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  Catherine Loguidice

Date of Birth: December 5, 1970
Position: Assistant Bond Trader

I’m writing this tribute to the memory of my sister Catherine Lisa Loguidice who is 30 years old and worked on the 105th floor as an assistant bond trader. Her birthday is 12/5 and she was to be married on October 19 to Erick Elberth. My sister is my best friend and I am lost without her. She has a heart of gold and would do anything for anybody. She loved animals very much. She rescued many cats and found homes for them.. She also transported cats infected with AIDS to a shelter in Pennsylvania that took care of them. She loved Robert Plant from Led Zepplin and she especially loved Halloween. My sister is tough and daring I know deep in my heart she tried everything she could to get out of the building that day. My sister Cathy was funny and silly at the same time even though she tried to come off tough. We had funny names we used to call everything little, like her name was Cathy Littles and I called her Tinkerbell. We miss her very much. I lost my heart and soul the day she disappeared and my friend and my sister for life. The family will never be the same without her.

Lucy always and forever, Sister

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  Michael Patrick Lunden

Date of Birth: June 15, 1964
Position: Vice President, TradeSpark

Michael Patrick Lunden came into the world on June 15, 1964. It was evident from the very start that Mike was different – he had those huge, open, wide-as-saucers, sky-blue eyes. They were magnetic, and people from all walks were defenseless in their presence.

Mike was a man of a thousand friends, and he was inexhaustible in keeping in touch with all of them. He had a datebook with every single person’s birthday he ever knew, and he made several calls a day wishing everyone a Happy Birthday. He was a little kid in a big guy’s body, and his passion for wine was at odds with his back-slapping style.

Anyone who knew him knew what it was to wait for him – we also knew that it was well worth the wait. Mike was characteristically late for his first date with Michelle, but through some weird twist of fate he was punctual for the second. Mike and Michelle were married in November of ’98. Their beautiful son Matthew was born in December 2000.

Mike, no one can express how we feel, how much we miss you. Our only solace is that you’re better off than we could imagine – and we’re all better for having known you: You were a head-buttin’ guy who had more charm than Cary Grant, a bright man with the innocence of a child, a deeply faithful and serious person who was funnier than Jackie Gleason. From the first cajun ribeye you washed down with Pichon-Lalande at age two, to the greatest over-swing ever seen in golf: You embraced all of us and we loved every minute of it. Thanks, Mike – we love you and we miss you terribly.

Mark Lunden, Brother

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  Gary Lutnick

Date of Birth: November 3, 1964
Position: Partner of Cantor Fitzgerald, Trader on U.S. Agency Desk

He would always walk into my house with a smile from ear to ear, and a big hello. He would always kiss me and give me a hug, and then immediately find my children, his nephews and his baby niece. He never came empty-handed.. remote-controlled cars or the newest Pokemon toys for the loves of his life.

Gary was an unbelievable uncle. He treated my children as if they were his children, until he could have his own to love. He would pop by on a Sunday to take them to Chelsea Piers or run around in the park, or call them to invite them to the newest kids movie as soon as it hit the theatres. He would come by around 8pm, just as they were going to bed, and happily read them stories before lights out. He had alot more time with the boys than he did with the baby, and I know my boys will remember him forever. Our kids call him ‘Uncle Gary with the tv games’. I have a brother Gary, too. And so they needed to differentiate between the two. Gary Lutnick had Nintendo and Sega, and the other Uncle Gary did not. Hence, ‘Uncle Gary with the tv games’ and ‘Uncle Gary without the tv games’. It worked for all of us!

I loved my brother-in-law so much. He was alot like Howard- devoted, loyal, loving, and he could always make me laugh. They had so many of the same mannerisms and facial expressions, and they were so close. Gary was always spending time with Howard to talk about business, or personal issues. He looked up to Howard, and Howard loved him like crazy- his baby brother. It breaks my heart that Gary is gone. I will talk about Gary until the day I am gone from this earth. I will tell my kids stories about him, and always show them his pictures so that they remember him and how much he loved them.

