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  Scott Schertzer

Date of Birth: December 17, 1972
Position: Human Resources

We love and miss you Scott beyond words. We will always carry your loving spirit and energy around with us. You will never be forgotten by those you touched.

Scott’s Family and Friends,
  • I worked with Scotty on several projects at Cantor and, through our work, we became friends. Every time I was in the HR area and he was not at his desk, I would go over and rearrange the little “bobbing-head” turtles he kept in his Zen rock garden. That way he always knew when I had stopped in to say hi. He was such a good and caring person. Wherever he is now, I want him to know that I think of him often.

    Sabreena, coworker
  • Scott and I shared an office on the 104th floor for 6 months, and worked together for about a year and a half. I still remember being upset about sharing that office; I often think of how silly that was. But in that office we became friends. Working side-by-side you learn a lot about someone, and I soon learned that Scott had a heart of gold. Pure Gold. Scott had just moved into the city with a friend of his, which he had been wanting to do for some time. You could see the sparkle of pride in his eye when he spoke about his new place in the village. I had been meaning to stop by now that we were neighbors, but as so often happens in NY, plans get cancelled or pushed off. I regret that. I miss Scott terribly, and think of him often.

    Erik Oldis, Co-worker & friend
  • Scott and I met through a mutual friend (Erik Oldis). When Erik left Cantor Fitzgerald, Scott took over a lot of his duties. Scott and I, then started to work together on an everday basis. He was not only a great client but he became a great friend. We always begged him to get us the little Footballs and Soccer balls that said Espeed on it.
    A week before the tragedy he walked down to my fiance’s office and handed her a football to give to me. I have it sitting on my desk right now. Scott gave me Tiffany Champagne glasses for my engagement. I will be using those glasses for the toast at my wedding. We love you Scott.

    Greg Posella, Freind
  • When I hired Scott as a recruiter in 1999, I knew he would be a tremendous asset to the HR team and to Cantor. He had a raw talent that I believed would be put to great use with managers and prospective employees. His energy was admired by the others in the HR group and his focus and dedication to his job was respected by all. He became an excellent technical recruiter who was always willing to pitch in for the benefit of the firm.

    The events of September 11th is even more tragic so given that we lost remarkable people like Scott. I miss him terribly and my thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends.

    Lisa Herrel Rispoli, Former Co-worker
  • I worked with Scott several times at Cantor when he would assist me in interviewing employees for eSpeed. Scott was an extremely genuine, sincere person, always willing to help out whenever he could. He was also a hard worker and extremely dedicated to Cantor. He was a great person, someone I will always remember working with.

    Jennifer Kleissler, ex co-worker
  • Scott and I actually started at Cantor on the same day. I met him at orientation and after talking realized I knew his sister, Lori. Lori and I used to work together at JP Morgan! What a small world.

    Scott was always friendly and eager to help me whenever I had a problem. He was easygoing and a great asset to Cantor.

    I will miss him terribly.


    Teresa Iglesias, Ex coworker
  • Scott is my son. He will always be my son. I love him so much and miss him more than is possible. Whenever he was needed, he was there. Life will never be as good.


    paul schertzer, father
  • Scott was an amazing person. We have been friends for many years and I cherish our friendship forever. He had an amazing smile, just seeing his ear to ear smile would always bring a smile to my face no matter what was going on. We had so many great times together I wouldn’t even know where to start if I tried to relate them. We shared countless laughs together. Scott was the type of person you could count on, even if it was something you knew he was dreading, if you needed it he was there. There is no replacing a friend like Scott and he will live in me forever.

    Craig Paritz, Friend
  • Scott interviewed me for espeed in 7/2000. I remember well that he was polite and patient and made me feel at home. I was left with a positive impression of the company.

    Landon M. Kelsey, III, interviewee
  • Scott was a great guy, one who always seem to put things in the right perspective, one who prided himself on the development of others. Its sad to see the lost. You will always be remembered.

    Jerry, Professional Colleague
  • I met Scott at the University of Delaware. Although he only spent his freshman year there, we hung out a lot. He was so warm and funny. My friend Pam and I used to joke because he had a weird way of showing up out of no where, no matter where you were, if you happended to be talking about him. I wish she and I could say his name now and he would appear. We will miss you always.

    Carrie Horowitz, Friend
  • I never met Scott, but he was an employer representative registered to attend our Career Fair on September 12, 2001. Scott has remained on my mind from September 11, 2001. This year I watched some of the memorial events to honor those we lost and was deeply saddened to learn about Scott. I know my sorrow can not begin to touch the surface of the sorrow of those who knew him. My condolences to his family and all others affected by this tragedy.

    Sharon D.D. Reid, Career Counselor (Pace University)
  • Hey little brother —

    It now two years later and I finally had that birthday party that you were planning for me. It was not the same. Still feels like yesterday that we commuted to work together and we said “Later” in front of Borders and went into our separate towers to work. I know you were with me this year on my birthday becuase I could feel you there. I miss you soooooo much !!!!!

    I LOVE YOU !!!!!

    Lori Schertzer, sister
  • I met Scott twice while interviewing at Cantor. Eventually for some reason I did not take the job but Scott was one of the nicest people I met at the company. He was one of the reasons why I doubted later on my decision not to come and work at Cantor. May God be with Him.

    Boris M. Twersky, Met twice
  • It’s been 6 years, and NOT ONE day goes by that I don’t think of you and Kevin. I have a picture of us at a phish show that I framed and I pass it everyday in my house. I am grateful that I was able to find friends like you guys, and that is what I try to think of when I see your faces.
    Watch over us…

    Chris Levy, Childhood Friend

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