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  Eric Sand

Date of Birth: May 19, 1965
Department: Trading Desk
Position: Equities Trader

Eric was a warm and loving man. A dedicated, hands on father and a true friend who rarely had a bad word to say about anyone. Eric had only been working for Cantor since January, but he loved his job and had made many new friends. Eric was truly happy in all aspects of his life and nothing gave him greater joy than his son Aaron. He often remarked that is was great to work in an industry where his day ended around 4 pm because that way he could be home to be a little league dad. Although Aaron is only 20 months old, Eric was already trying to teach him how to throw a ball. He will be missed by many, his family, his friends, and his colleagues. But all of us have fond memories and are the richer for having known him.

Michele Sand, Wife
  • Although we have only been friends for a short time, we feel like we knew you and Michele forever. We have many fond memories of our monthly outings. You were also passionate about everything; Michele, Aaron, The Mets or even a lobster. We think of you every day, and although we only knew a few years, we are extremely fortunate to have known you.

    Matt and Susan Salk, friend
  • Our family will miss “Aaron’s Dad” (as our boys called Eric) very much. He was a cousin and a friend to us, a person who will live forever in our hearts. We spent last Passover together and were looking forward to more family events. Due to this tragedy, our family affairs will have an empty feeling. Eric will be remembered by us for his smiling face, his kindness and his love for his family.

    Bonnie Bresalier, Cousin
  • Eric was and still is my favorite person in the world. He is my mom’s brother. He is my grandparents’ son. He is my Aunt’s husband and my baby cousin’s daddy. And he was everybody’s friend. He was really nice. He tought me magic tricks. When I was a baby, he babysat me. I was his first diaper change. One day I was looking at pictures of him. In every picture, he is smiling the biggest smile in the world. He was so happy, and he loved his life a lot.

    Samantha Fraser, niece
  • Eric was my brother-in-law, and my friend. He made my sister happier than she has ever been. He brought my family the gift of his son Aaron and the gift of his love. I don’t have a brother, but Eric was as close as I’ll ever come to one. I feel the pain of his death and the pain of Michele and Aaron as well. His death is a wound that may heal, but will never disappear. We miss him.

    Steven Rosenblum, BROTHER-in-law
  • As I look at the picture above I realize how it truly depicts what Eric was all about. Always smiling, caring, loving and happy. Look at his beaming proud fatherly smile. And Aaron’s pure joy being with his Dad. That is how things were. Aaron and Michele were Eric’s world. Steven and I miss Eric terribly. And like Michele, Sandy, Barry and so many others, Steven and I will be sure that Aaron knows just how much he was loved and cherished by his Daddy. And how his father was loved by all who had the honor of knowing him.
    We miss you Eric.

    Denise Griffin, Sister-in law
  • Unfortunately, I never had the privilege of meeting Eric, but had the great luck of hearing wonderful stories about this fantasic human being on a daily basis from my partner Shannon Griffin. I look at the picture posted on this website and I truly believe that it sums it all up: Eric defined love. He loved his beautiful son Aaron, was completely committed to his wonderful wife Michele, enjoyed life, his being, and all of his loved ones. My love and prayers go out to Aaron, Michele, and all of his family/loved ones. Let us not forget that Eric shall always be with us no matter what has happened-he now serves us as our great teacher. Let us all strive to be at least half of the human being he was/is in this life and the next. Om mani pedme hum (Peace to all living beings). I bow to you Eric, and your family in reverence.

    Ray, Admirer
  • Eric was like an uncle/good friend to me. I remember one time my mother Denise, Steve, and I went down to Florida. Eric and Michele were there. We all went swimming one night, and after a while it was only Eric and I left in the pool. We spoke of common interests, such as horror movies and music. That was really the only time I have ever really been alone with Eric. He was amazing and awesome. I had seen the love Eric had for his beautiful wife and son Aaron. Eric was always happy, always had a smile on his face, except for the time we went camping and he yelled at a guy named Elvis for having his music so loud (it really wasn’t good music). Eric always made me laugh, and he always encouraged me to do what I wanted to do. He was a wonderful man, who cared. I see the love that everyone had for him. He made a big impact on everyones lives, and will always be in everyone’s hearts. I will never forget him.

