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  Michelle Renee Bratton

Date of Birth: April 26, 1978
Department: Marketing
Position: Executive Assistant

Michelle was a determined spirit, as evidenced by her numerous accomplishments as a NCAA diver, choral awards and scholastic recognitions. Having just completed college (S.U.N.Y. at Oswego) in May of 2000, Michelle set out to make her mark on New York City. She enjoyed her short four weeks as a member of the Cantor Fitzgerald/eSpeed family, relishing the new challenges and opportunities. As well, Michelle was absolutely ecstatic about working “On Top of the World” on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

At Michelle’s Memorial Service, one of her classmates and best friends from Pine Bush High School authored the following poem, which best captures Michelle’s spirit:

A Poem for Michelle

A voice that sang beside me
A harmony on the flute
A treasure you are to all
For this is your tribute

From a glide down a diving board
To a twist in the air
From a walk down a hallway
To a flip of your curly brown hair
A never forgotten smile
That went from ear to ear
A laugh heard around the world
You are that beautiful girl
From a “Pretty Woman” prom dress
To a princess at the ball
From trips to the Jersey Shore
To your favorite place – the Mall
From a blue and yellow parka
With a hood pulled over your head
To a lap down the swimming pool
Pushing yourself to the end
From chants standing on a starting block
To arouse our team
To a parade route on a truck
A look in your eyes – A Gleam!
So from now until that day, Michelle
That day we will all meet again
We each take with us
A piece of a treasured friend
So this I say to you Michelle
Your family and all that can hear
Today is but a tribute to you
And a legacy we will all hold near

Lisa Imperati
October 20, 2001

William, Mary, Bill, Chris, Erin and Laura, Michelle’s family

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  Lawrence I Beck

Date of Birth: February 4, 1963
Department: Mailroom
Position: Mailroom Clerk

Larry was a fun-loving person who loved to listen to music, dance, have a few beers and go on a cruise once a year. He also enjoyed watching baseball, the Mets being his favorite team.
He was devoted to his family, especially his nieces Isabel and Michaela. He loved sharing in all our family birthdays and anniversaries and he loved to buy presents for the girls.
He enjoyed his job in the mailroom at Cantor because ho got to walk all over the company delivering the mail and chatting with all the other employees.
We will really miss his presence in our family.

Susan Beck, Mother

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  Debbie Bellows

Date of Birth: March 25, 1971
Department: Corporate
Position: Executive Assistant to Frederick Varacchi

Debbie was such a beautiful and caring person who touched many people in so many ways. Her exceptional looks and style made her one of a kind. Her dynamic personality would fill any room with happiness and joy. Her innocence was true and so pure. To know Debbie was to love her.

Debbie worked at eSpeed because she wanted to. She loved the interaction with such young, powerful, intelligent people. Whether it was arranging the board meetings or preparing organization charts, Debbie felt proud in contributing to the success of the company.

Debbie meant the world to me. My life will always shine in the light of her life. My heart will always be filled with the love and beauty that filled her soul. My body will always ache with the burden that I bear.

I miss her so much.

Sean Bellows, Husband

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  Alvin Bergsohn

Date of Birth: June 13, 1953
Department: Institutional Equities
Position: Institutional Equity Trader

Alvin grew up in East New York, Brooklyn and moved to Staten Island in his late teens. His twenties and early thirties were spent in a great apartment on the Lower East Side, a place that holds many memories for our many friends. The same weekend Alvin and I were expecting our first child, we moved into our home in Baldwin Harbor, Long Island. Alvin was a loving husband and a devoted father, whose happiest times were spent skiing and playing baseball with his two sons, Sam, 14, and Harris, 12. He was a loving son, grandson, brother, uncle, nephew and friend.
Alvin was a kid at heart, a self-taught guitar player who loved rock and roll, comic books and sports. Much of his social time was spent with old friends who went as far back as grade school and junior high.
Alvin joined Cantor Fitzgerald five years ago, soon after the proposed Dean Witter- Morgan Stanley merger that took place in 1997. He had spent ten happy years at Dean Witter in their Institutional Equity Department.
I love my husband and will always remember that he was so very satisfied with his life and so proud of his sons. The memories are so vivid and will last forever. It is a testament to the wonderful man Alvin was that each day someone will say to me “I think of him every single day”.

Michele Bergsohn, Wife

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  William (Bill) Bernstein

Date of Birth: January 8, 1957
Department: Mortgage Broker
Position: Vice President

Billy was the oldest brother of the first of two sets of twin boys. Upon first seeing him, you would see a man of tower and strength. He was 6’2, 220 lbs. And very fit. He was a black belt in karate and worked out 4-5 times a week. If you got past the tough exterior, you’d find a warm, caring, loving person. He was intelligent, generous to a fault, outgoing and a great friend to many. He was single, never married and he treasured his family, especially his nieces and nephews.
To me he was a great brother. A true friend, selfless. He was a part of my identity. I was not known as Bobby, but Bobby of “Billy and Bobby.” He would have done anything for me.
Growing up he was my benchmark, my competition, my rival, but also my confidant, my security blanket, my playmate, also my best friend.
His passing will always be the most significant demarcation of my life. My life will never be the same without him.

