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  Anthony Starita

Date of Birth: June 10, 1966
Department: U.S. Agencies
Position: Vice President/Partner

Anthony started working for Cantor in the Accounting Dept. in March on 1987. He moved to the Government trading desk in 1990. He became Vice President in 1994 and a Partner in 1998. From January 1, 2001 – September 11th he worked on the U.S. Agency Desk. Anthony graduated St. Peter’s High School for Boys in Staten Island in 1984 and received his B.B.A. from Baruch College in 1989.

Anthony grew up in Staten Island playing ball on his street and on Little League teams and when he got older, spent his summers traveling to the Hamptons every weekend where he and his friends would rent a house. In the summer on 1986 we met on the beach in the Hamptons and were married on February 17, 1991. We had our first daughter, Kaila, in 1995 and moved to Westfield, NJ in 1997 and had Jason in 1998.

It is an impossible task to sum up the magnitude of what and who Anthony was, but he certainly was the most dedicated and proudest man in every aspect of his life…his marriage, his children, his job and his family and friends. He loved life and everything about it. He just made everything fun. Listed below are quotes from some of the eulogies given at Anthony’s Memorial that I believe give some insight into the wonderful man Anthony was and always will be to all of us.

“Anthony was a friend indeed. He played hard and worked hard and taught me and others how to live. We pause today to give thanks to God for having the privilege of knowing him and sharing life with him. Thank you Anthony for the beauty of your life and the beauty you brought into our lives.”
John Spero, Friend

“Anthony was a professional, an immaculate dresser and had an unbelievable work ethic. Anthony had it all. He was smart, good looking, successful, charismatic and extremely loyal to his friends and family. He was very proud of them. He was a great husband, father, son, brother and friend. The only thing he was short on was time.”
Eddie DeCastro, Friend

“I am honored to count Anthony as a friend. He always made us smile and feel comfortable. He was a man who defined himself not only by his professional success, but also by the love and happiness derived from his life with Diane, Kaila and Jason. Anthony’s achievements were many and his noble qualities were remarkable. He was a hero to his family. So long as we live, he too shall live and love, for he is a part of us.”
Michael Tighe, Friend

“As a little boy, I always looked up to Anthony and admired him. He was the cool older brother I never had. Anthony and cool – synonymous. I always knew Anthony was there to help and would always be there. When I made my confirmation, I chose the name Anthony. Attributing it to Anthony Starita.”
Sal Tisi, Cousin

“Anthony appreciated life’s frailty and didn’t take the blessings in life for granted. He was a willing partner in making sure the relationships with the people in his life were cultivated and nourished. He had an uncanny ability to get to know people quickly and find common ground with them. That is what I believe is Anthony’s legacy: to make time for those around us who we love. To find that special quality in another person that allows us to relate to them. Simply, to love life.”
Dr. Steven Curiale, Brother-in-law

“When he was small he was Walter Starita’s son. As he grew up I became Anthony Starita’s father and I cherish every minute of it. When he was small, I dressed him. When he grew up, he dressed me. When he was small, I scolded him. When he grew up, he scolded me. When he was small, I gave him allowance. When he grew up, he gave me financial advice. When he was small, I taught him to ride a bike. When he grew up, he taught me to play golf. When he was small, I bought ice cream. When he grew up, he bought dinner. And I cherish every minute of it.”
Walter Starita, Father

“I am not left with anything to wish for or any regrets. Just that Anthony was taken from us in his prime when he was appreciating and enjoying life to its fullest. He was the smartest person I knew, able to engage in a conversation on any subject you could possibly imagine. And no one could make me laugh to the point of tears the way he did. We not only loved each other, but liked each other as well. He was the true core of our family. Such a great husband and proud father, always making time with his family a priority. The list of what he taught all of us could go on and on. And so along with all the things that made Anthony the wonderful man he is – he is now also our hero.
Diane Starita, Wife

Yes Anthony, I do miss you. I miss the walks, the talks, the advice, the laughter, the comfort, the fun, the hugs, the kisses, the smile, the big brown eyes and sharing all of me with all of you. You are forever in all of our minds, hearts and souls until we can be together again.

