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  Jonathan Uman

Date of Birth: February 4, 1968
Department: Corporate Development
Position: Managing Director

Not often angry and very seldom sad Jonathan was the true glass is half full optimist. With his crazy head of hair and eternal gleam in his eye he enveloped you in warmth and made you feel really special. Johnny was able to change gears so easily from work to home life and back again. Nothing pleased him more than being with people he loved, a good drop of red, a thick grilled steak with Luger’s sauce, great music in the background and a late night stogie. Alex and Anna his two special babies meant the world to him. He cried when they both entered the world and tended to them whenever he was home. He loved to bathe, diaper and play with them. He shared many of their firsts and delighted in their existence. Never once did he take their lives for granted. They are a true blessing and he understood that. He loved Shakespeare, playing in his band, Sunday hoops with his buddies, a good game of poker, a trip to Vegas. He loved his job and the exciting opportunities it offered him. He loved life. So accomplished at only 33. We are so proud of him. Sundays with Jonathan were always special. The day started with a killer plate of scrambled eggs, music blaring through the house, the Times scattered everywhere. He would laugh while trying to read the paper, listening to Alex chatter and Anna scream with colic. Life is good he would say. How good it was.
We love you Jonathan, we miss you every minute of the day and we are so sorry that this awful, awful thing happened to you.
Love and kisses, your little family,

Julie, Alexander Thomas and Anna Isabelle, Team Uman
  • Dear Daddy- I want you to come down from heaven and I want to come on a rocket ship and tell the driver to come to heaven and to pick you up to go to our house. I want you to really come down. Really come down cause I want you. I want you to come down so I can play with you with Skarloey. I love you and I love you lots and lots that is all I want to say. Anna wants to play with you too Daddy. I love you, Alex

    Alexander Thomas Uman, Nearly 4 Year Old Son
  • To My Son , Jonathan

    You came from deep within my being 33 years ago.
    You were and are my Gift from God and truly taught me unconditional love.
    You inspired me to be a good mother-to nurture you- to guide you-to-encourage you-to stand by you-to applaud you- and to respect you.
    We shared a special connection. I smile when I think of all the amazing things you did and cherish our relationship.
    You had an incredible spirit, confidence, and possessed an aura of sunshine. Everything you touched turned to gold. You made all of your dreams a reality.
    My loving son, you are forever in my heart. I adore and miss you. Jonathan, you will always be a part of me. I love you.

    Susan Blomberg, Mother
  • My Dearest Son, Jonathan,
    I love you and am so proud of you for the joy that you brought to all of those whose lives you touched. You were their hero, you were and are my hero. Your love of life, your sense of adventure, your spirit- will always be with me.
    From the time you were a little boy we shared the laughter, the late night talks, the garage full of grapefruits, the boxes of unsold calendars. I was honored to be your best man. We have a bond that can never be broken.To you my son, I dedicate this poem:
    Neither flesh of my flesh
    Nor bone of my bone
    But still you are
    My very own
    I will never forget
    For a single minute
    That you’re here in my heart
    And will always live in it.

    Harvey Blomberg, Father
  • Jonathan was my loving brother, my only brother and I sadly miss him.

    We had good times as children, growing up with peace and shielded from the evils of the world. We grew up with hope and dreams of a day when we would make the future a better place. We were children of the 70’s. We played football in helmets and shoulder pads with the kids on the block. We loved to play Star Trek, a TV show that gave us all so much hope for the future. I must remember those days for both my brother’s spirit and for my own. I have found some of those childhood friends who remember those days. Birthday parties and field trips and games we played are the most vivid memories.

    I hope something is learned from this. Something to be passed on to other families scattered across the globe. Learn that we are not here forever. We are given a lease on life, which can end any day. Don’t let ego get in the way of love. The last time I told him I loved him was over seven years ago. I always thought there would be a tomorrow when we would be closer, like we used to dream about.

    Jonathan Uman was an exceptional example of a person with the desire to make a better life for himself and his family. He worked hard, and played hard. No matter what, I know the kid who was the man. I knew the memories, I knew the places, and I knew the people. Jonathan, I know you knew I loved you.

    Your Brother,
    Michael Aric Uman

    Michael Aric Uman, Brother
  • I was Jonathan’s first assistant when he joined Cantor Fitzgerald. Jonathan was a great guy and the BEST boss anyone could ever want to work for. After I left, we would keep in touch by email and even though his schedule was competely hectic, he always found time to answer. His office was always decorated with pictures of his loving family. I will miss him! Julie – you, Alexander and Anna will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Claudine Morales, Ex-Assistant and Friend Forever
  • I had the pleasure of getting to know Jonathan while we worked together at eSpeed. His enthusiasm, curiosity and intellect at work made it easy to become his colleague and his sense of humor, amazing advice and diverse interests made it impossible not to become his friend. I never got to tell him this, but it was after meeting Jonathan that I made my decision to join eSpeed. Whether it was our daily afternoon catch-up on the day’s events or his dating advice on a flight back from a business trip, Jonathan made everything at eSpeed better. I miss him terribly, but will remember him always.

    Amy Nauiokas, Friend and co-worker
  • Jonathan was quite possibly one of the most inspiring people I have met to work with. He was incredibly intelligent, witty, fair, and always surprising. He had an ability to bring out the best in you and to push things professionally to the limits – he was incredibly brave. I suspect this is how he lived his life. Such a great loss to the company, and my thoughts go out to his family – particularly his children. Your Dad is someone you can always be proud of.

    Melissa Jenner, Colleague
  • May God keep you until we all meet again. Thank you for all your love. Our thoughts go out to your family and all our old friends. A tribute to your life force:

    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glint on snow.
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle autumn rain.
    When you wake in the morning hush.

    I am the swift, uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circling flight.
    I am the soft starlight at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and weep.
    I am not there. I do not sleep.

    James and Michele (Edwards) Tarantino, Old Friends
  • Most important to Jonathan was his family: he would talk your ear off about what Jules and the kids were up to. His office was overflowing with pictures: you felt like you were talking Team Uman when meeting at his desk.

    I miss Jonathan a lot. We had a lot in common: a love of the same music, a love of gadgets and a love of cars. I helped him pick out the color of and dealership where he eventually bought his last car. It is rare that one can have such a fluid relationship with one’s boss.

    As a boss, Jonathan was always available and eager to teach. His method was to give one a project and let one flounder around, finding the answer on their own – all the while answering questions with the exuberance of a new university professor, markers flying over white boards! He never failed to amaze with his original thinking; he was a quick study who could instantly add original ideas to an existing business. I learned more about strategic thinking from JU in my nine months at eSpeed then over my previous 5 years in the work force. Still today, as I think of a problem or work on a complicated spreadsheet, it is his thought process I most want to emulate.

