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  Paul R Eckna

Date of Birth: April 18, 1973
Position: International Equities Trader

It is with a crushed heart that I write our Beautiful and Happy memories of our son Paul. Born and raised in Garden City, NY, he was the youngest and the most athletic of three sons. Paul was a sports enthusiast, his love for football was a very rewarding time during his high school years. He played for Garden City High School, and really enjoyed the sport, and was a respected fair player. Still pursuing football, he went on to University of Nebraska, and played for a short time. He graduated from University of Nebraska, at Lincoln and then moved back to his hometown New York .
Respect was a daily lifestyle for Paul, his life and career were so in order the challenges of becoming a trader for a very unique company CANTOR FITZGERALD,, working with and respecting his collegues was a huge part of his life.
Paul had a winning personality, caring, and sharing was the way his life was no matter what, he was always there for his family and friends. As he was the youngest of three sons he also had a sense of respect and consideration,for his brothers Richard, and Steven. His friends were very important to him, and it is with much pride, that I can say he also meant the same to them.
On May 22, 2002 Steven and Susan, had a beautiful baby girl named Caitlin Leigh making Paul an uncle for the first time, and I do know how proud he is of Little Caity, and knowing she will have her special Uncle Paul watching over her makes me feel good.
I can say that in Paul’s very short 28 yrs, he lived and loved life to the fullest, and will always be remembered by many, as a Gentle, loving and warm kind hearted guy. They say time heals, but that is just a saying, as our hearts will never, ever heal. One day in Time Paul was sitting on Top of the world and the next day his as well as our world fell apart. Our joy was watching him grow into the Wonderful young SON he became. May God watch over you OUR SON, till we meet with you in heaven our love will never end, or fade we love you and miss you so.
Your Broken Hearted MOM AND DAD 7/18/03

MOM AND DAD, Paul’s Parents

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  Billy Esposito

Date of Birth: October 6, 1949
Department: Junk Bond Department
Position: Bond Broker, 1st. Vice President/Partner

Stevie, Susan, Craig,&lady,
Every once in a while I take a moment and remember Billy. He gave so much love to everyone. He was one of the great ones. I treasure the times I spent with Billy. He will never be forgotten He will always be in my heart. I love you all

audra hornig, friend