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  Jeffrey Schreier

Date of Birth: January 30, 1953
Position: Mailroom Clerk & Messenger for 19 years

Jeffrey and his wife Phyllis enjoyed movies and sports. Jeffrey loved his family and his job. Jeffrey never had a bad word to say about anybody. He sat at our dinner table for 15 years celebrating all the major holidays.

His presence is, and always will be, missed.

Mark & Stephanie Schreier, David & Janice Hart
  • Jeff was truly a wonderful person. He always spoke so lovingly about his wife, and the times they spent in the Catskills. Jeff always had a hello and a smile for me. I will miss those daily greetings and Jeff immensly. May God bless him and his entire family.


    Carol Munoz, friend
  • I worked with Jeffrey for twelve years at cantor, he was a nice guy andhe always looked forward to dance at the christmas parties,

    donna, coworker
  • I started working in the New York office in the WTC before moving to boston last year. I remember Jeffrey as a dedicated hard worker. He will be in my prayers.

    Ryan Quinn, Co worker
  • Jeffrey was one of the best workers I ever had. I cannot watch ” Who Wants to be a Millionaire” without a tear in my eye thinking of Jeffrey. It was one of his favorite shows and we discussed it on a daily basis. Jeffrey was a very special person and will be in my thoughts forever.

    Rick Watson, Manager/Friend
  • I worked with Jeff for 8 years. He took such great pride in his work and had a smile for everyone. Like Donna, I remember the Cantor Holiday parties and Jeff cutting up the dance floor. He had the sweet heart to make sure he made me smile.


    Kathy, Co-worker
  • I’ll never forget that Jeffrey’s favorite song was Kashmir by Led Zeppelin and he would always come to my office when he wanted to hear it. I could never refuse to play it and watch him rock.

    Rob Emery, Co-Worker
  • Like many of our lost friends, Jeffrey made Cantor a special place for all of us. Everything he did was done as if he was on a mission and done well. I’ll miss his huge lunches, his cork, his big smile and the short, but insightful conversations we had throughout the years. And yes, his incredible dancing ability at the parties. He had the energy of 5 men and never seemed to slow down for a moment. We’ll miss you!

    Stuart Fraser, co-worker
  • Jeffrey was a kind person and an extremely loyal employee of Cantor Fitzgerald. He put a smile on my face each time he made his daily visit to my department. He absolutley was the most enthusiastic attendee at the Cantor Fitzgerald holiday partys. Jeffrey will be missed by many. He and his family will be in my prayers.
    Peggy O’Daly, Former Co-worker

    Peggy O'Daly, former co-worker
  • Jeffrey was a kind, gentle guy who I saw on family occasions. I have fond memories of him from my childhood and think of him often. The world needs more people like Jeffrey was.

    Elliot Schreier, Cousin
  • I’11 remember Jeffrey for his singing in the halls as he did his rounds and the famous “cork”. Jeffrey was a diligent worker who always helped.
    He will be in my prayers.

    Erik Sulzbach, former co-worker
  • When I first heard of the loss at Cantor, one of the first people I thought of was Jeffrey that day. He was just the kind of person who once you met him, he somehow touched your life. I know God has a special job for Jeffrey in heaven… I’d like to think something nice like delivering babies to couples here on earth 🙂 My prayers are with his entire family.

    Jennifer Varilla, former co-worker
  • I worked with Jeff for many years. He was so proud of his wife. He would always go out of his way just to say hi. Jeff you will always be in my prayers.


    Jennifer, coworker
  • Jeff was the nicest worker i ever had.He had a kind heart and always asked about my family.Jeff always made me laugh with his many impressions.I will definitely miss him practicing his dance steps for the christmas party.You will be deeply missed JEFF.

    John Roman, Mailroom Supervisor
  • Jeff was a kind-hearted gentle man.
    Always had a kind word for you and a beautiful smile.
    Miss you

    Mo, co-worker
  • Jeff was someone really special. I started at Cantor in in the mailroom in August 1988. Jeff was the first person I met there. He was probably the best first impression I could have had of that company. He was friendly, kind and very knowledgable. Jeffrey did not have a bad bone in his body. He loved everyone, and everyone loved him.

    Kevin Borsilli, former co-worker
  • I was waiting for this year’s Christmas pary just to see Jeffrey have a great time. He danced from the first song till the last song. He was a great guy and he will be greatly missed. My thoughts go to him, his family and friends.

    Joe Mele, Co-Worker
  • I cannot think of my years at Cantor, without thinking of Jeff. I was there for 13 years and Jeff was there forever. He was one of the most dedicated employees that I have ever seen. I remember that I would go out of my way, to give Jeff my mail. I knew that it was in the best hands. I’m so sorry for his family’s loss. God Bless You.

    Josephine Scala, Former Coworker
  • Jeff, as I knew him, was a happy person – always dancing to all kinds of music. I will miss the dancing that he did at the Christmas party – he never said no to it. He didn’t speak much, but if you would ask him a question, he would then answer. He was very shy, but he had a heart of gold. I miss him dearly. Especially when he would come up to me and ask me if had any big envelopes to return to the mail room. Very well- mannered and polite, too.
    I will miss him.
    With much love,
    Alicia LeGuillow, co-worker

    Alicia Leguillow, co-worker
  • I knew Jeffrey from pretty much day one at the firm when I joined about 8 years ago. He was quite a unique individual and I am sure wholly misunderstood. He will always be remembered as the most energetic dancer at the holiday parties.

    I am sure he is up there now dancing up a storm.

    James Talvy, co-worker
  • I knew Jeff for over 13 years at Cantor, He was such a fun person to talk with. Jeff and I would talk about different topics all the time, from his planned vacations upstate to his good ole friends of the past stanley and lou. I will always remember his big lunches and of course that famous cork he loved. One year I went out of my way to find a whole bag of assorted corks to give to him at the christmas party, just to see the smile on his face and make him happy. Thanks for the happy memories Jeff I miss you be well

    Rob, CoWorker
  • Jeff,

    You were the most dedicated employee I supervised. I know that you are doing well in the house of God. Keep on dancing!!



    Rick Cabal, Ex-Supervisor
  • Jeffrey was one of the first people I met when I started to work at Cantor. It always amazed me how much he could eat. I will always remember him when I say my prayer for the people I worked with at Cantor.

    Marty Hogan, Former tel. tech at Cantor
  • Jeffrey,though I did not have the opportunity to know you as your loving co-workers did, I was present at one of the most important events of your life…your wedding. I grew up with Phyllis, your beloved wife, as second cousins who often met up at my grandmother’s house in Brooklyn to play. I truly believe that you and Phyllis were meant for each other, truly a match made in heaven. I have thought of you often since 9/11. Dance on, Jeffrey. With love, Carol

    Carol Ruth Seiken, Cousin by marraige
  • Oh Jeffrey, i never knew you, but due to spelling I heard about you. You are so loved and so remembered you must have been a special soul, Its ten years gone, but never forgotten.

    amanda, none

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