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  Peter West

Date of Birth: November 5, 1946
Department: Municipal Bonds
Position: Vice President

Since September 11th, my mom, my brother and I have sifted through dozens of old photo albums and recalled countless memories of good times shared.
Having grown up in a large family with eight siblings, my father, Peter, was a true family man. In his 54 years, he lived life to the fullest. My mom and dad married in 1969 and built a wonderful life together, raising two children and traveling to various destinations. They were due to depart on a second excursion to Italy on September 22nd. According to dad, only “eight more wake-ups”.
As jokers and joke tellers go, my dad was one of the best. He was quite an adventure seeker as well. He tried just about everything and he loved to ride his Harley wherever the road would take him. My dad always saw to it that everyone in his life was happy and he was most generous in lending his helping hand.
My wedding video reminds me that Peter West was quite a gentleman and a man who wasn’t afraid to show his emotions. And, he loved to dance with my mom.
My dad took great pride in his work. Municipal bonds were his passion and he’d made quite a name for himself. Everyone in the business seems to have a story about Peter West…Go figure!
Dad – the memories of our laughter and our tears will remain in my heart forever. I miss you. I love you. “Your Daughter”

Please visit www.petermwest.org

Meredith Nelson, Daughter
  • Pete- You had a smile that lit up the room and the wonderful personality to match. I can’t believe you really actually caught that fish, I will never doubt again.
    I miss you buddy, take care.

    Kate, Coworker
  • Pete, like so many on the Munis desk, was a true gentlemen and professional. Supporting Pete over the years was a rare pleasure. Our discussions on various topics were always a joy. Like so many I miss Pete’s kindness and smile.

    May God watch over those Pete loved and cherished.

    Christopher Marino

    Christopher Marino, Friend/Co-worker
  • Peter- What can I say? You were the BEST! I am bouyed by your children’s positive outlook- a direct reflection of you (and your attitude). What a legacy. You were always a tremendous help to me. Eventhough I did not speak with you everyday, I always knew that you were there. Miss you.

    Laura, customer/ friend
  • Uncle Peter,
    I will miss you forever, you touched my life more then you could ever have known. You live on in our hearts.


    Andy West, Nephew
  • I will always remember the beautiful wedding Glenn and I attended for Peter’s daughter. There was so much love present in the room that night, and every detail was perfect. It breaks my heart to think that every Cantor Muni wife who sat at my table that magical night, myself included, are now widows, and that the beautiful young, fresh-faced bride, her brother and their gracious and elegant mother are now without Peter.

    We were blessed to have had these wonderful men in our lives. They were so full of LIFE and so full of energy and good humor and high spirits when they were here with us. But how unspeakably awful that they were taken from us so suddenly, when there was still so much ahead to be shared.

    I will always remember Meredith’s wedding as one of the brightest moments–we were all together, everyone was flushed with happiness at the special occasion, and there were only good things to look forward to. Nothing, no unspeakable act of terrorism, can ever erase the wonderful memories of that wedding, or of Peter and all of his friends celebrating that special evening together with their usual high spirits and enthusiasm. Everything they did together was always enhanced because they were sharing it……

    For myself, I cherish every happy time that I shared with Glenn and his friends, and I am so glad that I have the memory of Meredith’s wedding to think of–all of us laughing, toasting, and dancing together, staying up half the night and celebrating the happy occasion.

    God bless your entire family. You and Peter are in my heart and in my prayers at all times.

    Kai Thompson, Glenn Thompson's wife
  • Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories.

    We will never forget.

    Dawn, Stranger
  • Uncle Peter,
    Your warmth, ebulliance and steadfast nature are truly missed. No amount of words can adequately describe what I felt upon watching the tower fall from the roof of my former home on Brunswick Street only to learn from Uncle Vinnie days later where you worked and how you perished. Your impact and presence will always be felt and remembered with warmth and kindness; your everlasting impact is that each day is to be treasured and lived to its fullest.

    Art Sample, Nephew
  • Peter,
    As many do, I think about you all the time and what a privelege it was to have known you. God Bless you and your Family.


    Jon Ramthun, Business Associate
  • Last year I bought Peter’s Harley from his nephew Eddie. When I first spoke with Eddie I asked him why he was selling it and he said “It was my uncles and he died on 9-11, you know the World Trade Center” I said yes of course I remember that! Eddie is a great guy and he helped me sell my other Harley after I bought the Deuce. When I saw and test rode Peters bike I wanted it right away. It was exactly what I was looking for. Its a beautiful bike. I just retired from 27 years an active duty in the Army. I was honored to own Peters bike and to have all the original paperwork, the bill of sale etc. Its a shame he did not get to ride it very long. I wanted to somehow pay tribute to Peter so I searched for an artist to paint something on the bike to remember Peter. In September 2009 I found Phil from Vinco custom painting in Bridgewater, MA and I told him the story. He thought it was a great idea and I told him kind of what I wanted but he is the artist and to come up with an idea. Its very expensive to have something painted on your bike but Phil helped me out because it was Peters bike. Well I think it came out awesome. I am very proud to have it on the bike. You can see a picture of it on my facebook kevin borth or I can upload it here if you can show me how. I will never forget 9-11 and the terrible loss of great Americans like Peter West.

    Kevin Borth, Fan
  • I never met Mr. Peter West, but I felt really touched about the words of his relatives, friends and specially his daughter.
    Im sure Mr. West is very proud of you all.
    Keep the good memories, they’ll live forver !
    God bless everyone !

    Eduardo (Sao Paulo-Brasil), None
  • Happy Birthday Peter – I was looking through this site today….as I do sometimes to pay my respects in the only way I can, when I noticed it’s your birthday today November 5th 2011. Wishing you were able to spend it with your family. XXXX

    Tracey P, Visitor

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