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  Michael A Uliano

Date of Birth: September 2, 1959
Position: Options Broker

Michael Uliano was my beloved husband and best friend. He was the best “daddy” to our cat Crevice. He adored him and Crevice felt the same about him. It was easy to love Michael. He was a kind and caring man and a good friend. He worked with his best friend Vinny Abate (they had a very special bond), so it was fitting that they died together, along with Vinny’s brother Andrew. Michael loved the outdoors and respected the environment. He enjoyed hunting (bow and arrow), and had a deep passion for fly-fishing, so much that he designed beautiful fly-fishing lures which he wanted to market. He has a website, artie-fishhills.com, where you will learn more about my amazing husband and his dream. Michael was so intelligent, so passionate, so funny (a born entertainer), so special. I love Michael Uliano and I’d like you to love him, he is my hero.

Linda Buffa, Wife
  • Mike, it was an honor to know you . You were a pleasure each and every time we met. You were such a kind, gentle person ….always warm. A rarity in our currency options market. God bless you and your family .

    Bappa Maitra, Friend
  • I didn’t know Michael, simply, I am just a runner. On October 6, 2001 I ran the St.George Marathon in Utah.
    I had the opportunity to run in memory of a victim from September 11. I was given a flag sticker which had the name Michael Uliano printed on it.
    Throughout those 26 miles I kept this man, whom I’d never met in my thoughts. It was an honor to run in memory of Michael.
    To his family; I am sorry for your loss and you are in my prayers.

    Annalisa Catmull, friend
  • Uli was what I use to call him and he was a very intellegent man was very funny he use to make the whole desk laugh everyday that was the way we all got our work done and believe me it was alot of it. My son Nestor was the one who had trained Mike when he came to FxOptions desk from forward spot desk, Mike once said to me you have done a great job with your son I admire him because he has taken time to teach me and he doesn’t mind. I said to him Uli, Nestor speak highly of you too and also admire you and he just smile. Uli loved his wife very much and always spoke about her and also about his cat which he use to tell us that when he calls home the cat would answer the telephone and we all just laugh about that. I remember one day this year Uli receive a call that his wife was very sick and was taken to the hospital Uli starting screaming and crying and ran out of the desk and my director Tim Soulas went looking for him and brought him back to the desk after an hour and we were busy but Tim felt he needed to talk to him privately just to calm him down. Then all the broker came up to Mike and gave him a hug and they all talk to him saying we are all here for you if you need us. I know he is in a better place with my son Nestor and all the guys. My love and prayers are with his wife and family.

    with much love and until we meet again
    Alica LeGuillow – co-worker and friend

    Alicia LeGuillow, Administrator - co-worker
  • What can I say? Uli was just a great guy. Funny, entertaining & a great friend. I spent the last weekend with him before 9/11. We were in Vinnie Abate’s shore house in Manasquan having a great time. My wife made homemade Italian sauce that day & we were singing tunes at night, looking at the stars & taking in the large waves that Sunday. Uli very much adored my son Giacomo & the two of them were having a great time. Very intelligent guy that ranted & raved about the next great investment, fuel cells. Anyhow, I have picked out my own star for Uli & it sits right above my house. God bless him. I love you Mikie!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joseph Curreri, Good Friend
  • Michael, you are soaring with the angels. Keep us all under your watchful eye. We will be seeing you always, in the sea, the sky, the smile of a small child. You my be physically gone Mike, but your engery, wit, and passion will be with us forever. I will keep your memory alive for future generations with stories of fishing, digging clams, intense conversation about family, love, fuel cells. Uunitl we meet again.
    Your loving sister, Marianne

    Marianne Krueger, Sister
  • Dear Michael,
    From the time you were a little boy till I see the recent pictures of you, it brings back all the memories I have of your father, my brother Michael. Your good looks & charm are the same.
    Due to circumstances, I’m sorry I lost out on the oppurtunity to know you personally when you grew up.
    Through your father’s efforts, he always kept me abreast of your doings & sent me pictures & clippings of your life in High School, which we were all proud of you & your brothers playing football.
    Your father loved you deeply, so now the two of you are with each other. As he always sang & I understand you also loved to, you now will sing with him.
    Your siblings will be a little lighter knowing you are together.
    May the Angels be with you always.
    We the Uliano Family love you & will miss you.
    Your Aunt, Gloria Uliano Bailey

    Gloria Uliano Bailey, Aunt
  • Cousin Michael,
    I’m so sorry that you have been taken so quickly from your beautiful wife and our family, but I guess God needed you more up there in heaven. But is nice to know that you are with your father now and my dad, Uncle Fly and the rest of the Uliano family that has left us so young. I bet you’re having a ball of a time with those guys, I can just picture it, you guys singing songs of Dean Martin, making a big pot of sauce and of course fighting over who makes it the best. Michael, you were so very talented in everything you did and I’m proud to have had you as my cousin and now to have you as our special angel watching over us.
    Love you forever.

    Cheryl Uliano, Cousin
  • To My Cousin Michael
    I wish I could have gotten the chance to know you better, but all the wonderful stories I heard about you makes me feel like I knew you. It makes me sad to know how you left us, but I feel better knowing you’re with your dad and my father, your uncle (Tony) so I’m sure you’re all up there having a great time together. I’m very thankful to have the chance to spend time with your brothers and sisters who miss you and love you very much.

    You’ll always be in our prayers,
    Chhristine & Family

    Christine Fruci, Cousin
  • Dearest Michael,
    The writer Flavia said it best:
    Some people come into our lives and
    quickly go…..
    Some people stay awhile and leave their
    footprints on our hearts,
    And we are never, ever the same.
    To have known you is to love you.
    Jody Amaitis

    Jody Amaitis, Friend
  • Seeing Mike’s picture (with a lot less hair) really brought back some memories. Michael did a postgraduate year at Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. We both graduated with the class of ’79. Mike was co-captain of the wrestling team with my twin brother, Chris. We both wrote E-mails to Cushing when we found out he had passed. I hope his wife, Linda received them.

    Mike was an incredibly active, happy, and driven person for someone his age back then. Whenever he put his mind to anything, (acting, wrestling, football) he succeeded. Cushing is a small community, and everyone there in 1979 will never forget Michael’s spirit, enthusiasm, wit and work ethic. He was a rare person, indeed. Lately, there have been many mornings as I head out for my morning jog, when I think of Michael and his seemingly boundless energy. I always make a little promise to myself that I will try to live the rest of that day to its fullest, as I know he would have.

    -Rob Ingram, Cushing Academy Class of ’79

    Rob Ingram, Classmate
  • Mikey was my train companion back and forth to work, my protector when we were out late night. The sense of humor on the FX options desk and just a great pal to have around. Me, my husband and children (who know him as the crazy fisherman) do miss him more than words can say. I hope you are making your flies in a greater place…….
    Love Rachel

    Rachel Hatton, Co-worker and friend

  • I remember Michael from his days at Canton High School. He was very popular and you could always see him smiling. He really seemed to enjoy life. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and his family during this very difficult week. Michael will be remembered with love.

    Kathy O'Brien, High School Classmate


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