Diane Starita, Wife
  • When I first joined Cantor I had the opportunity to sit next to Anthony for a month. He taught me everything about the bond market, from what a bond was to how to broker it. Anthony loved to talk, and he could be conversant on just about any topic. I enjoyed our time working together and our many nights out for drinks or dinner. Anthony was one of the guys I looked foward to seeing every day, he helped make working at Cantor a real pleasure. My thoughts and prayers are with Diane and the children.

    John H., Friend/co-worker
  • My dear friend there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. We had a lot of laughs together. I enjoyed working at Cantor because of you. I had the honor to work with him for 7 1/2 years and during that time we became great friends. We did everything together. I enjoyed the many nights we went out for drinks, dinner or Yankee games. I learned the business from you and I am honored to have become your friend. Though we had many plans for ourselves down the road, I am sure our paths will cross again.

    Stay we miss you very much. You were a great guy with a big heart. We send our deepest wishes to Diane and the kids.

    edward de castro, Friend, Coworker
  • My husband Eddie sat next to Anthony for almost eight years at Cantor. In that time I spoke to Anthony practically every day. He was always first to jump on the phone. “Hello lovely Lauren”, that was my greeting every day. Whether I spoke to him for ten minutes or ten seconds, I was always laughing when he got off the phone. There were times when we spoke so long, that when he finally handed the call to Eddie, he would say “you’ve been talking to my wife this whole time?” He was that kind of person, could talk to anyone and make anyone laugh. He was contagious. Eddie left Cantor in August 2000, it was wierd at first not to speak to Anthony every day. But he called the house frequently and our familes would get together every so often. I wish now that it had been more often. But that time is gone, and we never thought that it would end like this; There was so much more to come. Your loss is deep for both Eddie and I, and like he said, there is not a day that goes by where you are not thought of and prayed for. You are truly missed. Diane, Kaila, Jason, know that we love you and will always be there.

    Lauren De Castro, Friend - Wife of Co-Worker
  • Dear Anthony,

    There is not one day that goes by that I do not think of you. It was hard for Joe and I to get married 10 days after losing you, I still had your seating arrangement card put aside, just in case. I knew you would not have wanted me to postpone my wedding. Joe and I know you were watching us on our wedding day and also enjoying yourself on the dance floor smoking your cigars! I remember the first time Diane introduced you to our family. You were always the jokester of the family. How about the time you pushed me in Aunt Pat’s pool? Boy, I was mad at you! And how about Angela’s go-go boots you always made fun of? How about Darlene’s parakeet you managed to neglect and it died, (hee hee!) And what about you making fun of my new hair-dos all the time? We have such wonderful memories with you and they will always carry on. Joe was so fond of you and looked forward to seeing you at family parties. We were so blessed to be with you exactly one month before the tragedy at our First Cousin’s Party at Jenkinson’s, we had so much fun. And now I am honored to work for your firm, Cantor. I feel you sent this job to me and I am blessed to work for Cantor and to help the families of the lost. We love you and promise to take care of Diane, Kaila and Jason. You were more than my cousin, Diane’s husband, you were my cousin, too, and we love you! Felicia & Joe Fraulo

    Felicia Fraulo, Cousin
  • Anthony,

    Life is so precious and in a single moment it can be shattered leaving those left behind with only memories and broken hearts.

    Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I miss you so much and all I have are memories. I remember last summer when we met up with you at Wildwood and the kids were on the rides and you and Dave were talking up a storm. We had such a good time with you, Diane and the kids. I remember our talks about the garden and planting flowers. You kidding around about the fig tree and Jacuzzi my parents gave me instead of you. All the little tidbits of advice you gave me throughout the years. The great times we had at family gatherings. But, most of all, I will always remember the last time I saw you. It was at the cousin’s party at the shore. I remember how happy you were that we were enjoying ourselves. I’ll always remember your love for family and your zest for life. I think I forgot to say goodbye to you that day. Goodbye Anthony and you will always be in our hearts.

