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  Adriane Scibetta

Date of Birth: April 21, 1970
Position: Management Accounting

You will never be forgotten I miss you and love you so very much. I’m glad that you came into my brother’s life. I’ve known you since I was 11 years old. You are more to me then a sister-in-law; you are my sister. You gave us two beautiful kids- Vincent and Gabriella. They are a constant reminder of you and I’m so happy for that.

We will always keep your memory alive…

Marianna Scibetta, Sister-In-Law
  • We’ve worked together for over six years and shared our dreams of a life spent at home with our children. Cantor, for me will never be the same with your absence. You will never be forgotten and always missed.


    Marilyn Ramdhan, Friend and co-worker
  • I had the pleasure of attending H.S. and College with Adriane. It was so
    nice when we realized we both worked in the WTC after bumping into
    one another 2 years ago on the bus going home. It was even nicer to realize
    that we lived 2 blocks away from one another on Staten Island. After that
    realization we were constantly running into one another which gave me
    the opportunity to meet her beautiful little girl Gabriella and her baby boy Vincent. I am a better person for just knowing Adriane because I’ll always remember her strong personality and sense of self. She was always so positive and I always admired her for that. I will miss her and keep her and her family in my prayers always.

    Michele Curcio-Russo, Friend
  • We will miss our cigaratte breaks. We miss you.!

    Cat & Mo, Former Co-workers
  • Adriane was one of those special people who brightened up your day just by seeing her. I will miss the chats that we used to have on the way home. I knew she had such great love of her family and will be watching over them.

    James Talvy, co-worker
  • I never had the pleasure of meeting Adriane, but I am a friend of her sister-in-law Marianne. My prayers go out to the Scibetta family. Adriane is now an Angel, and she will always be there watching over her 2 children. May God bless all that have been affected by this horrible tragedy.

    Frances, A friend of her sister-in-law
  • It’s so difficult to type this through the cascade of tears flowing. I miss you Adriane so much. You were my “next door cube neighbor” (we used to joke about it) and like the older sister, too, that I never had. I miss hearing your voice and swapping coupons with you. I miss the singing we used to do at lunch time to the KTU Freestyle @ 12pm. I couldn’t let go-and I now know that there is no need to-you are always going to be with me and in my heart. I have so many fond memories of you that no one can take away. You were amazing at your job and it was no wonder why Dennis relied upon you so much. Is he playing that country music where you are just to bug you? I wish I could turn back the hands of time and erase this-we will never be the same without you. You are and will always be my true friend and I know I will be seeing you again. Please keep smiling the way that you do and know I am here for you forever.. I love ya girl!!

    May you and God watch over Charlie, Gabriella and Vincent. My prayers and thoughts are with the entire Scibetta family.

    Monica Gazzillo, Co-worker & Friend
  • Adriane was a devoted mother and worker. I will miss our lunches together. I will miss our correspondence (A are you laughing!). I will miss our chocolate addiction, our trips to Century, Gap Kids, the Children’s place (you see where her heart was-always for the children). We shared so much together and my thoughts and prayers go out to Charlie, Gabby and Vincent.
    Adriane, you will never be forgotten and you are with a lot of good company! Ciao Bella! till we meet again-
    Love, Theresa

    Theresa Nugent, Co-Worker/Friend
  • I met Adriane when I first came to Cantor. She was so nice. When we met she was pregnant with her first child. I thought she was such a precious thing. I remember when her daughter Gabirelle was born, I brought her some baby things, totally unexpected, and she was so thankful. I will always remember her sweetness and honesty.

