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  William E Spitz

Date of Birth: April 9, 1952
Position: Government Bonds Broker

It’s been too long
Since I have seen your smile
Heard your voice
Talked for a while
It’s been too long
Since we laughed for hours
You sat around the house
Or watered your flowers
They’re lonely without you
Roots all dry
Colorless and limp
They sometimes cry
It’s been too long
Since we had a fight
You’d teach me each lesson
Now, I can’t sleep at night
It’s been too long
Since you walked down the street
Jogged in the morning
Knowing you was a treat
It feels like weeks ago
I sat up in bed
Screaming and crying
It still plays in my head
The images before me
Life flashed before my eyes
People running, buildings falling
Questions,worries and cries
It’s been too long
Since You called me on the phone
You always promised
That you would never leave me alone
Life goes on for millions
Mine will never be the same
You’ll always be my father
Daddy, they will live in shame!

Love Always and forever,
Pamela Morgan Spitz-your daughter

Pamela Morgan Spitz, Daughter
  • Will was a great man, anybody that knew him loved him with all there heart. When Will came into my life I was a 10 year old confused kid who had lost his dad 2 years before. I guess when we first met I kind of resented him, but I grew to love him as did everybody who ever knew him. He wasn’t my dad, but he was my father..He taught me the things that a father teaches his son, how to shave, how to tie a tie, how to talk to girls, what types of beer to drink. We went to all types of sporting events together. When it became time for me to learn to drive, it was Will who taught me. Whenever I didn’t know something it seemed like Will had the answer. He taught me how to deal with my mom when she would be going nuts at me over the smallest things, he would say “that’s how she is, she will be over it in 20 minutes, just tell her OK, OK, OK and don’t worry about it” The times we had together I will never forget. The Sunday before that Tuesday we had the best time I think I ever had with him. We went to the Jets game, and even though the Jets didn’t win, it was the best day ever. The tailgating was unbelievable, my cousin brought his barbeque from his backyard, and we ate so much, and for all of you who knew Will you know how he loves his food. He just seemed to be so happy. Every time the Jets did something good there were high fives and hugs all around! He was so happy! It could be the be best time we ever had together.

    Andrew Pitagorsky, Son
  • Some people come into your life unexpectedly. William Spitz, or as I knew him, Mr. Spitz, came into my life one night at a Bare Naked Ladies concert. Of all places, I met him at a concert that I thought no parent was cool enough to actually go to. I’ll never forget the twinkle in his eye. As I stood shocked that an adult, was actually bobbing to the music, at times, out right dancing. I looked at him as he would glance at his daughters when they weren’t looking. He loved them. As Pam would call me, he’d call me Pander J. His love for the Mets, was incredible. More incredible, however, was the way he always wanted to go to the games with his daughter, and how he was always willing to invite me along for the fun. See, Mr. Spitz had a heart the size of Texas. He was always willing to take someone else under his wing to love. When I was around him, I felt like I was one of his own. It’s been too long since I heard his laugh. Certain sounds, however, stick with you, his happy go lucky laugh will be one of those sounds. In one night, he managed to touch my soul. Through time, when I thought it was not possible to touch my heart anymore, he did. I miss and love him.

    Amanda Jensen, Friend
  • Although we never had the opportunity to meet William, we have the great pleasure of seeing him through the eyes of his daughter, Pamela Spitz. Not a day goes by without a new story from Pam about what a wonderful man he was. Through all the stories of going to Met games, his sense of humor and his passion for life make us feel like he was apart of our lives. Pamela’s love for him has leaked onto us even though we never physically met him. Living with Pam allows us to see that not an hour goes by where she does not think of her father and reminisce on their good times together. Her love for him is unconditional and never ending and we admire Pam for her strength and courage to get through each and every day. He was more than a father to Pam, he was her best friend. After learning about William through his daughter, we regret not having the chance to meet him, but he is in our daily thoughts and prayers.