    Jonathan was a benevolent ruler. He was the first boss who I counted as a friend and someone for whom I cared deeply. He had real concern about one’s family and never ceased to ask how things were at home.

    Jonathan, it is as a friend that I will miss you most. God speed.

    Rodo, Employee and friend
  • Jon was my friend and I consider myself fortunate to have known him. We met in High School and shared the same stage, both acting and in our band. After losing touch for some time we reconnected via email last summer. I will never forget his smile or positive attitude. I know he will live on in our thoughts and memories. I will honor him by never forgetting.

    Marc S. Vakassian, Friend
  • Do you remember that person who was such a nice guy that you wondered if he could really possibly genuinely BE that nice? Well, he was. And he was Jon. That’s the way I’ll always remember Jonathan Uman; a ready smile, a kind word, a joke that you just didn’t expect at that particular moment. I met Jon in the theatre group of our high school and both acted with him (ironically enough, once in a drama competition titled “Bury the Dead”) and did his stage makeup numerous times. Someone you could always count on to be a shoulder, even years after graduation, after a lot of time and distance.

    I’m honored to have known Jon and am better for it – as are many others. His time with us was too short – but of a quality that many lives will never know. Rest in peace.

    Linda S. Brinen-Stout, High School Friend
  • If some crazy alchemist melded the combined cool of Frank, Dino and Sammy with the decency of Clark Kent and the easy-going wisdom of James Taylor, the result would be Jonathan Uman.

    He achieved great success, but never inspired envy. He could walk onto a stage and command attention, but never through ego or bluster. He was always game for an adventure, but always protected those under his wing. He had the world on a string and chose the path of devoted friend and family man.

    The loss is incalculable, but so is the exhilaration of knowing that someone like Jonathan is possible, and I had the privilege to call him a friend.

    Javier Grillo-Marxuach, College roommate, longtime friend
  • Jon was one of the really nice guys in this world. He was always ready, willing and able to do what needed to be done. He worked with us for several years in a multitude of productions and in a wide variety of roles. He was a better than average actor and proved that by playing the lead role in our productions of “Dracula”. and with major roles in “David and Lisa”,”Was He Anyone?”, “Amadeus” and ironically a very moving anti-war play entitled “Bury The Dead!” In that production he played the role of a soldier who had been killed and refused to be buried since he had so much to live for and felt he had been cheated out of life, love, etc. How tragically prophetic.
    When not acting, he worked backstage on sets, lighting, production or whatever needed doing.
    I could write pages about Jon. He had talent, charm, a great sense of humor and was one of the kindest, nicest guys I have ever met. We spent a lot of time together after school at rehearsals in productions and in competitions. In fact, we averaged about 16 hours a week together during his high school years. Let me sum up by saying this. I never met anyone who did not like and admire Jon Uman. He was one of “MY KIDS” and I will never, ever forget him. I just hope I can be as nice a person to others as he was to me.
    God bless Jon and “Team Uman”.

    Wes Hobby, Jon's High School Drama Director
  • With tears in my eyes, I smile. Jonny was a smiler.

    I smile when I think of the moments when I’ll offer Alex and Anna my memories of Jonny, the love he gave me, and the blessing of my knowing him.

    I’m sad for those that never knew him, and those whom never learned from him.

    Live life as Jonny did; smile, life is fragile.

    Jonathan Kaplan, Friend
  • Julie said it best, “Joey and Johnny fell in love on your back deck, and so now I guess we’re going to have to be friends”. She was joking, but how true it was. It was at a Mexican party the boys had a few too many margaritas and cigars that it all began. As time moved forward we began to see more and more of them, our kids played and swam in their pool, we met for casual Friday night dinners at Compo Beach. Inevitably the guys would be running late out of the city. Julie was always the one to worry, “Where the xxxx is Johnny?” She always worried and now I know why. She knew. For that matter he knew. It was a few weeks before he died we started speaking of what would happen if one of us “went first”. Most said, they couldn’t go forward or really live without his or her spouse. Not Johnny. And I will never forget it. When Julie professed that he would be it and that she would never find another he came back and was the loudest with, “That’s ridiculous, A hot babe like you? you’ll be snatched up in a minute!” He wanted all of us to keep going and to lead happy lives. It would certainly be easy to sit back and mourn but that would be a dishonor to Jonathan. Julie has listened to what he said and has taught us all so much with her inspirational stories of their lives together and of Jonathan as a father, husband and person. It is though these tough times that we really know “Team Uman”. We will miss you Jonathan.

    Kerri and Joe Grotto, Friends
  • In my 1984 Westhill High School yearbook Jon wrote:

    “Too bad it’s over…I’ll miss you a whole lot. I’ll always have a wink for you and a hug when you come back! Don’t forget us little people!”

    That to me is who Jon is and will always be. Someone who thought of himself as “little” when he was such a beautiful and bright source of light for us all. Someone who appreciated all that was in his life. Someone who would always have something to give to anyone he encountered.

    May we all aspire to be the blessing to others that Jon was to all of us. Jon, we will not miss you because you have not left. You are with us all – forever. Thank you for sharing the blessing of you.

    Michelle Wecksler, High School Friend
  • Johnny,
    Just look at your beautiful smile and shining eyes, you beamed. You will forever remain a tribute to the best of humanity. No greater life can be led than one lived to the fullest, and this was your life. You loved, worked and played with zeal, integrity and passion. On our kitchen wall in perpetuity is the last present that you and Julie gave to Roger, a plaque that says “Life’s too short to drink cheap wine.” Ain’t it the truth. In your beautiful wife and children you live on. In all of us that loved you, your spirit lives on. You remind us all not to walk but to soar.

    Sakina Bowhay Buoy, Mother-In-Law (Step)
  • In our mind’s eye, we see Jon standing tall and handsome. Proud of his accomplishments, and yet humble too. Prouder still of his family. So proud of Julie and the life and beautiful home they shared.
    We see in our mind’s eye our nephew and the great love he felt for Alex and Anna, and holding them close.
    In our mind’s eye, we see Jon in times past: growing up from baby ( we held him during his Bris), to little boy, to teenager, to college guy, to New York City hotshot, to a Westport married man.
    In our mind’s eye, we see Jon at our Vermont home for Thanksgiving feasts, and most recently in Florida when we gathered for Grandma’s funeral in June. We were family!
    We will see you often, Jon, in our mind’s eye. You will fill a special place in our hearts.