    Cousins Darlene, Dave and Lauren

    Darlene Deinhardt, Cousin
  • No words I write will be able to express how I truly feel. Anthony was my closet friend that still worked at cantor. We spent many nights together after work, with the others in our group(eddie decastro, and paul marciano). It was special to be with anthony because anthony made it that way. Every year we would go to the san gennaro feast in little italy, and anthony would have us laughing all night. “look at that how ya doing” he would say as he passed a vendor in a booth. Anthony was the best person to be around his passion for life made everyone around him a better person. I know that I am better for knowing him and his family. I miss him every day and I never will forget him. I pray that God will comfort his family until they are all together again.

    russell fiordimondo, friend co worker
  • Diane, Kaila & Jason,

    Anthony Starita was an awesome guy who adored his family. He was handsome and smart; charming and funny. He was the epitome of class and style. If you had the pleasure of being in his company, you were laughing the whole time. He was an all around great guy and we miss him terribly. Our hearts are forever broken.

    Di, this tribute also goes out to you and the amazing way you have kept it all together for your children. Anthony must smile down from heaven every day with pride. You’re an inspiration to all those who lost a loved one that horrible day.

    God Bless all of you. We love you and will always be there for you.

    Lori, Russell & Tricia Fiordimondo, friends
  • Dear Diane, Kaila & Jason:

    There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and your family. Joe and I will always remember the great times we spent together with the both of you. Anthony was a wonderful person and his memory will live on forever in you and your children. I applaud you for your strength and courage and wish you and your children the best. Anthony is truly your guardian angel watching over you every day.

    May god bless you and your family.

    Lisa & Joe Campbell

    Lisa & Joseph Campbell, Friend
  • Dear pal, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Still can’t believe that your not around, I still catch myself trying to call you but then reality hits. I just wanted to say hello I think of you and your family everyday. God bless.

    edward de castro, friend/co-worker
  • Hi Anthony! It’s been almost one year. We really miss you. Diane is trying to get together a cousin’s party in memory of you. You were the one who created the “cousin’s get together” last year and we want to carry this on for you. I am working at Cantor now for 8 months and you’d be so proud of me. I’m proud to work for the company and think about you every day. My coworkers can be jokesters just like you worked with jokesters! One of the guys here would not tell us where he went on vacation because he was afraid someone would send things to his room, just like you used to not tell your coworkers where you vacationed! Darlene is expecting her second baby and it’s due in February. Even though you are not present physically in our lives, you are with us constantly in our minds visually and spiritually every day. Family parties are not the same, we miss your big brown eyes, your jokes, your teasing and your big smile. We love you. Felicia and Joe

    Felicia Fraulo, Cousin
  • Anthony,

    It’s hard to believe a year has passed since that tragic day , I think of you and your family often. I will forever be thankful that we were able to get together a few weeks prior to Sept 11 and as always we had some great laughs.

    I remember how proud you were of your family and how much you enjoyed being a husband and a father. I was lucky enough to speak with you every working day whether talking Football or having you battle on the trading floor to execute trades for the Canadian desk. Anthony you were always real class guy and I thank god for the privilege of having known you.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Dianne and the children on this the first anniversary of that terrible day.

    Jack Horn Friend/ co worker

    Jack Horn, Friend/ former co worker
  • Peace

    Rich Bolton, friend
  • Dear Uncle Anthony,
    I am very sorry that you and hundreds of other people died in the twin towers. I did not know you very well, because you passed away when I was about six.I do know that you were a great uncle,father and husband. I think when I get older I am going to shoot for being a security person for a time of period, to put people that are bad behind bars where they belong, for the sake of your ,loss. I WISH SO BADLY THAT THIS WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED, AND I AM SURE BILLIONS OF PEOPLE AGREE WITH ME INCLUDING YOU. I AM MISSING YOU SO MUCH AND CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN THE HEAVENS WITH JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danielle Curiale, niece

    Danielle, niece
  • Dear Anthony,

    9/11/06 – five years later and it’s still so unbelievable. Life has become surreal. I am still waiting to wake up from this nightmare. I don’t know how I have survived five years without you. The pain and the horror still runs so deep. But in a way you never left us. You are still so much a part of all of us who love you and miss you. We think about you, talk about, cry about you, laugh about you and smile about you. You are etched into our thoughts our hearts and our souls and you will stay there forever. We would have been married 15 years this year and you would be 40 years old now – I often wonder what you would look like. So many things have happened that you did not get to be a part of, but were there with us in spirit. Kaila and Jason miss you so much they can’t even talk about it and I promise you that they will always know who you were and what a great dad they had for such a short time. There will always be a part of me that has been ripped away because I don’t have you here to share life with. I will love you and honor you until I day I die and we are united again. Your wife forever, Di