    Ellie Peppard & Caitlyn Swiatocha, Friends of Pamela
  • Dad,
    I don’t understand . How did we not get to finish. I started too late, but I was starting to understand. Then you were taken away. I can find solace now in one thing, and that is I’m doing what you wanted for me, even though I was too blind and immature to realize it or admit it when you were here. I’m so sorry. I miss you, and it makes me weak to think about you. Every day is a struggle, but I’m working it through for you. You told me that I have to do what will make me happy, and that you would follow my lead. You told me that one day I would start realizing things about life and myself, I just wish that your death wasn’t the circumstance that you were talking about. I hope that you are safe and happy. You’re free. I love you.

    As long as you’re gone,
    I can’t apologize
    For all of the things that I haven’t said or done.

    Whenever I breath out,
    You’re breathing in.
    Whenever I breath out,
    You’re taking it all.

    Lauren Spitz, Daughter
  • Pictures of You

    I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you
    That I almost believe that they’re real
    I’ve been living so long with my pictures of you
    That I almost believe that the pictures are
    All I can feel

    You standing quiet in the rain
    As I ran to your heart to be near
    And we kissed as the sky fell in
    Holding you close
    How I always held close in your fear

    You running soft through the night
    You were bigger and brighter and wider than snow
    And screamed at the make-believe
    Screamed at the sky
    And you finally found all your courage
    To let it all go

    You how you used to be
    Slow drowned
    You were angels
    So much more than everything
    Hold for the last time then slip away quietly
    Open my eyes
    But I never see anything

    If only I’d thought of the right words
    I could have held on to your heart
    If only I’d thought of the right words
    I wouldn’t be breaking apart
    All my pictures of you

    Looking so long at these pictures of you
    But I never hold on to your heart
    Looking so long for the words to be true
    But always just breaking apart
    My pictures of you
    There was nothing in the world
    That I ever wanted more
    Than to feel you deep in my heart
    There was nothing in the world
    That I ever wanted more
    Than to never feel the breaking apart
    All my pictures of you- Robert Smith

    L.R.S., Familiar
  • On what whould have been your 50th birthday, we are hoping you are celebrating in a better place with your buddies…here’s to you, Will!!!


    P.S. – Lauren is dating a “surfer dude” – do you believe it???!!! You’re in the girls’ thoughts every day – whoever said “time heals” doesn’t know what they are talking about…

    Ellen, Pam and Lauren's mom
  • I will begin by telling you, the girls are okay although life has been unbelievably painful -there is not a day that goes by that we don’t talk about “pops” or you are not in our thoughts.
    We have two extraordinary kids together – and together we will continue guiding them through a life that has changed beyond anyone’s wildest dreams since September 11th.
    You were always there to listen and I know you will continue to be there for both of them, forever and ever in their hearts.
    They are very much your daughters – you must be very proud of Lauren – she is well on her way to being everything (and more) we hoped she would be – keep your eye on her – you’ll see – she was just a late bloomer!
    And Pam – I am sure you know she’s okay – a little birdie told me! She is always reminding us that “pops did this..” or “daddy said that…” She’ll be seeing you at the “opener” in April – she’ll be the one with the smile on her face, the tears in her eyes and the Mets hat with the initials WES.
    Your heart and soul will be kept alive within your children forever and ever……….they will never forget their POPS !!!!!!

    E.S.T., Lauren and Pam's mom
  • William, you will be missed every second of every day, but your love will continue in the minds and hearts of your family and friends. All who had the privilege to know Will, had the benefit of wonderful memories and will always be remembered by his immeasurable love. He truly had nothing but LOVE and DEVOTION for his “GIRLS” Lauren & Pamela. You’ll never by forgotten by those you have touched! God Bless

    DBT, Lauren's & Pamels's Step-dad
  • To Will’s Family and Friends,

    Will was the man–always such a nice and kind person that always went above and beyond when he never had to. I remember meeting Will for the first time when Andrew and I were at Indiana, and it was like he was just one of the guys. I got to know Will pretty well as the years followed, I always enjoyed his company. I was at the Jet game with Will and Andrew before everything took place, and we had the greatest time–even though the Jets lost. Will was a great man and a wonderful role model for us younger guys to look up to. He gave the greatest gift to my best friend—being a terrific father and always being there when we needed him. I am so very honored and touched that I knew and spent time with Will Spitz and he will always have a special place in my heart that will never be forgotten.

