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  Walter Travers

Date of Birth: May 5, 1957
Position: Bond Broker, Vice President

Wally was the best friend, husband and father that anyone could have asked for. His whole life was centered around his family and our lives were centered around him. He was full of life, always happy, generous and kind. He really enriched everyone else around him. He was a diehard Yankee and Giants fan and lived to see all the games. We are lucky to have such wonderful memories of Wally and had more happiness because of Wally than most people get in a lifetime.

Rosemary Travers, Wife
  • I really do not know where to start this tribute to Wally. He was a very jovial man, who lived life to the fullest. We worked together in mortgage backed for 3 years. Wally was always friendly, outgoing and a warm human being. My heart goes out to his family and I wish them all the best. Wally will be missed and he will always be in my prayers.

    Jon Werz, Former Co-Worker
  • I worked with Walter (“Wally”) for about 3 years @ Cantor. Boy, did I get a kick out of him & enjoy his wonderful, fun, caring personality. He was such a good man/friend. He is missed….

    Jerry Byrne, Former Co-Worker
  • Where do I begin about a person who had so many special qualities?
    Wally was caring, sensitive, compassionate and had the best sense of humor.
    Wally lived each day to the fullest, touching so many lives. He married the love
    of his life, Rosemary, and had 3 wonderful children: Kevin, Brian and Elyse.
    Wally cherished every moment with his friends and most of all, his family.
    I have such wonderful memories of Wally and they will stay with me forever.
    Wherever he is right now, he’s making sure that his whole family will be fine and
    that everything will be o.k. I was and always will be proud to be
    “Wally Travers’ sister”. I miss him so much and will love him always!!

    Terry Travers, Sister
  • I sat right behind Wally for a year and a half on the mortgage desk at Cantor. He was the kind of guy you just wanted to be around because you knew something funny was coming soon. When we had groups of visitors come by the desk, no matter how quiet it was he would stand up and yell something like-“20 bid to the rock !!” or “flower offer at 17!!”-complete jibberish but the visitors didn’t know that and they would stare at Wally, thinking he was some master of the universe while we laughed and laughed… On his 40th birthday his traders made markets of 40mm up all over the screen-surely a sign of respect for him.
    May God bless Wally and his family-he will be missed !!

    Robert Blau, Co-worker
  • I worked with Wally during the mid to late 80’s. He was such a great guy. Always funny, caring, and considerate. He helped make our group at work such a great group to work with. Others from that group were also lost with Wally on Sept. 11th; but the great memories will always remain.
    Whether it was during work, or after work; Wally was always looking out for others. Making sure people were doing OK, having fun, and had a way home. He was respectful of others and a pleasure to be around.
    I feel terrible for his wife Rosemary, and their loving family.

    Karen Jones Rooney, Former co worker
  • Wally was the epitome of fun and laughter. Our memories of him are always ones with smiles on our faces and having nothing but pure fun! We knew Wally and Roe since day one in Upper Saddle River and his presence is missed every day of our lives. The memories of him and the times that we shared will always be with us. His family and friends were the center of his life. A more loving husband and father you could never find. We are so grateful to have known him and are thankful to have his devoted family in our lives. Every time we spend with Roe, Kevin, Brian and Elyse will always remind us of Wally and the great times we shared together. We miss you “HAT” (a name we fondly referred to him as)and will forever hold you in our hearts.

    Maurie and Sue Curran, Friends
  • Wally was a bright light in my life and I will miss him forever. I will remember all the wonderful times we had together, with Wally at the helm, always so pleasant and good to be with. I loved him very much.

    Virginia Begley, Mother-In-Law
  • Wally –
    You were a precious gift to our family and we were all better off for having known you. I think of you often and miss you. You were loved by many and made people feel special. You lived a great life. That is evident in the special gifts you left for us … Kevin , Brian and Elyse.

    Colleen Begley, sister-in-law
  • Wally’s capacity for life was only exceeded by his capacity for love. His wife and children adored him and he was a light and beacon of hope and humour to his family and friends. His loss is excruciating and has left a deep wound on the family. The only comfort is in knowing his legacy will live on through his wonderful and devoted children. May they honor his memory with their lives and dreams.

    Cathy Fisher, niece
  • My personal tribute to Wally is to live each day a little more like he did. He was always a pleasure to be around, Wally’s capacity to spread happiness and joy was a gift.
    His love and dedication to his wife Rosemary,and his children Kevin, Brian and Elyse was unsurpassed!
    His spirit will live forever in the hearts of all those that loved him………….

