full of anger or sorrow, John could find the right words to bring a smile to the most somber of moods. John’s spirit, John’s life was all in his smile.

John loved his children, me, his family, golf, soccer and sports. And not necessarily always in that order. He was a fierce competitor, from his Little League days to the end. We that knew John well know that while he might not have escaped the terror of September 11, he certainly died trying. He excelled at Soccer and has recently been named to his alma mater, Oglethorpe University’s, Hall of Fame. He shot his first hole in one this summer and I am sure he is still cheering for the Steelers.

While John loved sports, Alexander, Aidan and Anna were his life. Happiness in a child’s eyes could be defined at dinnertime with the simple phrase “Daddy’s Home!” He coached little league and soccer, he was the greatest Dad at the pool or at the park. He waited his whole life for our children to be as old as they are right now; he waited to teach them to ride their bikes, to swing a bat, to jump off the diving board, to roller skate, and to ice skate. His eyes filled with pride any time he gazed upon our children, and he stroked their hair as they slept

John received his Bachelors of Business Administration from Oglethorpe University, but will be remembered more for his legacy with “The Poor Boys.” He received his MBA from Fordham, but his colleagues will most remember his sense of humor. He was husband, father, son, brother and friend. We will all remember Budweiser, towel shots, wiffleball, the weight loss contest, card games, Yankee games and good dinners. We will most remember his life and his spirit.

I will close my eyes and forever feel your love and your smile. And I will forever watch you dance as Prince Charming to our Anna’s Cinderella.

“Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet Prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

MaryEllen Salamone, Wife
  • The picture on your web site of John brought me up short, for the John I remember had a bushy head of hair! His hair was part of his “intimidator” trademark, wasn’t it? I remember him as an incredibly determined guy. John would have been the first to tell you that the determination for which he was famous didn’t extend much to the efforts he brought to the writing class he took with me (!), but there was a determination and a commitment to his performance in sports that is not to be forgotten. My strongest memories of John were not those from the classroom; instead, they are the memories of John walking down the hall with his entourage of soccer buddies, for everyone on campus knew him for the formidable athlete he was. The “Poor Boys” as an intramural team in a bunch of different sports were a legend around here, and John was front and center with them whatever the sport. John loved life and was always sure of himself. Once he committed his efforts to something, look out! Only a catastrophe of international proportions could possibly have extinguished his flame. I’ll never forget him.

    Dr. Vicky Weiss, former professor
  • “Johnny” as his siblings knew him was “ONE OF A KIND”! He was always the jokester with me. He would call me at work all the time and never did he say “hey Cath, it’s Johnny”; he would always pretend to be somebody else but I always knew his voice and I always will. Growing up, Johnny would tease my sister Michelle and I so very much but Mom always said it was because he loved us. I will never forget his favorite song to us that he made up himself: B………Bubbles……..B…….Beaver!!!! Back then it made me so mad but as we got older we joked about it all the time. Johnny, you are forever in my heart and I will see you again in a better place. For now I would just like to say to you; I love you my beloved brother and I miss you terribly! Between you and me: “Can I come and help with the Party?” YOU ARE FOREVER MY HERO!

    Catherine Salamone Sauer, Sister
  • Johnny was and will always be my Irish nephew. His eyes, his smile went to your very soul. He is missed in our lives, but we know he is surrounded by those who love him, who went to God before he did. We just wish he could have waited a little longer. Johnny, I love you.
    Aunt Katherine

    Katherine Argy, Aunt
  • John Salamone worked as part of the Preferred Stock team at Cantor Fitzgerald. Beyond working as a broker’s broker, however, John was a great friend and confidant. John was more interested in people than in the next trade and prided himself on outstanding long-term relationships with each of his accounts. He was a man of great character and conducted himself in a most professional manner. He was capable of reciting extended excerpts from obscure Seinfeld episodes, story lines from early Law & Order shows, and imitating Nigel and Donnie of The Wild Thornberrys. Mostly he made people comfortable because he was fair, kind and very funny. I deeply miss him. John, your spirit lives on in your family and in the frienships left behind. Life will never be the same here without you. In faith, we know you have gone to a better place.