Last Saturday was Gary’s 37th birthday. I told my oldest son, who is 5 1/2, that it was Uncle Gary’s birthday and he asked if we were going to have a party for him. I told him no, but that we would think about him and tell him how much we love and miss him. He turned to me and said ‘You know, Mommy, if I were a ghost, I would have flown into the World Trade Center and put everyone in my tummy and then flown out, so I could have saved them all’. And I thought: Just like his Uncle Gary- a hero until the end.

I love you, Gary. Forever, Allison

Allison Lutnick, Sister-in-Law

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  Linda Luzzicone

Date of Birth: April 25, 1968
Position: Bond Trader

Here is our Linda. Anyone that knew her can only say that she was so full of life. There was always a party when Linda was around.

Linda grew up in Staten Island, but loved Manhattan. So much that she moved there about 7 years ago.

Linda was so funny; she definitely got her sense of humor from our dad. My father would call her with jokes, and Linda was the first to pass it on to everyone else.

She especially had a great love of children. She would do anything for them, especially for her nieces and nephews. She would shower them with love as if they were her own children.

Linda loved to travel. She especially made it a point to spend time with her family and friends. Most recently over the summer, she would visit her sister in Tennessee and also travel to Canada to spend time with her boyfriend’s family in the first week of September. She had great friends and I know Linda would consider them family.

Linda was her happiest in the last few months of her life and she will be greatly missed by everyone.

Debra Luzzicone, Sister

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  Alexander Lygin

Date of Birth: January 16, 1973
Department: Portfolio Trading-ITD
Position: Computer Programmer/Analyst

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. Our life without Alex seems so unreal. He was my dream come true, one of the most precious gifts I have ever been given. I remember every detail of his life. Every moment of every day of his life flashes before my eyes like a movie. Bright and talented, he graduated at the top of his class at 15. At 20, he received his Masters Degree in Physics & Mathematics. Our dreams came true when we emigrated from the Georgian Republic to the US in 1994. We were relieved that we had saved our children from war. Making New York our home and starting all over again, we were hoping for a better future for our kids.
He was warm, kind and had such high hopes for his future. Alex was to be married on October 20th. When October 20th came around, we held his memorial instead. He loved photography and was recently awarded a press pass for his outstanding work. Our feelings, our tears, our sorrow cannot be expressed with a few phrases. We, his parents and sister, will always think of him as alive. He will always be with us. We want him to know how much we love him and miss him. Alex, we are terribly sorry that we were unable to save you from that hell. We love you and miss you very much.

Valentina & Vladimir Lygin, Parents

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  Sean Lynch

Date of Birth: July 26, 1965
Department: Interest Rate Options

Sean Patrick Lynch was an extraordinary husband and father. We lost Sean two months before our son Sean Patrick, Jr. was born. I know Sean would have done anything to have his children know him, but it wasn’t meant to be. Sean meant so many things to so many people. A compassionate son who admired his parents and his Irish roots, a brother who cherished Farrell, Kieran, Brian, and his sister Ellen whom he truly adored. Sean was an uncle always happy to teach, play and protect his many nieces and nephews, and above all, a genuine friend who didn’t judge them. Sean lived for his daughters Mary and Grace. He was so proud of them. Mary for her enthusiasm to learn and Grace for her overwhelming love of life. Days before Sean died, he bought Mary a T-Ball. Just to see his 3 year-old play would bring tears to his eyes. Sean spent hours teaching our daughters his love of sports. My husband’s life was lost on September 11th trying to provide a better life for our family and I find this so unfair. If you had the opportunity to meet Sean, you would know how special he made everyone feel. Sean never forgot a name and was always eager to hear everyone’s interests. Sean admired his fraternity brothers and I can honestly say not a week went by when Sean wouldn’t share yet another Phi Delt story with me. It has been 4 months since this horrible tragedy took the life of my beautiful husband and his brother Farrell. They were two of the best. I take comfort in knowing they are together. Our family will forever miss Sean’s love for life, laughter and education, his enthusiasm for learning, teaching and story telling, his love of golf, basketball, baseball and football and his tremendous admiration of books. Sean was a man of honor and integrity. He was my best friend and I am so sorry for everyone that Sean and Farrell lost their lives. They had so much to live for. I am proud to have had Sean Patrick Lynch as my husband and father of our children. He was the true love of my life. You are so deeply loved and will never be forgotten. I will wait broken hearted until we meet again.
Your wife, Lori

Lori Lynch, Wife

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  Sean Patrick Lynch

Date of Birth: March 4, 1967
Position: SVP, Equities Trading

“Seanie”, as he was called by his family and many friends, is sadly missed by his parents, brother, three sisters and ten nieces and nephews. He held a very special place in our family. We always looked forward to his coming home and seeing the “Seanie” smile. He loved to play with the kids; he was a fun-loving Uncle.

