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  Marc Zeplin

Date of Birth: January 12, 1968
Department: Equity Sales

A group of friends named and registered a star in the heavens in memory of Marc Zeplin. How fitting as he was a star in the eyes of so many.

Successful as an equity trader, he formed close relationships with his clients but he was foremost a family man. Marc was very caring and devoted to his wife Debra, sons Ryan (3 yrs old) and Ethan (10 months), parents, sister and in-laws. He adored his children and treasured the time he spent with them. Marc was very proud of the new home he and his wife built in Westchester and enjoyed the change from urban to suburban living.

Raised in Long Island, Marc attended Oceanside High School and the University of Michigan where he also continued to earn a master’s degree in the acclaimed business school. Marc’s first career calling was sports casting. He loved sports of all kinds and enjoyed broadcasting games in Michigan during his college years. However, when he returned to New York, he found immediate employment in the financial world and soon after started at Cantor Fitzgerald where he became a partner.

Marc was truly a “master of the word.” He knew how and what to say in order to put you at ease, make you laugh or help you resolve a problem. Marc loved people. He had many friends and demonstrated a zest for living life to the fullest. He was tops in every way. He even worked at the top. The right position for so many years unfortunately was wrong on only one day – September 11, 2001.

Debra Zeplin and Leora Zeplin, Marc’s Wife and Mother
  • I can still hear Marc calling out the play-by-play broadcasts at the University of Michigan. He was always able to paint a picture of the action with his words. The games we broadcast together were the highlight of my college sportscasting career.

    Marc was my roommate and friend, we began our friendship in the rafters of Yost Ice Arena – two rookie broadcasters with a love for sports.
    Over the years we were able to remain close, and I always liked to hear Marc’s opinion on both business and personal topics. Whether it was a question on a stock, a girlfriend, or the NHL you could always count on Marc for his honest opinion. Marc could give you advice without making it seem like a lesson.

    My heart has been filled with sorrow since the 11th – Debra and the kids are in our thoughts and prayers. Each night I go to sleep I give my kids an extra kiss and thank Marc for teaching me another lesson.

    Goodbye my friend – I miss you and I will never forget the great memories that we shared.

    Lyle Wolberg, Friend
  • We met Marc and Debra at Clearwater Beach Club three summers ago – we had neighboring cabanas, and we quickly bonded as parents, city dwellers and friends. Marc was a great guy, lots of fun, so very bright, and a wonderful, patient and caring husband and father. When we met Marc, he and Debra were still building their house, and Debra was carrying their second son. They had so much ahead of them as a family, and Marc was so devoted to Ryan and Debra and to supporting Debra in making their new home truly the home of her dreams. We shared suncreen, bagels, laughs and great conversation with Marc, and we will miss him and think of him always.

    Lauren, Eric, Abby and Lawrence, Friends from the Beach Club
  • A guy who put it all together. Funny, smarts, and personality. Remember you hanging in my apt with your sister Jocelyn joking about Papaya hot dogs. Remember speaking to you on the phone about how during one of your early interviews after college you had to construct a play by play of a marketing plan for some company. Remebr you answering the phone at Cantor and always greeting me in such a warm manner. Miss you Zep and think of you all the time. You will not be forgotten. Gary Bell

    Gary Bell, Friend
  • About ten years ago, Marc worked as a sales intern for Lifetime Medical Television. He was very bright and hard working. We all knew Marc would be successful in the path he would decide to take. My former coworkers and I had not heard from Marc since that time. On the night of September 13, 2001, I was watching CNN’s Larry King Live and to my surprise I saw Marc’s parents being interviewed. When I saw Marc’s picture on screen I knew it was him. I immediately informed my former coworkers the next day. We all experienced great saddness at the news. I want to wish Marc’s family and friends my deepest sympathies. I will remember him once again this September 11th and for the rest of my life.

    Filomena Nunez, Former coworker
  • I grew up with Marc in Oceanside. We would walk home from school together in the 4th grade. I had a terrific crush on him! Many of us from Oceanside remember his easy laughter and friendly smile. We are saddened at his loss. Our thoughts and prayers of love to his family. You have so many of us who support you in out hearts every day.

    Ivy Pressendo, childhod friend
  • I sit here with tears in my eyes. I came across the Zeplin Foundation, and did some more searching, finding pictures of his wife, beautiful sons, and family. I am so deeply sorry for your loss, my heart most certainly aches tonight.

    As I sit here, I wonder about those awful people, “Do they know what they have done? What this world, this family, these two little boys have lost???” I pray to God that he and the others did not suffer. I pray for his family- to give them strength to make it through and remember him for the good person, husband, father, son, and brother that he was.

    You are all in my prayers tonight and always!

    kandi, stranger
  • I never met Marc, but then again, I did. His Dad, Leonard, was my late son’s elementary school principal. I am the divorced custodial parent of a son and daughter. Leonard Zeplin taught me more parenting skills, in sharing his experiences raising Marc and his sister, than any other. I know that Marc was a phenomenal human, husband, father, and employee. I thank him for sharing his Dad with countless children in Brooklyn. I pray for Marc’s family and soul – and I unfailingly touch-kiss his name, at the Union Square subway station mezzanine, when I pass. Love to his boys.

    Eric R. Wilson, Family Admirer and Friend
  • In the night sky, perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know that they are happy and at peace.

    We will always remember.

    Dawn, Stranger

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