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  Joseph Zaccoli

Date of Birth: January 9, 1962
Position: Bonds Broker

Joe’s life is a story of a man who accepted the responsibility and the enormous task of becoming a steadfast, loving husband and father. Through strength of will, commitment to family and devotion to God, he developed throughout his life and overcame adversity.
Joe cared for his wife and three children with kindness. Joe devoted himself to his community where he encouraged children and taught them what is of value in this world. One of the young players that he coached was so inspired by Joe’s life that he wrote the poem below:


It’s horrible but true
We now face life without you
Taken from us much too soon
So many lives among the ruins
You are a hero to us all
A great teacher with a basketball
But most of all you took the time
To help untangle a fishing line
Or take a bike ride in the park
Then renting movies when it got dark
We’re glad you made the time to spend
We’ll miss you greatly, our dear friend

What will be remembered is the goodness that Joe brought into people’s hearts. Let us pray that all the children grow up into adults who challenge themselves to become better human beings.

Ruth Brouette, Sister-in-Law

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  Marc Zeplin

Date of Birth: January 12, 1968
Department: Equity Sales

A group of friends named and registered a star in the heavens in memory of Marc Zeplin. How fitting as he was a star in the eyes of so many.

Successful as an equity trader, he formed close relationships with his clients but he was foremost a family man. Marc was very caring and devoted to his wife Debra, sons Ryan (3 yrs old) and Ethan (10 months), parents, sister and in-laws. He adored his children and treasured the time he spent with them. Marc was very proud of the new home he and his wife built in Westchester and enjoyed the change from urban to suburban living.

Raised in Long Island, Marc attended Oceanside High School and the University of Michigan where he also continued to earn a master’s degree in the acclaimed business school. Marc’s first career calling was sports casting. He loved sports of all kinds and enjoyed broadcasting games in Michigan during his college years. However, when he returned to New York, he found immediate employment in the financial world and soon after started at Cantor Fitzgerald where he became a partner.

Marc was truly a “master of the word.” He knew how and what to say in order to put you at ease, make you laugh or help you resolve a problem. Marc loved people. He had many friends and demonstrated a zest for living life to the fullest. He was tops in every way. He even worked at the top. The right position for so many years unfortunately was wrong on only one day – September 11, 2001.

Debra Zeplin and Leora Zeplin, Marc’s Wife and Mother