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  Frederick Varacchi

Date of Birth: December 21, 1965
Department: eSpeed/Cantor Fitzgerald Securities
Position: President and COO, eSpeed, and COO of Cantor Fitzgerald

To say, “Fred Varacchi lived life to the fullest,” would be an understatement. He took every opportunity to experience life physically, mentally, and emotionally. He loved challenging his physical ability to drive cars, motorcycles, and boats. Fred tried almost every sport imaginable. His intelligence grew with every professional challenge put in front of him. Fred’s desire for knowledge and how to use it most effectively was amazing. He was so proud of eSpeed and how everyone worked so hard to develop this wonderful company. Although he put 110% into his career he always had time for his family. Fred would just call during the day to say hello and check up on everyone. There were so many times that he would call just as I was about to call him. We could always know what the other one was thinking. His three children were the center of his universe and they knew it. He would always say he was their “play toy”. Day or night he was a kid at heart and would always delight them with his enormous hugs and kisses. He was their superhero, protector, and best friend. Fred’s determination to get to every school event, conference, soccer game, and dance recital was super human. Fred was a shining example of what a wonderful dad, husband, friend, boss, uncle, brother, and son should be. We love you always forever faithfully, Eileen, Thomas, Corinne, and Tyler.

Eileen Varacchi, Wife
  • To me Fred was and will always be the driving force behind eSpeed. His determination for success was inspiring and infectious. I had the pleasure of working directly for Fred for three years. I will always be indebted to the opportunities he gave me. I will never take for granted the trust, faith and support Fred placed in me. Fred’s dream for eSpeed lives with all of us and I will pursue this dream as he would providing leadership, determination and most of all enjoyment for all of those that participate in it’s success.

    Fred was our leader, my mentor, but beyond all this, he was my friend. I will miss you dude.

    Joe Noviello, Friend & Colleague
  • The first time I met Fred was when he interviewed me for a job at eSpeed. I had already been planning a move to the West Coast, but after I met Fred, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. His enthusiasm and love for the company he helped build was absolutely contagious. He was so truly “psyched” about everything he did and brought so much positive energy to eSpeed. He was committed, generous and kind and left an amazing impression on everyone he met. We miss you, Fred.

    Amy Nauiokas, Friend and Colleague
  • I was fortunate enough to spend time with Fred at the golf course, Knick games, dinners and shows. I am indebted to him not only for his generosity but also for the positive influence he had on my wife Debbie. It was comforting to know that Fred was always looking out for her, just like an older brother would care for his sister. He was a very special person and I am privileged to have been associated with him.

    Sean Bellows, Friend
  • Fred was a true leader with incredible drive and passion for work, he was kind, had a great sense of humor, loved his family and was very proud of his kids. Once he told me that he considered himself a very happy person. I liked talking to him, it felt like he was sharing his positive energy with you. We miss you, Fred.

    Janna Turetsky, Co-Worker
  • Fred’s ambition and innovative dynamic personality are probably the reason for our company’s success and I think he will always be part of it. Even if I met Fred only a hand full of times I believed in him and was proud to be part of his team. I read his comments very closely and that made me feel good knowing that I worked for someone who had such ambitious yet realistic goals that will be achieved thanks to his initial resolve and determination. We miss you.

    emilio ardimento, partner
  • It seems impossible to put into words what an extraordinary person Fred was, not only to his family but to his friends. It is not often that you meet someone in kindergarten and find a friend for life but Fred was that rare person. Fred was always ready to give of himself, ready to make you laugh with his sarcastic sense of humor, share his genuine pride in the accomplishments of others, and like a big kid always loved to play games, especially if competition was involved. Eileen, Thomas, Corinne, and Tyler were the center of his life. There was nothing that could light up Fred’s face more than when he was with his family or simply talking about them. Fred had a zest for life that he wanted to share with the world. Fred could never do anything half hearted, it was all or nothing. He lived every minute to the fullest and was never afraid to try something new. Ready to meet any challenge head on, Fred was a true competitor. I always felt he had a gift for making those around him feel good, Fred’s happiness was contagious.

    We think about you every day and cherish the memories of the time we spent together. Fred, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. We miss you.
    Jayne, David, Taylor, Alexandra, Jonathan,
    and your goddaughter, Samantha

    Jayne O'Toole, Friend
  • It’s hard to put everything that I want to say about Fred into just a few paragraphs, but here goes…

    It really is unbelievable how much Fred was able to accomplish professionally at such a young age. And while many people reading the Cantor Tribute website know him for his success, that was really only a small part of Fred.

    There are people in life that just kind of quietly blend into their surroundings. And then there are people like Fred. As everyone who knew Fred can attest, he was truly someone who was filled with life. He didn’t blend into his surroundings – they blended into him. He was one of the true characters I have ever met and he had personality with a capital ‘P’. He lived more in his 35 years than most of us can hope to in a lifetime.

    But the thing I think that most defined Fred was the love he had for his wife Eileen and his children Thomas, Corinne and Tyler. They were EVERYTHING to him. Everything he did, he did for them and his world revolved around them. He told me many times how he thought he was the luckiest guy on earth because of them.

    The last time I saw Fred was at my wedding on September 8th. I will never forget the words he left me with at the end of the night: “When you have the right person, marriage is the greatest thing on earth.”

    Fred, I know that you’ll always be with us. And I know that we’ll see you again one day.