    Nancy and Richard Beckman, Aunt and Uncle
  • No Words can describe the incredible joy Jonathan bought to everyone’s life. He was our sunshine, our beam of joy and positive being. He never was sad or down but made a rainy day seem like a magificent sunshower that would spray “happy drops” on every body. He always thanked his mom, Susan ,for his warm and outgoing demeanor as she always encouraged him to be “all he could be” and he was. I will miss him terribly. We sang at Carnegie Mellon, ate at the cafeteria, but looked forward to holidays so we could play…. I was happy to hear that he met Julie and was settling down to husbandhood and parenthood. How lucky his wife was to have this diamond, who sparkled forever and ever.. I see your smile…..

    Sara S. Cohen, Dear Friend
  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say a few words. I have known Harvey and Susan for over 30 years; they are dear and wonderful friends with whom we have shared good times and bad. Jonathan was a joy; he was everything you could hope for in a son, warm, engaging, bright,he had a smile that truly lit the way. This Passover his wife, Julie and their two wonderful children joined us at our Seder table. It was a blessing to see three generations gathering to celebrate Passover.
    Jonathan was a solider in the war against the very fabric of out life. Let us honor him as the hero he was. He was the embodiment of the true American dream, a wonderful family, two great kids and the love and respect fo everyone who knew him. September 11th is a day that will be remembered forever as a day the dark, faceless forces of this world came upon a wonderful city and attacked all that we hold dear. Jon we will always remember you ,and always miss you only warm memories of you will be–To Harvey, Susan and Julie, I know you will find the stength to carry on. The candle Jonathan lit will burn bright for us to see, for all of us ,for all mankind. We will hold that torch high, forever. God Bless you and your memory Jon, and God Bless America. How proud we are of you….We love you.

    Fred Tarter, parent's best friend
  • Jonathan was the kind of guy that any woman would want to marry, any mother would want their son to become and any father would want their daughter to end up with. He was handsome,loving, kind, thoughtful, successful, musical, a wonderful husband, father, son, and most importantly a wonderful human being.

    Jon was loved and respected by everyone and anyone he encountered. Susan and Harvey encouraged and nurtured his talents that enabled him to become the man he was. Julie, Alex and Anna, you completed him in the only way a wife and children can.

    We love you, our hearts break for you and we will be there for you forever. Love, Ed, Ann, Alexander and Amanda.

    Ann Katz, Friend to Susan/Jon's Mom
  • Jonathan gave me an opportunity to work for eSpeed as my first job out of college. I learned more in 6 months working for Jonathan than I had in my entire life. He taught me the value of thoroughness, attention to detail and always handing in “A” work. He was a great mentor to me and a brilliant and interesting man. I feel fortunate that I had the pleasure of knowing him and will always remember what he taught me.

    Lee Abbamonte, Former Employee
  • Jonathan, you were the inspiration at CM’s Scotch N’Soda and encouraged me to join this amazing theater group. Out production “This is not a Test: What you don’t See” was the beginning of my career. Hanging out at Skibo Room 40D was a hoot. What fun and laughs we had. Jessica Bier, Laura Lind, Nancy Gleason and Cathy McAculiffe all adored you and looked up to you. You practiced long and hard but the finished piece was awesome.” Know that all of us will never forget you and your spectacular presence. It is a previlege to know you and be in your company. God Bless. Your Buddy, Jesse

    Jesse Ramsey, college friend
  • From the time I met you at Cloonan Junior High School and Westhill High School you were the friend everyone was proud to have. We worked together on lots of causes from “No Drinking and Driving”, Cancer Walk-a-thons and The Chamber Singers. We toured Japan together and it was a spectacular time. I will never forget you.
    Stacey Ruben, School Friend

    Stacey Ruben, School Friend
  • Jon discovered, pursued, and achieved his dreams. He loved challenges, choices, and creativity. He hated confrontations, put-downs, and anyone who yelled. He was a rarity. We were counselors at Camp Playland together and I had the good fortune of meeting him for lunch this summer to catch up.

    Ralph T. Greene, Camp Playland Staffer
  • Sometimes it is a powerful stranger or outsider who changes and affects a culture or an entity. Jonathan was eSpeed’s external investment banker; he joined eSpeed a few hours before it went public. Right out of the gate, he started putting deals together, gathering intelligence and creating a vision of what he called eSpeed’s place in the ecosystem of electronic markets. I loved listening to him explain to everyone (inside and outside the company) our potential. His intelligence, creativity and enthusiasm was inspiring.

    Stephen Merkel, Co-worker
  • Dear Jonathan,
    Of course we all miss you and wish you were still here. When we visit Julie, Alex and Anna, there are times I still expect you to come walking through the door with your great big warm smile. Though I’m sure you always knew, I want to tell you what an incredible woman Julie is. Through this very difficult time she has and continues to be so strong for herself and your children, and for your friends as well. She is an inspiration. Your kids are beautiful, smart, sweet, fun little people. You would be very proud of them. Dean really enjoys playing with Alexander. He said that Alex was an easy kid to be with and my response was, “Just like his dad.”
    When you were traveling a lot in the past you would encourage me to call Julie and go visit with her and keep her company. You felt badly that you couldn’t be home yourself. Somehow I was always too busy during the week (or tired at the end of a long day) and never made it over. Now more than ever it is important for Dean and me to visit with her and the kids – to be there for your family as much as we can.
    We love you and miss you always.
    Love, Felicia and Dean

    Felicia & Dean, Friends
  • When I think of Jonathan, I immediately think of laughing and having a good time. No matter what the occasion, when I spent time with Julie and Jonathan, it was always about remembering that life is about living each day to its fullest and having fun. I miss our debates and our eating fests and our ski trips together. But most of all, I miss our time just hanging out and laughing.

    Among the photographs that I keep out in my apartment, are Julie and Jonathan’s wedding photo and the picture of Team Uman from Christmas 2000, when Anna was first born. When I look at the pure joy in Jonathan’s face in those pictures, it is always a reminder to me that I want to live my life the way that Jonathan did: make each day as full and meaningful as possible, surround yourself with people that make you happy, and keep laughing – don’t take life too seriously. I am so thankful that I knew Jonathan and that his philosophy of life will continue to inspire me to look for the joy that is possible. It seems more important now than ever.

    Lisa Kagel, Friend
  • Dear Jonathan, I just wanted to thank you for being a wonderful light in my dear friend’s life. She was never happier. You have given us so much to be thankful for and learn from. I hope to be a part of your bright eyed, big smiley, smart children and wife all my life. I am forever grateful. We love and miss you. The Lewis Family

    Terry Lewis, Julie's college friend
  • Jonathan was at times a colleague, at times a client, but always a friend.

