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  John Willett

Date of Birth: November 29, 1971
Department: CO2e

A brief from Vicki M. Curby, PhD University of Missouri-Columbia:
John was a delight to be around. He was so energetic and committed to his political endeavors. I ran across a comment about him that stated, “he is naturally polite and respectful of everyone which whom he comes in contact. There is nothing artificial about John; he seems to be at peace with himself and thereby puts others at ease. I don’t think he consciously tries to be an nice guy, he just is,” that’s John.
John Charles Willet, B.A., University of Missouri-Columbia, May 14, 1995, Economics. Proud TKE brother. Appointed one term Taney county Treasurer by then Governor Mel Carnahan at 23 years of age, he was the youngest County Treasurer in the State of Missouri and did he make a difference. He changed politics in Taney County forever.
Masters Degree, University of Missouri, Kansas City, July 28, 2000, Economics. Attended Oxford before starting work on Doctorate in Economics at Notre Dame University. Left for a job with Chase Manhattan Bank. From Chase he went to work for CO2e.com, a Cantor Fitzgerald company, dealing in emission trading, located in the World Trade Center. John loved New York and his job at CO2e.com. He also loved his beloved Missouri Tiger basketball and football teams. He loved to Trout fish with his dad, and talk and visit with his mom. He loved good food in Mom and Pop style restaurants. He loved Kansas City Bar-B-Q. He loved to read and do things to help others. The testimonial letters of him reaching out to others have been wonderful. He attended Mardi Gras every year with his friends. He had a first degree Black Belt in Karate, never bragged about it. He left messages on his mom and dad’s answering machine a minimum of three times per week. “Hi mom and dad, just called to tell you that I love you.” Had a few beers with his friends and buddies from time to time but never attempted to smoke or do drugs, he didn’t believe in doing physical harm to the body. He loved going to mass on Sunday with his mom and dad. There was no room in John Charles Willett for hatred, he even opposed capitol punishment. John believed that education was the best weapon against hatred and bigotry.
If you would like to contribute to the John Charles Willett Scholarship Fund, contact: Julie A. Martyr, Attorney at Law, 400 W. Kansas, Independence, MO 64050, Telephone: (816) 836-0427.
God Bless the United States of America.

Ron and Lucy Willett, Mother and Father
  • Your professionalism and friendship was very much appreciated by all of us at Cantor Fitzgerald. You and your family are in my prayer. You were truly a very special person.

    God Blessed You/Rest in Peace

    Frantz Joseph

    Frantz Joseph, Co-Worker
  • I only knew John for a short time as our paths crossed with him at CO2E.com and me at eSpeed and we sat in the same area. He was always very pleasant to sit with and was always good for a lighthearted joke or funny story. He will be missed.

    Lee Abbamonte, Former Colleague
  • John was loved by so many people. He accomplished a great number of things in his life– and he was a decent and caring person, qualities that are becoming harder to find in today’s world.

    John, may your soul rest in peace. You will never be forgotten. I send your parents much love from Santa Monica, California, for coping with this devastating and horrible tragedy.


    Allison Yamamoto, A long distance prayer to your family
  • John was a solid guy; a rock; a foundation for the new business we were all building together. He had a wide ranging, eclectic mind, eager for new information, new ideas, new jokes.

    I spoke to him every day. He was the first into the office, and the last to leave. Why? Because he loved it. He loved being the nucleaus of the team, of knowing what was going on, of forging close relationships with his colleagues across the world through his patience, professionalism and humour.

    The people that gravitated to Cantor and its family of businesses in the World Trade Centre were, and are, truly the best of the best. They had good company in John. We all miss him.

    Steve Drummond, colleague, friend
  • John had a remarkable sense of humor and patience working with us and our mutual client. He stood tall and solid making a difference on a team. I very fondly remember his voice and frequent calls, always polite, responsive, filled with upbeat laughter and a sense of calm competence; one time starting off with “I have good news for you…” John was the good news. His light that he shared will always be remembered by those he touched because of its clarity and strength.

    Marcia Gowen Trump, Colleague, client
  • John was and is a positive influence on my life. He was always in a great mood, sometimes too good a mood for me at the early morning hours. But he always made me try to adjust my outlook for the day into something that looked for positive outcomes and miracles. And he always reminded me of the benefits of being a good Democrat.