We are all so proud of what he had accomplished and loved listening to the tales of his travels and busy weekends. He definitely enjoyed life. Sean was a thoughtful and caring son. We miss him so much.

Peggy and John Lynch, Parents

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  Gary Lee

Date of Birth: August 26, 1939
Department: Telecommunications /Voice Data
Position: Vice President of Cantor Fitzgerald/General Manager of eSpeed


Recently the family and friends of the Lee family gathered together to say goodbye to Gary Hamilton Lee. In our gathering instead of simply mourning Gary’s passing, we came together to celebrate his life. Although our family may never fully understand the circumstances that surrounded 11 September 2001, in the days since the tragedy we have come to fully recognize all that Gary contributed to each of our lives. Whether he was known to us as Uncle Dude, Big Gary or Pop Pop the lives he touched while on this earth will only be the better for the chance they had to spend with Gary.

Gary, had just celebrated his 62nd birthday and his 40th wedding anniversary. Gary was a simple, quiet and extremely intelligent man that added a touch of sarcastic humor to his conversations and had knack for putting a smile on your face. He was a devoted husband, father and grandfather. His love for all the children in his life was unconditional. However, the apple of his eye was his one granddaughter, Julia Nicole, his Ju Ju. It was often amusing to see Gary in his element with 3-year old Julia. Whether it was riding around in a Barbie jeep or blowing their duck whistles at the Long Island ducks game, it was sometimes difficult to tell who was the bigger child, but Gary’s love and absolute adoration of Ju Ju was always apparent.

Gary lived his life with a simple routine. He was a collector of stamps, eagles, bayonets and baseball cards. He had a particular passion for his 1948 Studebaker. There was not a Sunday during football season that Gary wasn’t at a game that his son was coaching or Michael John, another special child in his life, played. Gary was such a simple man that barely ever boasted of his achievements that much of his family never knew that he was a Vice President of TeleCommunications at Cantor Fitzgerald and General Manager of Voice Data for ESpeed. We just knew he was dedicated and loved his work at the World Trade Center.

Gary touched us all in very different ways. Parts of him will live forever in each of our memories. Between us all we have learned what made Gary the wonderful man he was. The outpouring of support from his friends and colleagues has given his family such comfort in the past weeks. Hearing their stories of Gary at work and how he was a hard worker and great colleague allows us to feel close to him again.

Although Gary often got annoyed at people taking tons of pictures, we later found out that Gary had saved every picture and card his family gave him. As Gary saved and preserved the memories he thought he would look back at in years to come, we too must treasure the happy memories we have of Gary to not only provide comfort through this unspeakable loss; but most importantly to remind Julia as she gets older of the wonderful Grandfather that had loved her so. That is what Gary would have wanted. As his granddaughter Julia said, “Pop Pop is an angel now with big wings to keep him warm”. Gary Hamilton Lee is gone but he will never be forgotten. God bless all our family and friends, and God bless America.

Eileen Lee, Wife

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  Jeffrey E LeVeen

Date of Birth: January 19, 1946
Department: Equity Sales
Position: Senior Vice President

Jeff LeVeen was a partner and trader at Cantor from 1993 until September 11, 2001. He worked with a team which included Steve Cherry and Tom Bowden. Trading was something he always loved and he valued his many relationships with his customers.
When not working at the desk, he could be found playing golf or planning a golf trip to Ireland or Scotland, his favorite countries for golf. Two years ago we visited our son, Andrew, who was studying in Spain and we took him to play two courses in the Algarve in Portugal. Jeff loved to travel and to plan trips.
Most important about Jeff was his love of family. He kept in close touch with each of the children and attended many a concert or golf tournament or shopping trip with them. He said he really enjoyed spending one on one time with them. Each of us felt Jeff was our best friend. He inspired me in so man y things as he always was proud of his family. He wanted each of us to be the best we could be.

Christine LeVeen, Wife