    When I first met Jonathan more than five years ago, he was assigned to work with me on a complex transaction which required extensive computer modeling. I quickly learned that his prowess was not limited to computer modeling but extended to broad areas of finance, banking and business. It was like having a Whiz Kid as your assistant — you knew things were going to be done promptly, done thoughtfully and done right. We became a team and worked together on virtually everything for nearly three years. When we became involved in the eSpeed Initial Public Offering, I could tell that Jonathan had become enveloped in a new challenge. Thus it did not come as a surprise when he was offered a job as a Managing Director at eSpeed. At eSpeed, Jonathan grew in confidence, in maturity, in leadership, in expertise. Jonathan truly blossomed in his new job.

    But Jonathan did not work so hard that he failed to have time to start a family. He met, courted and married Julie of whom he spoke so often and in such endearing terms that I knew she was the right choice for Jonathan long before I had the privilege of meeting her. They had a very special marriage with two very special children.

    I miss my friend.

    Dan Starr, A Friend

    Danforth W. Starr, Colleague, client but always a friend
  • Dear Alex and Anna,
    Your daddy was a wonderful man who treasured you and your mommy. You are everything to him and always will be. Your dad was a very special person, a true gem, never to be forgotten. He was focused and committed to being a family man while never losing sight of how important it is to enjoy life and have friends. For these reasons, and many more, your dad fit perfectly with your mom. Alex and Anna, you come from a house filled with love. Love each other every day and take good care of your mommy.

    Christine Fischer, Team Uman Admirer/Jule's College Frnd
  • Cousin Jon Jon,

    I think of you everyday and I ask, “Where are you? Where in the world are you? Your family needs you! They love you. I love you!”.
    I remember all of the special times we had together, even though our visits were few and far between, we had some great times!!! Like the time the family got together for Thanksgiving when Grandma and Grandpa were alive. They were not there to join us so we all gathered for a family photo to send to them. We shouted, “This is for you Grandma and Grandpa!” and we all gave the finger!!!! How awful! Awfully funny!!!! (Of course we never sent it to them!) And how about the time when we were kids and Jon, Cousin Mike, my brother Eric and I were visiting in CT and were playing in the rockpile down the road. We were eating bananas and threw the peels in the road and hid. Along came a motorbike and it skidded on the banana peels! We were in hysterics running all the way home to tell our folks what had happened! These are only a few silly stories. But I will always think of you Jon, and I know that you are watching over your family, I just know it! Always in my heart. Love Cousin Amers

    Amy Beckman, Cousin
  • Jonny, how we miss you! Your permanant grin, bright eyes and your contagious happy nature! You were the light of your family and friends’ eyes. The flame in their hearts.

    I know you watch over your family. I hope you are as proud of them as I am. Watching them love you every day. Remembering everything about you! I see you in Alexander and Anna more and more. You are such a lucky man. You have a wife who continues to adore you and two of the most brilliant and beautiful babies I’ve ever been blessed to know.

    We love you and miss you dearly. God bless you.

    Michelle, Hal, Harry & Heather Halpin, Friends
  • Jonathan,

    I will always remember/admire your smile, your ambition, your courtesy/compassion, your class, your intelligence, your love, your generosity, your creative hook shots and determination during a game of Sunday hoops, and how you made everyone around you feel so happy and comfortable. For that I am truly grateful to have spent our time together (and now as your spirit lives through your loving family).

    Your are a truly special soul that will always be loved and never be forgotten.

    I miss you buddy!

    Angelo Biasi, Friend
  • We weren’t John’s closest friends, but he was and continues to be, someone we have strong feelings for.

    John was a part of a group of friends we have that are very special to us. Within that group there used to be petty bickerings and small disagreements. To our recollection though, nobody ever had a problem with John. If affability and good naturedism are an art form, then John was Picasso, Van Gogh and Michelangelo all rolled up into one. How he could have achieved so much success without being more aggressive or confrontational is just one of lessons we wish he was still here to teach us.

    There are lots of “adults” who have their toys of success and tend to push them in your face. That was never John’s way. John was so very good at sharing. His pleasure came not from having but from giving. You saw it in his eyes and smile. He was probably the single greatest host there ever was because you felt the pleasure he got from making others feel good. John, I’ll miss quaffing your champagne with you and will never drink another drop without always first thinking of-and toasting to-you.

    Norman Cousins once wrote, “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” Those of us who were lucky enough to know John also know that he didn’t just live but was so very much full of life. I think we’ll miss that most of all.

    Paul & Debbie Perillie, Friends
  • Typically, at a wedding, all eyes are on the bride. Having spent the morning with Julie, I already knew how beautiful she looked so instead, my eyes were trained on Jonathan. He was staring at his bride with such love and pride that you could see that his breath was literally taken away for that moment in time. I knew that I’d never have to worry about Julie. The sparkle in his eyes told me she was in good hands.

    This past November, while walking down the street holding Alexander’s hand, he started singing a song. Not just any song. “Love, love me do; you know I love you” I said “Alex, that’s a great song.” He replied, “Yeah, my daddy wanted me to learn the words.” What a wonderful glimpse into Jonathan’s life.

    Jonathan left a legacy of love, joy, family, music, friendship and so much more. He was a treasure. He made everyone feel comfortable and was at ease in any situation. His love for and pride in Julie, Alex and Anna was obvious to all. We can all rejoice in having known Jonathan, and realize that he’s still with us in so many different ways.

    Jill Carney, Friend
  • Dear Jonathan-

    I miss being able to pick up the phone and catch up. Whenever we spoke no matter how much time had passed, it was like we had spoken only yesterday. I’ll never forget our attempts to make sushi, or our all-weekend bashes – the good old CMU days. Now when we speak I know that you can’t answer back, but that doesn’t stop me from talking to you anyway.

    Alex and Anna were lucky to have had you even for such a brief part of their lives – you’ll live on through them. Julie and those of us who love you will be sure that they know what a great dad they have.

    I will always consider you a true gentleman – one that others could and should look up to. I know that I always did.

    Simply put I will miss you until we meet again-

    Carlos (Christine, Alex & Anna)

    Carlos Franco, Friend
  • I’ve known Jonathan for about 15 years of my life, and have had the pleasure and honor of calling him one of my best friends the entire time. I’ve spent many days (and nights) at Jonathan and Julie’s house, for dinner parties, basketball games with the boys or just having drinks and shooting the breeze. I find some comfort in the fact that I’m quite sure Jonathan knew how much I loved him. We hugged when we saw each other. We laughed hard, and often.

    I got married this summer and Jonathon was in my wedding party. I spent the night before my wedding at Jonathon and Julie’s house. I watch the wedding video often, and see Jonathon at his finest. Smiling, greeting, laughing, entertaining. I miss my friend.