    Your Brother-In-Law,

    Matt Spero, Brother-In-Law
  • A couple of mornings a week, I had the pleasure of saying good morning to Fred as he sat at our dining room table waiting to meet with Howard around 7:30am. Typically, I had just gotten out of bed, still a little sleepy and rumpled. Fred always looked a little embarassed to see me so early in the morning, but he always had a smile and a ‘Hey, Al, how are you doing?’ for me. I always enjoyed our morning hellos. When the kids were leaving for school, they would run over to Howard and Fred and give them both kisses good-bye. Sometimes, when the kids had a little playtime before school, Fred would sit with them as they explained their newest computer game to him. I always found those times to be so endearing. Fred had a way with kids. And adults- I completely understood why Howard adored him as a person and a friend, and respected him immensely as a businessman. I also knew why Fred and Eileen were a perfect couple- warm, caring, down-to-earth, devoted, and totally in love with each other and their three beautiful children. Fortunately, Howard and I spent a wonderful day at ‘Camp Varacchi’, as we affectionately called the day, one Sunday in June with Fred and Eileen and all of our kids. I’ll never forget Fred and Howard laughing together as they played with the kids in the backyard. It is a moment in time that I will always treasure. Fred, you will always be loved and missed by us.

    Allison Lutnick, Friend
  • My husband Ron worked with Fred and I met him at a Cantor picnic. He introduced himself and asked me how we felt about our move to England. That showed the measure of him; he not only cared about his employees but their families as well. Ron enjoyed working for Fred, he was always fair.
    Liz Gilligan

    Liz Gilligan, Ron Gilligan's wife
  • I first met Fred back in High School when he started dating my Eileen. Even back then he was a very strong-willed and determined individual. I have long admired Fred for the accomplishments he has achieved. What I often tell people when they ask about his successful career, is that he did it all by himself. The long hours he worked while going to college, and the various positions he has held, had a hand in success. But perhaps the one thing he was most proud of was his family. Fred adored Eileen ever since the first time they met. As for his three children, Thomas, Corinne, and Tyler, words alone cannot express how proud he was as a Dad. His children are very lucky to have had a Dad like him.

    I think of Fred often, but I know he’s looking down from Heaven at his family, with a big smile on his face. We will all miss him.


    Donna and Jim Coxen

    Donna Coxen, Family Friend
  • The first time I met Fred was in an interview with Chase Manhattan Private Bank. A friend of mine had brought me in and Fred was my last meeting for the day. He asked me 2 questions. The first, what was the last book I read. The second, was my latest golf score. I then learned that Fred said to my friend, “It’s up to you! If he doesn’t work out, it will be your job!”. Since then, I have followed my mentor, my colleague and my NEW friend to 2 other companies. The last being Cantor Fitzgeral/eSpeed. I believed so highly in Fred that I would have followed him anywhere. He was all that eSpeed was and represented the best that a person could be in business. He was tough, yet gentle, strong yet weak. The only thing that rivaled his love of the business was the love of his family. Most of the conversation that Fred and I had in late, revolved around family. He loved to tell me what Thomas, Corinne and Tyler had accomplished and how he had missed them so much because of work. He was always intent on learning how my children were and what they were up to.
    I will never forget my mentor, my colleague and most of all my friend. God Speed Fred, we love you and miss you.

    Love Chris!

    Chris Crosby, Colleague
  • My husband, Jim Sands, was also lost on September 11th. He had worked for eSpeed for only 9 months, and he met with Fred on several occasions during that time.

    I remember the day Jim first met Fred – he told me how impressed he was with Fred’s knowledge and character…

    And I clearly remember a day in August, when Jim came home from work so excited because Fred had asked him to play golf with him that weekend… Jim had to decline the invitation (prior commitment), but he never forgot Fred’s genuine and sincere offer; and he always spoke of Fred as a “really nice guy who’s a pleasure to work for…”

    They may not have known each other well, but they had mutual respect for each other. Had their time on earth been longer, they likely would have developed a close friendship. Somehow I think they are bonding in heaven… and they probably played a few games of golf already.

    Jennifer Sands

    Jennifer Sands, wife of lost employee
  • Fred Varacchi was one of the hardest working and happiest people I knew at Cantor. Though it was a short time I worked down the hall from Fred (I left in ’99), a few memories stand out in my mind; one in particular was when he said to me something like this — “I can honestly say that I have a great life and am very happy. I love my family and I love my job.” — in that order.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family that meant more to Fred than anything.

    Peggy O'Daly, Former CF Employee
  • Fred was such a neat guy. He was so smart, and yet so down-to-earth. The first time I met Fred was in Howard’s office. There was Fred the wildly successful businessman. I was there for a meeting and Fred stopped in to report that the roll-out of a major project would be on time as promised. There was Fred the funny guy. I remember him in the courtroom, ready to testify in a big case and calling me over before court started. He didn’t ask for advice about the case, but rather pulled a newspaper article from his suit pocket, a story about a Hollywood celebrity that he found humorous, genuine excited to tell me about it.

    And there was Fred the nicest guy you would ever want to know. I remember walking through the Las Vegas airport and hearing someone yell my name. It was Fred. It was a totally random meeting far from home. He was with Eileen, waiting for a plane to New York after spending time golfing with a friend. It was one of those moments that you never truly appreciate until much later. We talked for five or ten minutes about nothing in particular. We were all happy and enjoying life. I could have never imagined that it would be the last time I would ever see Fred.

    Fred, you are missed by so many people, most of all your loving family. The only consolation for those of us left behind is that you are there to provide comfort and leadership to so many good people who left us that tragic day.

    Joe Asher, Friend
    4224 W. BRIGANTINE AVE #14
    BRIGANTINE, NJ 08203

  • I knew Fred only as a journalist, but he did his best to answer all my pain-in-the-neck questions. He was always gracious even when he could not disclose information about the IT progress of eSpeed and Cantor. I hope that I wasn’t too much of a pain-in-the-neck.

    Eugene Grygo, Journalist

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