    Diane, spouse
  • Uncle Anthony its been 7 years since your death on 9/11. But I remember it like it was just yesterday. I miss you so much. I remember exactly a month before you died when the whole family went to Point Pleasent and we were on the board walk and went to the beach and we all had a great time. That was the last time I ever saw you. But a couple days after 9/11 when I had found out by Aunt Diane that you had died I started to cry. I couldn’t stop myself. I love you so much uncle Anthony. Since then I have had avenges in me to avenge you, our family and to have revenge on those that caused that horrible day. So I have decided to join The U.S. Navy as a career and try to join the Navy SEALs. And whether you know this or not your soul from the moment you died came to me so I could have the strength and power to join the military. Your soul is the only reason I’m am so powerful and won’t give up joining the military. I want to do this for you for our familiy and so no other family has to know what it feels like to loose a family member from a terrorist attack again. I will always love you. I wish I am able to see you again even if it were only a second just to say again that I love you. I love Uncle Anthony and this is for you.

    Love you and always will!

    Your nephew,
    Matthew Curiale

    Matthew Curiale, Nephew
  • The daunting task of trying to put together your life for the upcoming 10 year anniversary, memorial and museum. 10 years? Really? Still so impossible. Where to start? Where to end? It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to revisit all the “stuff”. For I believe it’s not about the stuff, but what’s in our hearts. It’s been quite a while since I’ve sat for hours among your things crying from the depths of my soul. The feeling of missing you so strong I actually double over in pain. Even now the tears streaming down as I’m writing this. Stirring up memories that perhaps have been in the back of my mind. It’s been quite a while since I’ve thought about all the “what would have been’s” of our life. Because for the most part you have looked over me well and life is good in a different way. Pictures, cards, clothes, personal items. Letters from friends and even strangers whose lives you’ve touched. All the things. Things that in a way i hate because it’s all I have of you. But things that I love becaue of the reminders. In any case, I do have have to tell a story of your life. Your childhood, your education, your career, your family and our journey together – our marriage – our children. And then your death. The death that we all revisit every year as if it happened yesterday. Watching your name and face on t.v. Still trying to make sense of it all. And as Kaila and Jason get older answering more and more questions. All in way so when people visit this memorial they get some small insight into who you were and the life you had. The wonderful you had – we had. I do know this..it certainly hasn’t been a while since a story of you passed my lips. It hasn’t been a while since we were together in my dreams. It hasn’t been a while since I thought of you and smiled. It hasn’t been a while since Kaila or Jason did something that reminded me of you. And it hasn’t been a while since I felt the love for you so deep within my heart. It hasn’t been a while because you are always with us. That’s never going to change no matter how much time has passed. Still loving you so much, Diane

    diane, wife
  • I don’t know quite what to say as I tiptoe through, but the words of your wife are so moving and I want you both to know there are people like me…strangers…who pass through here and read of your lives. Her continued love and devotion are very moving and as with so many of the young lives cut short I find myself in tears. I am so glad you both have children to live on as the legacy of your love. My respects Anthony Starita to you and your family. I will “never forget”. XXX

    Tracey, A Visitor
    Hello my friend, I think of you constantly. It would be impossible not too since my son, William Anthony, is named after you. Whenever I think of you I always have a smile. The times we spent together are forever in my mind. The thought of you truly helps me through my days. I can remember our time together as if it was yesterday even though reality tells me it has been 10 yrs. The time has gone by so fast and so many things have changed but the thought of you and your family is as strong as ever. I was extremly lucky to have you in my life and continue to hold on to those times. I always think of your family and pray for their safety. I know GOD will protect DIANE and your family and guide them in the right direction. GOD BLESS.

    Your friend,

    Eddie D

  • i taped about 20 hours of 9/11 specials this past weekend and i watched them all…i do it out of respect for those who lived through it first hand. today i saw a program with your lovely wife diane, and the interview was 10 years ago. she was distraught, as were other cantor fitzgerald women gathered together. as i quietly and respectfully visit tribute pages, i remember your face from a poster diane showed on that new interview. to diane, to your children, to all who lost loved ones that horrific day…do your best to stay strong. there are strangers like me who think of you often, pray for your ever healing hearts. much love to you all!

    danai, someone who cares

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