    Mark Mazor, Andrew's Friend
  • Will came into our lives over 13 years ago when he married my Mom. We got a chance at a new life after mine and Andrew’s father died when we were so young. Will became a part of our family and he became our best friend…each of our best friend in a different way. For my mom she found her companion for the rest of her life. Will adored my mom and he was so happy to be a part of our life and what we shared. My mom brought him happiness, a new strong and loving family that he adored and who adored him. She gave him the gift of having a true BEST FRIEND to share his life with. To love, to laugh, to cry, to build, to be happy with…to appreciate life and all of the good people he had around him. Will and my mom, together brought up Andrew and I to be strong, independent and successful individuals. Together they taught us how to set goals for ourselves and to always reach for the stars. Will’s guidance, love and support helped me to reach the place I am at today. Will brought me into the business world and there is not a day that goes by where I don’t think about all of the “work” discussions we had shared and loved to talk about. Will was my father and my best friend. I will never forget the day I asked Will to walk me down the aisle with my mom on my wedding day. He was so happy and so honored to do such a special and wonderful thing for me. It meant the world to him…He smiled from ear to ear. And on that very day, when he walked me down to greet Josh, he stood so tall and proud, that his “Rachel” was entering this new special life and that he was such an important part of it. He beamed with happiness as he partied on my wedding day. I will never know if Josh and Will found each other on that tragic day up on the 104th floor where they worked together on opposite ends of the floor. But I will always know that Will would have looked out for Josh no matter what and I hope that they saw each other in their last moments. Will will always hold a special and dear place in my heart and I will always remember the love, the support, the care and the friendship we shared for over 13 years… I will always love you Will…..

    Rachel Aron, Daughter

    Rachel Aron, Daughter
  • We met will about 13 years ago when he came into the life of our dear friend, Susan. We were so happy for Susan when we met Will. From the very beginning, we were impressed with Will. He was a great guy. He had so many fine qualities. How good it is when two wonderful people find one another
    Will and Susan were a terrific match; together they made a wonderful couple. We remember how they beamed on their wedding day. Their marriage was based upon mutual love, trust, respect, and friendship. It is so tragic and unfair that his life was cut so short. He had everything to live for.
    It was always fun to be in Will and Susan’s company, and that is why we enjoyed spending so much time with them.
    From our many weekend plans together, to a memorable cruise on the Caribbean, Will and Susan were a fun and upbeat couple. We are so glad that we were able to share that time with Will.
    Besides being a terrific husband, Will was an equally great father. All of his children were always important to him and he happily shared stories about them. There wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for them.
    Will had a great sense of humor. He always made us laugh, especially with his original “Will expressions”.
    Will, we miss you and we will never forget you. You had so many great qualities. You were an example of what a great husband, father and friend are all about. We love you.

    Andrea and Marty Mesher, Friends
  • I first met Will when I was 10 and he came up with Susan for visiting day to visit Andrew. Over the next 13 years he would be like a second father to me. He took Andrew and Me to Islanders games and Mets games and we always laughed. He was kind, cool and funny. I remember listening to Biz Markee’s “You got what I need” in the back of the white Taurus and cracking up. His love for Susan, Andrew, Rachel, Pam and Lauren (and everyone close to him) was unconditional. I was so happy that he was in Andrew’s life after Joel passed because I knew how important it was to have a father to look up to and bond with. He was a one of a kind class act and he is loved and missed by all who had the privilege to know him. Forever in our hearts Will.

    Seth Altman - Andrew’s friend

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