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  Robert R Talhami

Date of Birth: May 17, 1961
Position: Bond Trader

Weep not for me now that I have passed. Remember the laughter, the affection, the joy not just the recent tears. Cherish the memories, our hopes and dreams. Hold fast to the love that we shared. Be happy with the time we spent together and being anew. For I am not really gone, I am closer than ever before. As the morning sun rises and throughout the busy day….. I am with you. Until the setting sun disappears on the horizon and we watch the day turn into night…. I am here. You may feel a faint breeze stir around your head, while you slumber as I gently kiss your forehead, “Good night.” The stars that shine so brightly in my heavenly sky help me watch over you and keep you from harm. I am the wind in the trees and the song of a bird. I am moonbeams in a midnight sky and a glorious rainbow after the storm. I am morning dew and freshly-fallen snow. I am a butterfly flying overhead and a puppy happily at play. I am a smile on a stranger’s face, a gentle touch, a warm embrace. Listen to the wind for my message of love. Watch the sun rise and set in the sky with me. Feel my essence encircle you with warm memories. Open your heart to know…. I am not gone. Reach deep into your soul….. You will find me. I am here. Have no fear. I am with you, Always.

We Love You Rob…………

Mary Beth Talhami, Sister-in-Law
  • never have i met someone with as much spirit and joie de vivre as robert , a true joker and a great pal , will be missed for every day that passes and certainly never forgotten .thoughts go out to his family , so long robert .

    karl curran, friend
  • This Christmas is a real hard one to all of us. we are missing you so much, you were not near in distance but you have always been so close to our hearts especially me. you have been there for me in my wedding, you crossed miles just to be close, all i knew about you is a great person, who loves everyone around and this is how you will always be in our hearts i will never forget a person so rare, a kind hearted human being whom i wished always to be near. i will save all my tears and just say Robert we will never forget you, you are here with us always and i still see your smile. may God give you peace and rest. life is always short but you left just the footprints that we are proud to have a fine relative like you in our lives.
    Robert….. we love you…
    Diana Talhami

    Diana Talhami, cousin
  • Rob took our line working still in London in fx options. He had such a sunny temper and was unbelievably nice to hang out with, always had something positive up his sleeve. My thought sgo to his young family and to you Rob, may god bless you.

    Hans Witting, Client
  • Robert,
    One thing I will always remember is your cherished smile. You were able to bring fun and joy at any accasion. At L’Osteria back in Tokio, you loved Turbot, Scampi grilled and good wines. It will be difficult to forget you. Good bless you,

    Loris Amistà, Friend
  • Although I only met you once and spent just one night in your company, I remember you well and the way you had me laughing at your smart alec remarks and hilarious antics.

    So sorry to see you go, but I know you’re watching and that your smile and sense of humor are alive as ever.

    My heartfelt prayers and sympathy go to all your family.


    steven fierro

    steven fierro, friend
  • To all the family members who lost Robert, I just want to say that you are in my prayers. I did not know Robert, I only know that he is surely resting with God and looking down on his wonderful family and wanting everyone to smile, for he is at peace. My love goes out to Mary Beth, her husband, George, their family and especially to Robert’s family. Thank you for letting me share.


    Carol, Mark and Hans Henriksen.

    Carol Henriksen, Cousin by marriage to Mary Beth Talhami
  • I met Rob at our engagement party back in ’98 and thought ‘wow’ this guy is like a walking ray of sunshine, and that is exactly how Craig and I will remember him. We were fortunate to meet Dede and Noah on several occassions but didn’t get the chance to meet Jake. We remember Rob often and miss our buddy. Our love and fondest thoughts are with Robs family. May you always be wrapped up in love and hope and, know that Rob will never be forgotten. Ysobel and Craig Peters.

    Ysobel and Craig Peters, Friend
  • I was thinking of Rob today as it has been almost 6 years to the day of the tragedy.

    I got to know Rob while I was in Tokyo in the early ’90s and he was fantastic host to me for my few months there…picked me up in his car, blasting Guns and Roses from the Stereo, cruising around Tokyo and having a great time. Moreover I found him to be a incredibly generous guy, quick with a smile and laugh.

    I just wanted his family to know that even 6 years later I remember him very him very much, and though my time with Rob was a fairly short one it was a memorable and fulfilling one.

    God bless,

    J.D. Cronin

    J.D. Cronin, Business Acquaintance /Friend
  • Robert, as we approach the 10 year anniversary, you are on my mind more than usual. I worry about your mom, who has naturally never been able to reconcile losing you when this time of year comes up. I know you know your brother George, along with his wonderful wife and kids, has done everything to lighten her load, even as he was and has been crushed himself at your loss. Your bro really rose to the challenge, became Superman himself and has literally stopped at nothing to set her up in a beautiful apartment, make sure she is well taken care of, takes care of her health, gets out and has great holidays,etc… in addition to he and his wife’s consistant attention to the little things every single day (I’m quite sure you’d have a lot to say about how he looks in a cape). He’s a great man. I know you’re proud of him and grateful to he and Mary Beth for all they have done to make the light that was lost when you were taken from us, shine a little again.

    I lived on 19th Street and was outside watching everyone walk up Park Avenue, increasingly dazed and covered with ash that morning. You had so recently moved, we hadn’t even had a chance to connect. 9/11 will always be not just a day but an experience and period of months thatutterly pierced my being. The fact that you were there shifted that even deeper than I have the words to explain. I’m doing what I can to make your mom know she’s loved. Janelle is living in IL so she can be there and do even more. We miss you.

    Rochelle Joseph, cousin

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