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  Robert R Talhami

Date of Birth: May 17, 1961
Position: Bond Trader

Weep not for me now that I have passed. Remember the laughter, the affection, the joy not just the recent tears. Cherish the memories, our hopes and dreams. Hold fast to the love that we shared. Be happy with the time we spent together and being anew. For I am not really gone, I am closer than ever before. As the morning sun rises and throughout the busy day….. I am with you. Until the setting sun disappears on the horizon and we watch the day turn into night…. I am here. You may feel a faint breeze stir around your head, while you slumber as I gently kiss your forehead, “Good night.” The stars that shine so brightly in my heavenly sky help me watch over you and keep you from harm. I am the wind in the trees and the song of a bird. I am moonbeams in a midnight sky and a glorious rainbow after the storm. I am morning dew and freshly-fallen snow. I am a butterfly flying overhead and a puppy happily at play. I am a smile on a stranger’s face, a gentle touch, a warm embrace. Listen to the wind for my message of love. Watch the sun rise and set in the sky with me. Feel my essence encircle you with warm memories. Open your heart to know…. I am not gone. Reach deep into your soul….. You will find me. I am here. Have no fear. I am with you, Always.

We Love You Rob…………

Mary Beth Talhami, Sister-in-Law

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  Michael Anthony (“Tiny”) Tanner

Date of Birth: March 22, 1957
Position: NASDAQ Trading Desk

Tiny was a giant among men. His humbleness was one of his greatest attributes. He was a loyal, dedicated and honest employee, husband, father, friend and co-worker. He always put a smile on everyone’s face. He received joy and pleasure from the simple things in life. Michael was such an unselfish man who always put others before himself. He was intelligent and successful in the business world as well as in the real world and a great lover of the underdog (GO JETS AND METS!!!). He took great pride in all his accomplishments and always strived to do better. All who were acquainted with “Tiny” were drawn to him. He had a special gleam in his eyes, and he was a sincere people person. Michael treated all men, women and children with the greatest respect. Michael’s heart was as big as his stature. I’m extremely grateful and fortunate to have shared a big part of my life with such an extraordinary, wonderful and loving man. He gave me unconditional love, two beautiful, loving daughters and a lifetime of happiness, laughter and marital bliss that I will cherish for an eternity. Michael completed me and made me whole, he was my better half.

Tiny my love, we miss you, we love you, and your memory will be with us each day for the rest of our lives. You are now our guardian angel.

Michele Tanner, Wife

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  Anthony Tempesta

Date of Birth: June 13, 1963
Position: Broker, Swaps Desk

Anthony Tempesta, was my first love, my husband, my music man. He brought laughter, joy and confidence into my life and gave me the greatest gift of all, our two children. Matthew, his pal, is an extension of Anthony. Amanda, his little girl, his princess; both his pride and joy. On the morning of September 11, at 7:45am, Anthony called his daughter Amanda to wish her a Happy 7th Birthday, before she would go to school, which she was very happy about. Anthony was a loving father, dedicated son, wonderful brother, and a loyal friend. He took his friendships very seriously and truly loved his friends. I know how much they truly miss him.
Anthony had a passion for music and was an accomplished bass guitarist, he played in various bands with great joy. Most chores or activities, whether inside or outside the house, were accompanied by music, the only exception being watching football games, especially when his beloved Jets played. Anthony was also a Yankees fan, a Tempesta tradition.
His zest for life was contagious, he was the bright light in every party. Anthony had a wonderful sense of humor, he would concoct silly nicknames and hysterically funny sayings. He had a gift of listening and made you feel important. Anthony touched many lives, with his smile, humor, warmth, kindness, his love of music and family. He knew how to enjoy life and have fun. He loved the sun, nature, and people. In all Anthony was a happy person, he was happy with himself and happy with his family that he loved.
I am honored to have been a part of his life, and to have him as a part of mine.
I will never forget his wonderful, loving smile. I will love him and miss him forever, and as the title of our wedding song by The Allman Brothers Band says “Need Your Love So Bad”.

Ana Tempesta, Wife

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  Daniel Trant

Date of Birth: May 15, 1961
Department: Munis
Position: Bond Trader

Dan Trant lived his life one day at a time, always giving the best he could in whatever he was doing. Throughout his journey he has touched every individual he has encountered and thus created a legacy of friendships that is endless. His commitment to each aspect of his life was genuine as he was. He knew how to love another and give of himself like no other. The way he had was most evident in his commitment to his family.
Dan’s wife Kathy and children Jessica, Daniel and Alex were the center of his life.

When men ask, what they can do for me I say, “be a Father, Husband and Friend like Dan Trant”. I will always love you Dan.
Your wife,
Kathy (Queenie)

At the age of five, my father adopted me. At that time, he signed me up for soccer and basketball. My father has been my coach ever since.
My father worked with me on my skills, how to be a good winner, and a gracious loser. He taught me to be a team player and play within the team concept. He stressed to me, time and again, that winning isn’t everything. But he also taught me to work hard, and from hard work, you are always a winner.
My dad has been an inspiration to me in many different ways when it comes to sports. When I get upset about losing, he’s there to comfort me. When it comes to understanding sports, he’s there to explain it to me. When it comes to hugs, he’s there to hug me. To me, he is the greatest inspiration of all.
Jessica Trant

My Dad died on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. He was loved by many people and he loved many people. I remember him as the best husband, the best Dad, the best influence, and my best friend.
I know many people are sad that he is gone. But we can still remember him and see him in our dreams, our hearts, and our souls. Right now, he is saying to all of you, “be strong and I will be there right beside you and guide you when you have troubles”.
Don’t be scared, because my Dad is in Heaven with all good people, and once upon a time, we will be able to all go to Heaven and be with “Dan The Man”.
Daniel J. Trant

The best thing about my Dad is that he loves me and he loves his family. He is one of the nicest people I know.
He’s always there for me and he is always funny. My Dad is really good at sports.
When we went to the Bahamas, my Dad and I slept in the same bed together. We went on a mini cruise on a banana boat.
My Dad knows every theme song to every TV show. Whenever we put on a tune, within 5 seconds he knew what TV show it was from and knew all the words to the song.
Whenever I needed help with my schoolwork, my Dad was there to help me.
The most special times were when I would go to work with Dad. He would give me whatever I wanted because it was our special time together, the only time we could be alone together.
My Dad went to all my soccer games that he could. He would help me practice at home.
Sometimes, I would dress up and it would make Daddy laugh. He liked when I dressed like Britney Spears the best.
I love my Dad and miss him very much.

Alex Trant, Son

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  Walter Travers

Date of Birth: May 5, 1957
Position: Bond Broker, Vice President

Wally was the best friend, husband and father that anyone could have asked for. His whole life was centered around his family and our lives were centered around him. He was full of life, always happy, generous and kind. He really enriched everyone else around him. He was a diehard Yankee and Giants fan and lived to see all the games. We are lucky to have such wonderful memories of Wally and had more happiness because of Wally than most people get in a lifetime.

Rosemary Travers, Wife