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  Thomas Strada

Date of Birth: July 1, 1960
Department: Corporate Bonds
Position: Senior Vice President

Tom was and will always be the love of my life. I will forever remember his stories, his laughter, his smile and his touch.
He loved action and if we didn’t have plans on a Saturday night or an occasional weeknight around 7:00 pm he would kiss the kids goodbye and we’d joke Daddy was going to his second job. He’d be off to the Meadowlands – that often meant extra cash for extra “things”. Tom loved money, loved to make a score and loved sharing it with whoever was around him. He loved betting on horses, AC, football, fantasy golf, and college hoops. When driving somewhere, we on more than one occasion had to pull over, find a payphone to “make a call” (thank God for cell phones, we got places quicker).
He was a natural athlete, a gifted golfer and fisherman. His competitive nature drove him to excel as a bond broker, his good nature attracted an endless list of friends. He was an “over the top” kind of person that people gravitated to. I know his phone rang all day at work from friends just to hear the latest “Tom” version of things. His sense of humor, his “spin” on a story, his colorful commentary and his ability to imitate someone in his unique way is what will be missed mostly by all of us. And no one could come up with a quicker nickname or a funnier description of an otherwise normal situation than Tom. Every night he came home and he had a funny story about something, someone or something he’d heard, read or saw that day. But above everything, Tom loved me, Thomas, Kaitlyn and baby Justin. He was the best dad at our pool, always swimming with them, jumping off the high dive, playing torpedo or building sand castles. He would play track ball, race cars, push them as high as they could go on the swings and always have time for videogames, reading, singing, dancing with Katie and bike riding with Thomas.
He made our life full, fun and happy. Our lives were rich beyond what money could buy, our love was deep, and we lived the “good” life – we had it all.
Tom had a heart of gold, was generous beyond words (always gave you “something for your pocket”), high-spirited – a life force that will live on in our hearts forever. “Every man dies, but not every man lives”.
I will love you for eternity,

Terry Strada, Wife
  • Tom was such a special man. A loving and devoted husband and father. A son and brother who brought such joy and laughter to his family. I am so proud to have shared in his short life. His smile and loving ways will never be forgotten by anyone he touched. My thoughts and prayers are with Terry, Thomas, Kaitlyn and Justin. With all of our family and all the many friends he had, who also feel the intense pain of this unnecessary loss. All of our lives are more full having known Tommy. We will miss him and all that he added to our lives. We should all continue to live our lives as fully as possible, knowing that he is still with us and that he would want nothing less from those he loved so dearly.

    Mary Strada Tabrum, Cousin
  • I first met Tom in 1979 when I started caddying at Meadowbrook. I have fond memerioes of many nights out at Roosevelt and many spirited golf matches over the years. He was one of the funniest people I have ever met, the kind of person you just wanted to be around. We lost touch over the years and then he joined Cantor. I was working on the 10yr desk and I used to look foward to his visits to the zero desk as our desk was right next to zeros. Tom was the best storyteller I have ever met and whenever he was on the zero desk you knew you were in for a good one. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and children.

    John H., friend, co-worker
  • Although Susan and I didn’t have the pleasure to meet Tom, Craig met him on several occasions involving sports that Scoop and Tom would be at together. Scoop always said wonderful things about Tom and what a good kid he was. I remember Scoop came home from work and said what a great day Tom had the day you had the baby. He said he had one of the best days he ever had in business and then your phone call to say you were going to the hospital and he called his brother, I believe because he was afraid he wouldn’t get there in time. I hope you guys are getting by the best you can and even though we never met if there is ever anything we can do let me know. There is a tribute page for Scoop. I don’t know if you know his real name. It’s William Esposito. Hang in there.

    The Esposito family, Scoop's family
  • Words cannot express the pain and sorrow I have seen in the eyes of Tommy’s family. Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of meeting Tommy. Yet, through memories and stories of love and laughter I have learned what an amazing individual Tommy was. It is very rare to see this kind of love and respect for anyone. This just goes to show how truly special Tommy was to so many people. I lost my sister seven years ago in an accident. I am hopeful that it is true that when our loved ones leaves us, they go to a better place. It warms my heart knowing someone as wonderful as Tommy is sitting next to my sister Tracey waiting to welcome us to heaven when that day comes. It breaks my heart when I think of Terry, Tommy, Kaitlyn, and Justin having to live everyday without Tommy’s affection and laughter that I have heard so much about. I have never seen a woman as strong as Terry and know the children will always have Tommy in their lives through wonderful memories that can not be taken away. I know each day without Tommy does not make the tear in his friends and families hearts any less painful. I pray that each day your hearts feel a little stronger and a memory of Tommy brings a smile to your face.