    I often find myself crying while lying in bed at night, missing my friend Jonathan. I try not to cry loudly, so as to not wake my wife sleeping next to me, like an angel. But my tears of pain and loss shortly turn to tears of joy. I realize how blessed I am, and how much God has given me. A loving, beautiful wife, an incredible family filled with love and joy, and the most incredible circle of friends whom I love and adore (of which Julie and her family are a part). I don’t know how I got so lucky to have so many incredible people in my life. But I still miss my wonderful friend Jonathan. May the love and joy you spread on earth, be waiting for you ten times over in your new home. I love you my friend.

    Tony Sousa, Friend for life
  • Of so many things I can work towards, or change or replace, I could not find or create the priceless gift of a bond and friendship that came by itself. My history with Jonathan grew as we did and I am blessed to have had this dear friend to share the changing chapters of our lives from boys to young men and beyond. There was always a stability there, a comfort. Knowing we had already made ties that would see us through all our years, and a wealth of memories to quietly share, adventures and achievements to look and laugh upon. No contest, no judgement, only acceptance. That is the love of friendship and brotherhood that cannot be replaced. The friendship within Jonathan.

    Jay Keating, Friend
  • We met Jonathan through our children, and we only knew him for a relatively short time. Our friendship grew, not only because of the kids, but because he was a really great guy! We looked forward to continuing to develop our “bond.”
    We will miss his spirit, his generosity, his passion for life, and his ever present smile, but we will still find some comfort in knowing that we can still “see” it through Julie, Alex, and Anna.

    Jenny, Steve, Oliver and Christopher Bogan

    The Bogan Family, Family friend
  • Dear Jonathan,

    Thank you so much…

    …for taking Tom out for drinks on the night we met and patiently hanging out while we flirted for the first time,
    …for Alexander and Anna, I love them so much and I am so proud to be their aunt,
    …for making me laugh when you wore that silly paper hat at Christmas dinner- it worked every year,
    …for helping Tom enjoy our wine collection during your visits to NJ, even if you guys didn’t share the good stuff with the rest of us,
    …for loving Julie so much and showing off about it,
    …for being the best man in our wedding,
    …for being my brother-in-law,
    …for Team Uman.

    I love you and miss you and I promise to be the best possible big sister and aunt to Julie, Alexander and Anna. Please know that I think about you every minute and I am so happy to be part of this wonderful family.


    Maria Buoy, Sister-in-law
  • I relied on Jonathan! As his professional counterpart in Europe, our relationship could easily have become competitive, but thanks to Jonathan’s good heart, trust and confidence we became a great team and friends. I always admired how he combined intellect, drive and a sense of humour. He knew that there is no need for conflict between friendship and professionalism. I learned lots from Jonathan. The most important lesson is that work and friendship go well together.

    Often, after a long day in New York or London or on the road, we’d just enjoy dinner or a couple of drinks together. Those were great evenings!

    I’ll always miss my friend at eSpeed.

    Markus Wiendieck, Co-worker and friend
  • I see the picture of Jonathan here and I think how appropriate it is – a great big smile. He was always happy and enthusiastic about whatever he was doing, whether it was work or play.

    Johnny and I shared an office at Dillon Read. We shared more than work over those years, we shared our lives, our hopes and our dreams. Jonathan always had a great approach to work (and life), often thinking of solutions to problems that others didn’t think of. Jonathan had an opinion on just about everything, and he wasn’t shy about voicing it. That was one of the greatest things about him, you always knew where he stood, he was upfront and honest. You may not have agreed with him, but you always respected his argument, and came around to his way of thinking more often than not. He was a valuable colleague, and more importantly, a great friend.

    I remember the day Jonathan told me he was joining eSpeed, he was so excited, and he never lost that enthusiasm. We would occasionally share a ride into the City, and he would spend the entire hour talking about the incredible opportunities at eSpeed. Jonathan really blossomed at eSpeed and it was a joy watching him develop and grow.

    I would be remiss without mentioning how important his family was to him, how much he loved them, and how truly proud he was of Jules and the kids. The last time we rode into the City together, he told me how he had been saving the calls Alex had made to him at work wishing him good night. He had a few months of calls and couldn’t believe the difference from the first to the last. He knew how lucky he was, and enjoyed every minute in life, especially with his family.

    I think of Jonathan and I smile. I think of Julie and Alex and Anna and I pray that they know the happiness that he felt and exhibited every day.

    Brian Singer, Friend
  • What can I say? We have lost a close and dear friend. We will never recover from this loss. Johnny… don’t worry. Julie, Alexander and Anna will always have our love. We also know that you are watching over us all.
    Love forever,

    Oren Adar, Friend
  • Jonathan
    A good man, a good father. I love you so very much and I miss you.

    Roger M. Buoy, Father-In-Law
  • Like many other people reading these tributes to Jonathan, one trait of Jonathan’s I associate with him more than any other, was his zest for life. Jonathan packed more into his 34 years than most of us might hope to achieve in a natural life span. I knew Jonathan for only a part of this wonderful life -since the time my niece Julie proudly introduced Jonathan to me when they
    visited London in 1995. Having been Julie’s Uncle since I was four years old my relationship with Julie has been more like brother and sister than uncle and niece – but on different continents. I know this last period of Julie’s life with Jonathan has been the most extraordinary so far and for them both the happiest time that anyone could ever wish for.

    It has taken me a long time to write this tribute to you Jonathan, but today when you would have been entering only your 35th year on what would have been only your 34th birthday, it seems a most appropriate time to say farewell – we miss you and hope you know that we will always be there for Julie and your family. Thinking of you always.

    Andrew, Suzanne, Henry and William Baker, London, England.

    Andrew Baker, Uncle-In-Law
  • Dear Jonathan:
    Happy Birthday, love. We would like to celebrate your birthday today and honor your life every February 4th than remember how suddenly you were taken away last September 11th.
    The truth is, you are in our thoughts most every day as is your beautiful wife Julie, wonderful and intelligent son Alexander and cute as a button (and so feisty!) daughter, Anna. We celebrated your birthday last year doing what we all love to do- eat Julie’s yummy food (of course you controlled the grill…), drink many bottles of wine but above all share laugh after laugh. All the while Julie wore the Baby Bjorn, toting Anna everywhere like a sparkly piece of jewelry.
    We always had so much fun with you Johnny. Your beautiful smile was so infectious. You had a way of paying attention to anyone you spoke to- always there 100% and never in a rush to get to the next thing (unless it was getting out another cigar to share with the boys…or mowing down the kids to get to the Good Humour man first…)
    You and Juls were the best couple. You were awesome individually and even more dynamic as a whole. And now we are still in shock that you are gone.
    Thank you for teaching us to seize the day, Johnny…to cherish those that we love and to realize what is really important. You have friends for life in us as does your wonderful family. We miss you…God Bless.