    Shannon Griffin, Close family friend
  • Eric was among the nicest people I’ve met. Living in New York City you meet many people, many faces, and you don’t really get a feel of who they are. When I met Eric a few years back, I was instantly impressed with his personality. He was kind, funny, and wanted to make sure you were comfortable. Seeing how happy he and Michele were just spread, and you were happy to be around them. Looking at this picture of Eric and his beautiful son, you can see the joy he felt. Eric is an inspiration in my life, and I only hope I can be half as good of a person as he was.

    Jim Griffin, Family Friend.
  • I got to meet Eric when he would come to our office to pick up Michele at the end of the work day to take her home. We used to talk about our shared interest in the Mets and the Jets. He always had a smile on his face and was a person who brought good feelings to others through his positive personality. He was very full of life. I can only wish that more people had the positive outlook on life that Eric had. He was a good man and is greatly missed.

    Richard Kronish, Former Co-Worker of Wife-Michele
  • I’ve been thinking about Eric frequently since 9/11. We were friends growing up in Scarsdale, NY. As good natured as he was, he was serious about his sports. I remember that he never slacked off during football practices — a mighty feat during the latter days of high school. We also shared a love of music; once he surprised me at a show my band was playing in Rhode Island. Eric always saw the glass as half full, and I know his spirit and kind heart will live on in his loved ones.

    Sandy Smallens, Friend
  • I’m writing another entry becuase the last one i wrote when i was 9 or something. I miss and love him all the same though, but i was espically thinking of him today when i got my gran and papa’s response for my bat-mitzvah and relized he wouldn’t be there..he won’t be here for a lot of things..and if he’s reading this somehow i want him to know how much everyone loves and misses him and i have his picture in my necklace that i have with me every day just to reasure myself that he is with me beacuse I know he is…even if i can’t see him. though i obviously have an idea of what happened,the only thing I’m completely aware of about that day is that i lost my favorite person in the world…and other people did too. Not just Eric but a lot of other people and it makes me really sad. My mom says that beacuse i learned to deal with this when i was young i will be stronger for whatever else comes in my life. I don’t really feel stronger for me, but I know I am. And I know i have to be stronger for Aaron beacuse he really lost something different than i did. i lost someone i love and knew my whole life…he lost someone he could have known and would have loved so much and Eric loved him sooooooooooo much back..but Eric can’t really give him that love now..so we have to give it to him..for eric

    Samantha Fraser, Niece
  • I had the good fortune to work with Eric on the Trading Floor of The NYSE before he went to work for CF. Eric worked for a $2 Broker who did a lot of business for my firm. He was always a gentelman who performed his job with integrity and pride. He worked in a very hectic environment but always kept his head and could always be counted on to straighten out any problems that we encountered. Although that is the extent of my relationship with Eric and I lost touch with him after he went to work at CF, I often think of him when I am reminded of that fateful day. Reading some of the other tributes it offers me greater insight to what a truely wonderful family person Eric was after that 4:00 PM bell rang.

    Tom Wands, Co-Worker at NYSE
  • I was going through the name of the victims of 911 and came across Eric’s name. I went to school at Perkiomen prep in Pennsburg pa with Eric in 1982- 83. He was a member of our football team. I remember him as a hardworking teammate and a nice guy. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that he was involved in this tragedy. By reading the other tributes I know that he was very successful not only in the business world, but also as a father, husband, family member. Rest in peace.

    chuck, schoolmate
  • I remember as a teenager holding Eric then one year old in front of his home in Scarsdale NY. Remember Eric eating out with our parents in Florida. And lastly saw him with his wife and baby when we came in from Florida to NY to attend Stephen Jacobson’s wedding. My mom Iris Zeitler (a good friend of Eric parents) was not well made a point of spending time with Eric and his family.The Zeitler’s miss you Eric cannot believe you are gone.

    Sherry Zeitler Friend of Family
  • To the Sand family: I still think about and miss Eric everyday. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.

    David Selman, friend

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