    Amy Rumick, Mikey's friend
  • I cut Toms’ hair for seven years, throughout becoming a friend. I felt as though I knew Terry, TJ, Kattie and Justin, the topic of conversation during his hair cuts. Vacations at Disney and birthday parties were among his favorites. He was a big kid at heart and always a gentleman. I will miss him dearly.

    Sincerely, in my thoughts and prayers,

    Jeannine Martinelli
    Je’Litique Hair Designs

    Jeannine Martinelli, Hair Designer
  • Terry,

    It has been awhile since we have talked, I still owe you a package for the kids i had trouble getting your new address please contact me so i can send it to you.. I pray for both our Tommy’s each and every day, and for you and the family. It has been almost four years and I still can’t believe it. It would be great to talk to you again I really feel horrible about the package I still have, the football and toys for the kids I hope you contact me about it. I know our Tom’s loved each other and are together. I will continue to pray and think of you all every day. I had a son named JT Jason Thomas we call him JT.. He will be one soon. I miss talking to you . God Bless and Love to you

    Kathy Cahill Psirogianes, Tommy Cahill's sister
  • Thomas – It’s almost 4 years now since you were taken from us so horribly… but it still feels like yesterday to me. There is not a day that goes by that you are not in our thoughts or come up in a conversation or memory. There is a huge void in our family that will never be filled. We will never be the same. We miss your face. We miss your smile. We miss your funny stories and animated antics that used to bring us to tears with laughter. Your laughter was contagious. I miss you coming out to moms on Sundays to watch the games and all of us around the table eating roast beef heroes. I miss hearing the shouts of joy and disappointment coming from the basement as you and Mikey would watch Football that you had bet on. I miss you at family functions, especially weddings. Quite simply…nothing is the same without you..or ever will be. I will miss you forever. All of my love, your sister Jenna.

    Jennifer Strada, sister
  • They say, “Time heals all wounds.” I believed that once. But with the passing of 5 years and the anniversary looming large, the wound is just as fresh and far from healed. My eyes still sting when they well-up with tears, my throat still hurts when I try to hold back the sobs, and my heart still aches deep down inside over the loss of you, my brother. Life hasn’t been and will never be the same without you in our lives, Tommy. I reminisce about our years growing up at Mom & Dad’s, and later as adults, the times we shared at our own respective homes. What I miss the most, like everyone else, is your magnetic presence at family gatherings. Your absence has now made the moments we celebrate together bittersweet. It’s hard to describe the quiet sadness that comes from the realization of knowing you won’t be walking through the door to join us. You gave so freely the gift of laughter and we will always be thankful for that. I am equally thankful that I was lucky enough to have had you as my younger brother. Watching you become such a wonderful man who created a life filled with everything good for his family, was a pleasure to see. So, in my own way, I talk to you often and hope that you hear me. I pray for you to be at peace. And, I hold onto the belief that we will see one another again. Until then, your spirit remains ever so alive in my heart. I love you forever and miss you always. They say, “Time heals all wounds” . . . I don’t believe that anymore. Your sister, Susan.

    Susan Strada-Cronin, Sister
  • Ten years, a decade, a block of time that has moved slowly for our family and all the surviving family members of those who were lost on September 11th. We still weep as a family over the loss of you, our brother, Tommy. We still weep as a nation over the loss of future contributions that would have been made by the thousands who perished on that horrible day. Your passing came much too soon. In that fateful moment, your life was rich with the gifts that everyone dreams of – true love, beautiful children, financial success, personal fulfillment, family & friends who adored you. Thankfully, you knew how to completely enjoy those blessings. It was evident in your embrace, in your smile, in your spirit and in your generosity. I miss each one of those things and so much more about you still. Your love for life touched our family in very unforgettable ways. We have not yet let you go – you remain ever present. Guide us in the healing process because our hearts still hurt. But we keep your spirit alive and honor the life you lived. Ten years, a decade. There is no specific amount of time that will ever diminish the loss we continue to endure. We loved you then, we love you now, and we will love you forever. May peace keep you and hold you in its arms. Always your sister, Susan

    Susan Strada Cronin, Tom's Sister
  • Stratts, Today marks the tenth year you were taken away from your family and friends in such a tragic way. Rest assured you have been forever in my thoughts.I along with my son Brian often think of the great times spent together and the ski trips we would take along with another great friend Tommy Cahill.You were “ONE VERY SPECIAL MAN”. Rest in Peace. Your Freind Frenchy (Ralph Vitagliano)

    Ralph Vitagliano, Friend/Co-worker

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