    Theresa Sosa, Sister-in-law
  • A beautiful life that came to an end,
    he died as he lived,
    everyone’s friend.
    In our hearts a memory will always be kept,
    of one we loved and will never forget.

    Author Unknown

    Christine Begley, Sister-In-Law
  • I started as a business associate of Wally’s 15 years ago. During that time we became friends. In my opinion Wally had a special gift. He had the ability to brighten up a room. He was a gregarious man who was a devoted family man and tried to get the most out of life. I don’t remember seeing him without a big smile on his face. When those buildings were hit I remember saying “Oh my God, Wally is in there.” You were a good man and a good friend and I think the world lost a good man. May God bless you and your family.

    Pete Marro, Friend
  • Wally,
    I feel blessed to have known and loved you and grateful for all the happy times we shared. You were a wonderful brother-in-law and uncle to the children. I hope you knew how special you were to all of us. We will forever be a little lost without you. Patty

    Patty Cuddy, sister-in-law
  • Wally,
    You were always ready! You were a terrific man, always smiling, taking care of those around you, making sure everyone was happy. You were always positive in your remarks about those you cared about, including my kids, especially Timmy. Anytime we had a party, I knew you would welcome the “relatives” as your own. Roe, Kevin, Brian and Elyse are your legacy. I was blessed to have known you, and be a part of you life. With love, thank you.

    Liz Koch, friend
  • Each word that I write about my son Wally, is drowned out by my tears. He was the love of my life, and the greatest husband and father.
    He loved life, and everyone loved him.

    Memories of his childhood break my heart.
    Only a mother has these moments to remember,
    from the first step he took, until his wedding day.

    He was my baby. I will never hear his voice on the
    phone to tell me he loves me, or put his arms around me and call me “Shorty”.

    Every moment of my life will bring me some memory of Wally.

    I love you Son.


    Anne Travers, Mother
  • I want to thank my Nana & Grandpa for giving us the gift of Wally. The way he lived his life, is a testament to his upbringing.

    When you walked in a room, you knew Wally was there. He made you feel welcomed, made you laugh, and most important of all, made you feel loved.

    My love of football came from Wally.
    I can still hear him cheer “Yeahhhhh”

    I also want to thank Rosemary, Kevin, Brian & Elyse for making Wally’s life complete, filled with Love, Joy & Happiness.

    You’ll always be my “Baby Uncle”
    I Love & Miss you Wal!!


    Suzanne O'Gara Herbert, Niece
  • Wally had a wonderful capacity for life. He lived each day to the fullest giving everyone around him much joy and love. Wally was a special gift to our family. A loving husband, father and friend. It is a comfort in knowing his legacy will live on through his beautiful family. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Vickie Gallucci, Cousin
  • Wally sat next to my “husband”, Coach (John Sbarbaro) who enjoyed working with him very much. I would talk to Wally often while Coach was having a cigarette even though Wally would never tell me he was smoking. We would sit and talk about vacations, his family, what’s for dinner-especially my beef with broccoli (made with filet mignon) and how I spoiled Coach. I will miss the times we went for drinks after work or dinner with him and Ro. He would always make me laugh and smile. I will miss seing Wally walking over the bridge, saying “good morning or good night” and either one of us asking “if Coach was in already or if he was leaving?” He will always be in my prayers and I will always miss him.

    Judy Monteserrato, Friend
  • It is amazing how so many people felt the same way about Wally. That just goes to show he was undoubtedly, the man of honor, integrity, devotion and committment that everyone knew him to be. His sense of humor and how he viewed life was priceless. I am extremely grateful to have shared so many wonderful memories with Wally and to have had him as my friend for 19 years. He will always be a treasured gift and an eternal blessing in my life. Wally possessed so many qualities that made him unique, but the most outstanding is the unconditonal love he had for his family and friends. I will forever hold Wally in my heart and recall the way we ended every conversation by saying, “I love you pal.”

    Donna Hauptman, Friend
  • I met Wally when I started at Cantor in October of 1998. He made every day I worked with him fun and entertaining. His boisterous voice could be heard down the hall and was always followed by minutes of laughter. Everyone loved him at work and I’m sure that it was multiplied by a thousand at home. He talked all the time about his kids and wife and how much he loved spending time with them. My prayers are with you. God bless you Wally.

    Brendan O'Brien, friend/co-worker
  • Wally,
    I remember the day I read your name in a Florida newspaper and wondered if it was you. When I found out it was, I was flooded with many wonderful memories of St. John’s, the Bronx, and hanging out with you and all our other friends. You were the funniest guy in class and out! You always had us laughing…you simply possessed a unique sense of humor! You will always be the “Leapin’ T” to all your childhood friends. It is a testament to your family that you grew up to be a loving, caring husband, son, brother, and friend to all who knew you. You will always be in our hearts Wally.