Robert (Bob) Bernstein, Twin Brother

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  Timothy Betterly

Date of Birth: December 27, 1958
Position: Corporate Bond Broker, Canadian/Yankee Desk

To quote my oldest daughter: “Daddy was kind, loving, caring and most of all funny. He could make anyone laugh.” Tim had a way of telling a story and finding the humor in any situation. His outgoing personality, his engaging smile, his warmth and laughter were contagious. Tim was passionate about life and his wonderful sense of humor inspired smiles from everyone he interacted with. Tim had the magic to make a day special.
Tim and I met at Gettysburg College, PA where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and played football. Tim loved football. He loved to play it, to watch it, and to throw the ball around with the kids. He joined Cantor Fitzgerald 10 years ago. What Tim loved most about his job were the relationships he developed with his customers and co-workers that transcended business into true friendship. Tim was a man of great integrity and compassion. He was never afraid to stand up to an injustice or speak out when a wrong was committed. He had that ability to do and say the things we all thought about but would never have the confidence to do.
Tim was a loving husband and father to our two daughters, Samantha, 12 and Christine, 9 who were his world. He brought joy and laughter to their lives and gave them the confidence to believe there was nothing they couldn’t do if they put their heart into it. Whether it was in inspiring enthusiasm and confidence when he coached softball and basketball, or in riding the roller coasters and the big waves, life with Tim was always a wonderful adventure. Simply put, Tim made life memorable. He transformed the everyday into a fun day, and the fun days into funnier days. As Tim strode through life he created in his wake an abundance of memories for his friends and family to cherish.
I am very thankful to have the support of family and friends who have reached out to us during this difficult time. I find strength in the knowledge that Tim’s spirit will live on in the hearts of all who knew him. If there is a legacy for Tim, it is that he enjoyed seeing others enjoying life and took pleasure in making other people happy. He loved his family, loved to laugh and lived to make others smile.
I feel truly blessed that I had this wonderful man in my life whose love will live forever in my heart.

Love, Joanne

Joanne Betterly, Wife

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  Bella Bhukhan

Date of Birth: March 26, 1977
Position: Human Resources Benefits Analyst

Bella Bhukhan, beloved daughter of Jagdish and Indira Bhukhan was born in Lusaka, Zambia on March 26th, 1977. In November of 1982, Bella, along with mom, dad, and two sisters, moved to the United States. She is the youngest of three sisters. Bella graduated from Union High School and went on and obtained a degree in Management Information Systems from Pace University. Bella graduated in May of 1998 and was offered a job at Cantor Fitzgerald. She decided to work her way into a Benefits Analyst position in the Human Resources department because she was always interested in working with people even though she obtained a degree in computers.

Bella was a very caring person who stood up for her beliefs and cared deeply for her family. She had a bright outlook on life and always took time to help anyone who needed her. Bella embraced life more than anyone and always took the opportunity to seize the day. She will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. Bella was a loving daughter, sister, girlfriend, and best friend.

Bella, we know that you are taking care of us and we will always love you.

Your family, Mom, Dad, Viveki, and Nisha

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  Joshua Birnbaum

Date of Birth: June 17, 1977
Position: Asst Bond Trader

Joshua’s love for his mom, dad and sister, Jill, who was also his best friend, can best be understood when on Sept. 11 Joshua’s first thoughts were to call his family to let them know that he loved them. It was his goodbye message that forever will be etched into their minds and hearts.

He was an extremely intelligent young man who graduated Columbia University in May of 2001 and started working for Cantor Fitzgerald 5 days after graduation. He was most proud that he got the job on his own and was just one of three people out of a group of 75 applicants who were offered the position on the bond trading desk.

Joshua’s passion was music. He created a nonprofit event production company called Steps Back to Life and gave himself the moniker DJ Samsson. His dad’s name is Sam and he respected and looked up to him so much he wanted to honor him. He spun underground club music and produced a CD.

While attending Columbia University, Josh DJ’d for Barnard’s radio station, WBAR and arranged for a Thanksgiving benefit for the homeless collecting money and canned food. It was a big success. He later interned for Atlantic Records for a semester.

Josh loved the New York Yankees, playing golf, training for the San Diego Marathon in January and making people laugh.

He will forever be missed and loved by all he touched and is an inspiration to all who knew him.

Sam, Marcel and Jill Birnbaum, Family

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  Albert Balewa Blackman

Date of Birth: February 3, 1975
Position: Jr. Equities Accountant

Albert Balewa Blackman Jr. was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.
Affectionately known as Balewa or B-Rock by his friends and family, he was a joy to the hearts of his parents, Hyacinth and Albert, and sister Susan. Balewa was intelligent, modest, funny, and mature beyond his years. At the tender age of two, he was known to pick up the Wall Street Journal and mimic his father. When he started school he was always very helpful. Balewa would finish his test and proceed to help his classmates, much to his teacher’s dismay. After graduating from James Madison High School, Balewa went on to Cornell University to major in biochemical engineer. Balewa graduated in 1996 and was ready to venture into the job world.
Balewa started working for Cantor Fitzgerald in August 2000. Dedicated to his job, he would be the first to arrive and the last to leave. He spent his off-time with his Cornell buddies, going to the gym, and his first love music. After a long day at Cantor, you could find Balewa in his room creating music. He turned his bedroom into a music studio with high tech equipment. He loved the old jazz legends, and fused jazz into his creations.
As a son, brother, uncle, and friend, you couldn’t be prouder. Balewa has touched so many lives and hearts in his 26 years. His life was not cut short. God just decided to use it to touch more.

Balewa’s family

My baby brother, when you were born I was so happy. I was officially a big sister. I was going to protect you no matter what. It would be you and me against the world. Then we got older and you broke my favorite Barbie. It was then you and I against each other. But the love was still there. The teenage years came along and it was you and I against our parents. Approaching adulthood we became occupied with our own little worlds. We still made time for each other and we became closer, not just siblings but good friends. It was you and I against the world again. Balewa, I miss you so much, your love of family, your music, your sarcastic remarks, you just being you. I will make sure your niece knows what a wonderful uncle she has. I love you.

Susan, sister

Susan, Sister