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  Anthony Tempesta

Date of Birth: June 13, 1963
Position: Broker, Swaps Desk

Anthony Tempesta, was my first love, my husband, my music man. He brought laughter, joy and confidence into my life and gave me the greatest gift of all, our two children. Matthew, his pal, is an extension of Anthony. Amanda, his little girl, his princess; both his pride and joy. On the morning of September 11, at 7:45am, Anthony called his daughter Amanda to wish her a Happy 7th Birthday, before she would go to school, which she was very happy about. Anthony was a loving father, dedicated son, wonderful brother, and a loyal friend. He took his friendships very seriously and truly loved his friends. I know how much they truly miss him.
Anthony had a passion for music and was an accomplished bass guitarist, he played in various bands with great joy. Most chores or activities, whether inside or outside the house, were accompanied by music, the only exception being watching football games, especially when his beloved Jets played. Anthony was also a Yankees fan, a Tempesta tradition.
His zest for life was contagious, he was the bright light in every party. Anthony had a wonderful sense of humor, he would concoct silly nicknames and hysterically funny sayings. He had a gift of listening and made you feel important. Anthony touched many lives, with his smile, humor, warmth, kindness, his love of music and family. He knew how to enjoy life and have fun. He loved the sun, nature, and people. In all Anthony was a happy person, he was happy with himself and happy with his family that he loved.
I am honored to have been a part of his life, and to have him as a part of mine.
I will never forget his wonderful, loving smile. I will love him and miss him forever, and as the title of our wedding song by The Allman Brothers Band says “Need Your Love So Bad”.

Ana Tempesta, Wife
  • I worked with Anthony At R.M.J. for years. He was truly one of the nice guys. About twenty-five years ago my sister Lenora was in the Staten Island beauty pageant. Anthony was her chaperone. The photo still hangs in our den. It’s funny how people touch our lives. My prayers are with Anthony’s family….

    Michele Chirco, Co-worker
  • I had the pleasure of being entertained by you in your “No Request” band several times at the annual “Sarletude” Summer Soiree in Fire Island.

    You were an all around nice guy who went out of your way to get know your audience. I will always remember you as a friendly guy who had a talent for playing “The Brothers”. You will be missed.

    Maybe you can get my buddy Paul Sarle to join your band in heaven. I’ll be listening.

    To Anthony’s family… my heart goes out to you. May God hold you all in the palm of his hand. God Bless.

    Kathy Malecka, Friend of The Sarle Brothers
  • September 11th will be a day I will never forget. I remember getting up that morning very excited to celebrate my birthday. My dad use to leave to work very early, I was still asleep. That morning he called to wish me a “Happy 7th Birthday!” My dad was always so kind he didn’t want to wake me and told me over the phone that he kissed me goodbye before he left to New York. I left to school as usual expecting a fun filled day. My mom would be bringing in cupcakes for my class party. Luckly, I stil hadn’t heard the awful news. I later found out that my mother went in tears to the bakery. Yet, she didn’t want to disappoint me. My class party still went on. It was after school that I heard about the World Trade Center. I prayed with my grandmother that my dad would call. I wanted to see him so badly. My dad was a funny person who had so many friends. He was always there for me. My dad loved music, I always loved listening to his band. He taught me alot about music. He always told me to try my best. I can’t bring him back but what I want to do is make him proud of me. He’ll always be in my heart. I still go to bed everynight holding his favorite stuffed animal. I always remember our times together. I was lucky to have such a special father. I wish he was back with me. I would like to thank one very special person who is so strong. A person one day, I hope to be like. This special person is my mom. She still cries and suffers, yet is always putting my brother and I first. I am blessed to have such a great mom. I know my dad is watching us and taking care of us. Dad, I’ll Love you forever and I will always wonder why this had to happen to you.
    Amanda Tempesta   
          Amanda Tempesta (Elizabeth, NJ )
    September 10, 2003

    Amanda Tempesta, daughter
  • I worked with Anthony at RMJ. I always remember respecting his coolness no matter what pressure he was under. I left brokerage in 1999, I happened to be on the BQE and saw the second plane hit the tower. My thoughts turned to my friends all of whom had been such an important and happy part of my life. I was deeply saddened to hear about Anthony. We always laughed when we were together and his positive attitude and big smile rubbed off. The night I heard about his passing I dreamed of him he comforted me I’ll never forget what he said, “Not to be sad because there was no pain anymore”. I never had a dream like that before or since. I would like believe he wanted us to know those who were lost are in a better place now.
    God Bless you Anthony
    And all those lost and not to be forgotten.

    Joe Doodian, Co-Worker
  • Reading these tributes I am amazed at the wonderful people who worked at Cantor and feel truly humbled. I don’t know that you could ever find a message more profoundly moving than Amanda’s to her Dad. Dear Amanda, one day you will meet your Daddy in Heaven. Trust in God and one day He will reveal all. God bless.

    Richard, Stranger

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