    Chrissey and Ron Hunt, friends
  • I am thinking of Jon today, as it would have been his 34th birthday. I am thinking back to the many days we spent together in high school, whether we were sharing a moment on the high school stage, sharing a laugh backstage, passing notes in choir practice, or driving around for hours in that silver Buick we all thought was so cool.

    I’ll always remember Jon as a positive, strong person with lots of energy and an infectious smile; and as one of my best friends. I’m so pleased to have re-established contact with him a few years ago. My thoughts are with Team Uman.

    “He was the best. The best we ever had around here…” – The Brick and The Rose

    Anne Flounders, friend
  • Jonathan – We remember you today as every day , not just because it’s your birthday- 4th Feb. We remember you for your charming smile and gentlemanly manner and for being a great husband to Jule and proud and protective dad to Alex and Anna.
    Love always, Nan, Gramps and Patty, Bournemouth, UK.

    Patty Carruthers, Aunt-in-Law
  • For me his death was a painful act, for, as a parent, it is overwhelming to accept the death of a child before one’s own. This is particularly difficult if that child had achieved in his short life more than anyone can have possibly imagined.

    I did not have a chance to see Jonathan for many years, with my being in California, and he and his family on the East Coast. The last time I saw Jonathan was in December 1999 when I was last in New York. He was on top of his form. Who would believe that I would never see him again?
    It seemed like we had lots of time left to see each other. How wrong we were. I missed most of his childhood, all of his adolescence, and now I will also miss the relationship which a father could have had with a son as an adult.

    In Ecclisiastes, it is said:

    Rejoice O young man, in thy youth, and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the light of thine eyes; but know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment.

    We will all miss him alot, me, his mother, Harvey, his stepfather, Julie, his children, his brother Michael, his relatives and his friends. He leaves a deep hole in our hearts. But in our minds he will live forever! Jonathan will always be loved and remembered for his devotion to family, his sense of purpose, his compassion, and for the joy that he brought to all those whose lives he touched.

    David B. Uman, Father
  • I never met Jonathan, but from reading the touching tributes to him, it is obvious that this delightful, endearing young man lead a charmed, albiet, much to short life.

    He brought so much joy to all those who knew him and left a legacy of so much love.

    His father will forever bear the burden of regret for opportunities now lost, but he is very proud of his son and how he lived his life. So very proud.

    Norma Uman, Stepmother
  • I want to express the intense sadness I feel for Julie and all of Jonathan’s family and friends- The few times that we got together as families it was so great to see what a kind and loving man Julie had married. Julie was always wonderful by herself but, Jonathan and Julie together were exceptional. Jonathan always made us feel comfortable and important. Our prayers go out to all of you across the miles from Canada. Love from Kristen, Ed, Mia, Tessa and Quinn Presta…

    Kristen Little-Presta and Family, Julie's college friend
  • Dear Jonathan,

    My dear, dear, happy friend. How you are loved! I walked to your house, a few days after that terrible morning, and was in awe. Hundreds of people had gathered, from every walk of life, and every one touched by your inexhaustible friendship.

    I know you were happy that we all came together.

    Did you see Jamie? We were trying to hold it together so damned hard. Dave and Jay and I practiced and laughed and remembered band practices with you all week. It felt right to sing to you. But when Jay broke down that day – solid, stalwart, implacable Jay – I knew I would never sit at my drums, never sing again without looking for you, and missing you.

    I’m so sad for all of us you left behind. We stumble on, now, in a world much darker for lack of your smile, much colder for want of your generous spirit. My own soul is much darker now; irrevocably older and calloused from exposure to what is worst in Man, and battered even by the love and bitter strength that follows.

    I will strive to keep close to my heart the people that you loved, and whom I came to love through you. Your parents will have a son in me. Your children, a guardian. And when they are old enough, I will tell them all of our great stories.

    Keep a cold one waiting.

    “Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince,
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!”

    Sean Keating, Friend
  • Jonathan,

    I think of you often, knowing that we were truly blessed. As your brother-in-law, I will always be reminded of your legacy, as you left us so many wondrous gifts.

    …You would be so very proud of your family. Alexander is such a lovely little man. Anna, like her mother, is destined to break many hearts. As for Julie, she has been extraordinary.

    …It has been almost six months, and I still cannot believe that you are gone. You were the answer to all of our dreams: my sister’s Champion, my mother and father’s second son, and the brother that I always wanted.

    Maria and I miss you dearly…

    Tom Buoy, Brother-in-law
  • As I sit and struggle, trying to find fitting words… I can picture Jon’s smile and hear him laugh about me never being at a loss for words… yet I am.

    I have stuggled for many months to write how I feel – and the words are still not coming. So today, March 11th, 6 months from a day we will never forget, I will finish with this…

    Jonathan, Jon, Jonny (sometimes even Jake 🙂

    I miss you often. Especially when I come to NYC and no longer get to share a scotch with you and and catch up on news, and hear the joy in your voice when you talk about your family. But I promise that I will never think of you, or Team Uman, and not smile – because that is what we did together and the memories I treasure the most.

    Rob Coury, Friend, College Classmate
  • Jonathan,

    Not a day goes by that I don’t think about your absence in our lives; it’s still hard to believe it’s true. I miss you so very much. I have such great memories of hanging out with you as kids when our families got together. You always would show me something new on the computer, teach me something I didn’t know or just beat me up. As your younger cousin, I always looked up to you and valued our time together.

    We saw each other only a few times during our college years, but ever since your wedding we started bonding, not as cousins, but as adults. I so enjoyed that weekend; I got to meet your amazing wife Julie and her wonderful family. I got to meet your unbelievable group of friends and I even got to help carry you home after your bachelor party. Then Alex came along and you were a daddy and a real family man. Soon after, you and Julie, pregnant with Anna, came to my wedding. And once again you were teaching me things I knew very little about, but that you did so very well: family and financial planning.

    I will never forget your zest for life, your passion for music, your willingness to care and share, your commitment to friends, and your unconditional love for your entire family.

    I love you and I miss you always,


    Eric Beckman, Cousin
  • April 11th, 2002

    The weight of this sad time we must obey;
    Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.

    To me, fair friend, you can never be old,
    For as you were when first your eye I eyed,
    Such seems your beauty still.

    A fellow of inifinite jest, of most excellent fancy. Where be your gibes now? your gambols? your songs? your flashes of merriment that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one now, to mock your own grinning?

    This was the noblest … of them all.
    His life was gentle, and the elements
    So mixed in him that Nature might stand up
    And say to all the world, “This was a man!”

