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  Jayesh Shah

Date of Birth: April 17, 1963
Position: Vice President, TradeSpark Energy Products

Let me close my eyes. The first thing that comes to my mind is that amazing smile, which makes me grin from ear to ear. And I wonder what is the next naughty/mischievous surprise that awaits me?
There was never a dull moment in my life with Jay. He was fearless and full of energy. He loved traveling, sports, movies; the list goes on and on. From the moment our eyes met, we knew we were meant for each other and that still holds true in my heart. Not only did I lose my husband, but I lost a soul mate and my best friend.
He believed in making the best out of each moment of life. He lived his life to the fullest. Working at eSpeed on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center in New York City was a dream come true for him. He was on the top of the world.
His happiness knew no boundaries. We are extremely proud of his achievements. I’m glad to be part of his success in life and in the “real world”. While climbing the ladder of success he never forgot his family. He was a true family man; an incredible, awesome, devoted daddy to our three children: Nikita 10, Sonia 8, Kevin 6.
With children he was the world’s biggest child. With parents and brother, he was the perfect son and an awesome big brother. For me, he was a wonderful, caring, loving partner every girl dreams about. Now without him, I am a walking, talking, breathing, beating heart that has lost its rhythm. And someday when I wake up I just want to see his beautiful smiling face.

My dear,
Even though I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, I just want to tell you, “you taught me how to love, trust and give completely. Thank you for giving us wonderful memories to last a lifetime. And the finest lesson of life, love goes on forever and ever, no matter the distance and time.” You will always be in our hearts and our love for you is eternal. Until we meet again, Goodbye.
Nikita, Sonia, Kevin (u r our guardian Angel, Daddy)

Jyothi Shah, Wife
  • We came to know Jayesh only after his marriage to Jyothi, that is just few years back. Contacts with him were also few because of his residence in States. But on each of these occasions when we were fortunate enough to have met him, it was very pleasant. He had in his nature something which turned heavy moments into lighter ones. We can never forget his ever smiling face. His wife and his children will certainly miss him since he was caring utmost for them. We pray to God for peaceful life for them without Jayesh. May his soul rest in peace.

    Chandrika & Kamlesh Shah, Aunty & Uncle in-law
  • Jayesh was a bright,smart, thoughtful, patient, genuine and a honorable person.
    Jyothi, may time and memories bring you peace and comfort of Jayesh. Jayesh, may your days in Heaven be filled with eternal bliss.
    He was a wonderful person form the time I know him. I miss him very much and I will never forget all of the nice conversations we had about his wonderful kids and his beautiful wife, Jyothi.
    Life ends, but death cannot erase it….
    In Memory,
    Love always will remain.
    There are those who lives,
    death cannot diminish.
    Their love radiates
    Forever in the hearts of friends
    and loved ones, and their light
    shines on in the lives
    they’ve touched forever!!!
    Jayesh will never be forgeton!!
    A kind hearted man for whom we shed a tear.
    A devoted father who did what was right.
    I wish you happiness in your time by the light.
    I know you are watching from where you stay.
    His real value can never be measured.
    Your memory will live on, though you’re no longer here.

    Nikita, Sonia , Kevin, I write this for the three of you. I am really sorry
    about your dad, he was a wonderful person. All you have to do is cherish
    all the memories you had with him.
    Those we love remain with us,
    for love itself lives on.
    And cherished memories never fade
    because a loved one’s gone…
    Those we love can never be
    more than a thought apart,
    For as long as there is memory,
    They’ll live on in the heart.
    Jayesh’s mom your son was a remarkable person
    There are not enough words to describe how I feel
    for you most of us still, feels it’s so unreal
    Although a cherished life was taken away
    In our hearts and our thoughts Jayesh will always stay.
    may peace be with you

    Rosemarie, Co-Worker
  • Dear son Jayesh,

    You had to part from this world at a very young age. The terrorists have taken you away from us. Your absence is making me cry all the time. I know even though I’ll be crying whole of my life, you won’t be coming back. How can a mother’s heart forget her own blood and flesh? Your love, alor, smiling face and good character will stay as treasured memories in my heart. As your mother, I struggle every day with a terrible feeling of bringing a beautiful son in this world, only to be taken away in such a devastating way. I feel very sorry for your short life. Although I will show a smile on my face to the world, my heart will be crying for you, always!

    I pray to God that your re-birth will be long-lived. Son, wherever you are, keep faith in your religion. I have engraved your smiling face in my heart. The past memories and smile on your face have spread like the sweet fragrance of Rose and Lotus. I am proud to be your mother.

    My dear son, your thoughts remain in my heart every moment of the day.

    Your loving mother,

    Malti Shah

    Malti Shah, Mother
  • I wanted to say that as I was visiting Christine Swearson’s memorial web site, I happened upon the Cantor Fitzgerald link. Christine is the daughter of a good friend. I was minister at her memorial service in Long Beach, California.

    Truly the international aspect of the World Trade Center is seen through folks like Jay Shah. We must realize that God’s love transcends color of skin, or rude interpretations. He can take our sorrow and transmute it to joy. Truly He does what the alchemist could not–transform sorrow to joy, as Isaiah the prophet knew. He does what the apothecary cannot do, bring real relief to the brokenhearted.

    It is my hope that we may remember Jay for his wonderful qualities so tenderly expressed in memory of his smile, caring for family, and energetic work, and that these memories inspire us to brace for and optimistically hope for the new day.

    [email protected]

    Steve Hines, friend
  • Jayesh, who could forget your smile. I am honoured to have had the chance to work with you and get to know you. I echo the sentiments about your zest for life, creativity, and the sense that anything was possible. We worked through some difficult stuff but you remained positive.

    I was always amazed that I would run into you during my travels. There are no coincidences. However, this time when I fly into New York, you won’t be there.

    I pray that your family and especially your children will always hold your memory in their hearts.

    Mark Perrin, Colleague
  • Jay –

    20 years have passed and I still miss you, my friend. Your boundless happiness and selflessness were only surpassed by the love you had for your family. I remember the great times we had playing cards at lunch, you introducing us to Indian food, and great times working together. I remember you having us over to your house to meet your beautiful wife Jyothi. I remember when Nikita was born and how happy you were. I remember picking you up for lunch at the sonat building and how excited you were to go to espeed. That was your dream. I miss you my friend!

    Carlos Barberena - friend and co-worker at Amoco

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