    Machina Ervin, Fomer Co-Worker
  • Adriane was my first mentor and friend when I first started in the general ledger accounting group at Cantor. We had a lot in common right from the outset. Both first-generation daughters of Italian families, we shared many values and growing-up experiences…even in my first days on the job I remember Adriane’s standard 3-5 calls a day to Charlie. They always ended in I love you. He was her lifeline and all she wanted was to get home to him and later, her children. Her marriage and family were undoubtedly her number one priority.
    I have Adriane to thank for my husband, Tom Papa. She introduced me to him about a week into my career at Cantor. Of course, she equipped me with every piece of information she knew about him, from his relationship status to his familial background.
    She exuded personality and a love for life. We had so many laughs in that stuffy office on 32! Thanks for a wonderful introduction to the working world Adj! You were a wonderful person to be around! God bless Charlie, Gabriella & Vincent. My prayers are with you.
    Cristina Papa

    Cristina Papa, Co-Worker
  • Adriane was truly a beautiful person inside and out. You could not ask to meet a sweeter person.I will miss you so much Adriane, you always had a way of making me feel better even on a really bad day. I will miss seeing you and talking to you every day. I want the Scibetta family to know that they are always in my thoughts and prayers. May Vincent and Gabriella always know what a wonderful mother they had, Adriane could never stop talking about them,she was so proud of her two little babies.
    Adraine may you rest in peace, I love and miss you.


    Carol Munoz, friend co-worker
  • For almost a year and a half, you were my next cubicle neighbor. I remember your voice coming through the thin cubicle wall, so full of energy and so full of love for your family. And all those pictures on your walls! It was such a joy seeing your pictures of your baby and your family. I am fortunate to have known you. And I will miss you.

    Sharon, Former Co-worker
  • To the Scibetta Family
    I have been reading all the tributes on the Cantor Fitzgerald site and felt compelled to post a tribute about your loved one, Adriane Scibetta. Her tributes as well as her beautiful photo touched my heart.
    Looking at Adrienne’s picture smiling at me and reading little bits and pieces of her life make it easy to see that she was truly a beautiful person inside and out. How sad that her life was cut so short on that horrible day and even sadder that she left behind a husband and two small children. My heart aches that her children will never really know their mother. I still ask myself to this day……WHY WHY WHY!? Why take away someone so young, so full of life with so much to live for. I and countless other Americans will never know that answer to that question. However, I DO believe that those we loved who were cut from our lives on that dreadful day will never be far from us. And no one cowardly terrorist can NEVER take away those memories that we hold so dear to our hearts. I will pray for Adriane and all the other innocent victims who were murdered on 9/11. I pray that this terrorist act NEVER occurs again in this country and that we can all live in peace one day.
    God Bless America

    Julie, Stranger
  • I remember speaking with Joe a few days after 9.11.01. I asked him why you were at work that day. He said he thought you wanted to save a vacation day so you could spend Halloween with your children. I was never close enough to your family to know if that was why you were there on the morning of 9.11.01. Maybe I will never know but it is a thought I keep with me and made a promise to be with my children on Halloween as a tribute to you and the influence you had on the people around you. You were a mother first, so young, so full of life and good teachings. That has left a powerful impression on me. Remembering you always 9.11.06.

    Gerr DeCicco, Co-worker
  • Happy Birthday!!!!

    Love & Miss you so much…

    Marianna, Sister-in-Law
  • Love and miss you soo much
    Think about you everyday..

    Marianna, Sister In Law
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, We love and miss you so very much.

    Love you always,

    Your sis-mare…..

    Marianna, Sister-in-Law
  • Hi A,

    Happy Birthday!!! You are very missed by us all and love you so very much. I know you and my brother Steven are together watching over us..

    LOVE U

    Marianna Taaffe, sister in law
  • Happy 40th Birthday!! Always missing you. Love U

    Marianna, sister in law
  • 10 years later and the pain of losing you is still very fresh in my heart… miss you everyday!

    Marianna, Sister-in-law
  • I am thinking of you so much today. I know that your children were so young on 911. My youngest are 3.5 yrs and 16 months. I can’t image them having to deal with life without me and I am reminded about how much I constantly thought that about your babies 11 years ago. Miss you and think of you often.

    Kerri Ahern Cain, Former co-worker
  • 11 years have gone by. There are no words to express the sadness, heartache, horror and pain of that day.

    You will never be forgotten.

    Monica Gazzillo, Former Cantor Co-Worker/Friend
  • Adriane, I read your name at the memorial service this year; and today, I see your lovely face and amazing smile for the first time.

    I know you brighten the heavens; I will never forget you.

    Debbie Sammut
    Sister-in-law of Elvin Romero….also a Cantor Fitzgerald employee

    Debbie, a friend

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