    Now cracks a noble heart.
    Good night, sweet prince,
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

    King Lear Act V, sc. III
    Sonnet 104
    Hamlet Act V, sc I
    Julius Caesar Act V, sc. V
    Hamlet Act V, sc. II

    Jessica Pennington, College/New York: the early years
  • There were two reasons I crossed the world to link my fate with Cantor: Carlton Bartels and Jonathan Uman. In a lifetime of searching I have not encountered such power, such passion, such intellect and such a love of life. Any organisation that can command the loyalty of such individuals is truly remarkable.

    I had the privelage to spend a considerable amount of time with Jonathan, including several overnight sessions, as we negotiated our deal. In such negotiations, as things get close to the wire, the true qualities of an individual, good and bad, slowly get revealed. Jonathan was a true master of his art, maintained his irrepressible optimism and good humour throughout, and you just wanted to do business with him.

    I was looking forward to working with him on many of the ideas we floated for the future. I knew that it would be fun, and I knew I wanted him on my side of the table the next time we found ourselves negotiating together. I am sorry that it was not to be, and I know that those of you who knew him better are fortunate to have done so.

    Steve Drummond, colleague
  • You would have turned 35 today, February 4th 2003. We still can not believe that you are gone. You are so missed. Your bright, happy light continues to shine in your delicious babies and my heart still skips a beat when I look at you. Happy Birthday, Johnny. We will always love you, Julie, Alex and Annie

    Julie Uman, Wife
  • My Darling Son,

    It doesn’t seem possible that you have been gone 19 months. We miss you terribly and wish we could do magic to bring you home. How could this have ever happened?

    I have just completed a special album book called “Daddy as a Little Boy” created for Alex and Anna to cherish, forever remember and to see you as you were . It shares stories, love notes, and photos of you from babyhood to boyhood to manhood. It gave me the opportunity to go back in time and be with you.

    You are with us everyday and we love you so very much.



    Susan Blomberg, mother
  • Anyday now you will have been gone 2 years. How is that possible? Alex started kindergarten. He jumped right on that bus, turned around on the step of the bus, waved and blew me a kiss. He loved it. I know you were there watching him leave me and Anna that morning. I cried a little and realized that what you and I had wanted for him, we had accomplished. He is a happy,confident little boy. I know you are proud. Anna is our little firecracker. A temper like no other and a mind of her own. She would have tested you as she does me, but her sweetness overides her naughtiness and she melts my heart. She misses her Daddy though she only knew you as a baby. We move on Johnny. We have lost friends, gained friends, lost family and gained family. Our one constant through this time is our love for you. We miss you and that does not change. With our love at this time and always, Julie, Alex and Annie

    Julie Uman, wife
  • Dear Jonathan,

    I will never forget all of the happiness you brought to so many. As two years pass I struggle to remember, but I am reminded of you constantly by your children. We miss you. You would be proud.


    Oren Adar, Friend
  • Hi Daddy- I really love you! I miss you now that you died and I got lots of pets, but they died. You see Happy died and Boo Boo Kitty died too. Happy Birthday to you. I am going to let go of a balloon for you. Love Alex xoxoxo

    Alexander, Son
  • Today is February 4th, 2004. It is your 36th birthday. Happy Birthday Johnny. We all miss you so much. Love, Julie, Alex, Anna, Homer and Macy xox

    Julie Uman, Family
  • Dearest Jonathan,

    Today is Mother’s Day 5-9-04. How I miss our Mother’s Day brunches and mother-son walks-arm in arm.

    Today I placed a “painted flower “plaque, which I created ,in honor of our special day.

    Love you so much and wish you were here,


    susan blomberg, mother
  • I miss you Daddy! I wonder what it would be like with you. I love you. School is pretty good. Love Alex

    Alex, Son, 6 years old
  • Daddy me loves you. Daddy I love and you and I like hugging you. I liked when you carried me when I was a baby. Daddy I know that you died. Daddy I still love you forever. I know I was a baby and you and Aly gave me a baba. We always love you. Anna xxxx

    Anna, Daughter, almost 4
  • Happy 37th Birthday Johnny. Today is February 4th and we are thinking of you. We miss you and wish you were here to blow out all those candles on your favorite birthday cake. Love, Julie, Alex and Anna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    The Uman Family, family
  • Dearest Jonathan,

    Today is your 37th birthday. You were born on February 4th, 1968 at 8:15 A.M. We wish you were here to celebrate , but you are fovever here in our hearts.

    Yesterday, I did a workshop program on “Personal Resilience.” I dedicated my book to you, my incredible son… my inspiration and my strength.


    We love you and miss you so much.

    Mom and Harvey

    susan blomberg, mother
  • I still think of Jonathan from time to time when I hear someone play a guitar in a group of people, or hear friends reminisce about their high school drama and choir experiences. Jon was a part of the Westhill Chamber Singers as I was and we travelled as a group to Japan in 1986. His booming voice, his energy and wonderful sense of humor will forever be some of the things I remember most. I light a candle for him in my office each year on September 11th, next to a a group picture of us in Kyoto. I write today as his 36th birthday has just passed. My prayers and thoughts continue to go out to Jon and “Team Uman.”

    –Cameron Risher, former Westhill Chamber Singer

    Cameron Risher, High School Friend
  • Daddy I love you. I like sharing everything with you. I miss you and I wish you were here to see our video games. Love Anna (4)

    I miss you Daddy a lot and it makes me sad that you are gone. You are the best dadddy in the world and it makes me sad that you are gone so much. Love Alex (7)

    Johnny- as we mark the four years since you were murdered I reflect upon all that has happened. The world has changed. Our babies are growing up. We move on, we live, we love, but through it all we miss you. That does not change and it never will. I hope that wherever you are you know how much you are loved by the Uman Trio. Love Julie Jule
    Sept, 11, 2005

    Julie, Alex and Anna Uman, Family
  • Dear Daddy-I wish you could come and be alive and see us when we are grown up. We really love you, Daddy. Hugs and Kisses, Anna 5 years old.

    Anna, Daughter
  • Happy 38th Birthday Johnny! This is your fifth birthday up in heaven. We hope you and the other angels find a special way to celebrate your day. We love you and miss you so much, Julie, Alex and Anna xxxxxxxxxxx

    The Uman Trio, Family
  • happy birthday, brother… shine on, you crazy diamond.


    Javier Grillo-Marxuach, friend
  • Dearest Jonathan,

    It is our 6th Mother’s Day this Sunday. How I miss our special Mother’s Day brunches, walks on the beach, amazing talks, and just walking arm in arm. Today I went to sit quietly with you and bought my ceramic, flower art piece, made just for you.I closed my eyes and felt your presence. If only I could do magic and bring you back , how incredible this would be. I miss you terribly, love you with all my being, and wish this horrendous nightmare never happened. You are forever in my heart. It isn’t Mother’s Day but My Son’s Day . Love you, Mom
    P.S. Harvey adores you and knows you are here. Lots of stuff happening but your strength will empower things to be better.