    He was blessed with a generous heart, a beautiful spirit and humor-filled laughter at any situation. I miss him, but I thank God for knowing him and I look forward to a long discussion of the political aftermaths of this tragedy when I see him next.

    Beth (Arner) Cavey, Friend and Colleague
  • I am proud to say that I once had the opportunity to sit aside John while he was on an internship here at Chase Manhattan Mortgage in Ohio. He was an extremely loving, kind-hearted, determined and very intelligent young man. I remember he would start every conversation with one of our internal partners in New Jersey or in Jacksonville with “So, how’s the weather?”. John helped to develop several databases that we use in our department to this day; he’s still listed as the current owner. He trained me on my current position and he was one of the first to help get our area off the ground. So there will always be a constant reminder of him. I will always see his smiling face. I will always remember how excited he was to receive his first “George Foreman Grill” (our teams’ gift to him as he headed for the city and onto bigger and better opportunities). John, you are truly missed. You touched so many hearts. My prayers go out to your family on this day of remembrance.

    Orlanda Russell, Co-worker
  • I miss John. I miss his big booming laugh. I miss him being part of our small global team.

    John loved organising. Every morning he would call the Sydney office to hand over the latest project, initiative or market news. He was always the one who knew how to find or contact a team member. To visitors new to New York he was always the “where to eat” expert…

    John loved learning. One of his many daily tasks was to post the market news articles on the CO2e website. Even on vacation he insisted on posting these articles so he could read and learn more. He was always enquiring about people, systems, places and cultures and that was part of the reason why he loved his job – it involved being part of all of the above globally.

    John loved to chat. John had recently learnt to sail and always wanted to hear the latest from my husband’s boat building adventures. I’m sorry he can’t come over to Sydney and sail it – it’s on the water now. I last spoke to John on the morning of Sept 11th Australian time. He called in to check up on the Sydney office and had to go quickly as he wanted to call home to speak with his parents. As usual his call was filled with his humour and kindness that I will always remember.

    He spoke very fondly of his family and friends and my thoughts are with them all.

    Sian (Davies) Nivison, Work Colleague/Friend
  • Dear John,

    It was really nice to spend time with your parents in NYC recently. There were so many signs to show us that you were there in spirit, it was just amazing. You are incredible!

    Please continue to send signals to your Mom and Dad to let them know you are watching over them. Please protect them and help ease their pain as they try to go on with their lives. You are sorely missed.


    p.s. Where are those photographs your Dad and I are mysteriously missing?

    Allison Yamamoto, Friend
  • John was truly one of a kind.

    I miss him, his ‘kindness’, but especially his dry, twisted sense of humor – which he definitely got from both parents, who are also one of a kind.

    Tons of love.

    Alyxx Morgen, Friend
  • July 30, 2008

    Those who touch our lives stay in our hearts forever.

    We will always remember.

    Dawn, Stranger
  • 9/11/09

    Miss you, John! I’ve been thinking about you a great deal today.

    To John’s parents/family…my thoughts and prayers are with you as well.


    John’s co-worker at Chase

    Orlanda Russell, Co-worker/Friend
  • John was a high school friend of my husband and myself. What a great guy.

    Recently, we attended the 20th high school reunion for John’s high school class-John was not there. But his parents were there in his memory. He was honored during the Friday night high school football game—He was greatly missed during the reunion.

    During the reunion dinner, his parents displayed much more grace than I could ever imagine. We continue to keep him and his family in our thoughts. Our prayers are with his parents.

    Straucie Canady, friend
  • I’m going through the Cantor site and reading about as many of the Cantor heroes as I can. God bless the family of John. When things are “hard”, I think of people who passed away in the 9/11 tragedy and think that things aren’t that hard at all. Stay strong.

    Sandy, Passer by
  • John was incredible role model for me at a young age of 20 meeting him when we worked together at Chase Manhattan Mortgage , you were bright and genuinely enjoyed hanging out , I truly think you would have made the muddy world of politics infinitely better just by you being you God speed John !

    Justin E. Cruze friend coworker

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