    Lincoln Watkins, Friend/Colleague
  • To Johns family,
    I pray for all of you and hope God gives you the continual strength you need to go on. John was one of my prefered traders who was always willing to help out on trades that went wrong. I always remember going up there and seeing him laughing along with Tommy and Joe. I hope he is still laughing and enjoying life.
    God bless.

    Christina, coworker
  • There is so much to say, I could never say it all in just a few lines. I guess I can just say what anyone who has known him already knows. Funny, competitive (extremely), caring, athletic, prankster, intelligent, and, oh, did I say funny? He will be missed by so many. The best thing for me that has come from this horrible tragedy has been to learn how many lives he had touched and how many people knew and loved him. The support from family, friends, aquaintances, and even strangers, has been so overwhelming. He was so well liked! John, I only wish I could have spent more time with you. Although you (and your friends, you know who you are!) tormented me for a LOT of years, I miss you so very much. I only hope you know how much you are loved!!!


    Michelle (Salamone) Cataline, Sister
  • Our family has been friends with the Salamone family for 35 years, we lived across from each other for several years and therefore the Salamone kids are just like our kids. My heart goes out to all of you and all of his children.

    John was a very unique person, he was so good looking, so talented, so funny and most of all so loving. He would call my house or my office and all he would have to say was, “Hey Jude” and I knew who it was immediately.

    We are all missing John so much but we do know he is in a better place and someday we will all meet up with him for some laughs. We loved you John, we still love you John and we will never forget the joy you brought to all of us.

    Judy Dean

    Judy Dean, Great great friend of the entire family
  • I worked with “Salamone” for over two years before leaving Cantor in February of 2001. There were three John’s on his desk so we all had different nicknames for all of them. John was the life of the desk with his contant jokes and laughter. My best memory stems back to about a year and a half ago when Salamone and Joe Allen decided to have a weight loss competition at work. Joe started out strong eating salads for lunch and staying away from the krispy kreme donuts which always found their way to our area. Salamone on the other hand, ate pizza and burgers. We all wondered what his strategy was (knowing his competitive nature). This went on for weeks but in the end, with his pants loosly hanging around his waist, he had won. He was a friend, someone you could always confide in. I would like to send my love and prayers to his family, especially Aidan, Alex and Anna. He spoke about you so often!

    Izabela "Izzy" Suchecki, coworker/friend
  • How does a mother express her feelings for one of Gods most beautiful creations? From the day you were born until the day that our Heavenly Father took you back you were one of the best sons a mother could ever wish for.
    When I was carying you I was esctatic. When you were born I was thrilled. When you grew away from me I was worried. But I was never prepared for your death.
    You were and will always my very special angel. You made a difference in so many people’s lives and because of that you will never be forgotten. Your memory will live on forever through your three beautiful children and your loving family.
    I know you are watching over all of us and in your own subtle way you are trying to make us laugh and to carry on. You may be gone from our lives but you will always be in our hearts.
    I promise that not one day will go by that I don’t think of you as a baby, a child, a man or a father.
    You can never be replaced. I love you forever.

  • Johnny:
    It is now approaching a year since you left us.
    It hardly seems possible. You are in our thoughts and prayers today as you were a year ago, and always will be. I know you are watching over all of us and miss us as much as we miss you.
    God keep you close.
    Aunt Katherine

    Katherine Argy, Aunt
  • We ourselves did not not get to know John in person, unfortunately due to the terrible events of that day we had to cancel our trip of November 2001 to New Jersey to meet his wife and her family.

    We have now met his wife and kids twice and the family he has left behind is one of love and togetherness, We can only imagine how great of a husband father and coach that he was. May he rest in peace.

    John and Conor from Ireland

    Conor,John McKillion, Relatives Of McKillion Family
  • Over the past ten years we have thought of John and his family countless times, often with a chuckle because of John’s pranks….
    We hope that you have found healing and comfort, and we will continue to, will always have John and his family in our thoughts. May your memories be happy ones of that wonderful man.
    With great affection,
    Peter and Kitty Cooper

    Peter and Kitty Cooper, Kidder, Peabody

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