    Susan Blomberg, Mother
  • I miss you so much and I really wish you were still alive. You were a great loving father that I still think about. It is almost six years out of nine years that I’ve not been with you.


    Alexander Uman, Son
  • Dear Daddy- you were very nice, you were cool, I love you. You were huggable. You were kissable. Daddy, Daddy, I love you. Anna (6)

    Anna Uman, Daughter
  • So on February 4th, 2008 you would be turning 40. The kids, your Mom and Dad and I will honor you by going out to dinner, visiting your grave and talking about you all night long. We have not forgotten you, your kids love you and we will celebrate the day you were born and wish that you could be there with us. Happy Birthday Johnny! Julie

    Julie Uman, Family
  • Jonathan,

    You are always with me where ever I go. You give me strength in my faith and I remember your anniversaries. If only we could express our regrets and reveal our true love.

    You are my brother and this will never change. I request strength to resist depression and wisdom to understand why tragedy happens. My L-rd works in ways which are hard to comprehend.

    The struggle continues and does not relent. I am fighting to bring justice for the cruel act of our enemy. Your memory is strong and the light of good will shine brightly again.

    Your Brother,

    Michael Uman, Brother
  • I miss you so much! In Social Studies we are going to talk about 9/11 and I will be thinking of you. I miss you!

    Alex T. Uman

    Alex, Son
  • Dearest Jonathan,

    Yesterday was February 4, 2011, your 43rd birthday. We tried to get up the icy roads to the cemetery but it was impossible. We had a special birthday card and an antique coin holder filled with wishes which we will bring another time. We ,then, went to your favorite restaurant, had one of your favorite lunches, and toasted YOU.

    We miss you and love you so much.


    Mom and Dad

    Susan Blomberg, Mom
  • Dearest Jonathan,

    Yesterday was February 4, 2011, your 43rd birthday. We tried to get up the icy roads to the cemetery but it was impossible. We had a special birthday card and an antique coin holder filled with wishes which we will bring another time. We ,then, went to your favorite restaurant, had one of your favorite lunches, and toasted YOU.

    We miss you and love you so much.


    Mom and Dad

    Susan Blomberg, Mom
  • Dearest Jonathan,

    Yesterday was February 4, 2011, your 43rd birthday. We tried to get up the icy roads to the cemetery but it was impossible. We had a special birthday card and an antique coin holder filled with wishes which we will bring another time. We ,then, went to your favorite restaurant, had one of your favorite lunches, and toasted YOU.

    We miss you and love you so much.


    Mom and Dad

    Susan Blomberg, Mom
  • Team Uman is in my prayers today. Hope you are all doing well. Can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years. God Bless you all.

    Maggie Nolan-Thibault, MSW, 9/11 CT Family Caseworker
  • Dear Daddy,
    Its bin a while since I’ve written you a note. I miss you every day and think of you when I am sleeping with the quilt made out of your clothes (also known as my daddy blanket). I hope in heaven your having a fun time with Macy, Happy, and Boo Boo Kitty. I also hope you have found your dad. Love you every day and every night.
    Love, Anna Isabelle
    age 10

    Anna, daughter
  • Dear Dad,
    It has been ten years since you have passed away. I just want to say that I love you and I miss you. I know everyday you are looking down on me and Anna and wishing you could see us and I wish I could see you too. Grandma showed me pictures of when you were a child until you were an adult and you looked really mature. When you were in late highschool you looked like an adult. Anyways, I miss you and can’t believe it has been ten years.
    Love your son Alex

    Alex Uman, Son
  • Dearest Jonathan,

    It doesn’t seem possible that 10 years have passed and you are truly gone. This is your 10th Year Anniversary. There isn’t a day that goes by that you are not in our thoughts. When we close our eyes we see your beautiful face and sparkling eyes.
    Your presence is always with us, like a soft breeze. Your smile beams down through the sun. The full moon and stars shine their light with your amazing laughter on everything that is you. And the BUTTERFLIES in all of their splendor reminds us of your incredible spirit, confidence, and verve for life.
    We did a special recording for the 9/11 Museum & Memorial honoring you, which will live on for eternity, along with including the moving CD by Jay and Dave called “Beside a Friend.”
    You are forever in our hearts. We love and miss you so much.
    Mom and Dad

    Susan Blomberg, Mother
  • Dearest Jonathan,

    I submitted this 5 days ago and it hasn’t been posted. Perhaps it didn’t go through but I am sending it again.

    It doesn’t seem possible that it is your 10th Year Anniversary and you are truly gone. There isn’t a day that goes by that you are not in our thoughts. When we close our eyes , we see your beautiful face and sparkling eyes. “Your presence is always with us, like a soft breeze. Your smile beams down through the sun. The full moon and stars shine their light with your amazing laughter on everything that is you. And the BUTTERFLIES in all of their splendor reminds us of your incredible spirit, confindence, and verve for life.”

    There is a song that keeps playing in my mind: “I’m almost there…Take a look around..I’m the sunshine in your hair..I’m the shadow on the ground. I’m the whisper in the wind. I’m with you wherever you are.” Jonathan, you are with us for eternity and are forever in our hearts.

    We love you and miss you terribly.


    Mom and Dad

    Susan Blomberg, Mother
  • I was researching Cantor Fitz for a book and came across this site. Just reading your posts made me cry. My prayers go out to you all for your loss.

    Kat, No relation, writer
  • Dear Jonathan,

    Today is February 4th, your 44th Birthday.

    We had a family lunch to honor your special day

    We love you and miss you so much.

    Mom and Dad

    Susan Blomberg, Mom
  • I knew Jon in middle school at Cloonan. He was 12-13 years old. Those were dark days for me, my father had suddenly moved to California, and I had almost no friends at school. The one friend I did have, though, was Jon. Even though he was arguably the most popular person in our class, and I was arguably the most unpopular, he still made time to come up to me and tell me a joke every once in awhile, or just greet me with an infectious smile that I couldn’t help but return. My interactions with him were one of the few things that made me happy back then, and even though we did not become very close or keep in touch, I always remembered him, because he was indeed very special. I had no idea what had become of him after high school until I heard news of his passing on TV. I knew right away that this was the same wonderful boy that I had known many years ago, and I thought, “wow, they got a good one”. It has been said that only the good die young, and certainly Jon was one of the best. Jon’s son is now the age that Jon was when I knew him, and I would love for him to know that his dad at his age was indeed kind and openhearted to everyone, even when it wasn’t considered the cool or popular thing to do. Many of us looked up to Jon, because he was his very own brand of cool!

    N. Sparrow, Middle School Classmate

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