    Gina Perez McClenning, St. John's 1971 School Mate
  • From little league baeball (V.F.W.) to sandlot football (The Spartans) to sharing stories as dads. In a word Wally, consistant, man were you consistant. Whenever I pray for my fallen brother firefighters I end my prayer with “and Wally too, God”
    Keep the cooler full, Gator.
    Kevin O

    Kevin O'Neill, friend
  • Wally,

    I really enjoyed the two years we spent together on the Mortgage Desk. You embraced me immediately and showed me the direction from the start. Your sense of humor, attitude and work ethic will be missed deeply. You were “Da Man” at Cantor and still is “Da Man” in my eyes. My condolences go out to your family and may god bless you.


    Drederick Irving, Co-worker
  • To my “baby” brother, Wally,
    I was sixteen when Wally was born and my memories go way back to when he was just a little boy. He filled our home with love and laughter, from his huge feet to his huge heart.

    Even though he had three older sisters to “mother” him, he turned out to be very, very special. Kind and very soft-hearted, he won over everyone he knew.

    He had a wonderful imagination as a little guy which never left him. He turned every day into an adventure. He and his dad, Walter Sr., role-played so much, you never knew who they were from day to day.

    Wally was a joy to be around. Always happy!! But I never saw him happier than the day he introduced us to his beautiful Rosemary, then the day they married, and the day each of their three wonderful children, Kevin, Brian, and Elyse, were born. They meant everything to him.

    Thank you, brother, for leaving a beautiful legacy of love and laughter that NO ONE can ever take from us.

    Pat Travers O'Gara, Sister
  • Wally was a fun loving person both in and out of work. Wally like his partner John would invite me out for drinks on occasions. We had many laugh all of us. At work you could hear Wally’s big voice from down the hall. Wally would make the a little easier to bear when things just weren’t going right that day. I miss Wally’s sense of humor. But most of all I just miss being around. Wally spoke very highly of his children. He was a good co-worker and I know he was a family man. Until me meet again Wally. I express my deepest sympathy for your family. Happy Easter my friend. I know you are in a much better and happier place than we are all here on Earth.

    vinny, co-worker/friend



  • My father, Ron Orsini, worked with Wally. Wally and Rosemary were at my wedding in 1996. I just remember Wally being such a happy guy. Maybe that’s why he got along so well with my dad. Anyway, I am truly sorry for your family’s loss. May your memories of Wally bring smiles to your faces. I miss my dad too.

    Love and peace,
    Danielle Pandolfi

    Danielle Pandolfi, friend
  • I was a lifelong friend of Wally’s from the Bronx & through the years we would get together after work for dinner or a ballgame and it always seemed to be a night to remember.Sometime around 1997, we were having a “quiet” dinner at Smith & Wolensky’s when Wally suddenly stood up and in his booming, operatic voice, started singing “God Bless America”.The rest of his Cantor-Fitz co-workers quickly joined in and before you knew it, most of the restaurant had joined the chorus. It ended just as quickly in laughter & applause and once again, Wally was the life of the party.

    Jim O'Neill, Friend
  • I did not know Wally but share DuBois, with him. I came from Inwood and graduated in 71. They just posted the notice on the DuBois web site about Wally. I will pray for Wally and his family particularly his wife, kids and mother. My brother Tommy Dowd worked at Cantor and was also killed on 9/11. I imagine the Inwood and Kingsbridge boys are together looking out for all of us.

    Ray Dowd, DuBois Alum
  • Dearest Wally,
    It is now three years and for all of us you leave behind, the pain and sadness will never go away. We love you and miss you more and more each day.

    I know you would be so proud of Rosemary and the kids for all their strength and courage during the most difficult and horrendous time of their lives. Every moment they shared with you will remain in their hearts forever. No one will ever know their pain.

    Mom, now 87, is an extraordinary woman who is riddled with grief. All of Mom’s memories of you are filled with love and joy that only a mother would know.

    We will never know why such a terrible tragedy had to happen, but can only hope that you are in a better place with no pain and sorrow. My heart is broken and I’ll never be the same without you. I was blessed to have had you in my life and will be forever grateful to you for all your loving and caring ways. You will always be my hero and will never be forgotten. God bless you Wally!

    I miss you and love so much, Terry

    Terry Travers, Sister

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